Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Effects of Different Additives on Reproductive Performance of Sows and Growth Performance of Piglets under Heat Stress in Summer

    Li Yuanfeng;He Jian;Ao Xiang;Bai Yaqi;

    [Objective] The paper was to investigate the effects of different additive combinations on reproductive performance of sows and growth performance of suckling piglets under heat stress. [Method] Using single factor design, 48 Landrace × Yorkshire lactating sows(3-6 fetuses) were randomly divided into four treatments. The sows in control group were fed with basic diet, and those in experimental groups were fed with the basic diets added with sorbitol(5 000 mg/kg), citric acid(4 000 mg/kg) + betaine hydrochloride(2 000 mg/kg) and tangerine powder(2 000 mg/kg), re-spectively. Each treatment was replicated 12 times, 1 lactating sow per replicate. The daily average temperature was 28 ℃ and the humidity was over92%. The whole trial lasted 35 d(7 d before delivery to 7 d after weaning). [Result] Sorbitol, citric acid + betaine hydrochloride and tangerine powder had no significant effect on reproductive performance of sows under heat stress. Compared with the control group, there was no significant difference in feed intake of lactating sows in sorbitol group, citric acid + betaine hydrochloride group and tangerine powder group; the litter weight gain of piglets in sorbitol group was improved by 23.97% during lactation period(P <0.05), while no significant difference was observed in litter weight gain of piglets in citric acid + betaine hydrochloride group and tangerine powder group. Under the experimental conditions, the annual net profits of sows in sorbitol group, citric acid + betaine hydrochloride group and tangerine powder group were 525.45, 403.81 and 389.47 yuan, re-spectively. [Conclusion] Sorbitol significantly improves the growth performance of piglets, showing the highest cost performance.

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  • In Vivo Efficacy of Neuropeptide S on the Expression of Cytokines Indeced by Influenza A Virurs in Ducks

    Ma Yijie;Jiang Zongpei;Zhang Tianhua;Huang Cuiqin;Yang Guihong;

    Neuropeptide S(NPS) is involved in severe pathological processes. Direct evidence showed NPS regulates the secretion of proinflammato-ry cytokines in pigs. This study investigated the effect of NPS on the secretion of inflammatory cytokines in ducks with H9 N2 infection via intra-muscular injection with NPS or NPS receptor(NPSR) antagonist. The ducks received 15 n M NPS or 10 n M NPSR antagonist in saline. Samples were collected to analyze the expression levels of IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α, IFN-α, NPS, and the H9 N2 gene NP by RT-PCR and real time RT-PCR; samples were fixed to observe the histopathological changes by hematoxylin-eosin staining. Serial blood samples were collected(every 30 min, starting 1 h before injections and lasting until 2 h after injections) to measure the serum levels of IL-1β, IL-6, TNF-α, and IFN-α by ELISA. Semiquantitative RT-PCR confirmed that the expression of NPS mRNA was increased in H9 N2 infection group. Morphological data showed NPS treatment could re-verse the pathological changes in the duck bursa induced by H9 N2 infection. Both the results of real time quantitative RT-PCR and ELISA methods showed NPS and NPSR antagonist treatments could significantly regulate the expression of IFN-α, but not of IL-1β, IL-6 and TNF-α; meanwhile,the levels of increased IFN-α and decreased NP were further prompted by NPS, and NPSR antagonist revered. Conclusion, NPS is involved in the innate immunity response to H9 N2 infection via the IFN-α pathway in ducks in vivo. These results indicate NPS affects the immune homeostasis and provides an alternative for anti-H9 N2 drugs.

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  • Effects of Crude Fiber Levels on Production Performance, Organ Index and Serum Biochemical Parameters of Dingan Geese Aged from 1 to 28 Days

    Liu Quanwei;Wei Limin;Wang Feng;Lin Dajie;Xing Manping;Yang Shaoxiong;Sun Ruiping;Ye Baoguo;

    [Objective] The paper was to investigate the effects of dietary crude fiber level on production performance, organ index and serum bio-chemical parameters of Dingan geese aged from 1 to 28 days. [Method] A total of 144 1-day-old Dingan geese with the same genetic background and similar initial weight(88.75±0.21 g) were randomly assigned into 3 groups with 4 replicates per group and 12 geese per replicate, and fed with the diets containing 2.56%, 3.52% and 4.48% crude fiber, respectively. The trial lasted 28 d. [Result] 1) The final weight and daily gain of 3.52%CF group were significantly higher than those of 2.56% CF group(P<0.05); the feed/gain ratio was markedly lower than that of 2.56% CF group(P <0.05). 2) The slaughter rate, semi-eviscerated rate and leg muscle rate of 3.52% CF group were higher than those of 2.56% and 4.48% CF groups(P>0.05). 3) As the dietary crude fiber levels rose, the abdominal fat rate showed a downward trend( P>0.05). 4) The liver index of 3.52%CF group was significantly higher than that of 2.56% CF group(P<0.05). 4) Compared with 2.5% and 4.48% CF groups, the serum albumin concentrations of 3.52 % CF group markedly increased(P<0.05), the serum total protein and globin contents were higher(P>0.05), but the serum uric acid level was lower(P>0.05). [Conclusion] When the crude fiber level was 3.52 %, the production performances of Dingan geese aged from 1 to 28 days were better, and the liver index and serum albumin level could be obviously improved.

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  • Effects of Lactobacillus Microecologics on Production Performance, Immune Function and Intestinal Microflora of Egg Chicks

    Xiao Jianshe;Pan Huiqing;Zhang Yanda;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of lactobacillus microecologics on production performance, immune function and intestinal microflora of egg chicks. [Method] Totally 1 800 1-day-old chicks of Hyline brown were randomly divided into three groups, four repeats each group and 150 chicks each repeat. The chicks in control group were supplied with basic diet, and those in experimental groups I and II were sup-plied with the basic diet added with 100 and 150 g/t microecologics, respectively. [Result] Compared with the control group, the daily gain of egg chicks in experimental group II after 7 weeks was increased by 3.67%(P<0.05), and the feed conversion ratio was significantly reduced by 0.05(P<0.05); the thymus indexes in experimental groups I and II were significantly improved by 4.95% and 5.94%( P<0.05), and the spleen indexes were significantly improved by 3.32% and 4.36% compared with the control group(P<0.05). The index of bursa of fabricius in experimental group II was extremely improved by 9.66% compared with the control group(P<0.01). Meantime, experimental group II extremely improved the number of living lactobacillus in caecum of egg chicks(P<0.01), and extremely reduced the number of Escherichia coli in caecum(P<0.01). [Conclusion] Lactobacillus microecologics are beneficial to the improvement of production performance, immune function and intestinal flora of egg chicks. The optimal addition amount in the feed of chicks is 150 g/t.

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  • Probiotic Cocktails Alleviate Heat-induced Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction and Oxidative Stress in Broiler Chickens

    Wang Zheng;Zhang Dawei;Yu Wenjun;Qi Changhai;Yuan Jiang;

    [Objective] To investigate the effect of probiotic cocktails on growth performance, intestinal barrier function and antioxidant status in heat-stressed broilers. [Methods] One thousand 1-day-old broilers were randomly divided into five groups: the thermoneutral(TN), heat stress(HS),heat stress with antibiotic(HS-AB), heat stress with probiotic cocktail 1(HS-P1), and heat stress with probiotic cocktail 2(HS-P2) groups. The broilers in TN and HS groups received a diet without supplements, and those in HS-AB, HS-P1 and HS-P2 groups were fed a diet supplemented with chlortetracycline(300 g/t) or probiotic cocktail 1 or 2(100 g/t), respectively. [Results] The results showed that heat stress reduced growth performance and increased inflammatory factors, NF-κB and Toll-like receptors in jejunal mucosa coinciding with higher expression of jejunal tight junction proteins, mucin and heat stress protein mRNA. [Conclusion] Dietary probiotic cocktails had protective effects against the heat stress-induced changes in the intestine, with increased serum antioxidant capacity and growth performance of broilers. The effect of these cocktails was sim-ilar to that of chlortetracycline.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Effects of Selenium and Cobalt on Germination of Alfalfa(Medicago sativa) at Different Temperatures

    Shi Jing;Wei Jinyi;Lan Xi;Qiu Jinhua;Deng Suyuan;Yao Na;

    Taking No.3 alfalfa(Medicago sativa) as the material, the effects of selenium and cobalt elements on seed germination of alfalfa at differ-ent temperatures were studied through germination test. The results showed that selenium and cobalt promoted seed germination of alfalfa, and im-proved germination potential, germination rate, germination index and vigor index. With the increasing proportion of selenium and cobalt, the nu-merical value of each index first increased then decreased. The seed germinations in A15 and B12 treatments were the best at 10 ℃ and 20 ℃,while those in A1 and B1 treatments were the worst.

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  • Comparative Study of Three Warm-season Forage Varieties in Southern China

    Sun Ao;Deng Huifen;Li Caijun;Jiang Guitao;Zhang Xu;Li Jianbo;

    The plant height, tiller number, yield of three warm-season forage varieties in Southern China were studied for consecutive two years. The result showed that the three varieties all adapted to the environmental conditions. The annual fresh grass yield of Pennisetum purpureum Schum ev.Taiwan, Guimu-1 hybrid P. purpureum and P. sinese Roxb were 220.85, 163.18, 186.20 t/hm~2; the crude protein content were 17.39%, 19.02% and 20.91%; the crude fat content were 6.37%, 5.37% and 4.69%; and the crude fiber content were 33.49%, 32.22% and 33.58%, respectively. P. purpureum Schum ev. Taiwan had stronger cold resistance, fast growth after overwintering and strong resistance, and no plant diseases and insect pests were found during the test. P. purpureum Schum ev. Taiwan is a high yield and high quality forage variety, which is worth popularizing and apply-ing.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animal

  • A Brief Study on Feed for Caged Bonasa bonasia

    Liu Hao;

    Based on the digestive system characteristics and feeding habits of Bonasa bonasia, as well as the nutritional composition of food, different feed formulations were given according to the nutritional requirements of B. bonasia in different periods, so as to ensure the normal growth and development of B. bonasia and the smooth implementation of artificial feeding.

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