Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Genetic and Breeding Progress Analysis on S06M Line of Dahen Broiler

    Qiu Mohan;Yang Chaowu;Du Huarui;Li Qingyun;Xiong Xia;Zhang Zengrong;Hu Chenming;Xia Bo;Yu Chunlin;Song Xiaoyan;Yang Li;Peng Han;Jiang Xiaosong;Xu Tingting;

    The genetic and breeding progress of Dahen S06M line was analyzed, in order to improve the selection efficiency. The results showed that six generations of selection was effective in selecting main characters of S06M line, especially the selection of growth rate had no adverse effect on reproductive performance. All indicators of reproductive performance were improved in varying degrees during breeding, particularly the egg pro-duction at 68 weeks of age. The breeding progress of main target traits significantly slowed down after the second generation, but they still main-tained at higher levels and the characters of S06M tended to be stable.

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  • Application Effect of Key Technology for Fine Wool Production

    Li Fanwen;Wen Yazhou;Xu Tingting;

    By analyzing the gap between China and foreign countries in fine wool production, combined with the practical experience of fine wool production, the application effects of sheep clothing full coverage technology, mechanical shearing technology, wool grading and collection technolo-gy, scale packaging technology and standardized shearing environment control technique were evaluated, in order to provide reference for popular-ization and application of fine wool production.

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Aquatic Science

  • Effect Evaluation of Summer Fishing Moratorium (SFM) in Daya Bay Based on Remote Sensing and Survey Data

    Yu Jing;Hu Qiwei;Chen Pimao;Mang Qi;

    [Objective] The paper was to quantitatively evaluate the maintenance effect of summer fishing moratorium(SFM) in Daya Bay. [Method]Based on satellite remote sensing and trawl surveys, the changes in sea surface temperature(SST), chlorophyll a(Chl-a) concentration, catch per unit effort(CPUE), biodiversity, species composition, body length and weight of total catch in Daya Bay before SFM(May 2015) and after SFM(August 2015) were comparatively analyzed. [Result] The CPUE of total catch mainly distributed from 0-10 kg/h before SFM to 0-40 kg/h after SFM. The average body length and weight of catches increased, indicating that the growth rate of catches was accelerated. The indices of Shannon-Wiener diversity index(H′) and Pielou evenness index(J′) increased by 0.36 and 0.14, respectively, indicating that the community structure was improved. The biomass spectra of fishery resources community suggested that the slopes of normalized biomass spectra after SFM was greater than -1, and the biomass of fishery resources increased with the increase of individual body weight after SFM. SFM reduced offshore fishing intensity,recovered and conserved the fishery resources in Daya Bay. [Conclusion] In order to improve the SFM system and promote the sustainable development of coastal fishery resources, it is suggested to prolong the time of SFM appropriately, reduce the number of coastal fishing boats, and strength-en the conservation of fish resources.

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  • Water Quality Assessment of Dachangshan Artificial Habitat Development Demonstration Area

    Zhang Lu;Tian Tao;Ma Zhi;Liu Yonghu;Yang Jun;Liu Hanchao;Li Xue;

    [Objective] The paper was to evaluate the water quality environment in Dachangshan artificial habitat development demonstration area.[Method] From 2013 to 2015, an environmental survey was conducted for eight voyages in Dachangshan artificial habitat development demonstra-tion area of Changhai County, Dalian City, and 20 hydrochemical indexes including salinity, p H, and COD were monitored. The water quality of the sea area was analyzed by principal component analysis and single factor index method. [Result] Except for that the control area of the August 2014 voyage belonged to II-class sea water standard, the water quality in other stations of all voyages conformed to I-class sea water standard. Totally 20 water quality indicators were synthesized into six principal components using principal component analysis, which explained 79.165% of the results;the principal component score was ranged from-1.536 to 3.706; the score in August 2014 was the highest, and the evaluation results were basically consistent with the results of single factor index analysis. [Conclusion] The overall water quality is good in Dachangshan artificial habitat development demonstration area.

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  • Bioaccumulation and Elimination Rule of Prometryn in Hard Clam Meretrix meretrix

    Zhang Wang;Fan Guangyu;Meng Xianglong;Wang Teng;Chen Xiukai;Mang Qi;

    The bioaccumulation and elimination rule of prometryn in hard clam Meretrix meretrix were studied under semi-static conditions. When the water temperature was(12±1) ℃, M. meretrix were exposed to the seawater containing 1, 10, and 100 μg/L prometryn. The content of prometryn in M. meretrix increased with the increase of exposed concentration, and both had significant positive correlation. The accumulation of prometryn in M. meretrix first increased then decreased, and finally fluctuated at a certain level. The maximum accumulation content was observed in M. meretrix when exposed to prometryn for 10, 14 and 18 d, and the maximum bioaccumulation factors(BCFs) were 22.9, 8.3 and 4.3, respectively. At the forth day of the elimination test, the content of prometryn in M. meretrix of each group were decreased above 50%. At the 22 ndday of the elimination test,the content of prometryn in M. meretrix were decreased to 8.7%, 5.6% and 2.6% of the initial content in the elimination test, respectively. The re-sults indicated that hard clam M. meretrix had strong bioaccumulation and elimination ability on prometryn.

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  • Research on Monitoring and Early-warning System of Marine Organisms for the Intake of Nuclear Power Plants

    Lu Hairong;Meng Yahui;Zhang Xiaochen;Duan Yongbo;

    An monitoring and early-warning system is proposed for marine organisms and the cause of water intake blockage is analyzed. Based on the intelligent sensing technology, computer software and hardware technology and digital signal processing technology, the buoy monitoring platform system is developed by internet of things technology, cloud computing and the application of large data. Remote real-time monitoring of aquatic organisms and foreign bodies is realized based on underwater acoustic detection and low light imaging technology. Data processing center is estab-lished to store, analyze and process monitoring information and display it in real time, and provide emergency decision support. Through develop-ment and test of relevant key equipments, the reliability of cold source system of nuclear power plants is improved, which effectively reduces the influence of marine biological invasion on security and economic operation of the units.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animal

  • Research Progress of Value, Extraction and Application of Silkworm Chrysalis Protein

    Zhang Yuping;Zhang Lili;Chen Ming;Dai Junjun;Wu Chuanhua;Liu Jian;Fan Tao;Yin Jianli;

    Silkworm chrysalis protein is a high quality pure natural complete animal protein with high utilization value, and it has been widely used in many industries in recent years. The nutrition, health care and medicinal value of silkworm chrysalis protein, the degreasing, deodorization and decoloration extraction process, and its application in food, medicine, feed, etc. are summarized, in order to provide the reference for further development and industrial production of silkworm chrysalis protein.

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  • High-grade Cocoon Filament Silkworm Chuanshan × Shushui for Spring and Autumn Rearing

    Yuan Guiyang;Cao Ningning;Gong Dagang;Li Xiaoying;Wang Shaobai;Zhu Hongshun;Wu Gang;Yin Jianli;

    Chuanshan × Shushui is a high-grade cocoon filament silkworm variety for spring and autumn rearing bred by Nanchong Silkworm Eggs Farm through systematic breeding method. The characteristics of stock seed and F1 hybrid of silkworm variety Chuanshan × Shushui and their breeding technical points and precautions were introduced in the paper. Laboratory identification and rural breeding results showed that Chuanshan × Shushui was characterized by physical strength, high cocoon weight, good cocoon quality and superior neatness, and the cocoons produced could reel 5A-6A class raw silk. The variety was suitable for breeding in silkworm areas in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shaanxi provinces. The variety was approved by Sichuan silkworm breeding committee in 2005, and more than one million boxes of silkworm eggs have been cumulatively bred in silkworm areas in Sichuan,Yunnan, Shaanxi and Hainan provinces.

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Grassland Science

  • Short-term Effects of Nitrogen Deposition on Soil Physical and Chemical Properties of Tibetan Forest-Grassland Landscape Boundary

    Ye Yanhui;Gao Yi;Liu Yunlong;Han Yanying;Ye Hong;Duan Yongbo;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of nitrogen deposition on soil nutrients and soil dissolved organic carbon in forest-grass-land landscape in Linzhi, Tibet, and to provide scientific basis and basic data for understanding and assessing the effect of atmospheric nitrogen de-position on soil nutrients and soil dissolved organic carbon. [Method] From July 2014 to August 2015, in situ nitrogen deposition(CK 0 kg·hm~2/a, LN25 kg·hm~2/a, MN 50 kg·hm~2/a, HN 150 kg·hm~2/a) was simulated in the forest-grassland boundary of Zhuqudeng village, Bujiu Township, Linzhi County, Tibet. The soil samples were collected for analyzing nutrient and dissolved contents in the soil layer of 0-20 and 20-40 cm. The effects of different nitrogen deposition levels on soil nutrients and dissolved organic carbon(DOC) were studied. [Result] Nitrogen deposition had significant impacts on soil organic matter, total N, total P, total K, available N, available P, available K, exchangeable Ca, exchangeable Mg, p H, and DOC( P<0.05).(2) With the deepening of nitrogen deposition from CK, LN, MN to HN in the 0-20 cm boundary soil, the contents of organic matter, total N,total P, available P, exchangeable Ca, exchangeable Mg and DOC kept decreasing, and the content of total K and available N increased continuous-ly. The p H increased in LN treatment and decreased in HN treatment, while the available K content was decreased in LN and HN treatment, but increased in MN treatment.(3) The contents of organic matter, total N, total P, available N, available P, exchangeable Ca, exchangeable Mg and DOC all decreased at the soil layer of 20-40 cm under the same nitrogen deposition. The p H increased in LN treatment, but decreased in HN treat-ment; the content of total K decreased in LN treatment and increased in MN and HN treatments; the content of available K decreased in LN and HN treatments, but increased in MN treatment.(4) With the deepening of boundary soil layer(0-20 to 20-40 cm), the organic matter, total N, total P, available P, available K, exchangeable Ca, exchangeable Mg, DOC showed the same response to simulated nitrogen deposition, while the avail-able N and total K responded differently. [Conclusion] Different levels of N deposition had certain impact on soil nutrient, and the variation of soil nutrients was not the same at different levels.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Appropriate Metabolic Energy,Crude Protein,Calcium and Available Phosphorus Levels of Diet for Black Muscovy Duck at 43-91 Days of Age

    Zhang Ling;Gu Wenjie;Zhang Kai;Duan Xiujun;Qin Haorong;Bian Youqing;Duan Yongbo;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of diet formulation with different nutrition levels on growth and slaughter performance of black muscovy duck at the age of 43-91 days. [Method] Totally 288 individuals of 43-day-old black muscovy duck were randomly divided into nine treatments, four repeats each treatment and eight ducks each repeat. Using L9(34) orthogonal experiment design(four factors and three levels),three metabolic energy levels(12.32, 12.72, 13.12 MJ/kg), three crude protein levels(14%, 16%, 18%), three calcium levels(0.6%, 0.8%, 1.0%)and three available phosphorus levels(0.30%, 0.45%, 0.6%) were designed, and a total of nine feeding groups(C1-C9) were designed according to different nutritional levels. Through combination of feeding test(49 d) and metabolic test(pre-test 4 d and formal test 3 d), the growth performance,meat performance and apparent nutrient digestibility of ducks were determined. [Result] The ducks in experimental group C2 had the highest average daily gain, the lowest feed gain ratio, the largest body oblique length, chest width, chest depth and tibia length, which had significant or ex-tremely significant differences with other groups(P<0.05 or P<0.01). The slaughter rate, semi-eviscerated rate, eviscerated rate and meat quality of ducks in C2 group were higher(P<0.05). The apparent digestibility of crude protein and dietary metabolic energy in C2 group were 88.68% and63.07%, respectively, both were significantly or extremely significantly higher than the other groups( P<0.05 or P<0.01), while the interaction effect of calcium and phosphorus level on apparent digestibility was not obvious. [Conclusion] Under the experimental conditions, the suitable metabolic energy, crude protein, calcium, available phosphorus and total phosphorus levels of 43-91 days old black muscovy ducks were 12.32 MJ/kg,16.10%, 0.92%, 0.45% and 0.68%, respectively.

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  • Effects of NaOH Treatment on Fiber, Crude Protein and Soluble Sugar Content of Corn Straw

    Wei Manlin;Li Yang;Duan Yongbo;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of different levels of NaOH on fiber, crude protein and soluble sugar content of corn straw. [Method] Four treatments were designed in the test, namely control group, group 1, group 2 and group 3, which were added with 0, 2%, 3%and 4% NaOH according to the dry weight of corn straw, and the moisture of corn straw after treatment was 45%. After being treated at room tem-perature for 48 h, sensory evaluation and nutrient composition analysis were performed for each group, and the contents of neutral detergent fiber(NDF), acid detergent fiber(ADF), crude protein(CP) and soluble sugar(SS) were measured. [Result] With the increasing addition level of NaOH,the content of NDF and ADF decreased gradually, and significant differences were observed between group 3(adding 4% NaOH) and control group(P<0.05). There was no significant difference in CP content among treatment groups(P>0.05); the SS content gradually increased, and there were significant differences between treatment groups and control group(P<0.05). [Conclusion] 4% NaOH reduced the fiber content and increased the soluble sugar content of corn straw.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Screening of Host Proteins Interacting with Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV) N Protein by Yeast Two-hybrid System

    Wang Zhongze;Qin Cuili;Kong Ning;Zuo Yewen;Wang Meng;Zheng Hao;Tong Wu;Li Liwei;Yu Hai;Li Zhili;Shan Tongling;Tong Guangzhi;Li Xue;

    [Objective] The paper was to obtain host proteins interacting with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus(PEDV) N protein. [Method] The recombinant vector pGBKT7-N of PEDV N gene was constructed and used as the bait plasmid to screen the proteins interacting with N protein of PEDV from the cDNA library of porcine alveolar macrophage(PAM) by yeast two-hybrid method. [Result] There was no toxicity and self activation of bait protein in yeast hybridization system, and six proteins(FTH1, LGALS3, CORO1C, SNRPG, KRTAP5-3, ZNF598) interacting with N protein were indentified. It was confirmed that LGALS3 and SNRPG had specific interaction with N protein by return experiment and co-immunoprecipitation(CoIP) test. [Conclusion] The study lays a foundation for further studying the function of PEDV N protein and the pathogenic mechanism of PEDV.

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  • Epidemiological Investigation on the Etiology of Glasser's Disease in China

    Wang Yongming;Wang Xiaoli;Li Xue;

    Haemophilus parasuis(HPS) is one of the most important bacterial infectious diseases harming China 's pig industry for the last few years.To understand the prevalence status of glasser's disease in China, the disease samples submitted by Shandong, Henan, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Liaoning, Guangdong, Shaanxi and Sichuan provinces were isolated and identified. The synovial fluid, lung, brain tissue, heart blood and nasal cavity of sick pigs in 194 pig farms collected from 2006 to 2009 were detected, and 47 strains of HPS were eventually isolated, with the separation rate of 24.2%. Serotypes of the isolates were identified through KRG(Kieletein-Rapp-Gabriedson) agar diffusion method. There were 13 strains of serotype 4(27.7%), 10 strains of serotype 5(21.3%), 8 strains of serotype 12(17%) and 7 strains of serotype 13(14.9%), indicating the major serotypes of HPS in China were serotype 4, serotype 5, serotype 12 and serotype 13.

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  • Drug Susceptibility Test of Volatile Oil of Artemisia argyi to Avian Pathogenic Escherichia coli

    Pan Baiming;He Caimei;Liang Changxiang;Zhou Huiling;Li Xue;

    The volatile oil of Artemisia argyi was extracted by ultrasonic assisted extraction, and the extraction rate of volatile oil was 0.68%. The volatile oil of A. argyi was emulsified with 1% Tween-80, and drug susceptibility test was conducted with avian Escherichia coli. The results showed that the volatile oil of A. argyi had antibacterial effect against avian E. coli, and the minimal inhibitory concentration was 50 mg/mL. Taking six common antibiotics as the control, drug susceptibility test was conducted with volatile oil of A. argyi. The results showed that 10 strains of E. coli were sensitive to the volatile oil of A. argyi, three of which had different degrees of resistance and one had the tendency of resistance.

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    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Sc.ience (ISSN 1943-991 1) is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China) Science and Culture Media Co.(USA). It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry, veterinary, aquaculture, feed sciernce and other related fields, including aspects of genetics and breeding, reproduction, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition,

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