Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Efficacy of Xylooligosaccharides and Probiotics Additive to the Diets of Sows and/or Piglets on Performance,Milk Composition and Appearance of Diarrhea in Sows and Their Offspring

    Li Yuanfeng;Xiao Xia;He Jian;Wang Yachao;Ao Xiang;Gou Qingbi;He Zongze;

    The present study investigated the effects of dietary supplementation of xylooligosaccharides( XOS) and probiotics( PR) on performance,milk composition and diarrhea incidence of sows or their offspring.From day 90 of gestation until weaning,a total of 60 multiparous sows were randomly assigned to three groups and given three different diets that included either the control diet( s CON,n = 20),the control diet containing 175 mg/kg XOS( s XOS,n = 20) or175 mg/kg XOS and 300 mg/kg probiotics( s XOS + PR,n = 20).On day 21 of age,offspring were assigned within sow treatments to the piglet basal diet( p CON)or the piglet basal diet supplemented with 175 mg/kg XOS( p XOS) for 28 d.Sow feed intake was recorded daily.Body weight and feed consumption of the pigs in each replicate were determined biweekly( on day 0,14 and 28) to calculate the average daily gain( ADG) of body weight,average daily feed intake( ADFI)and the gain-to-feed ratio( G∶ F).The colostrum and milk samples were obtained on day 0 and 14 of lactation,respectively.Sow XOS or XOS + PR dietary had no effect on the number of total piglets born and born alive and the piglet weight at birth.Milk composition in sow colostrum and milk were not affected by sow diet XOS or( XOS + PR) supplementation( P > 0.05).No maternal dietary effect was observed on the weaning weight and pre-weaning weight gains of piglets.However,there were interaction effects between sow and piglet dietary treatments on diarrhea rate and diarrhea index during day 35-49( P = 0.03) and day 21-49( P =0.02).Although sow diet XOS and( XOS + PR) supplementation did not influence growth performance of weanling piglets,such as ADG and ADFI( P >0.05),piglets XOS supplementation significantly decreased ADFI during the whole experiment period and increased G∶ F during day 35-49 and day 21-49( P <0.05).These results might suggest that combination of XOS and PR in sow diets had negative impact on the diarrhea incidence of offspring.XOS supplementation in weaned piglet diets decreased ADFI and feed conversion efficiency of weaning piglets.

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  • Research Progress on Harmless Treatment of Dead Livestock and Poultry with Alkaline Hydrolysis in China

    Zhang Zhenling;Xu Haifei;Sun Peng;Zhao Bingkai;Dong Shuhong;

    China's animal husbandry industry has developed rapidly and the inventory of swine,poultry,and sheep has been in the first place in the world of late years.For several consecutive years,the annual slaughter swine has reached to more than 700 million head,70 million head of carcasses,about 2 million tons.The number will be even more if cattle,sheep and poultry had been considered.If handled improperly,the large number of carcasses of livestock and poultry will seriously pollute environment and even bring food safety issues and harm to public health security.More and more concern has been attracted on harmless disposal of dead animals.Of all the harmless disposal methods on carcasses of livestock and poultry,the application and research of alkalization hydrolysisar( AH) are less and only restricted in the higher-level security laboratory field in China.The method of alkalization hydrolysis has the advantages of completely inactivating pathogenic microorganisms( including prions),no harmful gas,simple operation,low cost,etc,which has the value of research and application.This paper summarized the characteristics and the sterilization effect of alkaline hydrolysis,and discussed the processing and application of AH products of animal carcasses,meanwhile,introduced the types,research and application state of AH in China,finally,briefly discussed the application prospect of AH in China.

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  • Appropriate Scale of Breeding Cows in Family Operation of Yanbian Cattle

    Bai Xiangpo;Shen Pengfei;Wang Xuyou;

    Family operation of breeding cow is the only way to realize modernization of animal husbandry.Through field survey of Yanbian cattle farmers,the main input indicators were analyzed,including number of breeding cows,number of breeding bulls,input of cattle house,feed cost,production equipment investment,and grazing rent.The slaughter number of store cattle per year was selected as the output index.The efficiency of family operation scale of Yanbian cattle was analyzed using BCC model of DEA.The results showed that the moderate scale of breeding cows in family operation with half grazing and half housing pattern was around 50-60 cattle.

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  • DNA Contamination and Treatment Countermeasures in Dog DNA Testing Laboratory

    Wei Rongxing;Ye Junhua;

    DNA contamination will directly result in wrong conclusion of DNA test.The higher the detection accuracy is,the greater the harmful of contamination is.DNA contamination can be divided into sample contamination and PCR contamination.It is the most difficult to treat and prevent aerosol contamination of PCR.In order to prevent pollution,dog DNA testing laboratory should be divided into several independent areas,and the researchers should strictly obey the operation rules.In addition,we should design control experiment scientifically to track pollution sources and eliminate the contamination through technical means,once the pollution occurs.

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  • Alteration of Intestinal Archaeal Community Composition in Broilers with Different Growth Rates

    Gui Guohong;Xiao Yingping;Dai Baoling;Chen Xiaomin;Yang Hua;Xu E;

    The gastrointestinal tract,as the major digestive and absorbing organ,plays an important role in chicken growth.Numerous studies have been undertaken to investigate the gut bacterial community in broilers,but little is known about the archaeal community composition.To improve our understanding of the composition of intestinal archaea and the relationship between archaea and chicken growth,a feeding trial was conducted with 10 000 Ross 308 chicks in a commercial production facility under standard management.At 38 d of age,15 birds with the highest body weight( H group),15 birds with average body weight( M group),and15 birds with the lowest body weight( L group) were selected among 600 healthy male individuals.Cecal archaeal community was detected based on 16 S rRNA gene sequencing.As a result,3 321 229 archaeal sequences were clustered into 1 281 operational taxonomic units( OTUs) and classified into three phyla( Crenarchaeota,Euryarchaeota and Thaumarchaeota) and six known genera: Natronomonas,Halolamina,Salinarchaeum,Cenarchaeum,Candidatus,Nitrosoarchaeum and Nitrososphaera.The alpha indices showed that,the richness of archaea in L group was the highest,and followed by that in M group and H group,while the archaea in H group were more diverse,followed by those in M group and L group.However,the archaeal composition in all chicken samples was similar,with the vast majority of the sequences belonging to Cenarchaeum,and only a few belonging to the other five genera.

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  • Effect of Rapeseed Straw on Growth and Slaughter Performance of Sichuan White Goose

    Yang Ting;Lei Zhengda;Zhang Yishu;Yu Zhiqiang;Wang Dayi;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of rapeseed straw on growth and slaughter performance of Sichuan white goose.[Method]Totally 4003-day-old Sichuan white geese were randomly divided into four groups; geese in control group were fed with the fundamental diet; geese in group 1,group 2 and group 3 were fed with the fundamental diet containing 5%,10% and 10% rapeseed straw instead of equal amount of wheat bran,respectively.The body weight and slaughter performance of Sichuan white geese in control group,group 1 and group 2 were determined at 10 weeks of age,while those in group 3 were determined at14 weeks of age.[Result] There was no significant difference in gross weight,slaughter weight,eviscerated weight with giblet,head weight,sole weight,wing weight,neck weight,muscular stomach weight and intestine indexes of 10-week-old white geese between group 1 and control group,and between group 2 and control group( P > 0.05); the live weight slightly decreased.The growth and slaughter performance of 14-week-old Sichuan white geese were significantly higher than that of 10-week-old geese( P < 0.05),with better meat and flavor,but relatively low average daily gain( P < 0.05); there was no significant impact on muscular stomach p H and intestinal p H( P > 0.05).[Conclusion]Substituting partial wheat bran with rapeseed straw can satisfy the diet requirement of Sichuan white geese,but has no significant impact on its growth and slaughter performance( P > 0.05).

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Pricing Power of China's Cocoon and Silk Products in International Market:An Empirical Analysis Based on International Market Power

    Wang Lei;Li Jianqin;Gu Guoda;

    Do China's silk products only have advantage in number but no pricing power in international market? In this paper,we used the residual demand elasticity model to estimate the international market power of China's silk products.The empirical results revealed that China's raw material products such as natural silk products and semi-finished products such as satin products had certain market power in the main export markets,but the finished silk products such as woman's blouse or shirts and shawls had no market power in the target markets including USA and Germany.The scale economy from resource endowment and great market share are the base of the international market power of natural silk products.The advantage from industry agglomeration and great market share are the source of the international market power of satin products.Technical bottlenecks and inefficiency in brand building are the cause of unobvious international market power of China's finished silk products,and the competition from Italy and France has increased the difficulty to enhance market power.In order to consolidate and improve the international market power of China's silk products,it is suggested to stabilize the production scale and strengthen industrial base,to speed up the resources integration and optimize the industrial distribution,to strengthen science and technology innovation and adjust product structure,to speed up the brand construction and enhance the influence of brand,and to enlarge the scale of organization and achieve scale economies.

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  • Functions of Mulberry in the Development of Ecological Animal Husbandry and Development Ideas

    Zeng Xiu;Wang Jieping;Zhou Chan;Lv Jinfeng;Wang Haiyan;Gu Shanlin;Xiong Dingkui;

    Ecological animal husbandry is an animal husbandry industry system integrating ecological benefit,economic benefit and social benefit.Breeding cycle is one of the main patterns of ecological animal husbandry development,but breeding cycle does not form a relatively closed cycle of endogenous resources.In recent years,forage value and ecological value of mulberry have made some progresses in different research areas and angles,but the thought and practice of both forage and ecological value of mulberry has not been systematically interpreted and researched.Based on the short board of animal husbandry development and the advantage of mulberry,animal husbandry and mulberry were complemented and fused,and relatively closed planting and raising ecological recycling pattern with mulberry as the axis was raised.Phased scientific research and production test data were obtained,and the problems and development suggestions were put forward in the following aspects: selection of mulberry varieties with both forage and ecological value,cost control of mulberry with both forage and ecological value,quality and safety control system of forage mulberry,orientation of feeding value of forage mulberry.

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Aquatic Science

  • Comparison of Nutritional Components in the Muscle of Juvenile Siganus guttatus Fed with Enteromorpha prolifera and Artificial Feed

    Song Chao;Zhao Feng;Liu Jianyi;Wang Yu;Huang Xiaorong;Zhuang Ping;

    [Objective] This experiment was conducted to analyze and compare the nutritional components in the muscle of juvenile Siganus guttatus fed with Enteromorpha prolifera and artificial feed.[Method] A total of 180 healthy S.guttatus juveniles with similar body size were assigned into two groups: one fed with E.prolifera,and the other fed with artificial feed,respectively.There were three replicates in each group,and 30 fish in each replicate.And the experiment lasted for 90 d.[Result]The results showed that the weight gain rate,specific growth rate and relative growth rate of E.prolifera-fed group were significantly lower than those of artificial feed-fed group( P < 0.05); the contents of crude protein and crude ash of E.prolifera-fed group were significantly higher than those of artificial feed-fed group( P < 0.05).However,the content of crude fat of E.prolifera-fed group was significantly lower than that of artificial feed-fed group( P < 0.05).The moisture content had no significant difference between the two groups( P > 0.05).The amino acid composition was similar between the two groups.Seventeen amino acids were found in both groups,and the essential amino acid index( EAAI) was 76.71 in E.prolifera-fed group and 70.05 in artificial feed-fed group,both of which met the criteria set by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations( FAO)/World Health Organization( WHO).The content of eicosapentaenoic acid( EPA) + docosahexaenoic acid( DHA) and the content of ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids( ω-3 PUFAs) of E.prolifera-fed group were significantly higher than those of artificial feed-fed group( P < 0.05).[Conclusion]In conclusion,the juvenile S.guttatus in both groups contains a variety of nutritional components.S.guttatus fed with E.prolifera has higher levels of essential amino acids,more balanced composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids,higher nutritive value and better taste than that fed with artificial feed.

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  • Comparative Analysis of Microsatellite DNA Polymorphism in Gold Grass Carp and Four Grass Carp Populations from China

    Zhu Bing;Fan Jiajia;Bai Junjie;Jiang Peng;

    [Objectives]To analyze the genetic structure and genetic diversity of gold grass carp population.[Methods]A total of 15 microsatellite markers were used to examine gold grass carp population and four grass carp populations[Yuanjiang(YJ),Ningxiang(NX),Honghu(HH)and Xijiang(XJ)]from the Yangtze River and the Pearl River of China.[Results]All the 15 microsatellite loci were highly polymorphic,with polymorphism information content (PIC) of 0.763-0.939.The expected heterozygosity(H_E)of gold grass carp population was 0.662,lower than those of the four Chinese grass carp populations(H_E=0.85-0.885).The genetic differentiation index(F_(ST))between gold grass carp population and YJ,NX,HH,XJ populations were 0.157 2,0.129 5,0.147 5 and0.114 4,respectively.This suggests that gold grass carp population is highly differentiated from YJ grass carp population(0.15<F_(ST)<0.25),while moderately differentiated from other three grass carp populations(0.05<F_(ST)<0.15).Gold grass carp population had the closest genetic relationship with XJ population(D_A=0.476 3),and it showed the farthest genetic relationship with YJ grass carp population(D_A=0.810 7).The NJ phylogenetic tree based on genetic distance indicated that four Chinese grass carp populations clustered together as one branch,while gold grass carp population as another.[Conclusions]Genetic diversity of gold grass carp population is lower than that of Chinese grass carp population,with relative distant genetic relationship.

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  • Immune Priming Induced by Heat-inactivated White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) in Fenneropenaeus chinensis Cultured at Different Temperature

    Cao Jiawang;Kong Jie;Luo Kun;Luan Sheng;Cao Baoxiang;Shi Xiaoli;Lu Xia;Meng Xianhong;

    [Objective]This study was designed to explore whether heat-inactivated white spot syndrome virus(WSSV)could induce immune priming in Fenneropenaeus chinensis.[Method]Shrimps cultured at 15(group E_(15℃)),23(group E_(23℃)),28(group E_(28℃))and 32(group E_(32℃))℃were fed for six successive days with the meat of WSSV-infected shrimps,which had been treated at 60℃for 1 h.Meanwhile,the shrimps of positive control were fed with a diet containing active WSSV at 23℃(group C_(23℃)),and the shrimps of negative control were fed with commercial compound feed only at 23℃(group CF_(23℃)).On Day 13 of the experiment,the survivors were re-challenged with active WSSV,and then the survival time,survival rate,mortality rate and viral load in each group were measured.The results showed that no death occurred among the shrimps fed with a diet containing heat-inactivated WSSV before the secondary challenge,while all the shrimps fed with a diet containing active WSSV(group CF_(23℃))died,suggesting that WSSV was completely inactivated by treatment at 60℃for 1 h.On day 19 of the experiment,the survival rate in groups E_(15℃),E_(23℃),E_(28℃),E_(32℃)and CF_(23℃)was 80.41%,33.29%,8.47%,16.43%and 8.89%,respectively.There was an extremely significant difference in survival rate between group E_(15℃)and other groups(P<0.01),a significant difference in survival rate between group E_(23℃)and CF_(23℃),E_(28℃),E_(32℃)(P<0.05),and no significant difference in survival rate between groups E_(28℃)and E_(32℃)(P>0.05).RT-q PCR revealed WSSV replicated most rapidly at 28℃after the secondary challenge,while high(32℃)and low(15℃)temperature inhibited the multiplication of WSSV.In summary,heat-inactivated WSSV can induce immune priming response and provide some protection to shrimps against WSSV infection.The multiplication rate of WSSV is closely related to water temperature.

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  • Study on Preventive Effect of Cecropin and Lysozyme on Skin Fester Disease in Trionyx sinensis

    Chen Chunshan;Guo Minglei;Wei Kai;Ma Long;Geng Yan;

    [Objective] This study was to investigate the preventive effect of cecropin and lysozyme on skin fester disease in Trionyx sinensis.[Method]By employing intramuscular injection method,the preventive effect of mixtures of cecropin( 10 mg/kg) and lysozyme( 10 mg/kg) and of cecropin( 6 mg/kg) and lysozyme( 5 mg/kg) were challenged on Aeromonas encheleia-caused skin fester disease in T.sinensis.The mortality and relative percent survival were used evaluate the preventive effect of different drugs.The serum agglutination titer,cytophagocytosis and bactericidal activity were detected to compare the effect of drugs on the immunity and disease resistance of T.sinensis.[Result]The residue concentrations of gentamicin and lysozyme in serum were compared to evaluate the side effect of drugs used challenged.The results showed that combined use of cecropin and lysozyme gave the best preventive effect and immunity in T.sinensis,with an extremely significant difference from other treatments( P < 0.01).Analysis of drug residue in serum indicated that lysozyme was completely metabolized 6 days after medication,while gentamicin residue was still observed 12 days later.[Conclusion] The combined application of cecropin and lysozyme showed better preventive effect than antibiotics in fester disease of T.sinensis.Moreover,no drug residue and side effect were observed in the combined use treatment.This method avoids the side effect of antibiotics,worthy of extension at commercial scale.

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  • Karyotype Analysis of Cyprinus carpio in Dongping Lake

    Lu Hong;Meng Qinglei;Yang Ling;

    To investigate the genetic composition of the carp( Cyprinus carpio) in Dongping Lake and to provide cytogenetic data for exploration,protection and appropriate utilization of the germplasm resources,karyotype of the carp was analyzed in this study.In detail,colchicine was given to the fish an intraperitoneal route 24 h after the intraperitoneal injection of phytohemagglutinin( PHA) solution to arrest cells in metaphase.The kidney cells were collected for the preparation of chromosome specimens,which were observed under a microscope.Ten cells having correct number of chromosomes and clear morphology were photographed and zoomed to measure the relative length,arm ratio,arm number( NF) and other parameters of chromosomes.The results showed that the chromosome number of C.carpio in Dongping Lake was( 2 n = 100); the karyotype formula was( 2 n = 20 m + 38 sm + 20 st + 22 t).The total number of chromosome arms( NF) was 158.By comparing the karyotype of Dongping Lake carp with that of other Cyprinus species,we concluded that Dongping Lake carp is more highly evolved among Cyprinus species.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Nutritional Quality of Mixed Silage of Lablab purpureus and Sweet Sorghum

    Liu Hailin;Deng Huifen;Xu Huaqin;Sun Ao;

    [Objective] The paper was to evaluate the fermentation quality of mixed silage of Lablab purpureus and sweet sorghum,and to find out the appropriate mixing ratio.[Method]L.purpureus were mixed with sweet sorghum at different proportions,to identify the sensory character and quality of silage.[Result]The nutrient content of mixed silage of L.purpureus and sweet sorghum at different proportions decreased significantly at 30-60 d,while no significant changes were observed after 60 d.Mixed silage of L.purpureus and sweet sorghum had the best effort at the proportion of 3∶7; followed by the proportion of 5∶5.These two proportions significantly improved dry matter( DM) content and effectively alleviated the crude protein( CP) loss of raw materials; significantly improved the contents of crude fiber and crude ash; and significantly reduce ammonia nitrogen/total nitrogen( AT/TN).[Conclusion]From the perspective of silage quality,the appropriate mixing ratio of L.purpureus and sweet sorghum is 3∶7 or 5∶5.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Impacts of Active Ingredients of Three Traditional Chinese Medicine on Immune Effect of PCV2 Vaccine

    Yao Jing;Li Kai;Jiang Chunmao;Zhang Bin;Wu Caihong;Sheng Yu;Yu Lianqin;

    [Objective] The paper was to screen the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine( TCM),which significantly enhanced the immune effect of porcine circovirus type 2( PCV2) vaccine.[Method] Sixty-six 14-day-old piglets were randomly divided into 11 groups,including immune control group,blank control group and nine drug groups.Piglets that were reared for 21 d were intramuscularly injected with 2 m L of inactivated vaccine in cervical region expect for blank control group.Piglets in nine drug groups were administrated with 5 m L of matrine,scutellarin and astragalus polysaccharide( ASP) at three doses( high dose 12 mg,medium dose 8 mg,low dose 4 mg) three days before and after immunization; piglets in blank control group and immune control group were administrated with equal volume of normal saline.Five piglets were randomly selected from each group to collect venous blood at 7,14,21 and 28 d post immunization,and the PCV2 antibody level,the concentration of specific immunoglobulin Ig G,the changes in peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets,and the content of serum IL-2 and IFN-γ were determined.[Result] The immunological effects of active ingredients of three TCM on PCV2 vaccine all enhanced at different degree.The effects of scutellarin middle dose group was the best.[Conclusion]Scutellarin could be used as a candidate drug for PCV2 vaccine immunoenhancer.

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  • Establishment of Pyrosequencing Technology for Detecting Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV)

    Yin Weili;Liu Yao;Huang Wei;Zhang Sihua;Yue Zhiqin;Sun Tao;

    [Objective] The paper was to establish pyrosequencing methods for detecting viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus( VHSV).[Method] One pair of PCR primers and one pyrosequencing primer of VHSV were designed.The pyrosequencing reaction system and conditions were optimized and the pyrosequencing method for detecting VHSV was established.[Result]This method was only able to specifically detect the objective viruses in the eight fish viruses,and the method had the advantage of high sensitivity.The minimum detectable limit of nucleic acid was 82 copies/μL.The method was verified by detecting VHSV in 1 924 batches of samples collected from domestic and imported fishes.The detection results were consistent with that of traditional RT-PCR,and the specificity and sensitivity of the method could meet the detection requirement for aquatic animal diseases.[Conclusion]The study provides a new detection method for monitoring and prevention and control of aquatic animal virus diseases.

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  • Monitoring Report of Maternal Antibody of Broiler Avian Influenza Virus H5 Subtype Re-8 Strain

    Lv Yanqiu;

    [Objective]The paper was to prevent the occurrence of broiler avian influenza virus H5 subtype Re-8 strain effectively in the breeding process of broilers.[Method]The maternal antibodies of broilers in Beijing Baochen Hongwang farm were monitored.According to the disappearance law of maternal antibody,the optimal immune time of broiler avian influenza virus H5 subtype Re-8 strain was determined.[Result]The maternal antibody level of 2-day-old broilers was relatively high,concentrated at 6 log_2-9 log_2,and the antibody positive rate was 100%.The maternal antibody level of 8-day-old broilers concentrated at4 log_2-6 log_2,and the antibody positive rate was 100%.The maternal antibody level of 17-day-old broilers concentrated at 0 log_2-3 log_2,and the antibody positive rate was 0.The average maternal antibody level of 24-37 days old broilers was<1 log_2,and the antibody positive rate was 0.[Conclusion]Although the average maternal antibody level of 8-day-old broilers was higher than 5 log_2,20%of chickens was 4 log_2,and maternal antibody could not protect the flock completely.Therefore,the best primary immunization day age of chicks against avian influenza virus was 8-10 days of age.

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Grassland Science

  • Characteristics of Plant Communities in Three Kinds of Typical Alpine Meadows in Haibei Region,Qinghai Province

    Jing Xiangqian;Wang Ruihong;Ren Dezhi;Baimayuzhen;Pan Gang;Zhou Yaozhi;

    [Objective] The paper was to understand the characteristics of plant communities in three kinds of typical alpine meadows in Haibei Region,Qinghai Province.[Method] The characteristics and diversity of plant communities in typical alpine meadow,including Kobresia humilis,Potentilla fruticose and Kobresia menyuanica,were studied,with Menyuan stud-farm in Haibei region of Qinghai Province as an example.[Result] Results showed that the three kinds of plant communities in alpine meadows presented complex structure; the diversity index had close relationship with the evenness index; there were fewer common species and higher species replacement rate among different alpine meadow communities; the aboveground biomass of K.humilis alpine meadow was 1.62 and 1.69 times of P.fruticose and K.menyuanica meadows,respectively; the underground biomass mainly distributed in the 0-10 cm soil layer,and the vertical spatial distribution structure was " T" type; the aboveground and underground biomass were negatively correlated.[Conclusion]The paper will provide basis for protection and further use of different grassland plant communities in Haibei Region,Qinghai Province.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including aspects of genetics and breeding,reproduction,physiology,biochemistry,nutrition,

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