Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Semen Quality Assessment of Suyou Ⅰ Duck

    Song Weitao;Li Huifang;Xu Wenjuan;Zhu Chunhong;Tao Zhiyun;Zhang Shuangjie;Xue Minkai;

    [Objective] This paper was to establish a method for quality assessment of Suyou Ⅰ duck. [Method] Semen was collected from 20 healthy drakes using back massage method,to determine semen volume,sperm motility,sperm density,sperm morphology and semen quality factor( SQF) of each individual.[Result]Semen was successfully collected from 15 out of 20 ducks. The results of semen quality assessment showed that the semen volume,sperm density,sperm motility,normal morphology ratio and SQF were( 0. 17 ± 0. 05) mL,( 25. 52 ± 4. 73) × 10~8 sperm/mL,( 0. 86 ± 0. 10),( 86. 93 ± 2. 13) % and( 387. 5 ±129. 25),respectively. The abnormal sperm ratio was( 13. 07 ±2. 13) %,among which the percentages of bent sperm,huge head sperm and damaged sperm were( 7. 70 ± 1. 97) %,( 2. 53 ± 1. 06) % and( 2. 83 ± 0. 79) %,respectively. [Conclusion]Semen quality of Suyou Ⅰ duck is generally high,and could be applied in the production and breeding.

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  • Effects of Adding Different Levels of Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) in Diet on Reproduction Performance of Lactating Sows

    Li Yuanfeng;He Jian;Deng Chuandong;Wang Yachao;Ao Xiang;He Zongze;

    [Objective] The paper was to investigate effects of adding xylooligosaccharides( XOS) in diet on reproduction performance of lactating sows.[Method]Fifty healthy multiparous sows( Landrace × Yorkshire,3-4 fetuses) with similar parity,body condition and expected date of childbirth were randomly divided into five treatments,10 repeats each treatment,and each treatment contained an individual sow. Treatment 1 was control group( basal diet); treatment 2,treatment 3,treatment 4 and treatment 5 were adding 0. 025%,0. 050%,0. 075% and 0. 100% XOS in the basal diet,respectively. The trial lasted 35 d from 90 d of gestation until weaning. [Result]Compared to control group( treatment 1),there was no significant difference in reproduction performance of sows among four experimental groups( P > 0. 05). With the increasing addition amount of XOS,the production process of sows was shortened; the weaning back fat thickness in treatment 2,treatment 3 and treatment 4 slightly increased,while the estrus intervals in treatment 2,treatment 3,treatment 4 and treatment 5 were shortened.[Conclusion]It was the most economic and effective by adding 0. 050% XOS in the sows diet.

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  • Meat Quality Characteristics of Hainan Black Goat and Its Hybrid with Nubian Black Goat

    Zheng Xinli;Sun Ruiping;Wei Limin;Wang Feng;Chao Zhe;Liu Hailong;Liu Quanwei;Huang Lili;Xing Manping;

    [Objective] The paper was to understand the meat quality characteristics of Hainan black goat and its hybrid with Nubian black goat. [Method]Four 6-month-old Hainan black goats and Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 were slaughtered respectively,and the contents of crude protein,total fat,moisture,amino acids,mineral elements( Se,Zn and Mn) and fatty acid were determined. [Result]There was no significant difference in total fat,crude fat and moisture content in muscle of Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 and Hainan black goat( P > 0. 05). The Fe content in the muscle of Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 was significantly higher than that in Hainan black goat( P < 0. 05). There was no significant difference in EAA,NEAA,TAA and FAA between Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 and Hainan black goat( P > 0. 05). The C17∶ 0 methyl heptadecanoate content in the muscle of Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 was extremely lower than that in Hainan black goat( P < 0. 01),but the saturated fatty acid content and total unsaturated fatty acid content in the muscle of Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 was lower than that in Hainan black goat( P > 0. 05). [Conclusion]The meat quality characteristics of Hainan black goat × Nubian black goat F1 had little difference with its female parent,and the goal of breeding had been basically achieved.

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  • Environmental Parameters of Broiler House with Three-overlap Cages in Winter and Autumn

    Shen Liyan;Sa Renna;Niu Jinguo;Liu Wenge;Li Huilong;Yang Wenchao;

    [Objective]The study was to monitor the indoor environmental parameters of broiler house with three-overlap cages and analyze the differences in winter and autumn. [Method] In the process of feeding,the same broiler house in the same farm was chosen to determine indoor ambient temperature,humidity and air quality at 3-6 weeks age of broilers in different seasons. The measure points were distributed in four different positions in the house. [Result] There was no significant difference in ambient temperature between autumn and winter( P > 0. 05). The ambient temperature in the house in winter was slightly higher than that in autumn. The humidity in autumn was significantly higher than that in winter( P < 0. 05). The temperature and humidity in two seasons could meet the requirements of broiler growth. There was no significant difference( P > 0. 05) in ammonia concentration between autumn and winter,while ammonia concentration in winter was slightly higher than that in autumn. The carbon dioxide concentration of broiler house in winter was significantly higher than that in autumn( P < 0. 05).The total number of airborne bacteria in winter was significantly higher than that in autumn( P < 0. 05). [Conclusion]The indoor temperature kept constant in autumn and winter seasons in closed poultry house. In winter,the humidity was reduced,the carbon dioxide concentration was increased,and the total number of bacteria in the air was increased. The ventilation in winter should be increased in case of heat preservation.

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  • Adaptability and Application of Australian Merino Sheep in the Alpine Pastoral Areas

    Wen Yazhou;Li Fanwen;Wang Tianxiang;Liu Jigang;Li Wenhui;Li Guiying;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the adaptability of Australian Merino sheep in the alpine pastoral areas. [Method]Through introduction of Australian Merino sheep for hybridizing with Gansu alpine fine wool sheep,the improvement effect of offspring was observed. [Result]The introduced Australian Merino sheep had good adaptability in the alpine pastoral areas with good hair quality,strong cold resistance and disease resistance,and they could grow and reproduce healthily in the alpine pastoral areas. The application effect of the ram was outstanding,showing large breeding amount,high conception rate and survival rate.[Conclusion]The improvement effect of offspring of Australian Merino sheep and Gansu alpine fine wool sheep was significant,and the growth performance was improved greatly.

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  • Fluctuation of Body Size and Body Weight of Jinchuan Female Yak within One Year

    Xie Rongqing;Luo Xiaolin;Fu Changxiu;Guan Jiuqiang;

    To understand the exact changes in body size and body weight of Jinchuan female yaks within one year,the body size and body weight of 30 Jinchuan female yaks were measured from July 2015 to July 2016. The results showed that the body weight of Jinchuan female yak declined continuously since October 2015,and the weight loss in November 2015 was the largest. The body weight started to increase in May 2016,and the body weight increased significantly in June and July of 2016.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Efficient and Soluble Expression of α Protein of Clostridium perfringens and Preparation of Genetic Engineering Subunit Vaccine

    Sun Yu;Yang Lin;Wang Chuanbin;Dong Hao;Qu Ping;Zhao Bolin;Hu Dongmei;Yang Tianyi;Song Xiaohui;

    [Objective] The paper was to develop genetic engineering vaccine that can express α exotoxin antigen protein efficiently without destroying its immunogenicity for preventing and controlling the diseases caused by Clostridium perfringens. [Method] Efficiently expressed soluble recombinant α protein was obtained from Escherichia coli expression system by optimizing codon,removing signal peptide,selecting sequences with better hydrophilicity and antigenicity,and optimizing expression conditions. [Result] Mice obtained higher serum antibody level when immunized by α protein,and the immune protection rates against type A,type B,type C and type D C. perfringens were 100%,90%,85% and 90%,respectively. The antibody titer of mice within 7-14 d after the third immunization reached the peak. [Conclusion]The α protein has good immunogenicity,and can be further used to develop genetic engineering subunit vaccines for preventing C. perfringens.

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  • Survey and Analysis of Common Diseases of Laboratory Monkeys,Taking Kunming Area as an Example

    Wang Hong;Chen Zhigang;Chen Lixian;Zong Faliang;Li Heling;

    [Objective] The paper was to understand the epidemiology of common diseases of laboratory monkeys in Kunming area. [Method]Through the investigation of sick and dead monkeys in a large-scale laboratory monkey breeding facility in Kunming area in 2014,the animals were classified depending on the main symptoms,and diseases were classified according to adult and juvenile monkeys. Data were analyzed by Office Excel 2010 software. [Result]Digestive system diseases,respiratory system diseases,trauma,reproductive system diseases,and locomotor system diseases were common disease types of laboratory monkeys in Kunming area,accounting for 47. 45%,13. 06%,12. 10%,11. 46% and 8. 92%,respectively. Common diseases included diarrhea,soft tissue injury,abortion,lobar pneumonia,dysentery,arthritis,bowel gas,chronic colitis,and extremely poor nutrition,and the ratios were 18. 47%,11. 15%,8. 91%,8. 28%,7. 96%,5. 10%,5. 10% and 5. 09%,respectively. [Conclusion]A set of scientific and reasonable measures for prevention and control of diseases is formulated,which is of great significance for improving the quantity and quality of laboratory monkeys and ensuring the accuracy of animal test results.

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  • Application of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in Sheep Green Breeding

    Luo Chaoying;Li Jinyu;Wang Guibo;

    Disease control and health care with traditional Chinese veterinary medicine( TCVM) has attracted more and more attention in sheep green breeding. To promote healthy and smooth development of the work,the relationships between TCVM and antibiotics,and between TCVM and vaccines,were reviewed and analyzed. It was thought that TCVM and western medicine,such as antibiotics and vaccines,etc.,have their own characteristics and advantages,and should be mutually complemented rather than replaced. We should pay attention to the characteristics and advantages of the wholism concept and syndrome differentiation and treatment( diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition) of TCVM,to develop and use TCVM health care agent or vaccine adjuvant,and their pertinence was improved according to different growth stages and physiological and pathological characteristics. Diagnosis and treatment based on an overall analysis of the illness and the population patient's condition must be attached importance to optimize the mode of administration,in order to adapt to disease prevention and control requirements in intensive and scale breeding of sheep.

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  • Disease-resistant and Growth-promoting Effect of Nvhuang Fuzheng Oral Liquid on Chicks and Its Enhancement Effect on Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) Vaccine

    Zhu Maixun;Yu Chuncheng;Zheng Hua;Zhang Yifan;Yan Zhiqiang;Zhai Shaoqin;

    [Objective] The paper was to investigate the clinical effects of Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid on immunity enhancement,disease resistance and growth promotion of chicks. [Method] In the test,3-day-old Daninghe chicks were divided into normal control group,Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid group and positive control group. Chicks were administrated with drugs for 7 d before immunization. After vaccination,chicks were observed for 4 weeks,to statistically count the incidence state of chicks. Effects of Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid on growth performance,serum immunoglobulin,cytokine and infectious bursal disease virus( IBDV)antibody were studied. [Result] Compared to normal control group,Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid significantly improved the weight of chicks and reduced the feed gain ratio( P < 0. 05); significantly reduced the morbidity and mortality and increased the survival rate of chicks( P < 0. 05); continuously increased IgG,IgM and IL-2 content significantly in the serum of chicks( P < 0. 05); extremely improved IFN-γ content in the serum at 7 d post drug administration( P < 0. 01). After vaccination of IBDV vaccine for 1 and 2 weeks,Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid significantly improved IBDV antibody titer and positive rate of chicks compared to normal control group( P < 0. 05); at 3 weeks post immunization,the antibody positive rate reached 100%. [Conclusion]Nvhuang Fuzheng oral liquid improved immunoglobulin and cytokine levels of chicks,enhanced the immunity and reduced the occurrence of diseases( the morbidity was reduced by 15% and the mortality was reduced by 30%),enhanced disease-resistant ability and promoted the growth of chicks. Meantime,it improved the immune effect of IBDV vaccine.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Serotype O101 Bovine Pathogenic Escherichia coli with Multidrug Resistance

    Li Shuguang;Liu Xiaoyun;Wang Yumao;Li Feng;Lin Chuwen;Shen Zhiqiang;Li Jinlin;

    [Objective]The paper was to isolate and identify a multidrug-resistance bovine pathogenic Escherichia coli. [Method]The dead cases of calf diarrhea were collected from a large-scale beef cattle farm,and the isolated pathogen was conducted molecular identification,serological identification,drug sensitivity test,and mice pathogenicity test,respectively. Targeted therapy was undertaken thereafter to herds. [Result] One strain of bovine pathogenic E. coli,serotype O101 with strong multidrug resistance and high pathogenicity to mice,was successfully isolated. It was used to develop sensitive drug for timely treating follow-up diarrhea calves,and successfully controlled calf diarrhea in the farm. [Conclusion]The results provide a basis for effective prevention and control of bovine colibacillosis.

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  • Formulation of Classical Swine Fever Immunization Procedures in Large-scale Pig Farms

    He Junchang;Zhang Jianyuan;Xie Youfu;Fan Lizhe;Gao Shihua;

    [Objective] The paper was to formulate classical swine fever( CSF) immunization procedures in large-scale pig farms. [Method] Antibody maintenance time and dynamics of material antibody was detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA),and scientific primary immunization time of piglets was explored. [Result] The positive rate of sows reached the highest level of 93% at 4 weeks post immunization. Piglets were immunized at 9 weeks of age,the antibody level did not increase at 3 weeks post immunization,but increased rapidly after secondary immunization; the antibody level in late fattening period was high,and pigs could be protected completely. [Conclusion]General prevention of CSF is suitable for scale farming. It takes about 4 weeks to produce CSF antibody. Therefore,pig farms should conduct immunization timely at one month prior to susceptible stage according to their infection pressure.

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  • Development of RT-PCR Assay for Detection of Duck Hepatitis Virus Type 1

    Wang Yongjuan;Cui Pingfu;Liu Bo;Meng Ting;

    In this study,a RT-PCR assay for rapid detection of duck hepatitis virus type 1( DHV-1) was established in the presence of a pair of primers designed based on vp1 gene sequence,using the genomic RNA of DHV-1 or other common viruses as the template. The template was serially diluted 10-fold to determine the reaction sensitivity. Finally,seven liver samples of ducks with suspected DHV-1 infection,which were collected from different regions of Jiangsu Province,were detected with this method. The results showed that a DNA fragment of about 360 bp was specifically amplified with the RT-PCR system,and the detection limit was1 fg/μL. The detection rate of clinical samples with this method was 100%. The results revealed that the RT-PCR system which had high specificity and high sensitivity in the detection of DHV-1 was successfully established.

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  • Detection and Analysis of Blood-associated Agent of Canine Rheumatism

    Zhou Banghui;Ma Qinghe;Gao Lin;Chen Gongwu;Jiang Guojun;

    [Objective] The paper was to explore the relationship between the occurrence of canine rheumatism and blood-associated agent by detecting blood routine indexes and changes in content of anti streptolysin O( ASO),C-reactive protein( CRP) and antinuclear antibody( ANA). [Method]Totally 13 cases of dogs which had been diagnosed with rheumatism by the reference standard of clinical examinations and laboratory diagnosis were selected for treatment,and their venous blood was collected on the day of diagnosis and at 1,3,5 d after treatment,respectively. Another 13 healthy dogs were selected randomly to collect venous blood as well. The white blood cells( WBC) count,neutrophilic granulocyte( Gran#),lymphocyte count( Lymph#) and blood routine index were determined using automatic animal blood cell analyzer. The content of ASO,CRP and ANA were determined using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay( ELISA). [Result]Blood routine examination showed that there were significant differences in WBC between untreated rheumatismal dogs and healthy dogs( P < 0. 05),but no significant difference was observed on the day of diagnosis and duration of therepay( P > 0. 05). Detection results of blood-associated agent in rheumatismal dogs showed that there were extremely significant differences in ASO and ANA content between the day of diagnosis and duration of therapy( P < 0. 01); there were significant differences in Lymph# and Gran# content of CRP between the day of diagnosis and duration of therapy( P < 0. 05). The ASO,ANA and CRP content in the serum of untreated rheumatismal dogs were higher than those in healthy dogs,and the content of various indicators decreased significantly after treatment,but were still higher than that in healthy dogs. [Conclusion]The incidence of canine rheumatism is positively correlated with WBC count,ASO content,CRP content and ANA content. The variation of CRP content is the most sensitive indicator of the disease.

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  • Effect of Anterior Stomach Disease on Rumen Function of Beef Cattle

    Wan Chunyun;Gong Dachun;Yang Fengli;

    [Objective] To explore the effect of anterior stomach disease on the rumen function of beef cattle. [Method]The ruminal contraction function of beef cattle was recorded by multi-channel physiological recorder,the frequency of rumination and belching was observed to detect their effects on the motor function of rumen. Changes of ciliates in the rumen and the intensity of fermentation were determined to detect their influences on digestive function. [Results] The ruminal tension and systolic frequency significantly decreased and the rumination frequency decreased or even stopped under the condition of impactio ruminis,and the belching frequency also decreased. Ciliate numbers of atonia proventriculorum,rumen impaction and rumen expansion cattle were significantly lower than that of normal cattle( P < 0. 01),and the viability of ciliates also significantly decreased. [Conclusion] Occurrence of the stomach disease of beef cattle had significant adverse effects on ruminal function of cattle.

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  • Isolation and PCR Identification of Duck Tembusu Virus

    Huang Lili;He Dongmei;Ye Baoguo;Zhang Yan;Yang Shaoxiong;Chen Chaoxi;Lin Zhemin;Cao Zongxi;

    Duck tembusu virus disease is one of the most serious infectious diseases endangering duck industry. A strain of virus was isolated from a dead duck,and performed PCR identification and sequence analysis. The results showed that the sequence of the isolate shared above 99% homology with duck tembusu virus( DTMUV) sequence on Gen Bank. The result indicated that the isolated virus was DTMUV.

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  • Tracking Survey of Immune Effects of Highly Pathogenic Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (HP-PRRS) in Changping District,Beijing City

    Xing Guodong;Lv Yanqiu;Qiu Hailian;Gao Xiaobo;Zhang Yichi;Wang Yuewei;Kang Xiaojie;

    The epidemiology of highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome( HP-PRRS) in Changping District,Beijing City was investigated from 2010 to 2015. Through statistics of vaccine,immune procedure and antibody levels,the epidemic prevention effect of HP-PRRS in Changping District was scientifically assessed.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Blood Typing of Asiatic Black Bear (Ursus thibetanus)

    Li Qin;Chen Yucun;Zhao Fengyong;Zhang Jiamin;Zhang Shuhui;Zhu Ziyan;

    [Objective]The paper was to analyze whether Asiatic black bear( Ursus thibetanus) had different blood group systems. [Method]Whole blood samples were collected from 40 Asiatic black bears in Fujian Province,China. Tube method was used to detect antibodies in plasma,and antibody isotype was determined with 2-mercaptoethanol. Plasma was further analyzed by mass spectrometry. [Result] The plasma from four black bears had antibodies,possibly Ig M isoform,which could agglutinate RBCs from 30 bears. Blood samples from 10 bears were tested by human blood typing reagents. The results showed that four black bears had blood type like human type O,while six bears had like human type B. Mass spectrometry results demonstrated that plasma protein had extensive homology to serum albumin-like isoform 1 found in giant panda( Ailuropoda melanoleuca). [Conclusion]Asiatic black bear might have at least one blood group system with two blood types. If the sick bear needs blood transfusion,a cross-matching test is necessary. Moreover,giant panda might receive blood from Asiatic black bear in case of emergency.

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Grassland Science

  • Physiological Response of Space Flight Mutation New Strains of Festuca arundinacea to High Temperature Stress and Comprehensive Evaluation

    Li Juan;Lei Xia;Zhong Li;Wang Xiaoli;Yang Chunyan;Wu Jiahai;

    [Objective] The paper was to understand the physiological response of space flight mutation new strains of Festuca arundinacea to high temperature stress. [Method] The influence of high temperature stress on eco-physiological characteristics of 11 F. arundinacea materials was studied in a pot experiment.Physiological and biochemical indexes,including soluble protein content,superoxide dismutase( SOD),peroxidase( POD) and catalase( CAT) activities,were measured and analyzed once every 4 d for a total of three times. Subordinate function and grey rational analysis were used to comprehensively evaluate the heat resistance of 11 materials. [Result] The soluble protein content decreased with the extension of heat resistance stress,while SOD,POD and CAT activities showed an upward trend. The high temperature resistance of 11 F. arundinacea materials was evaluated by subordinate function method. The resistance order was SP5-85> SP5-60 > SP5-71 > SP5-42 > SP5-94 > SP5-7 > SP5-88 > F. arundinacea cv Shuicheng > SP5-5 > SP5-89 = F. arundinacea cv Qiancao No. 1. The relational order of various heat resistance indexes and heat resistance obtained by grey rational analysis was SOD > CAT > POD > soluble protein content. [Conclusion]The result provides a theoretical basis for stress physiology and stress breeding of cold season grass in southwest region.

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  • Comparative Analysis of Wind-break and Sand-fixation Functions of Several Main Forage Plants in Minqin Desert Area

    Li Xiaolin;Chang Zhaofeng;Wang Qi;Han Fugui;Duan Xiaofeng;

    [Objective] The paper was to study wind-break and sand-fixation functions of forage plants in desert area. [Method]Based on the survey data of four major wind-break and sand-fixation plants( Haloxylon ammondendron,Artemisia arenaria,Nitraria tangutorum and Ephedra przewalskii) in Minqin desert area,the longitudinal section area and the sandpile volume of an individual plant and per unit area were calculated. The wind-break and sand-fixation functions of four major plant communities were comparatively analyzed. [Result] The wind-break functions of an individual plant( cluster) successively were N. tangutorum > H. ammondendron > A. arenaria and E. przewalskii; the sand-fixation functions of an individual plant( cluster) successively were N. tangutorum > E. przewalskii; the wind-break functions per unit area successively were A. arenaria > H. ammondendron > N. tangutorum > E. przewalskii; the sand-fixation functions per unit area were N. tangutorum > E. przewalskii; the wind-break and sand-fixation function per unit area were N. tangutorum > A. arenaria > H. ammondendron >E. przewalskii.[Conclusion]A. arenaria can be selected for only wind-break,and N. tangutorum can be chosen for only sand-fixation. If given consideration to both,N. tangutorum and A. arenaria must be selected.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including

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