Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Effects of Sustained-Release Calcium Hydroxide and Sustained-Release Hydrochloric Acid on Nutrient Digestion and Absorption of Rabbits

    Chen Lingyu;Zhuge Liuying;Lin Zijun;Tong Zhangfa;Wei Tengyou;

    Rabbits with the body weight of(2. 0 ± 0. 5) kg were chosen,to study the effects of sustained-release calcium hydroxide and sustained-release hydrochloric acid on nutrient digestion and absorption of rabbits. The results showed that sustained-release calcium hydroxide promoted digestion and absorption of nutrients,especially calcium and crude protein. The digestibility of calcium and crude protein was increased from 89. 8% and 93. 8% to 41. 0% and 65. 2%,respectively. Sustained-release hydrochloric acid was adverse to digestion and absorption of nutrients,especially calcium and crude protein. The digestibility of calcium and crude protein were decreased from 55. 5% and 84. 9% to 28. 4% and 68. 7%,respectively. The promotion effects of sustained-release hydrochloride on digestion lasted for 3-4 d. Therefore,sustained-release calcium hydroxide promoted digestion and absorption of calcium and protein,while digestion and absorption of fat remained at a high level no matter what the condition was. Consequently,increasing the intake of fat would cause over nutrition. However,taking sustained-release hydrochloric acid would reduce nutrient digestion and absorption.

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  • Problems and Countermeasures in Wumeng Native Chicken Industry

    Zhang Xiben;Li Weibo;Ou Maojun;Li Degui;

    Wumeng native chicken( Wumeng silky chicken and Weining chicken) grow mainly in Wumeng mountainous area of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. Wumeng silky chicken is featured by strong stress resistance,delicious meat,abundant essential restrictive amino acids and trace elements for human body( zinc,selenium,etc.),with high medicinal and health value. Weining chicken is characterized by early sexual maturity,uniform distribution of intramuscular fat,small muscle fiber,tender and delicious meat,resistance to cold and forage,which is an excellent local chicken breed for development of modern,efficient,mountainous ecological animal husbandry in Bijie area. The existing problems in industrialization development and utilization of Wumeng native chicken are discussed,and the corresponding countermeasures are put forward.

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  • Structure and Function Analysis of Canine ZP3 Protein

    Zhao Qintao;Zhang Jianhua;Ye Junhua;

    To further study the biological function and mechanism of ZP3 in domestic canine( Canis lupus familiaris),the coding sequence( CDS) of ZP3 gene was searched from NCBI database using bioinformatics method,and further transformed into protein sequence via MAGE software. The primary,secondary and tertiary structure of protein was predicted with Ex PASy,BLAST and DNA Star bioinformatics online software and program; the evolution and selected sites of ZP3 protein extracted from 11 species were analyzed using PAML software; the conservation of ZP3 protein gene was analyzed with Predictprotein and Weblogo program; the tertiary structure of protein was edited by Python and Py MOL. The results showed that canine ZP3 gene encoded 426 amino acids,and the encoding product was a hydrophilic transmembrane protein with signal peptide; the 1~(st)-23~(rd)amino acids were signal peptide areas,and transmembrane domain distributed in the α-helix area of the 386th-408 thamino acids; four loci were affected by phosphorylation,and these phosphorylation sites might be associated with signal transduction; there were nine protein binding sites on ZP domain; a high variation region was found in 325-385 section of ZP3,and most of phosphorylation and selected amino acid sites were distributed in this area. This indicated that the area had experienced rapid evolution,suggesting that ZP domain and the high variation area might be involved in interaction of sperm and egg.

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  • Effects of Dietary Betaine on Production Performance,Egg Quality and Serum Biochemical Indexes of Layers under Heat Stress Condition

    Hao Shengyan;Liu Longsheng;Wang Guodong;Gu Xian;Pan Faming;

    [Objective]This experiment was conducted to study the effects of dietary betaine on performance,egg quality and serum biochemical parameters of laying hens under heat stress condition. [Method]A total of 600 22-week-old commercial Roman laying hens were randomly divided into five groups,with eight replicates in each group and 15 hens in each replicate. Group I was taken as the positive control group,and laying hens in group I were fed with basal diets in normal thermal environment. Temperature humidity index of group I was between 64. 9 and 68. 9. Group II was taken as the negative control group,and laying hens in group II were fed with basal diets under heat stress condition. Temperature humidity index of group II was higher than 72. Laying hens in groups III-V were fed with basal diets supplemented with 200,400 and 600 mg/kg betaine under heat stress condition respectively,and temperature humidity indexes in groups III-V were all higher than 72. The experiment lasted for 14 weeks. [Results]Results showed that there were no significant differences in average daily feed intake,feed egg ratio and broken egg rate among different test groups( P > 0. 05). Hen-housed laying rate,hen-housed egg yield,serum total protein( TP) content and serum alkaline phosphatase( AKP) activity in group II were significantly lower than those in group I( P < 0. 05). However,activities of glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase( GOT),creatine kinase( CK) and glutamic-pyruvic transaminase( GPT) in group II were significantly higher than those in group I( P < 0. 05). Hen-housed laying rate,hen-housed egg yield and serum TP content in group IV were significantly higher than those in group II( P < 0. 05). Hen-housed egg yield,serum TP content and serum albumin( ALB) content in group V were significantly higher than those in group II( P < 0. 05). Activities of serum CK and GPT in groups IV and V were significantly lower than those in group II( P < 0. 05),serum triglyceride( TG) content in group V was significantly lower than that in group II( P < 0. 05).[Conclusion]Metabolism and physiological function of laying hens could be affected by heat stress,and which caused a decline in performance. Adding of dietary betaine in diets could improve hen-housed egg production and hen-housed laying rate,which could also improve the health of laying hens under heat stress condition. The appropriate dietary adding content of betaine was 400 mg/kg.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Effect of Chicken Akirin2 Gene on Immune Response Induced by VP2 DNA Vaccine of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus

    Liu Chuangao;Zhong Chuhong;Ren Guangcai;Zhu Jiaojiao;Zhao Dawei;Ye Junxian;Zhao Bing;Wen Lianghai;Chen Ruiai;

    In order to investigate the effect of chicken Akirin2 gene on the immune response induced by VP2 DNA vaccine of infectious bursal disease virus( IBDV). [Methods] The 14-day-old SPF chickens were immunized with recombinant plasmids expressing VP2 protein and Akirin2 protein,and strengthened immunization was conducted at the 14 thday after the first immunization. Finally,test chickens were challenged with IBDVBC6-85 virulent strain. [Resultss]Test results showed that Akirin2 gene could enhance the specific immune response induced by VP2 DNA vaccine,improve the proliferation of peripheral blood lymphocytes and affect the expressing of cytokines TNF-α,IFN-γ,IL-1β,IL-2,IL-4,IL 6,IL-9,IL-10,IL-17 and IL-18. Effects of recombinant plasmids co-expressing Akirin2 protein and VP2 protein on cytokine expression showed some differences with the recombinant plasmids expressing Akirin2 protein or VP2 protein along. [Conclusions] Chicken Akirin2 gene could significantly enhance the humoral immune response and cellular immune response induced by VP2 DNA vaccine of IBDV.

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  • Drug Sensitivity Test and Regression Verification of Escherichia coli from Rex Rabbit

    Guo Shijin;Wang Yanping;Xu Qianqian;Zhang Ying;Zhang Zhimei;Dong Lin;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objectives] The paper aimed to select drugs reasonably for treatment of rex rabbit colibacillosis,and to isolate the pathogenicity of Escherichia coli.[Methods]Pathogen isolation,drug sensitivity test and pathogen regression test were performed with rex rabbits killed by E. coli in clinic. [Results]The isolate was E. coli O123,susceptible to amikacin and cefotaxime sodium; when the challenge dose was 1. 0 m L/rabbit(about one billion E. coli),the test animal would discharge mucous feces. [Conclusions] The results provided model support for clinical medicine selection against rex rabbit colibacillosis.

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  • Advances in Research and Application of gE Gene/Protein in Prevention and Control of Swine Pseudorabies

    Ma Li;Yang Limei;Zhuang Jinqiu;Xu Qianqian;Wang Yan;Guo Shijin;Shen Zhiqiang;Wang Yanping;Zhang Ying;

    Research and application progresses of gE gene and its encoding gE protein in PR vaccines,diagnostic technique and epidemiological investigation are summarized,which have certain reference value for comprehensive prevention and control of PR and gradual purification of PR in different regions.

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  • Monitoring and Tracking on Immune Antibody of Sheep Peste des Petits Ruminants

    Lv Yanqiu;Huang Dongfeng;Wang Meili;Wang Jinxia;Wang Yuewei;Qiu Hailian;Gao Xiaobo;Zhang Yichi;Kang Xiaojie;Shan Lihua;Xue Yong;

    Peste des petits ruminants is a kind of acute contagious disease infecting goats and sheep. In this study,antibody monitoring and tracking of healthy goat and sheep immunized by peste des petits ruminants vaccine in Changping District of Beijing City were conducted,aiming at providing a reference for the development of effective immunization procedures.

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  • Influences of Echinacea Polysaccharide on Secretion of IL-8mRNA by LPS-injured IEC-6 Cells

    Shi Qiumei;Zhang Yanying;Jia Qinghui;Zhao Huiyuan;Fu Yanfang;Zhang Zhiqiang;Wu Tonglei;Hu Tiefeng;An Jiwei;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to study the effects of Echinacea polysaccharide on secretion of IL-8m RNA by LPS-injured IEC-6 cells,in order to figure out the mechanism of EPS on injured cells. [Method]Total RNA was extracted with TRIzon reagent. IL-8 m RNA was amplified by RT-PCR and detected by agarose gel electrophoresis. Furthermore,electrophoresis and image was analyzed. [Result] The 50 μg/m L EPS could partially inhibit IL-8 m RNA level produced by LPS-stimulated IEC-6; with the increasing concentration of EPS(200 and 500 μg/m L),the inhibitory effect against IL-8 m RNA gradually enhanced. IEC-6 was pretreated by 50,100,200 and 500 μg/m L EPS for 24 h,then stimulated by 10 μg/m L LPS for 1 and 4 h,respectively. RT-PCR analysis showed that the expression of IL-8 m RNA induced by LPS was effectively inhibited by EPS; the inhibitory effect of EPS on expression of IL-8m RNA after stimulated by LPS for 4 h was more intense and the expression concentration was lower; the inhibitory rate at 4 h was higher than that at 1 h. [Conclusion] EPS protected intestinal mucosa by inhibiting secretion of IL-8 m RNA by LPS-stimulated cells,and the inhibition of EPS was dependent to concentration and time.

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  • Construction of Rat Model of Hepatic Fibrosis with Blood Stasis Syndrome Integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Syndrome and Western Medicine Disease

    Peng Yue;Duan Xuelin;Zhao Tiejian;Yao Le;Wei Yanfei;Li Guiyu;

    [Objective]According to the theory of blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine( TCM),the animal modeling method of hepatic fibrosis integrated with pathology and symptoms was explored and improved,to construct a new type of rat model of hepatic fibrosis with blood stasis syndrome integrated with traditional Chinese and western medicine. [Method]The hepatic fibrosis model of blood stasis with blood stasis syndrome was constructed by jointing multi factors,including intragastric administration of ethanol,high fat and low protein feeding,joint injection of dimethylnitrosamine( DMN),bovine serum albumin( BSA) and norepinephrine( NE). The modeling method was further compared with traditional CC14 single-factor modeling method from the aspects of mortality,blood stasis syndrome of TCM,syndrome grading,general morphology of liver pathology,liver function changes,as well as expression levels of three kinds of collagen( type I and type III collagen,α-SMA) determined by immunohistochemical staining method,and four items of rat hepatic fibrosis( HA,P3 NP,LN,CⅣ content) determined by radio enzyme immunoassay. [Result]In blood stasis group,(1) the mortality of rats was 20%;(2) model rats appeared typical blood stasis syndromes of TCM such as ecchymosis,dark purple tongue,loose stool,and blood stasis syndrome grading was high;(3) fibrosis changes of liver such as dark white surface,dense gray nodules and brittle texture were observed in general morphological examination;(4) serological liver function tests found that ALT and AST of model rats,as well as TBIL,DBIL and IBIL contents increased significantly;(5) immunohistochemical staining demonstrated that the expression levels of three kinds of collagen(type I and type III collagen,α-SMA) increased significantly;(6) four items of rat serum hepatic fibrosis,HA,P3 NP,LN,CⅣ content,increased significantly;(7) the above results in blood stasis syndrome model group(except morality and liver function) were higher than those in CC14 modeling group,and the difference was statistically significant( P < 0. 05). [Conclusion]The new improved modeling method effectively reduces high mortality in traditional CC14 modeling method.In addition to low mortality,the model animal has dual characteristics of disease in western medicine and syndrome in TCM. It is consistent with the pathological characteristics of hepatic fibrosis in western medicine when according with the basic characteristics of blood stasis syndrome in TCM.

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  • Research Advances of Exotoxin Gene and Related Vaccines of Clostridium perfringens

    Sun Yu;Wang Xiaoying;Dong Hao;Qu Ping;Hu Dongmei;Zhao Bolin;Shi Hui;Song Xiaohui;

    Clostridium perfringens,also called clostridium westergren,mainly causes diseases in ruminants,such as gas gangrene,enterotoxaemia,hemorrhagic enteritis of cattle and sheep. The bacteria are divided into five subtypes including A,B,C,D and E subtype,which can secrete more than 10 kinds of exotoxin,such as α,β,ε,ι,γ,η,θ,κ,λ,μ,ν and so on. In these toxins,α,β,ε and ι play a key pathogenic role. At present,the disease is prevented mainly by univalent vaccine,combined vaccine and multivalent inactivated vaccine. And the genetic engineering subunit vaccine and nucleic acid vaccine has wide development prospects. In order to provide some reference for comprehensive prevention and deep research of C. perfringens,the etiological characteristics of C. perfringens,pathogenic mechanism of exotoxin and research progress of related vaccines were reviewed,and the genetic engineering subunit vaccine and nucleic acid vaccine development prospects were also discussed in this paper.

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  • Comparison of Sulfur Dioxide Residue in Chinese Medicinal Materials by Titration-fluorescence Spectrometry and Pharmacopoeia Method

    Ma Donglai;Shen Zhengxian;Du Huiru;Zhang Zhidong;Jiang Cuilan;Wang Liang;Li Jing;Zheng Yuguang;

    With sulphur-fumigated Chinese medicinal materials( Fritillaria thunbergii,Isatis indigotica,Asparagus cochinchinensis and Poria cocos) as the test materials,sulfur dioxide or sulfite residue was determined by the method in Chinese Pharmacopoeia(2015 edition) and titration-fluorescence spectrometry,respectively. The results showed that there were significant differences in measured value between titration-fluorescence spectrometry and pharmacopoeia method. The measurement result of titration-fluorescence spectrometry was much closer to the actual content of sulfur dioxide in Chinese medicinal materials. Thus,titration-fluorescence spectrometry had higher application value.

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Aquatic Science

  • Preliminary Study on Feeding Habits of Anthocidaris crassispina

    Nie Yongkang;Li Yong;Zhou Zhigang;Chen Pimao;Hong Jiezhang;Huang Zeqiang;Zhou Yanbo;Qin Chuanxin;Feng Xue;Yuan Huarong;

    Employing experimental-ecological methods,the feeding and vitality of adult Anthocidaris crassispina were investigated. The results showed that A. crassispina exhibited an obvious preference on five different seaweeds,with the preference order of Betaphycus gelatinum > Sargassum hemiphyllum > Gelidium amansii> Ulva lactuca > Codium fragile. The daily feed intake of A. crassispina differed among U. lactuca,S. hemiphyllum and B. gelatinum. The feeding was affected by water temperature,seaweed species and body weight. The optimal vitality and feed intake were observed under 23-27℃,which were inhibited under whether too higher or too lower temperature. Under the optimal temperature for feeding,the daily feed intake of adult A. crassispina assumed an exponentially-decreasing trend with increase of body weight.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Metabolomics Analysis of Tall Fescue Leaves under Drought Stress

    Li Xiaodong;Cai Lu;Wang Xiaoli;Shu Jianhong;Chen Xi;Cai Yiming;

    The metabolites of tall fescue leaves under normal and drought conditions were analyzed with LC-ESI-MS( liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry). A total of 282 metabolites were stably detected in the two groups using OPLS-DA( orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis) method; 148 of which were down-regulated while 134 were up-regulated. After analyzed with MZ-mine software,10 major metabolites(4 down,6 up) were identified through searching public database. Aromatic compounds,3-p-coumaroyll,5-quinolactone,aromatic free amino acids,styraxin and methanofuran,were up-regulated; grease metabolites,methyl 15-hydroperoxy-9Z,12 Z,16E-octadecatrienoate,9,12,13-Tri-HOME( 10),3-oxo-dodecanoic acid,and 13( S)-Hp OTr E acid ester,were down-regulated; piperanine( alkaloids) was down-regulated while Methyl 7-epi-12-hydroxyjasmonate glucoside( indicant) was up-regulated. In a word,aromatic compounds and liquid metabolites may play vital roles in drought-resistant regulation of tall fescue.

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Grassland Science

  • History,Current Status and Trends of the Investigation for Grassland Plant Resources at Home and Abroad

    Zhao Yan;

    The existing main problems in the investigation for grassland plant resources are found out by systematically analyzing the history,current status and development trends of the investigation for grassland plant resources at home and abroad. The paper exploratively points out that the investigation for grassland plant resources should focus on integrated multidisciplinary research in the future,ultimately realizing highly efficient utilization and sharing of information in grassland plant resources.

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