Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Bearing Capacity of Livestock and Poultry Breeding in Nanjing City Based on Planting-breeding Pattern

    Du Juan;Zhang Yongqing;Zhang Zhenlan;Wang Runzhi;

    To assess the status of environmental bearing capacity of livestock and poultry manure in Nanjing City,the environmental pollution warning value and environmental bearing potential of livestock and poultry manure in various districts of Nanjing were calculated according to livestock and poultry manure discharge coefficient and manure content. The results showed that based on planting-breeding pattern,the livestock and poultry manure load in Nanjing City was14. 08 t/hm~2 pig manure equivalent; the warning values of environmental bearing capacity of livestock and poultry breeding calculated by nitrogen and phosphorus were 0. 23 and 0. 26,respectively,which were within the scope of environmental bearing capacity,with no threat to the environment. Under the premise of reasonable planing of livestock and poultry breeding and comprehensive utilization of manure,the environmental bearing potential of livestock and poultry breeding in Nanjing City were 5. 667 3 million( nitrogen) and 11. 109 1 million( phosphorus) pigs equivalent,and there were nearly one third of bearing space more than the existing total breeding quantity.

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  • Effects of Low Protein Diets Supplemented with Amino Acids on Production Performance,Carcass Quality and Input-output Ratio of Pigs

    Cui Jiajun;Zhang Heliang;Zhang Di;Jin Jianhu;Li Zhonghui;

    [Objectives] To study the effects of low-protein diets supplemented with amino acids on the production performance,carcass quality and input-output ratio of fattening pigs and growing-finishing pigs. [Methods] Two studies were conducted on fattening pigs and growing pigs respectively. Pigs in two experimental groupswere fed with low-protein diets supplemented with amino acids and normal diets respectively,and the initial weight,final weight,feed consumption and carcass index of the tested pigs were measured.[Results]The average final weight of fattening pigs in test group was 2. 4 kg lower than that in control group,while the difference was not significant( P > 0. 05). The average daily gain of fattening pigs in test group was 60 g lower than that in control group,indicating that low protein diets had a tendency to decrease the growth rate( P > 0. 05),and reduction of daily weight gain in low protein diet pigs reached 7. 6%. The development of pigs in low protein diet group was poor,however,the difference was not significant. Carcass backfat thickness in low-protein diet group was slightly higher than that in control group,the difference was significant( P < 0. 05). There was no significant difference in input-output ratio between low-protein diet group and control group.Finalweight of growing-finishing pigs in low-protein diet group was 3. 22 % lower than that in control group,the average daily weight gainwas 6. 91% lower than that in control group,feed intake in test group was 5. 48% lower than that in control group,and difference between the two treatments was significant( P < 0. 05). Feed meat ratio in low-protein diet group improved,however,the difference was not significant( P > 0. 05).[Conclusions]Production performance of the pigs would be decreasedand the input-output ratio could not be improvedwhen the adding contents of crude protein in diets was reduced 3%-4%. Therefore,it is recommended that the crude protein level should be enough when pigs were fed with low-protein diets.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Effects of Synbiotics and Antibiotics on Nutrient Digestibility and Serum Antioxidant Function of Weaned Piglets

    Liang Hengzhi;Xia Shuangshuang;Liu Chunxue;Hong Ping;Du Li;Zhou Yanmin;Wen Chao;

    The paper was to investigate the effects of synbiotics and antibiotics on nutrient digestibility and serum antioxidant function of weaned piglets. Totally216 individuals of 35-day-old piglets were randomly divided into three groups,six replicates for each group,and each replicate contained 12 piglets. The first group was antibiotics group,20 g/t colistin sulfate( active ingredients) were added in the basal diet; the second group was synbiotics group,250 g/t synbiotics( containing xylooligosaccharides, oligochitosan, Bacillus subtilis and Clostridium butyricum) were added in the basal diet; the third group was combination group,20 g/t colistin sulfate and 250 g/t synbiotics were added in the basal diet. The whole trial lasted 28 d. The results showed that there was no difference between synbiotics group and antibiotic group in growth performance,nutrients digestibility or antioxidant indicators( P > 0. 05). Compared with the piglets in synbiotics group and antibiotic group,piglets in combination group had higher digestibility of dry matter and organic matter,and higher T-SOD activity in serum( P < 0. 05). It is concluded that synbiotics can replace antibiotics for piglets at 35-63 days of age. Synbiotics and antibiotic had the synergistic effect on nutrient digestibility and antioxidant function of piglets.

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  • Efficient and Soluble Expression of N Protein of Peste Des Petits Ruminants Virus and Development of Indirect ELISA

    Sun Yu;Zhao Bolin;Wang Xiaoying;Dong Hao;Zhai Xinyan;Qu Ping;Hu Dongmei;Yang Tianyi;Shi Hui;Song Xiaohui;

    [Objective] The paper was to get effective soluble N protein to establish indirect ELISA method for Peste des petits ruminants( PPR). [Method]Soluble N protein with high expression was obtained from Escherichia coli expression system through codon optimization and optimization of expression conditions,and indirect ELISA detection method based on N protein was further established. [Result]The assay had no cross reaction with other sheep pathogens. The intraand inter-batch variation coefficients were less than 9%,indicating the method had good repeatability. Furthermore,totally 480 clinical serum samples were detected by the assay,and the agreement rate with commercial ELISA kit( IDVET) was 98. 33%. [Conclusion]The study laid a foundation for further development of mature PPRV antibody detection kits.

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  • Research Survey of Animal Model of Hepatic Fibrosis Integrated with Western Medicine Diseases and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Syndrome

    Peng Yue;Yao Le;Zhao Tiejian;Duan Xuelin;Wei Yanfei;Li Guiyu;

    Although the animal models of hepatic fibrosis developed by former researchers have pathological changes of hepatic fibrosis,they do not include characteristics of important TCM syndromes such as stagnation of qi,deficiency of qi,liver depression,phlegm-dampness and blood stasis because of single-factor modeling. Animal models of hepatic fibrosis and animal models integrated disease and syndrome were reviewed,and several new types of integrated disease and syndrome animal models constructed by multiple-factor modeling method were evaluated,under the guidance of etiological theory of TCM. This kind of hepatic fibrosis model animals has dual characteristics of disease and syndrome. It is consistent with pathological characteristics of hepatic fibrosis in western medicine when replicating the basic characteristics accorded with TCM syndrome. Thus,the pathogenesis and pathogenic process of clinical disease and syndrome formation is simulated more accurately,providing a new platform and pathway for studying hepatic fibrosis disease with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine.

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  • Application of Several Additives Instead of Antibiotics in the Production of Laying Hens

    Qiao Limin;Yang Jiuxian;Cao Jinyuan;

    [Objective] The test was conducted to study the effect of three different additives instead of antibiotics in the production of laying hens. [Method]Basal diets in four test groups were added with 0. 015% oxytetracycline,0. 01% microecological preparation,0. 2% fulvic acid,and 0. 1% Chinese herbal medicine extract respectively,and laying hens in control group were fed with basal diets. Effect of four different additives on performance and egg quality were studied under the temperature of 28. 6℃. [Result]The average egg-laying rate and feed-egg ratio in groups 2,3 and 4 were significantly better than those in control group and group 1( P < 0. 05). The contents of fat and cholesterol in eggs in groups 2,3 and 4 were lower than those in control group and group 1. And the fat content of eggs in group 4 was 13. 42% lower than that in control group,the difference was significant( P < 0. 05). The protein contents in groups 2,3 and 4 were significantly higher than those in control group and group 1( P < 0. 05). [Conclusion] Microecological preparation,fulvic acid and Chinese herbal medicine extract could replace antibiotics to be applied in the production of laying hens.

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  • Fermentation Conditions on the Production of Single Cell Protein Feed by Water Chestnut Peel

    Pan Baiming;Liang Changxiang;Deng Zhiyong;Su Lixiang;

    In order to improve the comprehensive utilization value of water chestnut peel and the income of farmers. Contents of crude protein( CP),total sugar and reducing sugar were taken as indicators. Effects of initial p H,ratio of yeast to fungi species,incubation time and liquid volume on production of single cell protein( SCP) feed was studied,and technological conditions on production of SCP feed by water chestnut peel were optimized by orthogonal test. Results showed that the production of SCP feed by water chestnut peel was optimal when p H was 5. 0,ratio of yeast to fungi species was 2:1,fermentation time was 2 d and the liquid volume was 70 m L/250 m L. Under the optimum conditions,content of fermentation CP was 64. 25%,content of total sugar was 19. 8%,content of reducing sugar was 5. 0%,content of coarse fibre was 0. 0% and content of ash was 8. 04%.

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  • Effects of Echinacea Polysaccharide on Expression of NF-κB Protein Secreted by LPS-injured IEC-6 Cells

    Shi Qiumei;Zhang Yanying;Jia Qinghui;Gao Guisheng;Gao Guangping;Wang Jinfeng;Zhang Donglin;

    [Objective] The paper was to explore effects of Echinacea polysaccharide( EPS) on expression of NF-κB protein secreted by LPS-injured IEC-6 cells,and to provide a theoretical basis for clinical application of Echinacea purpurea against bacterial diseases and enhancement of immunity. [Method] Nucleoprotein extracted from IEC-6 cells in normal control group,LPS group,different concentrations of EPS( 50,100,200,500 μg/m L) + LPS groups were detected by SDSPAGE electrophoresis,and the content of NF-κB protein was analyzed using western blotting method. [Result] The content of NF-κB protein in normal control group was the lowest,while that in LPS group was the highest. The content of NF-κB protein in EPS group gradually decreased with the increasing concentration of EPS. [Result]The expression of NF-κB protein increased when IEC-6 cells were stimulated by LPS,and EPS could effectively inhibit increased expression of NF-κB protein. With the increasing concentration of EPS,the inhibition effect against increased expression of NF-κB protein gradually strengthened.

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  • In Vitro Antibacterial Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Main Pathogenic Bacteria of Recessive Mastitis in Dairy Cows

    Gao Guisheng;Hu Tiefeng;An Jiwei;Gao Guangping;Shi Qiumei;Shao Xinhua;Zhang Yanying;

    The inhibition zone diameter,minimal inhibitory concentration( MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration( MBC) of 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine on Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae isolated from recessive mastitis were studied using plate test and tube test. The results showed that S. aureus and S. agalactiae were sensitive to all these 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine,and were more sensitive to seven kinds of traditional Chinese medicine,including Taraxacum mongolicum,Coptis chinensis,Forsythia suspense,Andrographis paniculata,Carthamus tinctorius,Scutellaria baicalensis and Dendranthema indicum.

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  • Detection of Serum Antibodies of Porcine Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) in Binzhou City in 2014

    Li Feng;Lv Sufang;Zhang Wentong;Liu Jishan;Li Shuguang;Guo Guangjun;Zhang Songlin;Wang Wenxiu;

    To understand immunization effect of pseudorabies vaccine and infection status of porcine pseudorabies( PR) in pig farms and guide prevention and control against PR,453 copies of blood samples collected from 43 different scale pig farms in four counties( districts) of Binzhou City were detected with ELISA to investigate PRV g B antibody and g E antibody. Detection results showed that the g B antibody positive rate of sows was 75. 58%,and that of fattening pigs was68. 67%; the pig farms with positive rate higher than 70% accounted for 74. 42% of total survey pig farms. The PRV g E antibody positive rates of sows and fattening pigs were 25. 41% and 26. 67%,and the positive rates of pig farms were 46. 51% and 44. 33%,respectively. There were regional differences among counties( districts).

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  • Detection of ECTV,MHV and SV in Clean-grade Mice and Rats in East China

    Song Hongyan;Dong Ronglian;Qiu Baofeng;Jing Jin;Gu Bingquan;Shao Yixiang;Liu Chun;Zhu Shunxing;Wu Liucheng;

    To study the epidemic status of Ectromelia virus( ECTV),Mouse hepatitis virus( MHV) and Sendai virus( SV) in clean-grade experimental mice and rats in East China,30 individuals of ICR and/or C57BL/6 mice and 15 individuals of SD or Wistar rats were purchased from four major experimental animal supply bases in East China. Blood samples were collected by eyeball picking method,and serum was separated. ECTV,MHV and SV serum antibodies in mice were detected using imported commercial ELISA kits. Since rats were not easily infected by MHV and SV,only the ECTV serum antibody was detected in rats. Survey results revealed that clean-grade experimental mice and rats derived from three out of four major experimental animal supply bases were negative in detection,but the positive rates of MHV and SV serum antibody in clean-grade ICR mice in one supply base were 56. 7% and 100. 0%,respectively,while the positive rate of MHV serum antibody in C57BL/6 mice was 100%. Research results showed that most of the commercial experimental mice and rats in major experimental animal supply bases in East China were qualified in detection of above three kinds of diseases,but MHV and SV still existed in individual base,with severe infection status.Thus,active measures must be strengthened to purify mice and rats. Meanwhile,monitoring of mouse and rat diseases must be developed seriously to guarantee the quality of experimental mice and rats,so as to avoid adverse impacts on breeding and use of experimental rats and mice.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Breeding of New Large Cocoon and Hypersilkgeneous Tussah Varieties with Eurytopicity

    Jin Xiangdong;Zhu Xingyou;Ren Xiaoyi;Hao Dadong;Wan Jun;Zhang Yang;Li Fengqin;Xue Zhenhai;

    The new tussah varieties have been bred by selecting large,high quality and midterm based on the indexes of high cocoon shell rate and high stress resistance. In the meantime,whole cocoon weight,hatchability and other economic parameters were considered in new variety breeding. Through 14 generations of hybrid breeding for over 7 years,two new tussah varieties had been successfully obtained. The breeding results of DW were as follows: the 1 000-cocoon weight was11. 57 kg; the whole cocoon weight was 12. 06 g; the cocoon shell rate was 12. 22%; and the larval-pupal integrated survival rate was 95. 87%. The breeding results of GH were as follows: the 1 000-cocoon weight was 11. 52 kg; the whole cocoon weight was 11. 95 g; the cocoon shell rate was 12. 66%; and the larval-pupal integrated survival rate was 90. 37%.

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Aquatic Science

  • The Study of Visible Implant Elastomer (VIE) Tag on Small-sized Chinese Shrimp (Fenneropenaeus chinensis)

    Hao Xiaopeng;Liu Haiying;Zhang Guosheng;Liu Qing;Yin Zengqiang;Wang Xiuli;Xing Kun;Liu Qi;Ma Jun;Chen Lei;

    [Objective] The paper was to prove the feasibility of using visible implant elastomer( VIE) tags to mark Chinese shrimp of about 1 cm in length.[Method]In June 2014,2 856 Chinese shrimps with an average length of 1. 14 cm were tagged with red VIE. After temporary rearing for one day,2 321 tagged shrimps were cultured in the same pond with 60 000 untagged shrimps in this experiment. In predation test,spottedtail gobies( Synechogobius ommaturus) were selected as the predator,and the predation rate of spottedtail gobies on small-sized Chinese shrimps was measured. [Result]On September 21,2014,206 kg of Chinese shrimp was harvested in the pond. There were 389 tagged shrimps,with an average body weight of 16. 84 g,and an average length of 11. 15 cm. The untagged shrimps had an average body weight of 17. 08 g,and average length of 11. 23 cm. The results indicated that there was no significant difference in growth between the tagged and untagged shrimps. The survival rate of the tagged shrimps was 2. 7% lower than the untagged ones. Although the fluorescent tag dispersed and the position changed,the tag was still distinct both under ultraviolet light and to the naked eye. The predation test revealed that the fluorescent tag of shrimps did not increase the predation rate by spottedtail gobies. [Conclusion]Red VIE tagging is feasible in Chinese shrimps. There was no significant difference in predation rate between untagged and VIE tagged shrimps.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Effect of Low Nitrogen Stress on IAA Metabolome of Tall Fescue

    Li Xiaodong;Wang Xiaoli;Sun Fang;Chen Guangji;Wu Jiahai;Cai Yiming;

    Forages generally suffer more severe nutrition stress than other crops,but the corresponding theoretical studies still lag behind. In this study,metabolites in tall fescue leaves under normal and low nitrogen conditions were analyzed with LC-ESI-MS( liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry). A total of 1 424 and 1 251 metabolites were detected from two groups of samples respectively using OPLS-DA( orthogonal partial least squares discriminant analysis). The content of 13 major metabolites changed under low nitrogen stress,including auxin( indole acetic acid,IAA). Quantitative real-time PCR( qRTPCR) showed that eight genes related to IAA signaling pathway were up-regulated after nitrogen stress. Enzyme-linked immuno sorbent assay( ELISA) revealed that the IAA concentration was elevated in tall fescue leaves after nitrogen stress. Our research provides valuable information for studying the response mechanisms of tall fescue to low nitrogen. The results suggest that application of IAA could be used to alleviate the harmful effects of nitrogen deficiency.

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  • Correlation between Root Trait and Yield of Alfalfa

    Zhao Yan;

    Growth traits of root system of 13 autumn-sowing alfalfa cultivars were analyzed. The results indicated that there were significant difference in growth parameters of root system among alfalfa cultivars( P < 0. 05). The cultivars,Prime and WL323,showed the highest root biomass( higher than 32 g); cultivar WL323 had the largest lateral root number( 17. 8 branches). Cultivars Prime,WL323,Super7 and L90 had better root traits than other cultivars based on comprehensive evaluation. Among three times of mowing within a year,root growth and development of alfalfa had mutual promotion with the first and second time growth of aboveground part,but had competition with the third time growth. Overwintering alfalfa root restricted the grass yield in the following year,especially the third-cut yield in the next year.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about

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