Basic Science

  • Development of A High-throughput Molecular Identification Method Suitable for Fungi

    Cao Shuwei;Cai Xiaoyan;Lai Dawei;Yi Xianfeng;Huang Ribo;Lai Zhiqiang;

    Fungi play a significant role in biology-related domains,and with the molecular biology technology advancing,identification of fungi at molecular level and verification of genetic transformant has become the necessary step of test. By far,however,there is no ideal high-throughput molecular identification method.In this paper,a high-throughput device was designed,and a novel PCR-mediated molecular identification method suitable for the device was developed. Through cloning of cellulase encoding genes and regulatory genes on the genome of Trichoderma reesei,cloning of promoter of phosphoglycerate kinase gene 1 and xylanase encoding genes on the genome and expression vector of Saccharomyces cerevisiae,and ITS sequences cloning and RAPD analysis of T. reesei,S. cerevisiae,Penicillium oxalicum,Rhizopus stolonifer,Aspergillus niger,A. carbonarius and A. japonicas,the method turned out to be an effective one with wide application potential.The establishment of the method has worked out the bottleneck of high-throughput molecular identification.

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Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Sources and Accumulation Risk of Heavy Metal in Major Animal Manure

    Shi Yanping;Huang Jinfa;Ni Xiongwei;Xie Jianping;Ren Jiajia;

    Feed and corresponding manure samples were collected from 27 scale pig farms and 7 scale chicken farms in Jiaxing City,Zhejiang Province,and their heavy metal contents were analyzed. The weighted average values of Cr,Cu,Zn,Pb and As in pig feed were 4. 6,123. 4,370. 7,0. 69 and 6. 9 mg/kg,respectively. However,referred to Safe Use Specification of Feed Additives and MOA Announcement No. 1224,the exceeding standards rates of Cr,Cu,Zn,Pb and As in pig feed were 5. 36%,62. 5%,19. 64%,3. 57% and 37. 5%,respectively. The sequences of heavy metal content in pig feed successively were piglet > growing pig > big pig > sow,but the exceeding standard rates of heavy metal in feed were big pig > sow > growing pig > piglet,and the exceeding standard rate of big pig feed was more than 95%. The exceeding standard rates of Cu,Zn and As in chicken feed were 46. 7%,11. 1% and 33. 3% respectively. Based on Organic Fertilizer( NY525-2012) and Sludge Agricultural Pollution Control Standard( GB4284-84),Cu,Zn and As in pig manure and chicken manure exceeded the standard; the exceeding standard rates of pig manure were 71. 9%,78. 9% and 42. 1%,while that of chicken manure were 12. 5%,25. 0% and 44. 4%,respectively. The exceeding standard rates of Cu and Zn in piglet manure reached 100%. There were very significant positive correlations in Cu,Zn and As between pig feed and corresponding manure,or Hg,Cu and As between chicken feed and corresponding manure,and the correlation coefficients r~2 were greater than 0. 8. Besides,the correlation coefficient r~2 of Pb between pig feed and corresponding manure was above 0. 6. Continuous and high intensity of livestock manure application significantly promoted the accumulation of heavy metal in farmland soil,but the effects on heavy metal accumulation in rice was not significant.

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  • Digital Barcode Development for Single Nuclotide Polymorphism (SNP) Identification of Suzhong Swine Individuals

    Hu Yinong;Ding Qian;Ji Hongjun;Wang Xiaoxiao;Zhu Zhenkun;Zhao Qingshun;

    Suzhong swine is a hybrid breed derived from Taihu sows and Landrace boars. To identify Suzhong swine individuals and trace the source of pork products,single nucleotide polymorphisms( SNPs) identification of Suzhong swine individuals was studied. A total of 29 pairs of primers were designed and seven pairs of primers were used for identification of Suzhong swine individuals. The products amplified by seven pairs of primers could be directly sequenced,with clean sequencing map background and no ambiguity in sequence read. Totally 52 SNPs loci were amplified by seven pairs of primers,and 41 SNPs loci were reserved for identification of Suzhong swine individuals through correlation analysis and heterozygosity filtration( H≥0. 1). Meantime,the digital barcodes for SNP identification of 96 individuals of Suzhong swine derived from seven boars and 12 sows were developed,which well distinguished 96 individuals of Suzhong swine. Theoretically,41 SNPs amplified by seven pairs of primers could be used for identification of 5. 0 × 10~6 pig individuals. Therefore,digital barcode development method for SNP identification of Suzhong swine individuals can be used for individual identification of Suzhong swine in scale pig farm and meat product traceability.

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  • A New Detecting Method for the Sequence Difference of CHD1 Gene on Sex Chromosomes Z and W in Domesticated Ducks of China

    Xu Wenjuan;Hu Yan;Song Chi;Song Weitao;Shan Yanju;Chen Wenfeng;Li Huifang;

    A new method for detecting the sequence differences of duck Chromo-helicase-DNA-Binding 1( CHD1) genes on sex chromosomes Z and W was established by amplifying DNA fragment length poly morphism,which aimed to solve some technical problems,such as the sex identification with nondamage,the misclassifc rate of artificial sex identification during embryonic period,and the injury caused by anal reversal identification method during neonatal period. The improved sex identification method was developed by DNA amplified fragment length polymorphism by using CHD1 gene sequence in bird. The sex identification PCR primers YPF/YPR were used,and the PCR product was cloned,sequenced and blasted; and the effectiveness and accuracy of this method were verified through living examples. 2% agarose gel electrophoresis was used to distinguish 495 bp CHD1-Z and 351 bp CHD1-W obtained by primer YPF/YPR. The female( ZW) displayed two visible bands; while male( ZZ) had only one single band. It was proved that this method for detecting the sequence differences of duck CHD1 gene was visual and reliable,and the molecular marker provided was effective and precise in the sex molecular biological identification of domesticated duck in China.

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  • Related Factors Affecting Olfactory Ability of Dogs

    Wei Rongxing;Ma Changshu;Li Tao;

    Dog has a very sensitive olfactory sensory system. Observation showed that there were great differences in olfactory ability of different breeds of dogs,and even the same dog presented different olfactory abilities under different physiological conditions. Thus,the author discussed several factors influencing olfaction of dog from the aspects of gene,environment,anatomy and physiology.

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  • SNP Genotyping of Myostatin (MSTN) Gene through Taq Man Probe Assay and Association Study between MSTN Genotypes and Growth Traits of Tan Sheep

    Ma Lina;Li Yingkang;Yu Yang;E-er Hehua;Ma Qing;

    To establish a rapid,accurate and economical real-time PCR assay system based on Taq Man probe technology for the detection of genetic variations of single nucleotide polymorphisms( SNPs) in myostatin( MSTN) gene,a pair of Taq Man probes were designed on the polymorphism loci of MSTN gene and used in PCR reaction system for SNP genotyping. Meanwhile,an association study was performed between MSTN genotypes and growth traits of Tan sheep,including birth weight,weaning weight,3-month weight,and 6-month weight. The results showed that rs417816017 locus of MSTN gene in Tan sheep had two genotypes: YY and XY. The individuals with genotype XY had a growth advantage over the ones with genotype YY. The results indicate that Taq Man probe-based real-time PCR assay can be used to detect the genotype of MSTN gene,which will provide candidate genes for breeding of Tan sheep.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Comparison of DPPH Scavenging Ability of Flavonoid and Polysaccharide from Dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum)

    Huang Dan;Gu Ying;

    The paper was to study DPPH(1,1-diphenyl-2-trinitrobenzene hydrazine) scavenging ability of different concentrations of flavonoid and polysaccharide from dandelion. Flavonoids were extracted from dandelion using alcohol precipitation ultrasonic extraction method and polysaccharide was extracted using water ultrasonic extraction method. DPPH free radical scavenging ability of flavonoid and polysaccharide was determined using ultraviolet spectrophotometer method.The difference in DPPH free radical scavenging ability between flavonoids and polysaccharide was analyzed statistically. The results showed that DPPH scavenging ability was the best when the concentration of flavonoid was 1. 6 mg/m L; the scavenge rate was up to 96. 11% and IC50(median inhibitory concentration of inhibitors) was 0. 38 mg/m L. DPPH scavenging ability was the best when the concentration of polysaccharide was 1. 4 mg/m L; the scavenge rate was 89. 33%and IC50 was 0. 51 mg/m L. Statistical results showed that there were significant differences in DPPH free radical scavenging ability between dandelion flavonoid and polysaccharide( P < 0. 05). Flavonoid had significantly higher scavenging ability than polysaccharide( P < 0. 05). The study lays a theoretical foundation for further research on dandelion flavonoid,and provides a theoretical basis for development and utilization of dandelion resources.

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  • Isolation of Swine Corynebacteria and Analysis of 16S rDNA Gene

    Qin Yibin;He Pingping;Lu Bingxia;He Ying;Li Bin;Liang Jiaxing;Duan Qunpeng;Chen Zhongwei;Bi Bingfen;Zhou Yingning;Su Qianlian;Jiang Dongfu;Li Keyu;Lu Jingzhuan;Zhao Wu;

    A strain of gram-positive bacillus was isolated from suppurative lung organs of nursery pigs in a pig farm,which was further characterized by morphological observation,cultivation test,biochemical test,drug sensitivity test,pathogenicity test and 16 S rDNA gene cloning and sequence analysis. The results showed that the isolate grew well in rabbit blood agar plate and horse serum tryptone soybean agar( TSA) plate under aerobic condition,which could lead to mortality of mice and were susceptible to cephalosporin antibiotics and fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the isolate had close genetic evolutionary relationships with Corynebacterium bacteria,and the sequence of 16 S rRNA gene shared the homology of 91. 7%-98. 3% with the representative strain of corynebacteria,indicating the isolated strain was corynebacterium.

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  • Effect of Rotavirus on Newborn Piglets

    Wang Zhenling;

    [Objectives]To study the pathogenicity of rotavirus causing piglet diarrhea in Beijing area. [Methods]Six newborn piglets were randomly divided into two groups: three piglets in test group and three in control group. A total of 3 m L three-generation cell virus were evenly assigned to the three test piglets by both oral mode and subcutaneous injection,and the detoxification was observed. Anal swabs were collected at the 24 th,48th,72 thand 96thhours before and after the infection respectively,virus antigens were detected by RT-PCR,detoxification was observed; small intestine,liver,spleen and other tissues of the 5-d-infected piglets were collected to observe the pathological changes. [Results]Anal swab detection showed that rotavirus could be detected in piglets at the 12 thh after being infected,and the situation could continue to the 5thd. Observation on tissue sections showed that piglet small intestinal epithelial cells and surrounding villi degenerated,epithelial cells became rounded,swollen; and enlarged nuclei and irregular cell margins could be observed. Degenerated cells fell off from matrix to lumen,atrophy villi was covered by flat epithelial cells,a small amount of cell debris could be observed in lamina propria. [Conclusions]The infection severity of porcine rotavirus depends on the atrophy degree and distribution of small intestinal villi. In addition,host,environment and other relevant factors also played an important role in the pathogenesis of porcine rotavirus.

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  • Characteristics and Analysis of Swine Streptococcosis Incidence in Binzhou Region in 2013

    Li Feng;Li Shuguang;Miao Lizhong;Liu Jishan;Lv Sufang;Wang Yumao;Shen Zhiqiang;

    To fully understand swine streptococcosis in Binzhou and surrounding areas,we studied its incidence rate and incidence characteristics in 2013,in order to put forward constructive suggestions for scientific prevention and control of swine streptococcosis. Isolation and purification,biochemical and molecular biology identification and drug susceptibility test of Streptococcus suis were carried out,and mixed infection of S. suis with classical swine fever virus,pseudorabies virus and porcine circovirus virus was statistically analyzed. The results showed that 46 strains of S. suis were screened,and the positive rate was approximately 24. 9%,with high degree of resistance and multiple resistances. S. suis had different degrees of mixed infection with classical swine fever virus,pseudorabies virus and porcine circovirus virus,and the total mixed infection rate was 58. 7%.

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  • Acute Toxicity of Oxyclozanide Suspension in Mice by Oral Administration

    Zhang Jili;Zhang Jiyu;Si Hongfei;Cheng Fusheng;Zhou Xuzheng;Li Bing;

    The safety of oxyclozanide suspension was preliminarily evaluated through acute toxicity test in mice. Administration dose,formal trial grouping and group interval were determined in pre-trial using incremental method. Formal test was performed using simplified karber's method. Changes in sign of mice after administration were observed; the mortality rate was statistically calculated,and the time of death was recorded; the median lethal dose( LD_(50)) and 95% confidence limit of oxyclozanide suspension were calculated. The results showed the LD_(50) of oxyclozanide suspension in mice by oral administration was 1. 679 g/kg,and the95% confidence interval was 1. 439-1. 947 g/kg. According to toxicity grading of chemicals,oxyclozanide suspension was low toxic substance.

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  • Diagnosis and Extinguishment of Camel Rabies

    Wu Xinhua;Ma Liqin;Wu Yawen;Wang Jinxiang;Zhou Haining;Liu Chaolong;Wen Jianqiang;

    The diagnosis process and extinguishment measures of a case of camel rabies was introduced from the aspects of medical history,clinical examination,emergency and extinguishment measures,in order to provide some references for clinical veterinarians.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Development of Techniques for Animal Feed from Corn and Their By-Products

    Qi Hongwei;Yan Xiaogang;Yu Wei;Masahiro Amari;

    Research results concerned(1) quantification of p H value and contents of ammonia nitrogen,volatile fatty acids( VFAs),and lactic acid,which were indicators of fermentative quality of corn stover silage and other crop by-product silages;(2) introduction of methods for analyses of fiber content in feeds such as detergent and enzymatic analyses;(3) determination of digestive characteristics in the rumen by artificial digestion trials( in vitro and in situ);(4) evaluation of meat productivity and quality by feeding corn stover silage to beef cattle in feeding experiments and;(5) preparation of feed composition and feeding standards for animals in Jilin Province. These results and methods substantially contributed to stabilization of feed supply as well as an increase in the efficiency of meat production,resulting in sustainable development of livestock management in China.

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  • Effects of Pleurotus eryngii Residue on Weight Gain of Chick and Duck

    Zhang Shuliang;Zhang Yulan;Zhu Jinying;Gao Chunhua;Han Jiandong;

    In the present study,Pleurotus eryngii residue was added into conventional feed of Chai chicks and meat-type ducks at different ratios to measure its effects on the production performance of chicks and ducks. The results revealed that the growth performance of chicks and ducks was the best when 20% Pleurotus eryngii residue was added into the feed. Under such condition,the daily weight gain of 8-11 and 12-15-week-old Chai chicks was increased by 6. 8% and13. 5%,and that of 8-11 and 12-15-week-old ducks was increased by 11. 5% and 19. 3%,respectively.

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  • Effect of Pennisetum purpureum Schum cv. Guiminyin on Growth Performance of Geese

    Yao Na;Lai Zhiqiang;Shi Jing;Yang Qisheng;Zeng Fanquan;

    To explore the feeding value of Pennisetum purpureum Schum cv. Guiminyin in production of geese,effects of feeding the green fodder on growth performance of geese were studied,while P. purpureum K. Scbumacb × P. typhoideum Rich cv. Reyan No. 4 was used as control. The results showed that P. purpureum Schum cv. Guiminyin had high biomass and good nutritional quality,and geese intake of the forage was greater than that of the control variety. The average daily gain was(51. 45 ± 3. 49) g/goose,which was increased by 13. 36% compared with control; feed gain ratio was(4. 93 ± 0. 35) %,and feed consumption was reduced by 19. 47% compared with control( P < 0. 05). Thus,it could be concluded that feeding geese with P. purpureum Schum cv. Guiminyin could obtain good economic benefit.

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Grassland Science

  • Temperature Regulation Effect of Desert Vegetation in Minqin Desert Area

    Chang Zhaofeng;Zhang Xiaojuan;Wang Qi;Zhang Dekui;Duan Xiaofeng;Shi Xuegang;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of desert vegetation on temperature regulation and stabilization in desert area. [Method] The survey data of quadrats in five kinds of plant communities in Minqin desert area were preliminarily estimated. [Result] Desert vegetation had the ecological functions of regulating desert temperature and stabilizing sharp increase of temperature,especially the irreplaceable ecological function of slowing down sandstorm each spring in northwest China compared to physical sand-fixation measures. The air humidity in forest region was relatively large,and the climate was more stable. The climate in desert area was dry,with intense changes in air temperature. Although the solar radiation utilization rate of desert vegetation per unit area in Minqin oasis fringe was 5. 8% of that of 100% coverage vegetation,it had non-ignorable significance in regulating temperature of local desert. Regulating temperature was one of the ecological functions of desert vegetation. Previous studies only considered wind proof and sand-fixation functions of desert vegetation,but ignored its temperature regulation effect,and this was the ecological function of vegetation sand control different from physical sand-fixation measures such as sand barrier. [Conclusion]It has important theoretical guiding significance and practical use value for prevention and control of desertification by studying ecological function of desert plants/vegetation.

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Aquatic Science

  • Biological Effects of Nutrient Nualgi on the Water Ecological Environment in Culture Pond

    Li Gu;Mao Mengzhe;Li Xiaoli;Tao Ling;Gao Maolin;

    In order to study the short-term effects of Nualgi on water quality and phytoplankton in fishpond,we conducted continuous and regular surveys on the phytoplankton community and the water quality indexes in four groups. The four groups were a Nualgi group( M_1 ),a diatom group(M2),a Nualgi and diatom group( M_3 ),and a control group(C). The results showed that there were no significance differences in p H,dissolved oxygen(DO),total nitrogen(TN) and total phosphorus( TP) among the four groups. The IP concentration of groups M_1 and M_3 was significantly lower than that of groups M_2 and C,indicating that Nualgi can reduce the IP concentration of water. The concentrations of NH~+4-N,NO_2~--N and COD_(Mn) of groups M_1 ,M_2 and M_3 were significantly lower than those of group C,suggesting that both Nualgi and dominant diatom species can adjust water quality by reducing the concentrations of NH~+4-N,NO_2~--N and COD_(Mn). In this test,we identified 186 species that belonged to 109 genera of seven phyla. Among them,86 species were Chlorophyta,48 were Bacillariophyta,27 were Cyanophyta,17 were Euglenophyta,three were Dinophyta,three were Cryptophyta and two were Chrysophyta. Both diatom species and Nualgi can promote the growth of Bacillariophyta,restrain the growth of Chlorophyta and Cyanophyta,and thus change phytoplankton community structure. The biomass of Bacillariophyta in groups M_1 ,M_2 and M_3 was larger than that in group C from the 20 ~(th) d of the experiment,while the biomasses of Chlorophyta and Cyanophyta were lower than that in group C. Melosira granulata became the dominant algae species in groups M_1 ,M_2 and M_3 ,while Coelastrum microporum and Crucigenia tetrapedia were the dominant algae species in group Conly. Scenedesmus quadricauda became the dominant algae in groups M_1 ,M_2 and C. There was no remarkable difference in diversity index among the four groups. The Shannon-Wiener index in all the four groups were all above 2. 00,suggesting that the addition of Nualgi or diatom species did not affect the species diversity in this experiment.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including aspects of genetics and breeding,reproduction,physiology,biochemistry,nutrition,

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