Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Cloning and Sequence Analysis of SLC11A1 Gene Promoter of Three Cattle Breeds in Xinjiang

    Ma Xiaojing;Yi Xinping;Gu Wenxi;Ye Feng;Zhong Qi;

    [Objective]Solute carrier family 11 member 1(SLC11A1)is a major natural resistance candidate gene,which contributes to defense mechanisms of a variety of intracellular bacteria.The SLC11A1 gene promoter sequence of Xinjiang Brown Cattle,Holstein and Simmental were cloned in the test,and promoter sequence difference was analyzed,in order to provide genetic marker-assisted selection for disease-resistant breeding of dairy cattle.[Method]The Genomic DNA was extracted from whole blood collected from three cattle breeds in Xinjiang,and the 5’ flanking region of SLC11A1 gene was amplified by PCR and sequenced.The sequence was analyzed by bioinformatics software CpGplot,RepeatMasker,TFSEARCH,WWW Signal Scan and dual luciferase assay system.[Result]The SLC11A1 gene promoter sequence of 1 463 bp was confirmed,which had promoter activity.No CpG islands were found on promoter sequence.There were four different sites in SLC11A1 gene promoter sequences between Angus from America and three cattle breeds in Xinjiang.Sequence analysis revealed 12 transcription factor binding sites including Sp1,NF1,RelA-p65,GKLF,and CPBP.In promoter region there was an enhancer region(-734- -740)and two short scattered repetitive elements BOV-tA2,MIR3,as well as repeated DNA element Charlie8.[Conclusion]The SLC11A1 gene promoter sequences of three breeds were obtained,which were different from that of Angus.The paper provided a theoretical basis for further studying the influence of SLC11A1 gene polymorphisms on resistance against intracellular bacteria infection.

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  • Analysis of Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of White Suffolk Sheep,White-tibetan Sheep and Tibetan Sheep

    Zhou Mingliang;Chen Minghua;Wu Weisheng;Xie Rongqing;Jiang Shihai;Yang Pinggui;

    In order to compare the physiological and biochemical indexes of different sheep populations in plateau area,we measured the physiological and biochemical indexes of White Suffolk sheep,White-tibetan sheep and Tibetan sheep in four seasons.The body temperature,respiration and heart rate of White Suffolk sheep,White-tibetan sheep and Tibetan sheep throughout the year were(38.96±0.23)-(40.80±0.74)℃,(27.20±7.73)-(74.56±10.91)times/min,and(83.10±2.42)-(106.25±7.07)times/min,respectively.The main blood physiological indexes of White-tibetan sheep were between those of Suffolk sheep and Tibetan sheep or close to that of Tibetan sheep,the indexes of WBC in summer,HGB and RDW-CV in autumn,RDW-CV in winter were close to that of White Suffolk sheep.The main blood biochemical indexes of White-tibetan sheep were between that of White Suffolk sheep and Tibetan sheep or close to that of Tibetan sheep,but the indexes of ALB in spring,AST in summer,ALP and CHOL in autumn,and ALP in winter were close to that of White Suffolk sheep.It revealed that the adaptability of White-tibetan sheep was prior to White Suffolk sheep,and tended to Tibetan sheep in the plateau environment.

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  • Effects of Different Enucleation Methods on Developmental Potency of Pig Handmade Clone Reconstructed Embryos

    Lv Lingyan;Lu Xingrong;Sun Junming;Pan Cuiling;Lan Haien;Wang Yanling;Cui Kuiqing;Xie Bingkun;

    Effects of different enucleation methods on developmental potency of pig handmade clone(HMC)reconstructed embryo was investigated in the paper.We compared enucleation efficiency of blind cut method,first polar body(Pb1)positioning method and demecolcine(DM)assisted enucleation,as well as their effects on development of HMC reconstructed embryos.The results showed that overall enucleation efficiency of Pb1 positioning method was significantly higher than that of blind cut method(P<0.05).The protuberance rate and overall enucleation efficiency of 0.4μg/mL DM treated group for 60 min was significantly higher than that of other concentrations and time treatment groups(P<0.05).For effects on development of HMC reconstructed embryos,there was no significant difference between DM-assisted enucleation and Pb1 positioning method.In conclusion,appropriate addition of DM could enhance enucleation efficiency of HMC,which had no significant influence on developmental potency of reconstructed embryos.

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  • Factors Influencing the Channel Choice of Consumers Buying Beef——Taking Yanji City as an Example

    Kou Jingya;Wang Xuyou;

    [Method]The paper was to understand factors influencing the channel choice of consumers buying beef.[Method]The selection behavior and influencing factors of beef consumption of Yanji urban residents in supermarkets and farmers’market were analyzed by constructing a binary Logistic model.[Result]Education level,monthly household income and household food expenditure to total income were positively correlated with beef purchase in supermarket,while age was negatively correlated with beef purchase in supermarket.[Conclusion]The main reasons that consumers buy beef in supermarket were type of beef,brand and clean environment,and in farmers’market were price,freshness and consumption habit.

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  • Effect of Pennisetum purpureum Schum cv. Guiminyin on Milk Yield and Quality of Jersey Cattle at Lactation Stage

    Yao Na;Teng Shaohua;Lai Zhiqiang;Yi Xianfeng;Qiu Jinhua;Deng Suyuan;Lai Dawei;

    The study aimed to research the forage value of Pennisetum purpureum Schum cv.Guiminyin in dairy industry and then provide scientific support for feeding jersey cattle with P.purpureum Schum cv.Guiminyin.Totally 20 jersey cattle at lactation stage were selected and divided into two groups randomly,10 cattle each group.The cattle were fed with P.purpureum Schum cv.Guiminyin and P.purpureum cv.Mott×(P.americanum×P.purureum)cv.Guimu No.1,respectively.The results showed that P.purpureum Schum cv.Guiminyin performed well in both nutritional value and palatability,and received remarkable effects on jersey cattle.The milk yield was 5.4%higher than that of before test,and the average daily milk yield was(11.65±0.07)kg/cattle.Compared with control group,milk fat percentage,lactoprotein content and overall milk-solid content were improved somewhat.Feeding jersey cattle with P.purpureum Schum cv.Guiminyin at lactation stage could increase their milk yield and milk quality.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Determination of Sym-triazine Residues in Animal-derived Food by Liquid Chromatography-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

    Gong Xiaoming;Yang Lijun;Wang Hongtao;Ma Ronggui;Ding Kuiying;Guo Liqiang;Sun Jun;

    [Objective]The research aimed to establish a liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry for detecting residues of diclazuril,toltrazuril and its metabolites in animal-derived food.[Method]The samples were pre-treated by QuEChERS technology and detected by Exactive liquid chromatography-high resolution mass spectrometry.The liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry for detecting the residues of diclazuril,toltrazuril,toltrazuril sulfone and toltrazuril sulfoxide in animal-derived food was established.[Result]Diclazuril,toltrazuril,toltrazuril sulfone and toltrazuril sulfoxide showed a good linear correlation in the range of 2.0-50.0μg/L(r~2>0.99).The average recoveries of these four compounds in bovine power at the spiked levels of 2,10 and 20μg/kg were 74.5%-90.1%,and the relative standard deviations(RSD)were 15.4%-17.5%.[Conclusion]This method was stable and reliable,and could be used to detect diclazuril,toltrazuril,toltrazuril sulfone and toltrazuril sulfoxide in animal-derived food.

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  • Inducible Expression on Multi-epitope of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 and Its Immunological Competence

    Dong Lin;Wang Yanping;Wang Jinliang;Mo Ling;Shen Zhiqiang;Liu Zengshan;

    In order to obtain induction expressed porcine circovirus type 2(PCV2)multi-epitope with good immunogenicity in vitro.Major epitopes of PCV2 were screened in the test,epitopes were composed sequentially,the c DNA sequences were artificially synthesized.Bam HⅠand SalⅠwere directionally cloned into prokaryotic expression vector PEGX-4T-1 multiple cloning site,then BL21 competent cells were transformed,positive clones were screened,IPTG inducible expression was conducted.Expression on target gene was analyzed by SDS-PAGE,fusion protein polypeptide was extracted and purified,immunocompetence of the expressed multi-epitope protein was identified by Westernblot.BALB/c mouse was immuned by fusion protein polypeptide,the antibody was determined by ELISA,immunogenicity was evaluated.Results showed that expression recombinant plasmid pEGX-4T-1-ep contained with seven PCV2 antigen epitopes had been constructed successfully.SDS-PAGE analysis showed that fusion protein polypeptide was expressed effectively in Escherichia coli(E.coli),and the molecular weight was about 35ku,which existed in the form of solubility.Results of Westernblot showed that the extraction and purification of fusion protein polypeptide and PCV2 positive serum had good reactogenicity.Results of ELISA showed that the purified fusion protein polypeptide could stimulate the body to produce PCV2 specific antibody which had good immunogenicity.Results indicated that the constructed PCV2 multi-epitope had good expression characteristics in vitro,and the expression protein had good immunogenicity.The study provided a basic for the study on PCV2 epitope screening,functional identification and multi-epitope vaccine.

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  • A Preliminary Study on Principle of Etiology Mechanism

    Chen Nanhui;

    Based on the inspiration from Hetu and Luoshu,a principle diagram of pathogenicity of pathogenic factors was established.Accordingly,the inner correlations between pathogenic factor type and biological factors,and between pathogenic factors and host were analyzed.Mechanism of pathogenesis was discussed with five representative cases.The result indicated that effect of biological factors on host could be proved only with the performance of internalization conditions of biological factor and host.The reciprocal transformation between biological factors and pathogenic factors was decided by interaction and state of co-existed factors and host.The results suggested that it is a better and attractive choice to regulate and optimize the host’s state in practice than direct elimination of pathogens with antibiotics.

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  • Effects of Dihydromyricetin Extracted from Ampelopsis grossedentata on Visceral Organ Indexes and Intestinal Digestive Enzyme Activities of Chickens

    Dai Qing;Yu Jianping;Yu Lina;Han Ningning;Xu Yuan;Zhao Hui;

    To provide a reference basis for reasonable development and utilization of Ampelopsis grossedentata resource and its application in production,we added 0.025%,0.05% and 0.1% dihydromyricetin(DMY)extracted from A.grossedentata into the basal diets of Yaoshan chickens,and studied the effects of DMY on visceral organ indexes and digestive enzyme activities of 40-day-old healthy Yaoshan chickens.Supplementation of DMY in basal diets influenced visceral organ weight,organ index,length and digestive enzyme activity of small intestine of chickens.Among them,0.05% DMY was the most appropriate volume for supplementation.Compared with control group(without DMY),0.05% DMY reduced lung weight and index(P>0.05),significantly reduced liver weight(P<0.05),extremely reduced stomach weight and stomach index(P<0.01),increased activity of amylase in small intestine(P>0.05),significantly increased length of small intestine and activity of protease(P<0.05).Supplementation of 0.05% DMY reduced the visceral organ weight and organ index,enhanced digestion and absorption ability of gastrointestinal tract,thereby improving feed utilization rate and promoting the growth of chickens.

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  • Effect of Attenuated Highly Pathogenic Pig Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome(HP-PRRS) TJM-F92 Strain Vaccine on Immune Antibody Levels against Classical Swine Fever(CSF) and Foot-and-Mouth Disease(FMD)

    Luo Zhizhong;Fu Xiandong;Wang Yan;

    Effects of attenuated highly pathogenic pig reproductive and respiratory syndrome(HP-PRRS)TJM-F92 strain vaccine on immune antibody level against classical swine fever(CSF)and foot-and-mouth disease(FMD)were studied from October 8 to November 12 in 2014,in order to optimize vaccination program of CSF,HP-PRRS and FMD and to provide scientific guidance for animal disease control and prevention work.The results showed that attenuated HP-PRRS(TJMF92 strain)vaccine had no significant effect on immune antibody level of hog cholera lapinized virus(HCLV,ST passage cell vaccine)attenuated vaccine and FMD-O inactivated vaccines(OZK/93 strain),and single or combined use of three vaccines received good immunization effects.

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  • Palatability of Two Kinds of Rodenticides for Apodemus agrarius

    Zhang Shu;Yang Changyu;An Yuxin;Jin Zhimin;

    [Objective]The paper aimed to compare the palatability of 0.005% brodifacoum bait and 0.005% bromodiolone bait for Apodemus agrarius.[Method]A.agrarius were divided into two groups:brodifacoum group and bromodiolone group,and each group was released with equal amount of poison bait and feed.The daily consumption and mortality of each group was recorded.[Result]The total consumption of poison baits in brodifacoum group and bromodiolone group were64.6 and 40.4 g,respectively.Mortality of A.agrarius was observed in two groups since the 3rdday after administration,and A.agrarius died completely on the5thday.The feeding coefficient of poison bait to feed in brodifacoum group was 1.47,and that in bromodiolone group was 0.69.[Conclusion]The palatability of 0.005% brodifacoum bait for A.agrarius was superior to that of 0.005% bromodiolone bait.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Expression of vasa Gene in Development Process of Germ Cells in Male Rat

    He Zhiquan;Gao Yingdong;Chen Wei;Lu Xiang;

    In order to explore the role of vasa gene in the development of germ cells after gonad differentiation in male rats,the expression of vasa mRNA and vasa protein in 17.5-day-old fetal rats and neonatal rats was detected by real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR and immunohistochemistry method.The results showed that the expression of vasa mRNA was detected in the testis tissue of 17.5-day-old fetal rats and neonatal rats,and the expression of vasa mRNA in testis of neonatal rats was high than that in fetal rats.The expression of vasa protein was detected in neonatal rats,but it was not found in fetal rats.In conclusion,vasa gene plays an important role in the development of germ cells.However,as a marker,it can only be used to label all kinds of germ cells after formation of prespermatogonia.

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  • Effect of Domestication Manner and Age on Reproduction of Lepus timidus

    Liu Hao;

    In order to analyze effects of domestication manner and age on reproduction of Lepus timidus,contrast test using large-cage and small-cage domestication manners and reproduction test with different ages of L.timidus was performed.The results showed that there was no significant difference in reproduction and production performance of L.timidus between small-cage and large-cage domestication manners(P<0.05).The reproduction performance of female middle-aged rabbit was superior to that of female youth rabbit.

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  • Research Progress on Production of Chlorophyll and Other Products with Silkworm Excrement and Industrial Development over the Past 50 Years

    Huang Ziran;Ji Pingxiong;Feng Guodong;Li Guangxue;Cao Yongmin;Shen Fengming;Zhu Xiangrui;Luo Quan;Pang Guozhang;

    The development of sericultural industry in the Pearl River Delta has contributed greatly to good ecological environment and economic prosperity of the people’s livelihood.Comprehensive utilization of sericulture resources can turn waste into valuable resources and expand the development approaches of sericultural industry.For example,using abundant silkworm excrement to produce chlorophyll is one of the good practices in comprehensive utilization of sericulture resources,which has leading technologies and good economic benefits.In addition to chlorophyll,the products produced from silkworm excrement can be used as the main raw materials of medicine,food,plant growth regulator and cosmetics.For instances,phytol,the important raw material for synthesis of vitamin E and vitamin K,was extracted from silkworm excrement,enabling China to become an important production base of vitamin E and vitamin K.Triacontanol extracted from silkworm excrement is a new crop growth regulator,which can increase the yield of rice and vegetable.Pectin,dietary fiber and carotenoid extracted from silkworm excrement as well can be used as natural raw material in many fields.China is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of silkworm excrement products in the world,which has a development history of about 50 years and generated high export revenue.It is believed that close combination of academic research and industry development is the only way to promote the industrial development of silkworm excrement resources.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Osteodystrophy in Perinatal Cow

    Shen Guoxin;Xue Xiaoling;

    Hydroxyproline is the main component of collagen,accounting for 20% or so of collagen,and metabolic changes in bone collagen directly affect the level of hydroxyproline in the blood.So inspecting the content of hydroxyproline is very important for pathogenesis and prophylactico-therapeutic measures on osteodystrophy of dairy cows.This experiment monitored and studied the change regularity of serum calcium,serum phosphorus and serum free hydroxyproline of perinatal cow in Hebei Province,and discussed a new and early diagnosis way for osteodystrophy.Thus,effective control measures could be implemented before the bone became deformed without any clinical symptom.The paper provided a theoretical foundation for early diagnosis of perinatal cow.

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Aquatic Science

  • Effects of Biomineral Liquid from Spartina alterniflora on Growth,Body Color and Nutritional Components of Ricefield Eels,Monopterus albus

    Zhou Wenzong;Wang Jinqing;Lv Weiguang;

    [Objective]The paper was to develop new fodder additives and to strengthen comprehensive utilization of Spartina alterniflora resources.[Method]The effects of biomineral liquid from S.alterniflora on growth,nutritional components of ricefield eels were studied.[Result](1)0.5%of biomineral liquid had significant effect on weight gain rate,which was 8.37%higher than that in control group(P<0.01).Further supply of biomineral liquid could not increase the weight gain rate.Furthermore,biomineral liquid had no effect on the survival rate of ricefield eels.(2)Ricefield eels had certain changes in body color in the0.5%biomineral liquid group,and some ricefield eels were yellowing.(3)The contents of Cr,Fe,Zn in body of ricefield eels in treatment group were significantly higher than that in control group,but was lower than that in wild eel group,and the content of Se in treatment group was lower than that in control group and wild group(P<0.01).(4)The contents of K,Mg in muscle of ricefield eels in treatment group were higher than those in control group and wild eel group.The contents of ash and Ca in treatment group were close to that in control group but were higher than that in wild eel group.The content of crude fat in treatment group was close to that in wild eel group but was lower than that in control group.The contents of Zn,Se,Ni in treatment group were higher than that in control group and wild eel group,and the contents of Cr,Fe,Cu were close to that in control group and were higher than that in wild eel group(P<0.01).No significant differences were observed in the contents of moisture,crude fat and P among the three groups(P>0.05).[Conclusion]Addition of biomineral liquid from S.alterniflora could speed up the growth of ricefield eels and significantly improve their flesh quality,but had no significant effect on survival rate of ricefield eels.

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  • Growth Characteristics and Resource Evaluation of Sebastes schlegelii in Zhangzidao Artificial Reef Area

    Yin Zengqiang;Lu Wanqiao;Chen Yong;Liu Yonghu;Zhou Shuanlin;Meng Weidong;Yang Jun;Tian Tao;

    [Objective]The paper was to formulate catchable size and total allowable catch of Sebastes schlegelii in Zhangzidao artificial reef area.[Method]Based on analysis of length-weight formula,body length and weight growth equations,and instantaneous mortality rate,the inflection age and critical age of weight growth were calculated,and the biomass of S.schlegelii in Zhangzidao artificial reef area was estimated.[Result]The growth equation of body length was L_t=412.5×[1-e~(-0.21(t+0.65))]and the growth equation of body weight was W_t=1 734.2×[1-e~(-0.21(t+0.65))]~(2.92).The inflection age and critical age for weight growth of S.schlegelii were 4.45 and 4.82 a,respectively.The biomass in Zhangzidao artificial reef area was about 456.8 t.[Conclusion]For S.schlegelii flock in Zhangzidao artificial reef area,the catchable length was about 271.2-281.7 mm,the catchable weight as about 509.4-569.5 g,and the total allowable catch was about 60.43 t.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including

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