Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Distribution and Localization of Gonadotropin-inhibitory Hormone( GnIH ) in the Central Nervous System of Male Luchuan Piglets

    Huo Konglin;Hu Hao;Li Jianhua;Luo Bo;Wang Xiaoye;Li Xun;

    Immunohistochemistry( IHC) and semi-quantitative RT-PCR were used to detect the distribution of GnIH in the central nervous system of 30-day-old male Luchuan piglets,which laid a theoretical basis for in-depth research on physiological functions of GnIH from the perspective of morphology and molecular level. IHC results showed that in central nervous system,GnIH immunoreactive neurons distributed in cerebral cortex,cerebellum,hippocampus,olfactory bulb,pons,midbrain,medulla oblongata and spinal cord of Luchuan piglets,but GnIH-immunoreactive( GnIH-ir) cell bodies employed diversified morphologies with varying sizes. The results of semi-quantitative RT-PCR showed that the expression of GnIH mRNA in medulla oblongata was the highest,followed by midbrain,and the expression of GnIH mRNA in olfactory bulb was the lowest,while those in other tissues were medium. The results of IHC and semi-quantitative RT-PCR were coincident,which further confirmed wide distribution of GnIH in the central nervous system of male Luchuan piglets.

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  • Analysis of Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of White-tibetan Sheep at Different Months of Age

    Zhou Mingliang;Chen Minghua;Wu Weisheng;Xie Rongqing;Jiang Shihai;Yang Pinggui;

    To study the physiological and biochemical indexes of White-tibetan sheep in plateau environment,we measured the physiological and biochemical indexes of White-tibetan sheep at 3,6,9,12,15,18,21 and 24 months of age. The results showed that the body temperature,respiration and heart rate of White-tibetan sheep at 3- 24 months of age were( 38. 89 ± 0. 56)-( 39. 83 ± 0. 32) ℃,( 26. 00 ± 6. 67)-( 58. 64 ± 12. 67) times / min and( 83. 90 ± 7. 64)-( 111. 36 ±7. 46) times/min,respectively. The blood physiological indexes of WBC,HCT and RDW-CV at 3,6,15 and 18 months of age were lower than those at 9,12,21 and 24 months of age. On the contrary,the indexes of RBC,MCV,MCH and MCHC at 3,6,15 and 18 months of age were higher than those at 9,12,21 and 24 months of age,while HGB and PLT did not vary with months of age. For blood biochemical indexes,ALT,AST,TP,ALB,LDH and CHOL reached the maximums at 21 months of age,while ALP,PCHE and GLU reached the maximums at 3 months of age. Besides,the GLO and GA reached the maximums at 18 and 24 months of age,respectively. The physiological and biochemical indexes of White-tibetan sheep followed certain rules in growth and development process,and might be affected by plateau climate and season.

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  • Treatment of Wastewater from Dairy Farm by Coagulation Sedimentation

    Qi Fuli;Li Yongli;Li Biao;Guo Hongbin;Wang Jianxin;

    In order to evaluate the processing efficiency of coagulation sedimentation on wastewater from dairy farm and to provide reference for wastewater treatment,an experimental study was carried out to investigate effects of coagulant dosage,types,pH,dosage of coagulant aids PAM on removal rate of COD,turbidity and SS in wastewater from dairy farm. The results showed that PAC displayed higher effectiveness in treatment; the removal rates of COD,turbidity and SS were61. 4%,86. 6% and 94. 5% respectively when pH was 11. 0,PAC dosage was 150 mg / L,and PAM dosage was 4 mg / L. The results indicated that coagulation sedimentation could reduce organic content of wastewater effectively and alleviate the load of subsequent biochemical treatment.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Two New Identification Methods for Encephalitozoon cuniculi on Tissue Section

    Pan Yaoqian;Li Ruizhen;Song Gaojie;Zhang Zhonghua;Quan Suopei;Fu Yanfang;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to search new identification methods of Encephalitozoon cuniculi on tissue sections. [Method] Using improved Gram staining method and methyl green pyronin staining method,the pathological sections of sick rabbits were stained and identified. [Result]The pathological changes in brain tissue could be clearly observed on sections,but parasites were not examined in pathological brain tissues stained by common staining method. When the pathological section was stained by improved Gram staining method,the pathological changes in brain tissue were not only stained very clearly,but blue parasites were also found in brain tissues. The parasites in epithelioid cells were stained into purple ones by methyl green pyronin staining method. [Conclusion] The improved Gram staining method and methyl green pyronin staining method performed good staining effects of E. cuniculi in pathological sections,which were conducive to rapid diagnosis of encephalitozoonosis in rabbit.

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  • Identification of Gardenoside and Sarsasapogenin from Qingwen Baidu Granules by TLC

    Guo Shijin;Wang Yanping;Zhang Zhimei;Fu shijun;Xu Qianqian;Zhang Ying;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective] We aimed to establish the identification method of gardenoside and sarsasapogenin in Qingwen baidu granules. [Method]With ethyl acetate-acetone-formic acid-water( 10∶7∶2∶0. 5) as the developer and 10% sulfuric acid ethanol solution as the chromogenic reagent,the samples were heated at 100 ℃until the spots were clearly visible,and the existence of gardenoside was checked under natural light. With toluene-acetone( 9∶1) as the developer and 5% vanillin sulfuric acid solution as the chromogenic reagent,the samples were heated at 105 ℃ until the spots were clearly visible,and the existence of sarsasapogenin was checked under natural light. [Result] Qingwen baidu granules had the same spots with gardenoside and sarsasapogenin at the same Rf value under natural light.[Conclusion]A TLC method detecting gardenoside and sarsasapogenin in Qingwen baidu granules was established,which had good specificity and repeatability,suitable for rapid detection of gardenoside and sarsasapogenin.

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  • Nucleic Acid Determination and Risk Assessment of Brucella in Milk Products

    Bai Bi;Fang Ying;Lin Lizhong;Xu Chunzhi;Yang Feng;Chen Hong;Peng Yi;Yuan Cuixia;

    Brucellosis is a worldwide zoonosis caused by Brucella,which poses great threat to human health. Totally 234 milk samples from a scale dairy farm were amplified by nested PCR,and the pathogens were further separated. The results showed that a DNA band of 419 bp was amplified from 18 out of 234 milk samples.Among 18 positive milk samples,nine samples amplified the DNA band of 535 bp,which were B. suis; one sample amplified the DNA bands of 535 bp and 285 bp,which was the mixture of B. suis and B. bovis. The results laid a foundation for prevention and control of brucellosis.

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  • Construction of Live Attenuated Vaccine against Vibrio alginolyticus and the Evaluation on Its Immunoprotection Effect

    Yuan Yonghong;Pang Huanying;Zhou Zejun;Song Dawei;Ding Yu;Jian Jichang;Wu Zaohe;

    Vibrio alginolyticus,a gram-negative bacterium has been described to be one of the most common and economically important aquatic pathogens of fish and shellfish. Vaccine immunization is an effective approach preventing V. alginolyticus infection. Attenuated vaccine stimulates systemic immune response in the host,but few attenuated vaccine against V. alginolyticus is available. The type III secretion system( T3SS),an important pathogenic factor of V. alginolyticus,is used by bacterial pathogens to inject effector proteins into the cytoplasm of their host cells. The T3 SS forms a structure called needle complex with a multi-ring base that spans the bacteria and a needle-like extension that protrudes several nanometers from the bacterial surface. vscO locates at the " needle" site of T3 SS,playing the role of escorting the molecular chaperone and effector proteins into host cells and further inducing the death of host cells. In this paper,an in-frame deletion mutant of vscO was constructed using overlap PCR and homologous recombination technology combining with chloramphenicol( Cm) and sucrose screening. The LD50 changes of ZJ03ΔvscO mutant strains compared with the strain ZJ03 were examined in grouper( Epinephelus coioides). The ZJ03ΔvscO mutant showed about 150 times decrease in virulence in E. coioides compared with wide type ZJ03. After vaccination with ZJ03ΔvscO in E. coioides through injection and immersion,the specific antibody titers were markedly higher than that in the saline control group( P < 0. 05). The titers of injection and immersion group on the forth week reached the maximums at 1∶ 2 048 and 1∶ 128,respectively. The relative percentage survival( RPS) of injection group was 84%,while that in immersion group was 68%.These results indicate that the ZJ03ΔvscO of V. alginolyticus has a high immunogenicity,and can be used as live attenuated vaccine. In addition,RPS may be affected by vaccination and infection methods. This study can provide technical support for controlling fish diseases caused by V. alginolyticus.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Effect of Three Feed Antibiotics Substitutes on Growth Performance and Apparent Nutrient Digestibility of Guangxi Jinling Partridge

    Wei Fengying;Zhou Junhua;He Renchun;Qin Limei;Qin Shishan;Wu Liang;Wen Xinwang;Huang Li;

    Totally 150 individuals of 1-day-old Guangxi Jinling partridges were randomly divided into five groups,30 chickens each group. Chickens in control group were fed with basal diet,while chickens in experimental groups were fed with the diet containing antibiotics,Chinese herbal medicine,probiotics and acidifier. The entire trial lasted 50 d,and growth performance and apparent nutrient digestibility of tested chickens were observed and measured. Compared with control group,the feed gain ratio in experimental groups significantly decreased( P < 0. 05),while that in probiotics group was the lowest. The average daily gain in probiotics group was significantly higher than that in control group or other experimental groups( P < 0. 05). The apparent digestibility of crude protein,crude fat and energy in probiotics group were significantly higher than that in control group or other experimental groups( P < 0. 05). The apparent digestibility of phosphorus,crude fat,crude fiber,calcium and crude protein in antibiotics group were significantly higher than that in control group( P < 0. 05). The apparent digestibility of crude protein,crude fiber and phosphorus in Chinese herbal medicine group were significantly higher than that in control group( P < 0. 05). The apparent digestibility of nutrient in acidifier group were significantly lower than that in control group or other experimental groups( P < 0. 05). Therefore,probiotics had better effects on growth performance and apparent nutrient digestibility of chickens than antibiotics,while Chinese herbal medicine and acidifier had inferior effect than antibiotics.

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  • Effect of Extrusion Temperature on Free Gossypol and Nutritional Components of Cottonseed Meal

    Zhang Qiang;Wu Hongbin;Jin Xinwen;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to study effects of extrusion temperature on free gossypol and nutritional components of cottonseed meal. [Method]Different extrusion temperatures( 90,100,110,120 and 130℃) were designed,and contents of free gossypol and nutritional components in cottonseed meal were determined. [Result]The optimal temperature for extrusion of cottonseed meal was 120℃,the degradation rate of free gossypol no longer increased with the increasing temperature when the temperature exceeded 120℃. The nitrogen solvable index( NSI) in cottonseed meal reduced quickly with the increase of extrusion temperature,and the contents of crude fiber,available lysine and total lysine in cottonseed meal decreased significantly,but the contents of total amino acids and essential amino acid reached maximums at the extrusion temperature of 120℃. The content of branched-chain amino acids also reached a maximum at 120℃. [Conclusion]The extrusion temperature of 120℃ was preferred for lowering free gossypol significantly when maintaining higher nutritional value of cottonseed meal. The paper provided a certain technical basis for extrusion processing of cottonseed meal.

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  • Effect of Shading on Growth and Physiological Characteristics of Alfalfa,Medicago sativa

    Shi Jing;Chen Benjian;Lan Xi;Yin Guoli;Yao Na;Yi Xianfeng;Wei Jinyi;

    In order to select the suitable alfalfa varieties for the shade areas in vineyard of Northwest,four shasing treatments R_0,R_1,R_2,R_3( full light,60% of full light,30% of full light,10% of full light) were set in the experiment to study the growth and physiological characteristics of seven domestic and foreign alfalfa varieties. The results showed that there was a big difference in height of alfalfa among cultivars under shading; leaf area,leaf dry weight and leaf number reduced significantly with the decrease of light intensity( P < 0. 05); relative growth ratio,soluble sugar content,chlorophyll a / b decreased with the increase of shading intensity. The first harvest yield decreased significantly with the increasing shading intensity,AmeriS tand and Queen declined less than others. In summary,the suitable alfalfa cultivars for plantation were Queen,Alfalfa and AmeriS tand in the northwest area where the habitat was similar with the habitat of experimental site,but due to the relativity of shading ability,the shading intensity could not exceed 50%.

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  • Effect of Oregano Carvacrol on Growth Performance of Broiler

    Tao Chunwei;Wei Xiulian;Zhang Juanxia;Liu Chunhai;Du Zhen;Hao Dandan;Li Jinge;

    The product of plant essential oil,oregano carvacrol,was added in the diet of broiler,to study the effect of oregano carvacrol on growth performance of broilers. Using single factor test,190 663 individuals of healthy AA broilers at 0 day old were randomly divided into two groups,eight repeats in control group and four repeats in experimental group. The broilers in control group were fed with basal diet( containing 10 mg / kg enramycin and 60 mg / kg salinomycin sodium),and those in experimental groups were fed with the basal diet adding with 100 mg / kg oregano carvacrol. Compared with control group,the daily gain of broilers in experimental group was increased noticeably by 3. 41 g / broiler( P < 0. 05); the slaughter quality was increased remarkably by 143 g / broiler( P < 0. 05); the survival rate was increased significantly by 3. 01%( P < 0. 05); and the feed gain ratio was reduced markedly by 0. 08( P < 0. 05). The paper provided a theoretical basis for application of oregano carvacrol in broiler production.

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  • Rumen Degradation Regularity of Dry Matter and Crude Protein of Common Roughage in Beef Cattle

    Zhang Ying;Huo Xiaowei;Zhang YaLi;

    Three individuals of Horqin yellow cattle equipped with permanent fistula,weighed( 548 ± 21) kg,were selected as the experimental animals. The rumen degradation characteristics of dry matter( DM) and crude protein( CP) of roughage at 6,12,24,48 and 72 h were measured by nylon bag method. The results showed that the effective degradation rates of DM and CP of alfalfa hay were the highest,while higher contents of rapid degradation part and potential degradation part of DM and CP also resulted in higher degradation rates of DM and CP. The effective degradation rates of CP and DM of roughage presented strong positive correlation with CP,but showed strong negative correlation with neutral detergent fiber( NDF). The effective degradation rates of CP of five roughages successively were alfalfa hay > alfalfa block > ryegrass > silage corn > straw.

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  • Research on Feed for Captive Bonasa bonasia

    Liu Hao;

    The feed formula for Bonasa bonasia at different biological periods are introduced in the paper,in order to provide reference for breeding of B. bonasia.

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  • Research Progress of Extraction Technology and Application of Chemical Substances in Perilla Seed

    Shi Yilin;Gu Xianhong;Mao Wei;Wang Zhanbin;

    Perilla seed is one of the traditional Chinese herbs normally used both as food and medicine for its various functional ingredients such as protein,amino acids,α-linolenic acid,flavones,rosmarinic acid,terpenes,polysaccharides,etc.. Perilla seed is with physiological features in slowing down decrepitude,lowering blood pressure,cholesterol,inhibiting cancer cell differentiation,and improving body immune. The present paper summarized research progress at home and abroad on chemical component analysis,extraction technology and application status of perilla seed in the fields of feed,health care,food and chemical industry in recent years,in order to provide a reference basis for reasonable development of perilla seed.

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Aquatic Science

  • Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Fishery Resources Protection in Tibet

    Zhang Chi;Li Baohai;Gong Junhua;Zhou Jianshe;Pan Yingzi;Wang Wanliang;

    The present situation of fishery resources in Tibet was analyzed in the paper. The corresponding conservation countermeasures aiming at various ecological and social problems of fishery resources in Tibet were put forward,including ex-situ conservation of some rare and endangered fishes,strengthening protection of germplasm resources,establishing special and integrated nature reserves,and constituting environmental monitoring system for rare and special fish resources.Moreover,we should pay equal attention to economic development and environmental protection,strengthen propaganda and research,protect the existing habitat of rare and endangered species,and prevent invasion of alien species,thereby ensuring sustainable development of fishery production.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including

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