Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Application Status,Problems and Countermeasures of Dairy Herd Improvement( DHI) in Dairy Buffalo Industry

    Lin Bo;Li Ling;Tang Yan;Nong Haoru;Zeng Qingkun;

    The development of buffalo milk industry in China encounters the problems of small high yield populations and insufficient excellent provenance. Therefore,it is necessary to carry out dairy herd improvement( DHI) to increase dairy buffalo herd productivity. This paper reviewed the situation and problems of DHI in dairy buffalo,and the corresponding opinions and suggestions were put forward.

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  • Mathematical Representation of Partial Organs Growth in Duck Embryos

    Ji Gaige;Liu Hongxiang;Hu Yan;Tao Zhiyun;Xu Wenjuan;Li Huifang;

    In this study,the ontogeny of body and the growth pattern of heart,brain,liver,lung,gizzard,glandular stomach and spleen of duck embryos were measured from embryonic day 2 to embryonic day 26. The results indicated that the organs development trend of absolute growth and relative growth rate were almost synchrony,and both exhibited increase from embryonic day 20 to embryonic day 22. The whole growth intensity was from strong to weak with age increasing. The results of differentiation growth rate and the relative growth coefficient indicated that the brain and heart was premature while gizzard was serotinous; the liver,gizzard,and spleen occupied the dominant position on embryonic days 16,18 and 26. Therefore,duck embryos growing process was in a wave type state; different organs of duck embryos had different growth and development patterns; the relative growth index could supersede the differentiation growth rate preferably.

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  • Comparative Study on Pig Raising between Bio-bed System and Cement Ground System

    Wang Xiaohong;Yan Linjun;Lu Dexiang;

    In order to conduct the comparison of pig raising under different raising modes,a total of 40 pigs with the weights of 20- 30 kg were randomly divided into two groups( experimental group,fermentation bed; control group,cement ground). During a 81-day-test,pigs in the two groups were fed with same diets,and growth performance of pigs was compared. After the feeding,six pigs of each group were slaughtered in order to examine meat quality. The results showed that average daily gain of pigs in test group was 17. 93% higher than that in control group,difference between the two groups was significant. Feed weight ratio of pigs in test group was 14. 73% lower than that in control group,difference between the two groups was not significant. Color,water loss,drip loss,intramuscular fat,etc. of meat in test group were all better than that in control group,difference of drip loss between the two groups was extremely significant,while differences of color,water loss and intramuscular fat( IMF) between the two groups were not different. Pig raising by bio-bed system could improve growth performance and pork quality comparing with cement ground system.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Detection of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus in Guangxi Province from 2011 to 2014 and Sequence Analysis of Its M Gene

    Lu Bingxia;Qin Yibin;He Ying;Li Yingying;Liang Jiaxing;Li Keyu;Li Bin;Su Qianlian;Zhou Yingning;Jiang Dongfu;Lu Jingzhuan;Bi Bingfen;Liang Baozhong;Duan Qunpeng;Zhao Wu;

    Detection of pigs epidemic diarrhea virus( PEDV) was conducted on 331 piglets diarrhea fecal samples collected in Nanning,Yulin and other 12 areas of Guangxi Province from January of 2011 to April of 2014 by the method of reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction( RT-PCR). The results showed that the positive samples of PEDV were 210 and the positive rate was 63. 44%. The clone and sequencing of M gene was carried out on 25 positive samples. PEDV reference strains were selected from Gene Bank to conduct the sequence homology alignment analysis and the phylogenetic tree of M gene. The M gene homology and amino acid sequence identity between 25 isolated strains and 51 reference strains were 96. 0%- 99. 6% and 94. 3%- 99. 6%,respectively. The genetic variation analysis of M gene showed that the genetic relationship of PEDV prevalent strains in Guangxi Province from 2013 to 2014 was close to that of the prevalent strains in Beijing,Anhui,Wuhan,Hebei and Guangdong from 2010 to 2013,and which were far from that of the Chinese early isolates CH / S( Gen Bank number: JN547228),vaccine strain CV777( Gen Bank number: AF353511) and Attenuated DR13( Gen Bank number: JQ023162). Indicating that the PEDV strains prevalent in Guangxi in recent years showed significant variation with the early isolates.

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  • Species and Biotype Analysis of Brucella Strains Isolated from Cattle and Sheep in Xinjiang

    Yi Xinping;Ma Xiaojing;Ye Feng;Li Hongbo;Liu Liya;Tuerhong Nuer;Zhang Yang;Ma Junjie;Wang Lijian;Zhong Qi;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to understand the epidemiological characteristics of Brucella strains in Xinjiang and then provide an available integrated measure to prevent and control brucellosis. [Method] Eleven suspected Brucella strains were isolated by traditional methods,which were further identified by AMOS-PCR assay. Conventional biochemical tests were carried out to identify the biological subtype of sheep Brucella. [Result]Nine strains were all B. melitensis,and biological test indicated that all of them were B. melitensis biotype 3. [Conclusion]B. melitensis biotype 3 was the predominant strain of Brucella in Xinjiang,and AMOS-PCR assay could be applied safely and quickly as an assistant tool to detect Brucella. The results of molecular epidemiology laid a foundation for updating prevention and control strategy against brucellosis in Xinjiang.

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  • Research Progress of Chinese Herbal Medicine Additives in Layer Breeding

    He Wanling;Li Xiaoli;

    Chinese herbal medicine have dual effects of medicinal value and nutrition regulation. In recent years,antibiotics have been widely forbidden in livestock production,which are inevitably replaced by natural Chinese herbal medicine in livestock breeding. A brief summary of current research progress of Chinese herbal medicine in layer breeding is given in the paper.

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  • Identification of Coptis chinensis and Forsythia suspensa from Qingwen Baidu Granules by TLC

    Guo Shijin;Fu Shijun;Wang Yanping;Zhang Zhimei;Xu Qianqian;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective] The paper was to establish the identification method of Coptis chinensis and Forsythia suspensa in Qingwen baidu granules. [Method]With benzene-ethyl acetate-methanol-isopropanol-concentrated ammonium liquid( 12∶6∶3∶3∶1) as the developer,the samples were outspread in the cylinder with saturated ammonia steam by thin layer chromatography( TLC),and the existence of C. chinensis and berberine hydrochloride was checked under UV lamp. With trichloromethane-methanol( 5∶1) as the developer and 10% sulfuric acid ethanol solution as the chromogenic reagent,the samples were heated at 105 ℃ for 5 min to check the existence of F. suspense under natural light. [Result]Qingwen baidu granules had the same spots with C. chinensis control and berberine hydrochloride at the same Rf value under 365 nm UV lamp; Qingwen baidu granules had the same spots with F. suspensa control at the same Rf value under natural light. [Conclusion] A TLC method detecting C. chinensis and F. suspensa in Qingwen baidu granules was established,which had good specificity and repeatability,suitable for rapid detection of C. chinensis and F. suspensa. It could be well applied to control the quality of Qingwen baidu granule.

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  • The Maximum Tolerance Dose of Shenqi Wuweizi Tablet in Mice

    Ren Chao;Cao Wei;Zhang Wenbo;Zhu Liang;Han Xu;

    Shenqi Wuweizi tablet is a Chinese medicine preparation mainly composed of Codonopsis pilosula,Astragalus membranaceus,Kadsura longipedunculata and Ziziphus jujube with many curative effects. The maximum tolerance dose of Shenqi Wuweizi tablet in mice was studied,and its acute toxicity in mice was explored. The results showed that Shenqi Wuweizi tablet did not cause the death of mice at the maximum dosage and mice did not show toxic reaction,so it could be used in livestock production and clinical veterinary treatment. The study provided a theoretical basis for application of Shenqi Wuweizi tablet in livestock production and clinical veterinary medication safety.

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  • Effect of Shuanghuanglian Propolis Oral Liquid on Immune Function of Broilers

    Yang Limei;Ma Li;Guo Shijin;Xu Qianqian;Shen Zhiqiang;Wang Yanping;Zhang Ying;

    The effects on immune function of broilers was studied by adding different doses of Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water,to provide a theoretical basis for application and promotion of Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid. Ninety one-day-old broilers were randomly divided into three groups: group I was designed as control; groups II and III were added with 0. 5 and 1. 0 m L / L Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water,respectively. Compared with group I,all tested indicators in groups II and III were increased at varying degrees as follows: bursa of fabricius index increased by 5. 74%( P < 0. 05) and7. 66%( P < 0. 05); thymus index increased by 1. 47%( P > 0. 05) and 2. 06%( P < 0. 05); spleen index increased by 5. 88%( P > 0. 05) and 7. 84%( P <0. 05); Newcastle disease virus( NDV) antibody titer increased by 11. 99%( P < 0. 05) and 16. 94%( P < 0. 05); IL-2 content increased by 2. 71%( P > 0. 05)and 4. 52%( P < 0. 05); IL-6 content increased by 4. 04%( P > 0. 05) and 7. 26%( P < 0. 05),respectively. The results showed that adding 0. 5 and 1. 0 m L / L Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water could improve the immune function of broiler and immune effect of ND vaccine.

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  • Multiplex PCR Assay Establishment for Detection of H5,H9 Subtypes Avian Influenza Virus and Duck Tembusu Virus

    Tang Weiguo;Li Haiqin;Fu Guanghua;Huang Yu;Wei Qipeng;

    The paper aimed to establish a rapid multiplex PCR assay for detection of H5,H9 subtype avian influenza virus( VIA) and duck Tembusu virus( DTMUV). According to the HA gene sequences of H5 and H9 AIV and NS5 gene of DTMUV in Gen Bank,three sets of primer specific to these three kinds of viruses were designed,respectively. The multiplex PCR for simultaneous detection of AIV( H5,H9) and DTMUV was established,and was applied in clinical. The specificity and sensitivity of the multiplex PCR were tested. The results showed that the assay could specifically amplify the gene fragments of H5 AIV( 380 bp),H9AIV( 732 bp),and DTMUV( 250 bp),and were all negative for other duck viruses. This method showed the sensitivity of 533 pg / μL for H5 AIV,56 pg / μL for H9,and 6. 6 ng / μL for DTMUV. Additionally,the detection results of 200 clinical samples indicated that this multiplex PCR method was a rapid,sensitive and specific tool for clinical sample detection.

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Aquatic Science

  • Attaching Organism Community Characteristics of Different Surface Treatments on Artificial Reef Templates Inshore of Yuanzhou Island

    Wang Lianlian;Chen Pimao;Feng Xue;Li Xiaoguo;Luo Hongxia;

    In order to understand the biological community characteristics of different surface treatments of artificial reef templates,which had been placed on the offshore,Yuanzhou island,Daya Bay. Sampling survey was taken in August of 2014. The results showed that 39 species of fouling organisms were collected and identified,Ostrea nigromarginata has attached the absolute position of the dominant species; Through the concrete block surface treatment has a better biofouling effect,and red brick,granite plates and no-surface-treated concrete template attached biomass and abundance of organisms were very low; Biomass and abundance indices and ecological indices do not show a certain degree of regularity.

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  • Fault Diagnosis System for Aquaculture Networking Based on Neural Network

    Liu Yanzhong;Pan Caixia;Chen Yingyi;Sun Chuanren;Wang Limin;

    In view of existing problems at current aquaculture networking,such as nonlinear characteristic of fault and faults are easily affected by many factors,a fault diagnosis model based on neural network was proposed. In the building process of the model,the common fault types in the field of aquaculture networking were first analyzed and the types of fault mode were summarized. Afterwards,the evaluation indices of fault diagnosis were made,and eventually the fault diagnosis system of aquaculture networking was constructed using neural network principle. The fault diagnosis system could not only reduce the communication burden,but also have high diagnostic rate. Thus,it could be well applied in the fault diagnosis system for aquaculture networking.

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  • Rearing Test of Ictalurus punctatus in Cold Plateau Zone

    Zhang Chi;Zhang Liheng;Zhou Jianshe;Gong Junhua;Tashi Lahm;Wang Wanliang;Li Baohai;

    Three ponds with the areas of 800,1 000 and 1 000 m2 were settled in Yambajan aquaculture base for rearing test of Ictalurus punctatus in plateau zone.The results showed that as 30 000 fries were released,19 830 fingerlings of I. punctatus were obtained after 270 d rearing,with the average body length of 21. 2 cm,the average body weight of 216. 5 g,the survival rate of 66. 1%,and the fingerling harvest of 4 293. 2 kg. Thus,it is effective and feasible to rear I. punctatus with residual heat resources of power plants in cold plateau zone.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Characterization of β-1,4-D-mannanase Produced by Bacillus subtilis MSJ-5

    Wang Mei;Shi Jing;Tan Deshui;Xu Yu;Cui Rongzong;Jiang Lihua;

    Properties of enzyme production of a Bacillus subtitles strain( MSJ-5) isolated from soil were studied in the test. Enzyme production reached the peak when MSJ-5 being cultured in fermentation medium for 32 h. β-1,4-D-mannanase was the main component of crude enzyme solution,test results showed that the optimal reaction temperature of the enzyme was 50 ℃,the optimum reaction p H was 7. 0,and the enzyme was stable when p H was 5. 0- 7. 0. Hydrolysis test results showed that β-1,4-D-mannanase produced by MSJ-5 had significant viscosity reduction effects on Konjak mannan,and the major hydrolysis product was mannan oligosaccharide. The results indicated that β-1,4-D-mannanase produced by B. subtilis MSJ-5 had application potential in feed ingredients and functional oligosaccharides industry.

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  • Optimization of Cottonseed Meal De-gossypol Process by Extrusion via Genetic Algorithm Based on Artificial Neural Network

    Zhang Qiang;Wu Hongbin;Jin Xinwen;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to optimize cottonseed meal de-gossypol process by extrusion. [Method]The artificial neural network( ANN) was used to stimulate the degradation of free gossypol in cottonseed meal by extrusion process,and a three-layer back propagation neural network was established to predict the degradation of free gossypol. [Result] The result of 10-fold cross validation showed that the ANN with the training function as traingdx at hidden layer with eight neurons gave the smallest mean square error( MSE). ANN predicted results were very close to the experimental results with correlation coefficient( R2) of0. 994 1 and RMSE of 0. 497 1. A genetic algorithm( GA) based on the established neural network model was also used for optimizing de-gossypol process. The results of GA showed that the optimal conditions of de-gossypol were puffing temperature 131℃,water ratio 51%,rotational speed 158 r / min,and feeding speed 136 kg / h,while under this condition the degradation rate of free gossypol was 90. 50%,which was close to the predicted result of GA with the small average relative error of 1. 38%. [Conclusion]These results suggested that the GA based on a neural network model might be an excellent tool for optimizing cottonseed meal de-gossypol process.

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  • Detection of Lactobacillus acidophilus in Fermented Material by Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR

    Guo Zihao;Fang Hua;Xia Zhisheng;Zhu Xiaoshi;Sun Zhongchao;Yu Hanli;Xia Jiaji;

    The species distinctive PCR primer of Lactobacillus acidophilus( L. acidophilus) was designed according to 16 S rRNA gene sequences of common Lactobacillus species in fermented material. Bacterial genome DNA of separated L. acidophilus in fermented sample was taken as template,and L. acidophilus in fermented material was conducted the quantitative determination by real-time quantitative PCR( RT-PCR). Analysis on RT-PCR results shown that contents of L. acidophilus in the test sample reached 1. 5 billion CFU / g. Test results shown that contents of L. acidophilus in fermented material could be detected accurately by the established RT-PCR method in the test,indicating that the established RT-PCR method could be applied to the detection of L. acidophilus in fermented material.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Determination on Blood Physiological Parameters of Apodemus agrarius

    Zhu Xianbing;Jin Zhimin;Yang Changyu;

    The study was conducted to investigate the characteristics of blood physiological parameters of Apodemus agrarius( A. agrarius). Blood physiological parameters of 10 A. agrarius( half male and half female) were determined by automated hematology analyzer. Results showed that difference of A. agrarius hematokrit( HCT) between male and female was significant( P <0. 05),and differences of all the other blood physiological parameters between male and female were not significant( P > 0. 05). In the study,blood physiological reference value of A. agrarius was set up,which provided a basis for the bio-research and prophylaxis and treatment of A. agrarius.

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  • Effects of Exogenous Hormone on Fecundity of Sliver Fox

    Liu Hao;

    The paper aimed to study the effects of exogenous hormone on fecundity of silver fox. Vixens were timely injected with appropriate exogenous hormones at proper ratio to increase their ovulation and litter size,thereby improving the fecundity of silver fox. The average litter size in experimental group attained by 5. 86 to 6. 0 whelps,1. 61- 1. 75 whelps more than that in the control group. The hormone combination in the experimental group was high in performance / price ratio,which had no significant impact on fecundity of vixens in future.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about

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