Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Tibetan Sheep at Different Months of Age

    Zhou Mingliang;Jiang Shihai;Chen Minghua;Yang Pinggui;Wu Weisheng;Xie Rongqing;

    To study the changes in physiological and biochemical indexes of Tibetan sheep from the plateau area at different months of age,we measured the physiological and biochemical indexes of Tibetan sheep reared in Hongyuan County of Sichuan Province according to their growth stages. The results showed that the respiration,body temperature and heart rate of Tibetan sheep at 3- 24 months of age were( 24. 60 ± 6. 33)-( 50. 30 ± 21. 18) times / min,( 39. 14 ± 0. 28) ℃-( 39. 64 ± 0. 17) ℃ and( 91. 00 ± 13. 27)-( 112. 00 ± 8. 69) times/min,respectively. The blood physiological indexes of Tibetan sheep including white blood cell count( WBC),hematocrit( HCT) and red blood cell distribution width coefficient of variation( RDW- CV) at 3,6,15 and 18 months of age were relatively lower than those at 9,12,21 and 24 months of age. The blood physiological indexes including red blood cell count( RBC),mean corpuscular capacity( MCV),mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration( MCHC) and mean corpuscular hemoglobin( MCH) at 3,6,15 and 18 months of age were relatively higher than those at 9,12,21 and 24 months of age,while hemoglobin( HGB) and platelet count( PLT) did not vary with months of age. For blood biochemical indexes,alanine aminotransferase( ALT),albumin( ALB),globulin( GLO) and total cholesterol( CHOL) reached the maximum values at 21 months of age; alkaline phosphatase( ALKP),lactate dehydrogenase( LDH),blood glucose( GLU) and pseudocholinesterase( PCHE) reached the maximum values at 3 months of age;and total calcium( CA),total protein( TP),aspartate aminotransferase( AST) reached the maximum values at 9,18 and 24 months of age,respectively.

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  • Effects of Fleckvieh on the Performance of Dual-Purpose Cattle Improved by Hybridization with Local Beef Cows

    Wang Linfeng;Yang Gaiqing;Lian Hongxia;Yan Ping;Liu Xian;Liu Yan;Wang Wenhui;Zhu Ruiguang;Li Ming;Yang Guoyu;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to study the improved effect of local beef cattle with Fleckvieh cattle and provide theoretical basic data for local cattle industry in central plain agricultural area in China. [Method] With 500 local beef cattle as female parents and Fleckvieh cattle as male parents,hybridization improvement was conducted via artificial insemination. The growth performance,slaughter performance,milk performance and milk components of F1 and F2 hybrids were measured. [Result] The birth body weights of F2 were significantly higher than those of local beef cow,but there was no remarkable difference between F1 and local beef cow or F1 and F2. The growth rates of F1 and F2 at different stages were higher than those of local beef cattle. The slaughter performance,such as carcass weight( P < 0. 05),dressing percentage,net meat rate( P < 0. 05),marbling score of F1 and F2 were higher than those of local beef cow. Milk production performance,such as actual milk yield,305 d corrected milk yield and 4% standard milk yield of F2 were signally higher than those of F1 and local beef cattle( P< 0. 05),and F1 was markedly higher than local beef cattle( P < 0. 05). For milk composition,although milk fat percentage,milk protein rate,lactose rate and total solids( TS) of F1 and F2 were slightly lowered compared with local beef cattle at varying degrees,they were still at high levels compared with Holstein cows.[Conclusion]Fleckvieh cattle,as a male parent,can significantly improved growth performance,slaughter performance and milk performance of offsprings. It would also increases the economic efficiency of local beef cattle by higher quality and price,as well as changing production model from beef to dual purpose of beef and milk.

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Aquatic Science

  • Phylogenetic Analysis of Cynoglossidae in the Yangtze Estuary Based on Partial Sequence of Mitochondrial CO Ⅰ

    Song Chao;Yu Yanan;Zhang Tao;Yang Gang;Zhang Longzhen;

    To determine the role of mitochondrial COⅠgene in classification and identification of species,a total of 39 single individuals from nine species pertaining to two genera of Cynoglossidae in the Yangtze Estuary were barcoded by COⅠ,sequenced and compared with that of other Cynoglossidae species recorded in the Gen Bank. Total genomic DNA was extracted from each scale sample using the classic phenol / chloroform extraction method. Six hundred and fifty base pairs( bp)COⅠfragments were amplified using the primers 'i. e. ' F1: 5'- TCA ACC AAC CAC AAA GAC ATT GGC AC- 3',R1: 5'- TAG ACT TCT GGG TGG CCA AAG AAT CA- 3'. Every PCR amplification was performed in a total volume of 50 μL of PCR mixture. PCR products were purified and then sequenced in both forward and reverse directions using an ABI PRISMTM 3730 XL Automated Sequencer. DNA sequences were aligned with clustal W using default parameters. Base composition,variable and parsimony informative sites were determined using MEGA 5. 0. Neighbor- joining( NJ) and Maximum parsimony( MP) phylogenetic trees were constructed for COⅠhaplotypes( Kimura 2 Parameter substitution model,K2P; 1 000 bootstraps pseudoreplications) using MEGA 5. 0. Using the MEGA5. 0 software for statistical analysis,the averaged AT content was greater than the GC content( Tab. 2). The GC content of codon position 1 averaged 53. 8%( 51. 8%-57. 3%),which of position 2 for 42. 0%,and that of position 3 ranged from 28. 1% to 37. 8% in average of 32. 4%( Tab. 4). The transitional pairs( si) was slightly more than the transversional pairs( sv),and the ratio( R = si/sv) was 1. 45( Tab. 3). Analysis of the frequency of amino acids in COⅠgene encoding protein showed that the highest frequency of amino acid was leucine,and the lowest frequency of amino acid was tryptophan( Tab. 5). The average K2 P distances pairwise-species and within-species were 0. 191 and 0. 003,respectively( Tab. 6). The K2 P distance pairwise-species was 63. 7 times of that within-species. According to the MP and NJ trees for all 39 sequences,it demonstrated that Cynoglossinae in the Yangtze Estuary was a monophyletic group( Fig. 1). However,the phylogenetic relationships revealed by the COⅠsequence analyses were not consistent with those inferred from morphological classification. In contrast to morphological classification,Paraplagusis japonica of Rhinoplagusia and Cynoglossus robustus of Cynoglossoides were placed in a same clade with support of a high bootstrap value( Fig. 1). The species in the sub-genera of Areliscus clustered on an independent branch. But synonymic phenomena existed in the following two groups of species: C. abbreviatus and C. purpureomaculatus,C. lighti and C. joyner,with the pairwise-species of 0. 002 and 0. 007,respectively( Tab. 6). Our results highlight that the information from COⅠsequences not only can filter out the synonym of the same species,but also be able to be used to carry out effective identification for Cynoglossidae species,which further shows that mitochondrial COⅠis feasible as the classification barcode.

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  • Effect of Different Diet Combinations on WSSV Load and Survival Rate of Fenneropenaeus chinensis Larvae

    Xiao Guangxia;Meng Xianhong;Kong Jie;Cao Baoxiang;Liu Ning;Zhang Qingwen;Luo Kun;Li Zhanjun;

    Using microalgae( SA),artificial feed( AF),Brachionus plicatilis( BP) and brine shrimp larvae( BS),four diets including SA + AF,SA + AF + BP,SA + AF + BS and SA + AF + BP + BS were formulated and used to rear Fenneropenaeus chinensis larvae. The fertilized eggs fed with SA + AF were divided into disinfection group with iodophor and untreated group,and the fertilized eggs fed with other diets were all disinfected with iodophor. The survival rates,body weight and WSSV load of post larvae at each stage were compared. The results showed that there was no significant difference in the survival rate of prawns at the N-Z stage by feeding with different diets( P > 0. 05),but the survival rate of prawns fed with BP was higher than others( P < 0. 01) at the Z-P stage. The body weight of post larvae( P10) fed with SA + AF + BP was less than that fed with SA + AF + BP + BS( P <0. 01). The WSSV load of prawns( 10. 52 ±3. 3 copies/ng DNA) fed with SA + AF were significantly lower than that of other treatments( P < 0. 05) at the P10 stage. During the P11- P60 stage,four kinds of diets,including Ruditapes philippinarum foot muscle( CF) + artificial feed( AF),R. philippinarum foot muscle radiated by60 Co γ-ray( RCF) + artificial feed( AF),potassium permanganate-disinfected R. philippinarum foot muscle( DCF) + artificial feed( AF) and artificial feed( AF),were used to feed prawns. The prawns fed with CF + AF gained the greatest increase of body weight and body length,but had no significant difference with that fed with AF( P > 0. 05); prawns fed with CF + AF and AF had significant difference with the other two groups( P < 0. 05). The survival rates of prawns fed with four different diets had no significant difference with each other( P > 0. 05). WSSV artificial infection test showed that the accumulated mortality of prawns fed with four diets were higher than 90%,and the difference was not significant( P > 0. 05).

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  • Effects of Morphological Traits on Total Weight of Clam Meretrix lamarchii

    Zhang Jiali;Wang Qingheng;Deng Yuewen;Du Xiaodong;

    Clam Meretrix lamarchii is delicious seafood with high economic value. The M. lamarchii in present market is mainly collected from wild population due to the lack of large-scale artificial seed production. In 2013,we carried out the artificial seedling exploration of M. Lamarchii. The current study utilized several statistical methods to analyze the effects of morphological traits on M. Lamarchii,which may provide knowledge for clam quality seedlings breeding work. The samples of M. Lamarchii were randomly sampled from Donghai Island,Zhanjiang. Shell length( SL),shell width( SW),shell height( SH),ligament length( Li L),lunule length( Lu L) and total weight( TW) of two-year-old M. Lamarchii were measured. A correlation coefficient matrix was constructed based on the results,where the total weight was set as the dependent variable and others as independent variables. Path coefficient and correlation index were calculated,and the major phenotypic characters were determined. The results showed that all the correlation coefficients between independent variables and dependent variable were significant( P < 0. 01),with an exception of the lunule length( P > 0. 05). The effects of the shell length,shell width,and shell height on the total weight were significant( P < 0. 01),and the shell length had dominant effect on the weight as a key effective factor. The multiple regression equation between the weight and the other traits was established as Y_W=- 126. 784 + 1. 249X_(SL)+ 2. 036X_(SW)+ 0. 911 X_(SH),where YWis total weight,X_(SL),X_(SW)and X_(SH)are the shell length,shell width and shell height,respectively. The current study may contribute to the artificial breeding of the species.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Effects of Low Protein Diets on Nutrient Digestibility and Excretion in Finishing Pigs

    Hu Qin;Zhu Jianping;Liu Chunxue;Hong Ping;Du Li;Cheng Yufei;Fan Xueliang;Zhou Yanmin;Li Linfeng;Wen Chao;

    The experiment was conducted to study the effects of low protein diets on nutrient digestibility and excretion of finishing pigs. For the 30-d trial,fortytwo duroc × landrace × yorkshire( DLY) finishing pigs with the initial weight of( 91. 13 ± 1. 64) kg were randomly divided into two groups,with three replicates in each group. The pigs in the two groups were fed with different crude protein( CP) levels( control groups: 15. 49% and low protein groups: 12. 59%). The results showed that:( 1) The digestibility of dry matter and crude fat( CF) in low protein groups were increased significantly( P < 0. 01),but there were no significant differences in digestibility among CP,calcium( Ca) and phosphorus( P);( 2) The digestibility of arginine( Arg) in low protein groups were 2. 02%( P <0. 05) lower than that in control groups. However,the digestibility of other amino acid were no difference between two groups;( 3) The nitrogen( N) excretion in low protein groups was 23. 96%( P < 0. 05) lower than that in control groups,but there were no significant differences in excretion among organic matter,P and Ca( P > 0. 05). The results showed that 2. 9% reduction of the CP in diets could improve nutrient digestibility and reduce the excretion of N,but reduced the digestibility of Arg.

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  • Effects of Dietary Carbohydrate Sources on Daily Weight Gain and Digestive Enzyme Activities of Juvenile Peanut Worm(Sipunculus nudus)

    Zhang Qin;Xu Mingzhu;Tong Tong;Dong Lanfang;

    In the study,glucose,sucrose,dextrin,tapioca starch,potato starch,corn starch and gelatinized corn starch were selected to make the diets with same nitrogen and lipid,and Juvenile peanut worms( Sipunculus nudus) were fed with the diets came from different carbohydrate sources,effects of diets with different carbohydrate sources on daily weight gain and digestive enzyme activities of S. nudus were studied. Results showed that diets with different carbohydrate sources had significant influences on daily weight gain and digestive enzyme activities of S. nudus( P < 0. 05). Daily weight gain in gelatinized corn starch group was significantly higher than that in other groups( P < 0. 05); daily weight gain in glucose group was significantly lower than that in other groups( P < 0. 05); daily weight gain in the three ungelatinized starch groups was significantly higher than that in glucose,sucrose and dextrin groups( P < 0. 05). Analysis of digestive enzyme activities showed that dietary carbohydrate sources had significant influences on digestive enzyme activities of S. nudus( P < 0. 05). Protease activities and amylase activities of S. nudus in sucrose group were the highest,which were significantly higher than that in the other groups( P < 0. 05); lipase activities of S. nudus in glucose group were the lowest,which were significantly lower than that in other groups( P < 0. 05). In conclusion,growth-promoting effects of macromolecules carbohydrates( starch) were better than that of disaccharide( sucrose) and monosaccharide( glucose),which of gelatinized starch were better than that of ungelatinized starch.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Application Progress of Recombinant Attenuated Listeria monocytogenes in Tumor Immunotherapy

    Yin Xiaojiao;Bai Lin;Yang Xu;

    Much progress of application of bacterial vaccine in treatment and prevention of tumor was acquired,which showed broad prospect in clinical study of animals and humans. Listeria monocytogenes( L. monocytogenes) was considered much important by virtue of its special characteristic of biology and immunology.L. monocytogenes was ingested by professional or part-time phagocytes,survived and proliferated in the phagocytes under synergism of toxic factor secreted by itself,meanwhile,the cellular and humoral immune response was induced. Antigenic gene of specific tumor was loaded in the attenuated L. monocytogenes,which can enhance immune response of host cells. Effective cell targeted to enter tumor tissue and acted on tumor cells to induce apoptosis of tumor cells. Tumor degenerated not easy to reappear. Therefore,recombinant attenuated L. monocytogenes was a safe and effective anti-cancer vaccine vector. Now the work of researchers mainly focuses on solving practical problem in clinical application. Biological characteristics of L. monocytogenes,feasibility and superiority of L. monocytogenes as targeted vaccine vector,problem and prospect of L. monocytogenes in clinical application of anti-tumor were reviewed in this paper.

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  • Suicide Vector Construction of Haemophilus parasuis hhd B Gene Marker-free Deleted

    Song Shuai;Li Miao;Li Yan;Jiang Zhiyong;Cai Rujian;Yang Dongxia;Li Chunling;

    To construct the suicide vector of hhd B gene marker-free mutant in Haemophilus parasuis( HPS),two pairs of specific primers were designed and synthesized according to the hhd B gene upstream and downstream sequences of HPS published in Gen Bank. The hhd B gene upstream and downstream sequences were amplified by PCR,which were further ligated( hhd B-up + down) through overlapping PCR method. NotⅠand SalⅠrestriction enzyme sites were introduced on both ends of the ligated sequence. After the corresponding digestion,the hhd B-up + down sequence was directionally cloned to the suicide plasmid vector p EMOC2. Results showed that the suicide vector of hhd B gene marker-free deleted( p EMOC2Δhhd B) with stable inheritance in E. coli β2155 strain was successfully obtained,thereby laying the foundation for construction of HPS-hhd B gene marker-free mutant strain.

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  • Identification of Brucella melitensis and Molecular Cloning of Its BP26 Gene into p ET24a(+) Vector

    Feng Ying;Wang Yu;Zhao Shihua;Gao Wa;Zhan Shubai;Chen Wei;

    Brucella spp. are pathogenic to humans and domestic animal. Nowadays,there is no effective vaccine and control strategy in China. So,it is necessary to research effective vaccines for prevention and treatment of this disease. In order to deal with these,we isolated and identified the type of Brucella in Darhan Muminggan Joint Banner and Siziwang Banner of Inner Mongolia. Totally 26 samples of sheep blood which were positive in serological test,one sample of spleen from aborted and one sample of secretion from birth canal were isolated,and the 16 S r DNA genes of positive samples were sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis proved that there were four isolates similar to B. melitensis. As an important diagnostic antigens of B. melitensis,the BP26 gene was amplified. The BP26 gene was cloned into vector p ET24a( +) and conducted sequence analysis. The BP26 gene was 900 bp,with an open reading frame of 753 bp. The homology of BP26 gene with the vaccine strain M5 was 100%,and that with S2 and A19 vaccine strains was 99. 99%. These finding supported the development of BP26-based specific serodiagnostic test and vaccine for B. melitensis in China.

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  • Preparation and Application on the Inactivated Bacterins of Yellow and White Scour of Piglets

    Fan Jianhua;Hu Hui;Hu Yan;Xu Bu;

    Pathogenic Escherichia coli strains were isolated from yellow and white scour samples in pig farms. The strains were used to make autologous inactivated bacterins,and the bacterins were applied to multiple infected farms. The results showed that in the group of inactivated bacterins,the infected piglet number was less,the course of disease was shorter and the symptoms was milder. The piglet E. coli inactivated bacterins could significantly reduced morbidity of yellow and white scour of piglets,the preventive effects of E. coli autologous inactivated bacterins against yellow and white scour of piglets were much better than that of genetically engineered vaccines.

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  • Effect of Oxytropis glabra DC. Poisoning on α-Mannosidase(AMA) Expression in Mice Brain Tissue

    Wang Shuai;Jia Qizhen;Zhang Ling;Chen Genyuan;Ma Chunhui;

    The effect of Oxytropis glabra DC. on α-mannosidase( AMA) expression in mice brain tissue was explored to reveal the toxicity mechanism of O. glabra. Forty mice were randomly divided into four groups,namely control group,experimental group I,experimental group II and experimental group III. The mice in three experimental groups were fed with O. glabra at the doses of 1,5 and 10 g per kilogram weight,respectively. After challenge for 63 d,mice brains were collected to detect changes in distribution and expression of AMA in different brain regions. The results showed that O. glabra poisoning led to declined AMA mRNA expression in mice brain tissue,but the mice in experimental group I had no significant difference with those in control group( P > 0. 05). The AMA mRNA expression in cerebellum,cerebrum and thalamus of mice in experimental groups II and III were significantly lower than that in control group( P < 0. 05),but the AMA mRNA expression in hippocampus and brainstem in three experimental groups had no significant difference with that in control group( P > 0. 05). AMA had very weak expression in hippocampus and brainstem,but it had expressions in other regions,and the expression was positively correlated with the number of neurons and granulosa cells. The results showed that different doses of O. glabra reduced AMA mRNA expression in mice brain tissue,while cerebellum,cerebrum and thalamus were the main target function areas.

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  • Morphological Comparison and Composition Analysis of Wild and Farmed Eucheuma gelatinae in Hainan Province

    Hou Ping;Li Ming;Chen Dongmei;Ma Jun;

    The morphology and compositions of wild and farmed Eucheuma gelatinae in Hainan Province were compared. The results showed that wild E. gelatinae had greater frond,with more and longer branches. The main compositions of wild and farmed E. gelatinae were carbohydrates composed of dietary fiber and soluble sugars. The wild E. gelatinae had higher soluble sugar content than farmed E. gelatinae,while farmed E. gelatinae had higher dietary fiber and carrageenan yield.Both of wild and farmed E. gelatinae had advantages and disadvantages,and we could choose the best raw materials according to the actual application.

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  • Study on Biological Characteristics of Livestock Eperythrozoon

    Peng Haisheng;Xie Minghua;Mu Qionghua;

    Based on the study of infection and morphological characteristics of 12 kinds of livestock Eperythrozoon,disinfection test by drugs in vitro,disinfection test by ultraviolet light,Eperythrozoon survival test at different times and temperatures,drug sensitivity test and clinical treatment of infected swines were carried out on Eperythrozoon suis and Eperythrozoon wenyonii to further study the biological characteristics. Test results showed that infection level of livestock Eperythrozoon was high,while morbidity was low. Eperythrozoon suis and Eperythrozoon wenyonii could survive for 1 year at 3- 5 ℃,180 d at 16- 26 ℃ and 30 min at- 20 ℃,while which died instantly at 65 ℃. Eperythrozoon was sensitive to general chemical disinfection drugs,while not sensitive to ultraviolet light disinfection. Transmission of Eperythrozoon mainly included contagious transmission and vertical transmission. Results of drug sensitivity test showed that Eperythrozoon was sensitive to Tetracycline and antigen insect drugs. Sizes and shapes of different livestock Eperythrozoon were different. The study provided a scientific basis for the effective prevention and treatment of livestock Eperythrozoonosis.

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  • Research Progress of Ig Y Application in Immunoassay

    Zhang Jingjing;

    Immunoglobulin of yolk( IgY) is the major antibody in birds,reptiles and amphibian,which is generally extracted from yolk of immunized hen,with a biological role similar to mammal Ig G. Compared with IgG,IgY has many significant characters. It is extensively applied in production of polyclonal antibodies against various antigens,immunoassay and immunotherapy,and many medical areas in both animals and human. This article summarized research progress of IgY application in immunoassay.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Artificial Nursing Procedure Establishment for Infant Rhesus Monkeys

    Wang Hong;Si Wei;Zhou Yin;Chen Lixian;

    Rhesus monkey can not achieve natural delivery due to various reasons,and cesarean section becomes an important midwifery to get infant monkeys. After caesarean section,the pregnant monkey is weak and postoperative wound pain,so it can not personally feed infant monkeys which must be artificially fed. Thus,establishing suitable feeding management program is very important for improving survival rate of infant rhesus monkey and maintaining good health. We summarized food preparation method for infant rhesus monkeys as well as temperature setting and light control,and established the nursing program for newborn infant monkey and daily management process for infant monkeys.

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Grassland Science

  • Environmental Conditions of Barchan Dune and Barchan Chain-A Case Study from the Hexi Desert Area of Gansu

    Chang Zhaofeng;Wang Qiangqiang;Zhang Jianhui;Xi Junqiang;Wang Qi;Zhang Dekui;Tang Jinnian;Zhang Huiwen;

    [Objective] The paper was to discuss why the top of tall barchan dunes and barchan chains widespread in single prevailing wind area had not been leveled by wind erosion. [Method] Based on the preliminary survey of distribution status,the morphological characteristics and environmental conditions of barchan dunes and barchan chains in Hexi desert area of Gansu were investigated in details. The significance of difference between samples and significance of correlation between indicators were examined via variance test. [Result] Barchan dunes and barchan chains in Hexi desert area of Gansu distributed at the leeward direction of desert fringe,generally in patch distribution. The distribution area was gravelly beach or cohesive gravel beach,with broader dune slack; winds in distribution area of barchan dunes and barchan chains blew obviously from one direction,while winds at other directions were light or occasionally strong but with low frequency;the barchan dune in the desert fringe of Hexi desert area of Gansu was relatively tall,while barchan chain was even more taller and larger. Coincidence or separation of the dune peak and the sand ridge might be related to distribution frequency of dominant prevailing wind or wind at opposite direction and the observation seasons.[Conclusion]Studying top stability of barchan dune has an important academic value in revealing blowing sand movement rule at desert fringe,invasion of sand flow,and expansion of desert.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including aspects of genetics and breeding,reproduction,physiology,biochemistry,nutrition,

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