Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Expression Specificity of Hepatic IGF-1mRNA and Its Correlation with Body Weight During Early Development of Ducks

    Liu Hongxiang;Ji Gaige;Hu Yan;Song Chi;Song Weitao;Li Huifang;

    Gaoyou and Jinding ducks with different growth rates were selected to conduct the test,and a comparative study was carried out on the expression pattern of liver insulin-like growth factor 1( IGF-1) mRNA and its correlation with body weight in the early embryonic stage and hatching stage. The expression pattern of hepatic IGF-1mRNA of ducks at embryonic ages of 13,17,21,25,27 and 0- 7 days after hatching were monitored by real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR. The results showed that expression of duck hepatic IGF-1 mRNA could be detected at the embryonic age of 13. Body weight and hepatic IGF-1 mRNA expression of ducks both showed an increasing trend during the early development. The expression of hepatic IGF-1 mRNA of Gaoyou ducks at embryonic ages of 13,21 and on the 7thday after hatching was extremely significantly higher than that of Jinding ducks( P < 0. 01),which was consistent with the changes of daily weight gain and absolute growth rate. The changes of daily weight gain and hepatic IGF-1 mRNA expression both showed extremely significant specificity of the breeds and time during the entire observation( P < 0. 01),and which was extremely significantly affected by the interaction of the breeds and time( P < 0. 01). The analysis on breeds and gender manifested that the change of body weight was consistent with that of hepatic IGF-1 mRNA expression,which showed an extremely significant positive correlation( P < 0. 01). The results indicated that hepatic IGF-1 mRNA expression played an important role during the early development of ducks.

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  • Ecological Scale Breeding Technique of Local Chickens

    Xu Guoqing;Wang Changqing;Han Shuying;

    Developing ecological scale breeding of local chickens with natural conditions,such as forest lands,grass lands,orchards and mulberry fields,not only can improve the quality of poultry products and the production benefits of chicken breeding,but also can develop and use local chicken germplasm effectively and promote their breed protection and industrialization. From integration and application of breed selection,breeding management,nutrient regulation,grass planting and grazing,a new ecological scale breeding technique of local chickens is proposed.

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  • Effects on Feeding Goats with Pennisetum.purpureum Schum cv.Taiwan

    Yao Na;Wei Jinyi;Fang Zhishan;Liu Deyu;

    A total of 30 Nubian adult goats were randomly divided into three groups,with 10 goats in each group. The goats in different groups were fed with pennisetum. purpureum Schum cv. Taiwan,[P. Purpureum. cv. Mott ×( P. americanum × P. purureum) cv. Guimu No. 1] and P. purpureum cv. Southern China respectively. In the 60-days-test,the nutritional value of the forages,the intake,growth and economic benefits of the goats were determined and analyzed. The results showed that,the weight gain of the goats feeding with P. purpureum Schum cv. Taiwan was remarkable,with the daily weight gain reaching( 144. 44 ±17. 80) g,which were 32. 37% and 88. 48% higher than the control groups. The feed reward in P. purpureum Schum cv. Taiwan group was the highest,with feed conversion rate of 19. 10∶1 and the significant economic benefits. On the whole,P. purpureum Schum cv. Taiwan with a high nutritional value and a good palatability was a kind of excellent forages for goats.

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  • Confinement and Semi-confinement Raising Fattening Technology of Yaks in Agricultural Areas of Tibet

    Bao Yuhong;Feng Ke;Qu Guangpeng;DunZhuJiaCai;Wang Jiu;Liao Yangci;Shen Muyou;

    In the study,confinement and semi-confinement raising fattening technology of yaks in agricultural areas of tibet were analyzed. And several suggestions for improving the efficiency of yak raising were put forward. Aiming at providing the reference of healthy raising and sustainable development of yaks in the agricultural areas of tibet.

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Aquatic Science

  • Ecological Characteristics of Phytoplankton in Qinhuangdao Waters during Red Tide Period

    Mu Jiandong;Zheng Xiangrong;Zhao Zhenliang;Fu Zhong;Wu Xinmin;Xi Yanjuan;Zhao Chunlong;

    The spatio-temporal distribution of phytoplankton is influenced by physical and chemical factors such as water temperature,salinity,dissolved oxygen,Ph and nutrients.Nitrogen(N) and phosphorus(P) are essential for the growth of phytoplankton,which play a key role in determining the abundance of phytoplankton.The species composition,community similarity and diversity of phytoplankton affect the structure and function of ocean ecosystems.Marine phytoplankton can be used as a rapid and sensitive indicator reflecting environmental changes.The offshore area of Qinhuangdao is a spawning and feeding ground for fish,shrimp and crabs.However,this region has experienced an increase in frequency of red tides as a result of pollution and marine development.In 2010,red tides began in late May and ended in August.We evaluated the species composition,spatio-temporal distribution,community structure of phytoplankton and the relationship between phytoplankton abundance and environmental factors based on data collected from May to September in 2010.The phytoplankton,belonging to 96 species,46 genera,were identified.The phytoplankton community was primarily composed of Bacillariophyta and Pyrrophyta.The majority were neritic species or eurythermal and euryhaline cosmopolitan species,while the remainders were oceanic warm species or pelagic species.The dominant species included Noctiluca scintillans,Rhizosolenia stolterfothii,Chaetoceros spp.,Coscinodiscus spp.,and Bacteriastrum spp..A total of 48 red tide causative species were observed,accounting for 50%of total phytoplankton species.The average phytoplankton abundance ranged from 6.20 × 10 cells/m~3 to 4 129.53 × 10 cells/m~3.Abundance peaked in September2010 and reached the lowest value in July 2010.The diversity index values were all greater than 1.0,suggested that biodiversity and community structure was healthy.The highest indices of community structure and biodiversity were observed in September,and biodiversity was the lowest in June.The community similarity of phytoplankton was relatively high and the similarity range was 40%-70%from May to September.The community similarity of phytoplankton successively were September > July > August > May > June.The average abundance of phytoplankton had significant negative correlation with salinity(r =-0.734,P < 0.01,N=37) and significant positive correlation with inorganic nitrogen nutrients(r =0.753,P <0.01,N = 37).We concluded that inorganic nitrogen was the primary factor explaining the increase in phytoplankton abundance during the survey period.A canonical correspondence analysis of the relationship between phytoplankton species and environmental factors indicated that N / P,salinity,nitrate,silicate,nitrite and water temperature were the main environmental factors influencing community structure of phytoplankton in Qinhuangdao waters.

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  • Overview on Genetic Diversity of Coilia nasus

    Wang Meiyao;Yang Jian;Xu Dongpo;Liu Kai;

    Coilia nasus is an important economic migratory fish in China,and it is known as " Three Delicious Fish of the Yangtze River" with puffer fishes and reeves shad. However,because of water pollution,blocked migration and overfishing,wild resources of C. nasus have suffered severe damage. This article gives an overview on genetic diversity of C. nasus from morphology,protein and DNA levels,to supply a theoretical foundation for protection of C. nasus resources.

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  • New Efficient Ecological Breeding Technology of Rana nigromaculata

    Yang Shangkun;Chen Jinhui;Zhang Wenjie;

    High density cell intensive culture pattern is an ecological,efficient,planting and breeding combined new breeding pattern of Rana nigromaculata. It protects racial continuation and population expansion of R. nigromaculata,beneficial for environment construction. Meanwhile,it greatly increases the farmers' income,conducive to economic development. The economic,ecological and social benefit of this culture pattern is remarkable.

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  • Statolith Morphology of the Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis in the Central South China Sea

    Jiang Yan'e;Chen Zuozhi;Zhang Peng;Lin Zhaojin;Qiu Yongsong;Fang Zhanqiang;

    The morphology,microstructure and demographic parameters of statolith of Sthenoteuthis oualaniensis were studied from 90 individuals captured in the central South China Sea in September and October,2012. The morphologic results showed that the statolith has great lateral dome and wing dome,small dorsal dome,and long narrow rostrum dome. S. Oualaniensis could be divided into three populations by statolith morphology in the central South China Sea. Five most important featured parameters including total statolith length( TSL),wing length( WL),maximum width( MW) were described by logarithmic functions with mental length( ML)( P < 0. 05); rostrum length( RSL),dorsolateral length( DLL) were described by linear functions with ML( P < 0. 05). With the squid growth,the size of statolith gradually develops,while the ratio of each featured parameter to ML slowly decreases,the ratio of DLL,LDL,RSL and WL to TSL almost remain the same level,corresponding to 48. 05%,60. 05%,35. 44%,67. 59%,and the ratio of LDL and WL to SL show little higher.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Food Selection of Apodemus peninsulae under Artificial Rearing Condition

    Fu Dahang;Jin Zhimin;Yang Changyu;Zhu Xianbing;

    [Objective]The paper aimed to screen the poison bait and lure suitable for controlling Apodemus peninsulae. [Method]A. peninsulae was reared individually in a single cage,to observe its feeding conditions. [Result] A. peninsulae preferred carrot and cucumber,followed by peanut,and rat diet was the last choice. [Conclusion] Carrot and cucumber could be used to prepare poisoning bait for controlling A. peninsulae,in order to improve rat capture efficiency.

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  • Comparison of Oxygen Consumption between Clethrionomys rufocanus and Apodemus agrarius

    Jin Zhimin;Yang Changyu;Xin Di;Fu Dahang;Zhu Xianbing;

    [Objective] The paper was to find out the difference in oxygen consumption between Clethrionomys rufocanus and Apodemus agrarius. [Method] The oxygen consumption value of C. rufocanus and A. agrarius was measured using improved closed pressure breathing apparatus,and the oxygen consumption rate was calculated. [Result] The oxygen consumption of C. rufocanus and A. agrarius increased with the increasing body weight,while the increase amplitude of A. agrarius was relatively smaller. The oxygen consumption rate decreased with the increasing body weight. [Conclusion]The result provides a biological basis for breeding and research of experimental rats.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Effects of Different Concentrations of Homologous Probiotics on Small Intestinal Structure of 21-day-old Broilers

    Zhang Yuxian;Wang Wenli;Wang Jinqiu;Cao Jing;Chen Yaoxing;Wang Zixu;

    This test was conducted to study the effects of different doses of homologous probiotics on intestinal mucosa structure of 21-day-old broilers. A total of1 500 one-day-old AA broilers with similar weight were randomly divided into five groups,with 10 replicates in each group and 30 broilers( half males and half females) in each replicate. The broilers were fed with the diets containing five kinds of different doses of homologous probiotics. The broilers ate and drank freely during the test. The test lasted for 21 days. Histological and histochemical methods were taken to measure villi length,mucosal thickness,wall thickness and the ratio of villi length to crypt depth( V / C) of duodenum,jejunum and ileum of the 21-day-old broilers. The results showed that,the effects of 0. 3% homologous probiotics on the intestinal mucosal structrue of 21-day-old broilers were the best,and values of villi length,V / C,mucosal thickness and intestinal wall thickness in the 0. 3% homologous probiotics group reached the maximum. The effects on improving and enhancing the digestion and absorption of the broiler small intestine in the 0. 3% homologous probiotics group were the best.

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  • Application Progresses of Glucose Oxidase(GOD)in Feed

    Huo Fang;Wang yan;Fu Shijun;

    Glucose oxidase( GOD) is a new pollution-free enzyme preparation which can improve morphological structure and micro ecological balance of intestine in livestock and poultry,perfect intestinal environment,and increase feed digestibility,growth performance and disease resistance. This paper summarizes the physical and chemical properties and biological function of GOD and its application status in feed.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Effects of Different Toluidine Blue Dyes on Presenting Chicken Intestine Mast Cells

    Xu Sheng;Jia Shengjun;Xiong Xilong;

    Chicken intestinal tissues were fixed with 4% paraformaldehyde and stained with the dyes of 1% toluidine blue,0. 5% toluidine blue-ethanol and toluidine blue-potassium permanganate respectively. Chicken intestinal tissues stained by 1% toluidine blue showed that mast cells presented the lavender,while the staining was light and the structure was susceptible to be intervened,and it was difficult to observe the structures of mast cells. Chicken intestinal tissues stained by toluidine blue-potassium permanganate showed that the tissue sections presented the navy blue,the structures of mast cells could not be observed clearly. Chicken intestinal tissues stained by 0. 5% toluidine blue-ethanol showed that the mast cells presented the blue-violet and the outlines were clear; the cytoplasm was hyperchromatic and the staining of nucleus was light; the structures of mast cells could be clearly distinguished from the surrounding structures. In conclusion,the staining effect of 0. 5% toluidine blue-ethanol on chicken intestine mast cells was good and the structure of mast cell could be observed clearly.

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  • Safety Study of Flunixin Meglumine Injection on Target Animal Dogs

    Feng Xiujuan;Li Zhongsheng;

    The study was conducted to evaluate the safety of Flunixin meglumine injection on target animal dogs,and to provide a scientific basis for the dose selection of clinical application. A total of 24 healthy Springer Spaniels were randomly divided into four groups. Intramuscular injection of Flunixin meglumine was carried out to test group dogs with the doses of 2 mg / kg,6 mg / kg,10 mg / kg for 5 days,respectively. The injected doses were one times,three times and five times as the recommended clinical dose. Intramuscular injection of water was carried out to control group dogs for 5 days. Clinical symptom was observed after the injection,and the blood was collected at different times( before,during and after the injection) to conduct blood routine examination and blood biochemical indexes measurement. Post-mortem examination and histopathological examination were carried out after the test. The results indicated that test dogs showed normal spirit,with no death and no other adverse reactions. Part values of blood routine examination indexes and blood biochemical indexes in test groups showed significant differences between pre-administration and post-administration,but basically fluctuated within the reference range. Autopsy results showed no obvious pathological changes. Histological examination showed the viscera and tissues( liver,heart,spleen,lung,kidney) in high dose group and control group showed no abnormality and pathological changes. The results indicated that Flunixin meglumine injection with the dose of 2- 10 mg / kg had a minimal effect on physiological and biochemical indexes of dog blood.

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  • Construction of Three Nucleic Acid Vaccines of Swine Hepatitis E Virus ORF2 Ger\e Continuous Fragment

    Li Bin;Su Qianlian;Zhao Wu;Qin Yibin;Liang Jiaxing;Xiao Aihuan;Lu Bingxia;Li Yingying;He Ying;Duan Qunpeng;Jiang Jiajia;Liang Baozhong;

    In order to develop swine hepatitis E( HE) genetically engineering vaccines,specific primers of genes LB1,LB2,LB3 of swine hepatitis E virus were designed and used for amplification,DNA amplicons generated by PCR assays were directly cloned into T-A plasmid and expressed using pE ASY-M1 expression vector. Three recombinant eukaryotic expression plasmids of pE ASY-LB1,pE ASY-LB2 and pE ASY-LB3 were constructed. The eukaryotic expression plasmids of pE ASY-LB1,pE ASY-LB2,and pE ASY-LB3 were transfected into 293 T cells,and three target genes were detected by real-time fluorescent quantitative RT-PCR.The results confirmed that three eukaryotic expression plasmids were transfected into 293 Tcells and target protein was expressed. Analysis by SDS-PAGE electrophoresis and Western-blot indicated that three target proteins were expressed in 293 T cells transfected with eukaryotic expression plasmids of pE ASY-LB1,pE ASY-LB2 and pE ASY-LB3. Antigenicity studies indicated good HEV responses. Therefore,three recombinant DNAs of HEV ORF2 nucleic acid vaccine candidates were obtained,which might lay the foundation for further studies in the future.

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  • Preparation and Quality Evaluation of Toltrazuril Nanoemulsion

    Zhang Zhimei;Deng Xuming;Shen Zhiqiang;Guo Shijin;Fu Shijun;

    To determine the prescription and preparation method of toltrazuril nanoemulsion,we selected liquid paraffin,ethyl acetate,soybean oil,IPM and oleic acid as the oil phases,while RH-40,EL-40,OP-10,Tween-80 and Span-80 were the surfactants,and alcohol,1,2-ropanediol,ispropanl,glycerol and PEG-400 were the co-surfactants. The best prescription was acquired through pseudo-ternary phase diagrams. The result showed that ethyl acetate,Tween-80 and 1,2-propanediol could facilitate the formation of nanoemulsion. The optimum prescription was surfactant∶co-surfactant∶oil phase∶water phase = 2∶1∶2∶5,with the solubilizer of 10%. This prescription can prepare stable toltrazuril nanoemulsion.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including

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