Basic Science

  • Screening of Composite Microbial Agents for Promoting the Decomposition of Aging Dunnage

    Yin Hongmei;Xu Jun;Liu Biao;Du Dongxia;Xu Lijuan;Wu Yingben;Chen Wei;Wang Zhen;He Yuelin;

    To explore the influence of microbial agents on the decomposition of aging dunnage of the fermentation bed,this paper took the aging dunnage as the raw materials,obtained microbial strains of different types through isolation and purification,chose dominant groups to make compound microbial agents,and adopted composting decomposition experiment. The results showed that Bacillus subtilis of different ratios was added,Trichoderma koningii and Thermo actinomycetaceae could promote the decomposition of aging dunnage,especially composite microbial agents( Kc∶Kn∶Gf = 1∶1∶1) had the best effect of decomposition,the high temperature was kept for 13 days. In the end of composting,degradation rate of cellulose,degradation rate of lignin,GI,and C / N were 47. 6%,30. 2%,98. 5%,and 18. 5%,Bacillus coli was not detected.

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Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Analysis of Microbial Contamination Factors and Critical Control Points in the Process of Hog Slaughter and Production

    Liu Xiuping;Tang Yushun;Liu Yonghua;Kou Xu;Tang Feng;

    In order to provide a reference for the further study of microbial contamination in the pork production process. Microbial contamination of pigs came from three slaughterhouses were detected,and critical control points in the progress of hog slaughter and processing were analyzed. The results showed that microbial contamination existed in the entire slaughter and processing progress,including shower and assassination bloodletting,separation of the internal organs,chopping boards,workshop environment,personal hygiene of the operators,etc.,which should be paid more attention to. The results indicated that reasonable protection measures should be carried out,disinfection awareness of the operators should be improved,and regular disinfection should be ruled under the condition of continuous operation.

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  • Effects of Storage Temperature on the Effective Activity of Straw Frozen Semen after Thawing

    Qiao Limin;Ma Jianmin;Qiao Fuqiang;Yao Hua;Xiao Xishan;Hou Yinxu;Fu Jingtao;Ren Kang;

    The aim was to discuss the optimal storage environment and proper insemination time after thawing of 0. 25 m L straw frozen semen. Straw frozen semen was thawed at 40 ℃ for 20 s,and then stored at 0- 4 ℃,14- 16 ℃,25- 27 ℃ for 2,4,6,8 and 10 h,respectively. The sperm motility was detected. After thawing,semen was stored at 0- 4 ℃ and 14- 16 ℃ for 10 h. Their sperm motilities( 0. 434 ± 0. 016 7 and 0. 423 ± 0. 019 6) had no significant differences( P> 0. 05) with initial thawing motility( 0. 441 ± 0. 030). Sperm motility reduced as the storage time prolonged at 25- 27 ℃. Sperm motility after 6 h had significant differences with that of initial thawing motility( P < 0. 05),and sperm motilities after 8 and 10 h showed extremely significant differences( P < 0. 01).Thus,sperm motility after thawing was still very high after stored at 0- 4 ℃ and 14- 16 ℃ within 10 h,which met the requirements for insemination. Under this temperature and time ranges,sperm could be carried over long distances,which had small effects on sperm quality and reached the expected insemination effects.However,under the temperature of 25- 27 ℃,semen should be used for insemination within 6 h after thawing.

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  • Variability and Correlation of Egg Qualitative Characteristics in Ducks of Shaoxing Breed

    Lapa M.A;Dmitriev V.B.;Zeng Tao;Lai Shujing;He Li;Li Liumen;Lu Lizhi;

    Birds' selection on increase of egg's mass resulted in changes in the ratio of egg components. In this regard,now selection on improvement of eggs' quality became one of the most important directions of selection work. In this work,the interrelation among various qualitative characteristics of eggs of Shaoxing egg ducks breed,their variability and an individual assessment of ducks-mothers was considered. Prospects of carrying out selection on increase of yolk ratio in egg were estimated.

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  • Correlation between DRD2 Gene Polymorphism and Early Egg Production Performance of Libo Yaoshan Chicken

    Zhu Lili;Li Dongguang;Xu Longxin;Han Xue;Wu Gemin;

    To improve egg production performance of local chicken breed in Guizhou Province,Libo Yaoshan chicken,with dopamine receptor 2( DRD2) as one of the candidate genes,we detected its genetic variation in 196 Libo Yaoshan hens using PCR-SSCP( single-strand conformation polymorphism) and sequencing method,and analyzed the correlation between genetic variation and egg production traits. The results showed that TT and TG genotypes in mRNA SNP962( C→T)loci of the DRD2 gene had extremely significant difference in egg production at 38 weeks age( P < 0. 01),and significant difference in egg weight at 300 days age( P <0. 05). The single nucleotide polymorphisms( SNPs) mutation induced synonymous mutation of the 312 thamino acids( leucine) in DRD2 protein,from L( CTG) to L( TTG). The mRNA SNP962( C→T) loci had a larger genetic effect on egg production at 38 weeks age,and could be used as a molecular marker in early breeding of Libo Yaoshan chicken.

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  • Effect of Different Additive Combinations on Production Performance of Layer

    Li Dongguang;Xu Longxin;Han Xue;Wu Gemin;Zhu Lili;

    To explore the effect of different additive combinations on double-low rapeseed cake( meal) utilization and layer production performance,we randomly divided 756 Roman brown shell layers around 50 weeks age into seven groups to detect production performance,of which group 1 was control group supplied with basic diet( added with 9% double-low rapeseed cake),while groups 2- 7 were experimental groups added with Chinese herbal medicine,enzyme preparation,probiotics and peptide antibiotics in basic diet. The results showed that group 4 added with Chinese herbal medicine + enzyme preparation + peptide antibiotics received the best effect,resulting in significantly increased laying rate( 70. 50%,P < 0. 05),significantly reduced feed-egg ratio( 2. 46,P < 0. 05),and extremely increased egg Haugh unit( P < 0. 01). This indicated that adding combination of Chinese herbal medicine + enzyme preparation + peptide antibiotics in layer basic diet could improve egg production performance and egg quality of layers.

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  • Influence of Sows Farrowing Performance on Growth of 21-Day-Old Weaned Piglets and Their Correlation Research

    Jin Dachun;Jin Junjie;Jin Yezhou;Hou Fengxiang;Huang Shaolin;Shao Bo;Peng Naimu;

    [Objective] To study the influence of sows farrowing performance on the growth of 21-day-old weaned piglets and their correlation. [Methods]A total of 1 350 Duroc × Landrace × Yorkshire piglets produced by 2-6 fetal Landrace × Yorkshire sows from 118 litters within a month were selected to be the test objects. All the newborn piglets were lactated by their parent sows. The test groups were divided according to different numbers( 6- 17) of live birth. The variance analysis were conducted on birth weight,litter weight at birth,number of 21-day-old weaning piglets,weaning weight,weanin12 g weight of litter,weaning survival rate and relative individual weight gain among different weeks. [Results] Sows farrowing performance had significant influence on the growth performance of 21-day-old piglets. However,the influences among different traits varied,some were even on the contrary. With the increase of the number of live birth,the birth weight,weaning weight of litter and weaning survival rate showed a decline trend. And when the number of live birth was equal or more than 14,the weaning survival rate dropped to below 90%( P < 0. 01); when the number of live birth was 13,the litter weight at birth and weaning weight of litter reached the peak. Whatever the number of live birth increased or decreased,the weaning weight showed a regular decline trend. [Conclusions] When the number of live birth changed from 11 to 13,the maximum values of the economic indicator( weaning weight of litter) and the technical specifications( weaning survival rate) were achieved.

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  • Detection and Analysis of Heavy Metal Pollution in Part Poultry Farms in Eastern China

    Pu Junhua;Chen Dawei;Liu Yinyin;Yang Zhangping;

    Heavy metal contents of water,feed and manure samples in part poultry farms in Eastern China were investigated. In the survey,49 samples were collected including 16 water samples,24 feed samples and 9 manure samples. The Samples were processed by microwave digestion,the contents of copper( Cu),zinc( Zn),plumbum( Pb),cadmium( Cd) and chromium( Cr) were detected by atomic absorption spectrometry,the contents of arsenic( As) and mercury( Hg)were detected by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry( ICP-MS). The Sesults showed that the contents of Cu,Zn,Pb,As,Cd and Cr in water samples were very low,which reached The Standard of Class III Water Quality according to Environmental Quality Standard for Surface Water. The contents of Cr and As in part feed samples exceeded National Hygienical Standard,and the exceeding standard rates of Cr and As reached 33. 3% and 8. 3%,the highest contents of Cr and As were 622. 5 mg / kg and 5. 8 mg / kg respectively. The contents of all the metals in manures were in the range of the standard except Cu. The study suggested that heavy metal pollution existed in a few poultry farms,the contents of Cu,Cr and As in feeds should be controlled.

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Aquatic Science

  • Comparison of Effective Components Contents of Lysimachia clethroides Duby with Three Extraction Methods

    Wang Yanping;Guo Shijin;Dong Lin;Xu Qianqian;Zhang Ying;Yang Limei;Zhang Zhimei;Ma Li;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective] The differences in effective components contents of Lysimachia clethroides Duby were compared using three extraction methods. [Method]L. clethroides was extracted by three methods,including water extraction,water extraction-alcohol precipitation and 75% ethanol extraction,to determine the effective components of extracts,and contents of calcium,phosphorus and VCwere calculated. [Result]L. clethroides contained calcium salt,chlorine,VB1,VB2,VC and phosphate,but did not contain citrate,sulfate,carbonate or bicarbonate,acetate,lactate,VA,VDand VE; the contents of calcium and phosphorus in water extract were 150 and 3. 34 mg / g,respectively,greatly exceeding their contents in water extraction-alcohol precipitation and ethanol extraction,while the difference in VCcontent was not significant. [Conclusion] The paper provides a reference for practical application of L. clethroides as an additive.

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  • Effect of Ammonia-Nitrogen Stress on Non-specific Immunity of Hybrid Tilapia(Oreochromis niloticus× Oreochromis areus)

    Han Chunyan;Zheng Qingmei;Chen Guidan;Liu Lixia;

    The juveniles of hybrid tilapia( Oreochromis niloticus × Oreochromis areus) were exposed to ammonia-nitrogen( N)( 0,2. 5,5,10 and 20 mg / L) for0,12,24,48 and 72 h to evaluate the effect of ammonia-N stress on their non-specific immunity. Results show that the activity of serum lysozyme decreased significantly with extension of stress time( P < 0. 05). The total antioxidant capacity( T-AOC) and activity of antioxidase in liver were significantly affected. The activity of T-AOC and total superoxide dismutase( T-SOD) of fish exposed to ammonia-N were initially decreasing then increasing( P < 0. 05). Activities of catalase( CAT) and glutathione peroxidase( GSH-Px) were correlated with concentrations of ammonia-N. Fish exposed to lower concentrations( 2. 5 mg/L or 5 mg/L)showed decreased CAT activity within 24 h( P < 0. 05),while those exposed to higher concentrations( 10 mg / L or 20 mg / L) initially showed increased then decreased activity of CAT. Except for the highest concentration groups,fish exposed to ammonia-N showed inductive activity of GSH-Px( P < 0. 05). Under the experimental conditions,non-specific immunity of tilapia was affected by ammonia-N stress,and the impact was increased with increased concentration and extension of time.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Investigation on Infection of PCV2 in Taizhou Areas of Jiangsu Province

    Cao Junping;Guo Guangfu;Wu Yantao;Lu Guiping;Zhu Aiping;

    In order to investigate infection and harm extent of swine porcine circovirus 2( PCV2) in pigs in Taizhou of Jiangsu,and to control the prevalence of PCV2 in Taizhou areas. A total of 116 PCV2 clinical samples came from six different cities( districts) from 2011 to 2012 were tested in etiologic by the method of PCR. The test results showed that the total positive rate of PCV2 clinical samples was 53. 45%,and PCV2 existed in all the six places. The positive rate of the scale pig farms was 48. 33%,the positive rate of free-range farmers was 58. 93%. Thus,PCV2 was prevalent in pigs in Taizhou areas,and which should be paid more attention to.

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  • Effect of Pine Needle on Immunity and Serum Cholesterol of Chickens

    Zhang Hongying;Wang Xuebing;Wang Wei;Du Fangfang;Du Xiangyue;Liu Fang;

    The research aimed to study the effects of pine needle on immunity and serum cholesterol of chickens.Totally 240 healthy Roman cocks(one day old)were randomly divided into four groups,three replicates each group and 20 chickens per replicate.The chickens in control group were fed with basal diet and normal drinking water;the chickens in groups Ⅰ and Ⅱ were fed with the basal diet added with 0.5 and 1.0 g/chicken pine needle powder,respectively;the chickens in group Ⅲ were fed with pine needle decoction at the dose of 0.5 g/chicken.The pre-trial lasted 4 d,and the former trial lasted 70 d.The results showed that the percentages of CD3~+ CD4~+ T lymphocytes in groups Ⅰ,Ⅱ and Ⅲ were higher than that in control group at the 15 th day after the first immunization,but the percentages in groups Ⅰ and Ⅱ were lower than that in control group at the 30~(th),45~(th) and 60~(th) days,and the percentage in group Ⅲ was lower than that in control group at the 45~(th) day.The percentages of CD3~+ CD8~+ T lymphocytes in groups Ⅰ,Ⅱ and Ⅲ were higher than that in control group at the 15 th,30th and 45 th days after the first immunization,but the percentages in groups Ⅰ and Ⅲ were lower than that in control group at the 60~(th) day.At the 14~(th) and 21~(st) days after the first immunization,the levels of NDV antibody in groups Ⅰ and Ⅱ were lower than that in control group,but the levels at the 28~(th) and 35~(th) days were higher than that in control group.The level of NDV antibody in group Ⅲ was higher than that in control group at the 14~(th) and 21~(st) days while it was lower at the 7~(th) and 35~(th) days.The levels of serum total cholesterol and triglyceride in groups Ⅰ,Ⅱ and Ⅲ had lower trend compared with control group,and the levels of serum triglyceride in groups I andⅡ were significantly lower than that in control group and group Ⅲ(P < 0.05).The levels of serum low density lipoprotein in groups Ⅱ and Ⅲ were lower than that in control group,while the level of serum high density lipoprotein in group Ⅱ was higher than that in control group,but there were no significant differences(P >0.05).In conclusion,pine needle has many functions as follows:promoting the proliferation and differentiation of T lymphocytes,improving the content of CD3~+CD4~+ and CD3~+ CD8~+ lymphocyte,collaborating with vaccine to enhance the specific immune,and reducing the serum cholesterol level in different degrees.

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  • Simultaneous Determination of Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium and Trimethoprim in Compound Sulfamonomethoxine Sodium Propolis Solution by High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)

    Guo Shijin;Zhang Zhimei;Fu Shijun;Tang Shiyun;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective] The paper aimed to provide a basis for quality control of compound sulfamonomethoxine sodium propolis solution. [Method] High performance liquid chromatography( HPLC) method was used to determine the contents of sulfamonomethoxine sodium and trimethoprim simultaneously in compound sulfamonomethoxine sodium propolis solution. [Result]Sulfamonomethoxine sodium and trimethoprim showed a linear relationship within the concentration of 10-500 μg / m L under the following chromatographic conditions: Kromasil C18column( 250 mm × 4. 6 mm,5 μm),mobile phase 0. 02 mol / L phosphoric acid solutionmethanol( 80∶20,V / V),detection wavelength 270 nm,flow rate 1. 0 m L / min,and column temperature 30℃. The average recoveries were 99. 3% and 99. 4%,respectively. [Conclusion] The method is accurate and feasible,and can determine sulfamonomethoxine sodium and trimethoprim simultaneously in compound sulfamonomethoxine sodium propolis solution.

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  • Research Advances of Epidemiological Characteristics and Diagnosis Technology of Rabies Virus

    Sun Yu;Ma Shichun;Wang Xiaoying;Wei Wei;Su Zenghua;Ma Jihong;Xie Qiao;Xu Yi;Dong Hao;Shi Jianzhong;

    Rabies is a zoonosis caused by rabies virus,which has been characterized by infection of central nervous system. Rabies virus,which can cause fatal infections in humans and other mammals,has the characteristic of neurotropism,and the mortality caused by rabies is almost 100%. Routine diagnosis of rabies include clinical symptoms,while a final diagnosis depends on laboratory diagnostic methods,such as etiological diagnosis,serological diagnosis and molecular biological diagnosis. As a zoonotic infectious disease,rabies presents a global distribution situation,and the deaths caused by rabies virus infection in China ranks the second place in the world. Therefore,strengthening the recognition of disease etiology and epidemiology is very important to comprehensive prevention measures of rabies. The author mainly introduced the research progress on pathogen,epidemiology and diagnosis technology of rabies virus at home and abroad. In addition,the advantages and disadvantages of various methods were compared respectively,in order to provide a scientific basis for further study and rapid diagnosis of rabies.

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  • Measurement of Liver Size and Intrahepatic Blood Flow of Red-eared Turtles by Color Doppler Ultrasound

    Cheng Yu;Xie Fuqiang;

    In the study,a total of 20 red-eared turtles( half male and half female) were selected to conduct the measurement of liver size and intrahepatic blood flow of red-eared turtles by color Doppler ultrasound. The results showed that the right hepatic lobe could be scanned through the right carotid anterior acoustic window,and the left hepatic lobe could be scanned through the left carotid anterior acoustic window,but the vision would be obstructed by the air in trachea. The liver could also be scanned through the left femoral anterior acoustic window and the right femoral anterior acoustic window when filling of bladder was good. The correlation regression analysis suggested that estimated values of liver showed no linear relationship with weight,the longest back curve and the widest back curve. Through the study,the normal indicators for ultrasound examination of red-eared turtle liver were established,in order to provide a reference for examination of turtle liver.

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  • Establishment and Application of a Real-time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Method for Detection of Porcine Circovirus Type 2

    Dong Lin;Wei Feng;Guan Yu;Liu Zengshan;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective]To establish a real-time fluorescent quantitative polymerase chain reaction(PCR) method with SYBR Green I for the detection of porcine circovirus type 2(PCV2).[Methods]Specific primers were designed to amplify the conserved gene segments of PCV2 with a size of 177 bp by PCR.The amplified gene was cloned into the vector of pMD~18-T and transformed into DH5α to screen positive clones.After being extracted and purified,the recombinant plasmids pMD~ 18-T-177 were taken as the standard DNA templates to establish the fluorescence quantitative PCR method for the detection of PCV2,and the PCR reaction conditions were optimized.[Results]Ct value of the established PCR method showed a good linear relationship with the standard DNA templates within a viral load of 3.21×10~0-4.16×10~8 copies /μL,the correlation coefficient was 0.998 8 and the slope was-3.286.The method did not show any cross-reactions with the genomes of PRRSV,PCV1,CSFV,PRV,PPV and Escherichia coli.Sensitivity of this method was proved to be 3.21×10° copies/μL,which was 1 000 times higher as conventional PCR method.Variation coefficients of the repeated trials among same batch or different batches were both less than 3.00%.Positive rate of clinical samples detected by the established PCR method was 58.94%,which was significantly higher than the detection rate by conventional PCR.[Conclusions]A real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR method with SYBR Green I for the detection of PCV2 was established,which was better for conducting the quantitative analysis and the early diagnosis of PCV2 infection.

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  • Effect of Complex Preparation on the Hemorheological Indexes of Heat Stress Piglets

    Peng Xiaoqing;Liu Fenghua;Yan Peishi;

    In the study,heat stress environment was simulated by artificial climate cabin to establish the heat stress model of piglets.A total of 64 2-month-old Chinese miniature pigs used for test were selected and randomly divided into control group,heat stress group,complex preparation extract I treatment group and complex preparation extract Ⅱ treatment group.Hematocrit was analyzed by Wintrobe test,meanwhile,the hemorheological indexes such as whole blood viscosity were analyzed by the automated analysis system of hemorrheology.In order to study the dynamic changes of complex preparation on the hemorheological indexes of heat stress piglets.The results showed that the piglets whole blood viscosity at high shear rate on the 10~(th) days in heat stress group was significantly higher than that in control group(P < 0.05);erythrocyte deformation indexes on the 6~(th) and 10~(th) days in heat stress group were significantly lower than that in control group(P< 0.05);hematocrit on the 1~(st),3~(rd),6~(th) and 10~(th) days in heat stress group was significantly higher than that in control group(P < 0.05).Hemorheological indexes of the piglets in treatment group adding with complex preparation had been significantly restored,the effect on the 10~(th) day after the stress was the most significant(P < 0.05).The test results indicated that heat stress showed some significant influences on the health of piglets.Complex preparation could reduce the physiological damage causing by heat stress,and the effect of complex preparation Ⅱ was better than that of complex preparation Ⅰ.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including aspects of genetics and breeding,reproduction,physiology,biochemistry,nutrition,

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