Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Specificity of Tibetan Chicken Germplasm Resources and Its Breeding and Utilization in Shannan Prefecture of Tibet

    Tang Jun;Ge Sang Jia Cuo;Tu Xiaolu;Wang Meilian;

    Shannan Prefecture of Tibet is the central producing region of Tibetan chicken,and Tibetan chicken feeding has become one of the characteristic industries of animal husbandry in local agricultural and pastoral area,and it is an important source of food and income for the locals. However,because of extensive feeding management,low level of intensification,blind hybrid of exotic varieties and despising selective breeding,the number of pedigree Tibetan chickens have reduced year by year and the performance of Tibetan chicken herd varied greatly,premium specificity could not be effectively utilized. By investigating the present situation of Tibetan chicken feeding,analyzing the specificity of Tibetan chicken germplasm resources,the scientific conservation breeding was started to make full use of the advantage of keeping Tibetan chickens on the plateau.

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  • The Quality Characteristics of Eggs: Impact on the Volume of Allantoin-Amniotic Fluid of Chicken Embryos

    Lapa M.A.;Stanishevskaya O.I.;Dmitriev V.B.;Zeng Tao;Tian Yong;Lu Lizhi;

    In this paper,the eggs' weight,quality characteristics( albumen density,shell quality,yolk size),and egg weight loss during incubation having impact on volume of allantoin-amniotic fluid are considered. The major parameters that should be taken into account when creating specialized population of chickens for the production of DEC( developing embryos of chickens) are determined.

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  • Prediction of Fresh Pork Quality using Hyperspectral Scattering Imaging(HSI) Technique

    Wu Jianhu;Yu Youwei;

    In this study,fresh pork tenderness,drip-loss,p H value and color parameters( CIE,a*,b*and L*values) were simultaneously predicted using hyperspectral scattering imaging( HSI) technique. The hyperspectral scattering images of 40 fresh pork samples were collected at the wavelength of 400- 1 100 nm,and the scattering profiles were fitted via Lorentzian distribution( LD) function to give three parameters a( asymptotic value),b( peak value) and c( full width at b /2). Stepwise discrimination was performed to determine the optimal wavelengths combinations. The LD parameters combinations( a,b and c) of optimal wavelengths were used to establish multi-linear regression( MLR) models to predict the pork attributes. The models were able to predict pork with high correlation coefficients of 0. 92 for drip-loss,0. 94,0. 92 and 0. 98 respectively for color parameters( a*,b*and L*),and for tenderness and p H value the models gave the correlation coefficients of 0. 69 and 0. 76,respectively. These results showed that the hyperspectral scattering technique was capable of predicting quality parameters of pork. The study provides an efficient means for rapid and nondestructive determination of pork quality simultaneously.

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  • Advance in Effect of Veterinary Drug Residues on Ecological Environment

    Zhang Zhimei;Fu Shijun;Guo Shijin;Zhang Ying;Ma Li;Yang Limei;Wang Jianjun;Shen Zhiqiang;

    Thousands of tons of pharmaceutically active substances are used in veterinary medicines in intensive livestock and poultry production,but most of the drugs are poorly absorbed by animals and excreted with the animal feces. The veterinary medicines can cause various kinds of harmful impact to the environment.Now the relevant research has been a hot all over the world. With the feces excreted to the environment,the veterinary medicines can be accumulated in the soil and water,and produce all sorts of reaction. Some medicines can cause toxic effect to animals,plants and microorganisms. The article summarized the residue,the environmental impact,the transformation and the development direction of the veterinary medicine in the environment to supply frame of reference for further research.

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  • Development of a Detection Method for Assaying Calf Intestine Alkaline Phosphatase Activity

    Lin Lin;Lai Xiaofang;Li Yi;Liu Yixiong;Lan Quanxue;Lai Xintian;Yang Guowu;

    [Objective]This study was to develop a detection method for assaying calf intestine alkaline phosphatase activity in scientific research. [Method]By simulating the conditions and buffers for assaying calf intestine alkaline phosphatase used in the scientific research,the parameters influencing substrate concentration,reaction duration,coloration time and buffer p H were optimized. [Result]The activity of alkaline phosphatase detected varied hugely among different buffers,and potassium ferricyanide solution added with boracic acid achieved the stable coloration. The optimal water bath time was determined as 10 min,and the substrate concentration was optimized as 0. 04 mol / L. The increasing temperature did not have a large influence on low temperature enzymatic activity while did on high concentration enzymatic activity. When the buffer p H was 7. 0- 8. 0,the detection stability of alkaline phosphatase could be maintained well. The ion intensity of buffer had little effects on alkaline phosphatase activity. [Conclusion]A detection method for assaying calf intestine alkaline phosphatase activity in scientific research was successfully developed in this study.

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  • Quality Standard of Compound Quanchangning Capsule

    Wang Yu;

    [Objective] The research aimed to study the quality standard of Compound Quanchangning Capsule. [Method]Coptis,Phellodendron,Pulsatilla and Astragalus in Compound Quanchangning Capsule were indentified qualitatively by thin layer chromatography( TLC),and the content of berberine hydrochloride was determined by high performance liquid chromatography( HPLC),to study the quality standard of Compound Quanchangning Capsule. [Result]TLC identification showed that the tested product was clear and well-separated with no interference. Berberine hydrochloride showed a good linear relationship with peak area at the injection volume of 10. 92- 163. 74 μg / m L,and the regression equation was Y = 39 611X- 2 387. 9( R2= 0. 999 8); the average recovery was 97. 60%,and the relative standard deviation was 1. 64%( n = 6). [Conclusion] The standard is simple in operation and good in specificity,stability and repeatability,which is prompted as a favorable method for quality control of Compound Quanchangning Capsule.

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  • Advances in Laboratory Diagnostic Methods for Duck Circovirus Infection

    Ma Li;Yang Limei;Mei Jianguo;Zhou Chunfeng;Zhang Ying;Xu Qianqian;Guo Shijin;Shen Zhiqiang;Wang Yanping;

    Duck circovirus infection is an immunosuppressive disease that is characterized by growth retardant and odd deaths. Its infection is usually combined with other pathogens,making the clinical diagnosis more difficult. With the rapid development of molecular biological and immunological technologies,the laboratory diagnostic methods for duck circovirus infection also advance greatly. The paper summarizes the research advances in various laboratory detection methods for duck circovirus infection including PCR,nested PCR,multiple PCR,fluorescence quantitative PCR,LAMP,nucleic acid probe and ELISA,as well as their advantages and shortages,aiming at providing reference for finding novel detection methods and for the diagnosis and comprehensive prevention and control.

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  • Phenotypic and Genetic Characteristics of a Bordetella hinzii Isolated from a Rex Rabbit

    Li Shuguang;Shen Zhiqiang;Qu Guanggang;Guan Yu;Fu Shijun;Hu Linlin;Wang Yumao;

    A Bordetella hinzii strain,isolated from the lung of a dead breast-feeding infant rex rabbit with a respiratory infection,was used as study object to investigate its phenotypic and genetic characteristics. The strain could grow on Mac Conkey agar and was gram-negative,oxidase-positive,catalase-positive,short rodshaped,and it can produce alkali from malonate. Its 6S rRNA sequence was partially identical with B. hinzii( AF177667). Animal experiments revealed nasal mucous hyperemia,tracheal congestion and bronchopneumonia in 28-day old rex rabbits. To sum up,this Bordetella hinzii isolate was deemed as a novel causative agent of respiratory disease in rex rabbit.

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  • Effects of Sub-chronic Intoxication of 1,8-cineole on Blood Biochemical Indexes of Mice

    Du Yonghua;Wang Chuan;Zhou Lijun;Zhang Ping;Wei Qin;Yin Zhongqiong;Jiang Qinjiu;Jiang Jihong;

    [Objective] Effects of sub-chronic intoxication of 1,8-cineole on body weights,routine blood indexes and biochemical indexes of mice were investigated. [Method] One hundred and sixty mice with body weights of 15- 17 g were randomly divided into four groups( forty mice per group). Mice were injected to1,8- cineole with doses of 192. 45,64. 15 and 21. 38 mg / kg body weight( test groups) and the water solution of tween-80 with a volume fraction of 0. 5%( control group) respectively. Each mouse was administered orally at the dose of 0. 2 m L per 10 g body weight once a day consecutively for 90 d. The body weight,routine blood indexes and serum biochemical indexes of mice were determined on the 30 thd,60thd,90 thd and the 30 thd after stopping the administration of 1,8-cineole.[Result]The effects of 1,8-cineole on the body weight,routine blood indexes and serum biochemical indexes of mice with the doses of 64. 15 and 21. 38 mg/kg body weight had no statistically significant difference compared with the control group( P > 0. 05). 1,8-cineole with the dose of 192. 45 mg / kg body weight exhibited different influences on routine blood indexes and serum biochemical indexes of mice after the oral administration of 1,8-cineole for 60 d and 90 d,and statistically significant differences in many blood biochemical indexes were observed( P < 0. 05). However,the differences in routine blood indexes and serum biochemical indexes were not statistically significant between the test groups and the control group at the 30 thd after stopping the administration of 1,8-cineole( P > 0. 05).[Conclusion]1,8-cineole had sub-chronic oral toxicity to mice. The no observed adverse effect level( NOAEL) of 1,8-cineole was 64. 15 mg/kg body weight and the lowest observed adverse effect level( LOAEL) of 1,8-cineole was 192. 45 mg / kg body weight. Effects of 1,8-cineole on blood biochemical indexes of mice were in short term and reversible.

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  • Antibody Dynamic Changes in SPF Chickens and SPF Ducks Immuned with Recombinant Avian Influenza Virus H5 Subtype Bivalent Inactivated Vaccine

    Qi Lihong;Xu Huaiying;Liu Tao;Wang Chunling;Wang Youling;Wang Lili;Dong Yilei;Ai Wu;

    To study the immune effect of recombinant avian influenza virus H5 subtype bivalent inactivated vaccine( H5N1,Re-6 strain + Re-4 strain) and to provide the basis for formulating reasonable immune procedure of avian influenza vaccine in clinical practice. A total of 12 batches of vaccines from three companies were used for the immune of SPF chickens and SPF ducks. Each chicken or duck serum was separately collected every 3 weeks until the immunization up to the 24 th week. The serum antibody titers of Re-6 and Re-4 were detected. The results showed that the HI titers of the inoculated SPF chickens and SPF ducks reached the peak when the immune time were the 6thand 3rdweek after the first immunization respectively; then the titer decreased gradually as time prolonged; the highest titer of SPF chickens was greater than that of SPF ducks; the high titer duration of SPF chickens were longer than that of SPF ducks; and all the vaccines from the three companies showed a good immune effect.

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Feed and Nutrition

  • Influence of Different Sources and Levels of Fat on Palatability of Tibetan Mastiff

    Wang Yufei;Ding Limin;Fu Jingjie;Wang Jianmei;Yu Fei;

    In order to compare the palatability of Tibetan mastiff to different fat sources and fat levels,four kinds of raw lipid materials( soybean oil,sunflower seed oil,chicken fat and butter) were selected to prepare five candidate diets with different fat source combinations and three different fat level combinations( 6%,10% and 14%). Ten healthy Tibetan mastiff adults were randomly divided into two groups. The internationally useful double-pot cultivation design was employed to record the daily feed intake and preferred diet of each Tibetan mastiff,and further to calculate the intake rate. The butter group assumed higher feed intake and intake rate than the chicken fat group( P < 0. 01),and the preferred diet as well( 83%). The feed intake and intake rate of chicken fat group was significantly higher than chicken fat and butter( 1∶1) combined group( P < 0. 01). No significant difference was observed in the diet palatability of butter diet to Tibetan mastiff to different plant oil sources( P > 0. 05). For various fat level combinations,the diet with highest fat content diet H23 assumed higher feed intake and intake rate than low fat diet H22 and H21( P < 0. 05). It is concluded that the palatability of butter diet to Tibetan mastiff is higher than chicken fat and its combined diet( butter∶chicken fat =1∶1); with fat level of 6%-15%,high fat diet provides Tibetan mastiff a better palatability in comparison with low fat diet.

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Aquatic Science

  • Study of the Compensatory Growth Following Starvation of Juvenile Golden Pompano Trachinotus ovatus

    Liu Longlong;Luo Ming;Chen Fuxiao;Tan Wei;Zhang Junbin;Li Xiangmin;

    A starvation trial was conducted to determine compensatory growth of the juvenile golden pompano Trachinotus ovatus which were deprived of food for 1,2,5 and 7 days respectively. The results of tests in outdoor cement pools and net pens showed that,in the first 15 days and 30 days,the growth of 1 day and 2days-deprived groups was probably the same with that of control group,which accorded with fully compensatory description. However,the weight of 5 days and 7days-deprived fingerlings were lower than that of the control group,which accorded with the description of the partial compensatory growth. As the starvation prolonged,feed conversion efficiency of the starved groups increased and was higher than the control group. Meanwhile,feeding rate also increased,but the fish of 1day and 2 days-deprived groups was lower than that of the control group,and feeding quantity reduced and was lower than that of the control group. It suggested that the mechanism of compensatory growth was mainly due to improving feed conversion efficiency. Fish biochemical composition was analyzed: the water content and ash of fish sample increased due to starvation,while the lipid and protein decreased. The loss of lipid was greater than that of the protein,and the biochemical composition of fish in each group was restored to the control level by the end of the experiment. It suggested that Trachinotus ovatus may mainly consume lipid during the period of starvation.

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  • Study of Embryonic and Postembryonic Development of the Hybrid(Ctenopharyngodon idellus ♀ ×Elopichthys bambusa♂)

    Yu Laining;Xia Xiaoping;Yang Dong;Liu Hongyan;Zhang Fanrong;

    [Objective] The purpose was to provide a reference for crossbreeding of grass carp. [Method]We conducted hybridization between Ctenopharyngodon idellus( ♀) and Elopichthys bambusa(♂) by artificial methods. The process of embryo and postembryonic development were observed and recorded. [Result]The fertilization rate,hatching rate and survival rate of the hybrid F1were( 75. 8 ± 6. 2) %,( 41. 9 ± 8. 2) % and( 9. 3 ± 3. 7) %,respectively. At the water temperature of 20. 1- 21. 6℃,the larvae was hatched for about 34 h and 25 min after fertilization. The whole length of newly-hatched larvae of the hybrid F1was( 5. 8 ± 0. 12) mm. The larvae could feed rotifer and unicellular algae after 3 or 4 days hatching. Postembryonic development of the hybrid at the formation of scales,lasted for 65 days when the young was( 74. 0 ± 2. 1) mm in whole length. [Conclusion]The embryonic development of hybrid F1 was intermediate to their parents,the form of the hybrid F1 was similar to that of their female line of grass carp. The growth rate of larva was faster than that of grass carp and similar to that of their paternal fish.

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Grassland Science

  • Stability and Ecological Effects of Main Plant Communities in Minqin Desert Area

    Chang Zhaofeng;Duan Xiaofeng;Han Fugui;Zhong Shengnian;Wang Qiangqiang;Zhang Jianhui;

    [Objective] To elucidate the change trend in stability and ecological effects of plant communities in desert along with global warming. [Method]The data of site-specific observation on five main plant communities at ten plots in Minqin desert area were used to analyze the stability and ecological effects of desert plant communities by using two indicators vegetation coverage and projective cover degree. [Results] The vegetation coverage of Artemisia arenaria and Ephedra przewalskii,and the projective cover degree of A. arenaria and man-made Haloxylon ammodendron forest decreased remarkably; and the vegetation coverage of Nitraria tangutorum was also decreased to some extent. [Conclusion]( 1) The plant communities with poor vegetation coverage gives a relatively strong stability,while that with high vegetation coverage has a relatively poor stability;( 2) the yearly precipitation is the determinant of vegetation coverage and projective cover degree;( 3) the ecological function is found to be most remarkable in per unit area N. tangutorum,followed by E. przewalskii and N. tangutorum + H. ammodendron,and least in per unit area A. Arenaria. The vegetation is sparse in desert and plant branches does not distribute regularly,thus the crown-based vegetation coverage can not reflect the actual surface coverage.

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