Basic Science

  • Application of Ultrasonic Measurement Technology in Breeding of Beef Cattle and Its Evaluation before Slaughtering

    Zhang Yang;Yan Xiangmin;Zhou Zhenyong;Zhang Jinshan;Li Hongbo;Li Na;Yuan Lixing;

    The live cattle eye muscle area,back-fat thickness,height of eye muscle and intramuscular fat content were determined by ultrasonic technology. The prediction model for meat production performance was established. The numerical value had high reliability and accuracy,which reached extremely significant difference via analysis of variance. The study provides scientific basis for breeding and meat evaluation of beef cattle.

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  • Physiological Function of Phytosterol and Its Application

    Xie Xinmei;Xiao Ning;He Jianbin;

    As a bioactive substance,phytosterol reduces blood cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also has such physiological functions as growth regulation,promotion of protein synthesis,anti-inflammatory,antioxidant,anticancer,immune regulation and hormone-like effects. Phytosterol does not show any toxicity to human and animals,and it is a new functional feed additive approved by the Ministry of Agriculture of China. This article generally reviewed the physiological function of phytosterol like regulation of cholesterol metabolism,antioxidation,hormone-like effects,and its application on animal production like hypolipidemic and improving dairy animals' milk composition. The paper provides a reference for wide application of phytosterol in animal feed.

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  • Early Warning of Snow Disaster in Pasturing Areas of Inner Mongolia

    Li Xinghua;Chao Lumen;Liu Xiurong;Li Youwen;

    Using ground and remote sensing monitoring,and national standards of snow disaster monitoring evaluation standards,quantitative evaluation of snow disaster was realized. Threshold of animal husbandry weather forecast indexes were applied to establish snow disaster early warning for different grasslands in pasturing areas of Inner Mongolia,and make the grade distribution map of snow disaster early warning. The forecast results basically met the real conditions,it proved that this forecast method was capable of evaluating scale and influence degree of snow disaster. However,the snow disaster grade forecast deviated from the real conditions for the influence of weather forecast accuracy rate.

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  • Co-expression of Clostridium perfringens α and ε Toxins and Their Immunogenicity

    Han Guangwei;Li Zhaocai;Gong Xiaowei;Chen Qiwei;Cao Xiaoan;Zheng Fuying;Zhang Xiaoying;Zhou Jizhang;

    The gene CPA and ETX encoding α and ε toxins were amplified from the standard strain C60-2 of type D Clostridium perfingens by PCR,and then they were inserted into pet-Duet-1 vecto,respectively for the construction of co-expression plasmid p ETDuet-1-CPA-ETX. The co-expression plasmid was transformed into BL21( DE3) competent cells. α and ε toxins proteins were induced by IPTG before analysis by SDS-PAGE. As a result,both of α and ε toxins were detected at 43 and 34 KU by western-blot. Mice immunized with the co-expressed α and ε toxins proteins produced high titers of neutralizing antibodies in the serum,which protected the mice against the attack of type D C. perfringens culture filtrate. In addition,mice immunized with the produced co-expressed α and ε toxins proteins showed significantly higher surviving rate than with ε toxins protein alone when infected with culture filtrate of type D C. perfringens. These results indicated that co-expression of α and ε toxins proteins could be used as a new method to prepare vaccines against the pathogens of multiple serotypes.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Breeding of Healthy Fine Size Trimolter Variety Yuecanxixian No. 1

    Qiu Guoxiang;Wang Xianyan;Huang Pin;Lin Zhongfen;Zhang Guiling;Zhong Suyuan;Hu Zhiming;Luo Zhennan;Li Linshan;Guo Dingguo;

    Taking introduced trimolter varieties 853 Bai and 543 B with stable moltinism as male parents,and tetramolter varieties 932,7532,Furong,Xianghui with excellent comprehensive economic characters in current production as female parents,the trimolter varieties San,Long,Hui and Yuan with excellent comprehensive economic characters and stable moltinism were bred using cross breeding and systematic breeding methods,and healthy trimolter four-way cross combination " San·Long × Hui·Yuan"( Yuecanxixian No. 1) was assembled. Provincial laboratory and rural production and identification results showed that the variety had strong vitality,stable moltinism( trimolt rate over 98%) and short duration; laboratory identification results were as follows: cocoon filament size 1. 853 dtex,cocoon filament length 1 146 m,reelability percentage 73. 04%,neatness 95. 38 points,strength 4. 63 m N / dtex,elongation rate 23. 3%,cohesion 116 times. The variety was approved by Guangdong Crop Variety Approval Committee in December 2010,which can be used as raw cocoon for reeling high-grade fine size raw silk.

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  • Oviposition Regularity of Hybrid Silkworm Stock Moth of Liangguang No. 2

    Zhong Suyuan;Qiu Guoxiang;Wang Xianyan;Hu Zhiming;Zhang Guiling;Li Zheng;Wen Ziwei;Guo Dingguo;Zhang Huacheng;Sun Jingchen;

    To cure pebrine using dry- hot air treatment of silkworm eggs,and control egg age within 12 hours,oviposition regularity of hybrid silkworm stock moth of Liangguang No. 2—current production variety in Guangdong Province was investigated. The experiment showed that most hybrid stock female moths of Liangguang No. 2 at 25- 28℃ oviposited in the first 5 hours,and egg production declined sharply after 5 hours. 7·Xiang × Fu·9 achieved the oviposition peak within 1 hour after casting the moth,the oviposition amount within 5 hours accounted for 92. 94% of the total oviposition amount of female moth,that within 9 hours accounted for96. 47%. Fu·9 × 7·Xiang achieved the oviposition peak within 2- 4 hours after casting the moth,the oviposition amount within 5 hours accounted for 85. 21%of the total oviposition amount of female moth,that within 9 hours accounted for 92. 78%. Oviposition regularity of the hybrid silkworm stock moth of Liangguang No. 2 meets the need of dry-hot air treatment of silkworm pebrine-control egg age within 12 hours.

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  • High Quality Insect for Livestock Manure Treatment-Hermetia illucens

    Chen Jie;Kuang Zheshi;Xiao Ming;Zhao Xiangjie;Lin Xianli;

    The raising technology and nutritional value evaluation of Hermetia illucens and its application in livestock manure treatment was reviewed,which lays a new theoretical basis for sustainable development of agriculture.

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Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Immune Effects of Porcine Interleukin-2,4 on Piglets Using as Immunopotentiator for PCV Inactivated Vaccine

    Zhang Hongbing;

    [Objective] To investigate the combined immunization of porcine circovirus 2( PCV2) inactivated vaccine with Po IL-2,4. [Methods] A total of 60 crossbred piglets were randomly divided into three groups,including the test group( inoculation of 0. 5 dose PCV2 inactivated vaccine with 0. 1 m L Po IL-2,4 at 14 and 28 day-old),the positive control group( inoculation of 0. 5 dose PCV2 inactivated vaccine) and the blank control group. [Results]The immune organ index,the lymphocyte transformation rates under different ages and the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes in peripheral blood increased significantly in test group,compared with control group. Moreover,the antibody and neutralizing antibody were also significantly higher in test group than that in control group. The clinical symptoms and pathological changes were not found,and the PCV2 was not detected in serum and tissue after challenge test in test group,which indicated that the combined immunization of PCV2 inactivated vaccine with Po IL-2,4 significantly improved the lymphocyte transformation rate,effectively prevented the replication of PCV2 in organism,and enhanced the growth performance of piglets.

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  • Research Progress of Gene Polymorphism of Guizhou Black Goat

    Song Derong;Wang Qiwen;Shen Xiaoyun;Zhou Darong;Peng Hua;Yang Siwei;

    Guizhou black goat is the second-largest breed of goat in Guizhou,an important part of ecosystem of karst region. Constructing cladogram of black goat and Guizhou local goat with molecular biological technique,we found some functional genes related to reproduction and growth of black goat,such as FSHR,LHβ,GDF9,MSTN,POU1F1,GFI1 B,etc. In view of the genetic relations between Guizhou black goat and other local goats,we reviewed the research status and progress of gene polymorphism of FSHR,LHβ,GDF9,MSTN,POU1F1,GFI1 B,and prospected the research field of molecular properties of the breed resource.

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  • Establishment of Immortalized Cow Mammary Epithelial Cells Expressing Both h TERT and SV40 T

    LI Qi-hui;TANG Mu-tao;WANG Xiu-de;

    Vectors of pc DNA3. 1-h TERT and pc DNA 3. 1-SV40 T were established. After linearization,they were cotransfected to mammary epithelial cells of Holstein cow,in order to research on the role of h TERT and SV40 T in immortalized mammary epithelial cells in vitro. Both PT-PCR and immunohistochemical assays of cells were carried out. Results showed that the expression of h TERT and SV40 T could effectively prolong the culture time in vitro of mammary epithelial cells,and enhance the cell passage number. The obtained cell line could be expressed normally,indicating that the in vitro cultured mammary epithelial cells expressing both h TERT and SV40 T could effectively prolong cell life without affecting the characteristics of mammary cells.

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  • Comparison on Detection Results of PRV Wild Virus Antibody Provided by Different Institutions

    Sun Hua;Song Zhongxu;Zeng Defang;Li Lianghua;Li Mingbo;Dong Binke;Mei Shuqi;Peng Xianwen;Wu Huayu;

    The detection results from different institutions were performed at the first stage of PRV wild virus antibody supervision in swine breeding. The serum samples were collected from 71 individuals and each individual was sampled twice at one week interval. The results showed that the positive coincidences for g E antibody between two institutions were 35. 71% and 45. 45% respectively,with the total detection coincidences of 87. 32% and 91. 55% correspondingly. The positive coincidences for g E antibody between the two detections of each institution were 40. 00% and 75. 00% respectively,with the total detection coincidences of 87. 32%and 97. 18% correspondingly. It indicates that it is very necessary to screen the detection institution at the first supervision stage of PRV wild virus for swine population.

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  • Effect of Yupingfeng Polysaccharide on Serum IL-2 and IFN-γ Levels in Immunosuppressive Mice

    Yang Hong;Deng Hua;Lu Yuemei;Li Minshen;Pu Wenjun;

    [Objective] The paper was to discuss regulation and protection effect of Yupingfeng polysaccharide( YPF-P) on immunosuppressive mice. [Method]Taking immunosuppressive mice induced by 80 mg / kg cyclophosphamide as test animal model,effects of different doses( 100,200 and 400 mg / kg) of YPF-P on spleen index,serum IL-2 and IFN-γ levels of mice were studied. [Result] High dose of YPF-P( 400 mg / kg) could improve the spleen index of immunosuppressive mice( P < 0. 05). YPF-P could enhance serum IL-2 and IFN-γ levels of immunosuppressive mice,and the effects in middle-dose group and low-dose group were better. YPF-P could significantly increase serum IL-2 level of normal mice( P < 0. 01),but it had no significant effect on serum IFN-γ level of normal mice.[Conclusion]The research provides an experimental basis for clinical application of YPF-P.

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  • Mechanisms of Up-regulation of 17β-Estrodiol on β-Defensin-2 ( SBD-2) Expression in Epithelial Cells of Ovine Oviduct

    Bao Tuya;Cao Guifang;Tu Yong;Du Chenguang;

    [Objective]To investigate the mechanisms involved in the Up-regulatory effects of 17β-estrodiol on β-defensin-2( SBD-2) in epithelial cells of ovine oviduct. [Methods]Epithelial cells of ovine oviduct were isolated and cultured; and then the cultured cells at secondary generation were divided into 17β-estradiol( E2,10- 8mol / L) group,estrogen nuclear receptor antagonist ICI182780( 10- 7mol / L) group,PKA antagonist KT-5720( 1 μmol / L) group,PKC antagonist H-7( 50 μmol / L) group,nuclear factor kappa B antagonist PDTC( 50 μmol / L) group and the blank control group( Control). Firstly,different antagonists were added into corresponding antagonist groups in order to interfere the epithelial cells of ovine oviduct for 1 h. Then,17β-estradiol( 10- 8mol / L) was added into each antagonist group and E2 group for cultivation for 6 h. Finally,real-time fluorescent quantitative RT-PCR was used to detect the changes of SBD-2 mRNA expression.[Results]10- 8mol / L 17β-estrodiol had significantly Up-regulatory effects on the expression of SBD-2 mRNA( P < 0. 05). Estrogen nuclear receptor antagonist ICI182780,NF-κΒ antagonist PDTC and PKC antagonist H-7 could all block the Up-regulatory effects on SBD-2. But PKA antagonist KT-5720 showed no significant effects on the Up-regulation of SBD-2 mRNA expression induced by 17β-estrodiol. [Conclusions] SBD-2 mRNA expression induced by 17β-estrodiol in epithelial cells of ovine oviduct was mediated by estrogen nuclear receptor ICI182780,NF-κB and PKC pathways. However,PKA pathway might not participate in the Up-regulation of SBD-2 mRNA expression.

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  • Mechanism and Application Effect of Bacillus licheniformis on Poultry

    Wang Changqing;Han Shuying;

    Bacillus licheniformis has the biological characteristics of strong resistance to stress,high temperature,high pressure,p H and bile salt,which also has unique advantage in application safety,antibacterial activity and stability. The recent research results on mechanism of B. licheniformis and its application effect in poultry production are elaborated in the paper.

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  • Chicken Embryo Inhibition Test of Recombinant Freeze-drying Chicken Interferon against Newcastle Disease Virus( NDV) F_(48)E_(10)

    Guo Shijin;Wang Yanping;Fu Shijun;Zhang Zhimei;Xu Qianqian;Miao Lizhong;Dong Lin;Shen Zhiqiang;

    The paper was to study the inhibitory effect of recombinant freeze-drying chicken interferon against Newcastle disease virus( NDV) F48E10. Nine-day-old chicken embryos were inoculated with recombinant freeze-drying chicken interferon via allantoic sack,while 10-day-old chicken embryos were inoculated with NDV F48E10,and in vivo protective efficacy of interferon on chicken embryos was studied. The results showed that the recombinant freeze-drying chicken interferon at the dose of 1. 28 mg / embryo reached the protection ratio of 90% on chicken embryo infected by F48E10.

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Aquatic Science

  • The Checklist of Coastal Invertebrates in Yantai City of China

    Mao Lei;Li Ke;

    122 coastal invertebrates were recorded in Yantai of China,which belong to 9 phyla,22 classes,34 orders,74 families.

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  • Review on the Biology of Purpleback Flying Squid in South China Sea

    Fan Jiangtao;Feng Xue;Qiu Yongsong;Huang Zirong;Chen Guobao;

    Purpleback flying squid( Sthenoeuthis oualaniensis) is an important marine economic species,studying its biological characteristics is very important for the resource assessment and management. This paper summed up domestic and international information of squid biology,and showed some details on this subject.According to the squid life history : egg,larvae,juveniles and adult fish stage,it summarized from the age of growth,population structure,migration,spawning,vertical distribution,habitat,and status of resources. There is little research on the squid larvae and the signs of juveniles period ended are not clear. Adult fish is divided into four main populations and two minor populations,the large group,medium-sized group,small group and mini-group,while medium-sized groups can be divided into medium uniaxial group and medium-sized biaxial according to the characteristics of the inner shell. The distribution of purpleback flying squid has the " island correlation",it usually ascend to the surface at night and drop to the deep-water during the daytime. Purpleback flying squid plays an important role in the ecosystem. It is the main food of many fish,and marine mammals; also it is the predators of crustaceans and small fish. It has the self-feed characteristics. Purpleback flying squid widely distributes in the 38°N to 40°S tropical and subtropical waters,especially in the South China Sea,the catchability is( 130- 200) × 104 tons in one year.

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  • Comparative Pharmacokinetics of Florfenicol in Japanese Eels at Different Temperature

    Lin Mao;Chen Zhengqiang;Ji Rongxing;Yang Xianle;Wang Jian;

    The present study provides a comparative understanding of florfenicol deposition kinetics following oral administration at a single dose of 30 mg / kg body weight to Japanese eel( Anguilla japonica) at the temperature of 20℃,24℃ and 28℃,respectively. Approximate 0. 3 m L of blood sample from each eel in these three groups was collected in a row at the time 0. 5,1,2,4,8,12,24 and 36 h after medicated-feed gavage. The concentrations of florfenicol in eel plasma were detected by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography( RP- HPLC). The plasma concentration-time data of each eel were analyzed by non-compartmental methods based on statistical moment theory using DAS software. Pharmacokinetics parameters of different groups were tested by one-way analysis of variance using SPSS software. It was found that most of parameters were different significantly among groups( P < 0. 05). In the three groups at 20℃,24℃ and 28℃,pharmacokinetics parameters of peak plasma concentration( Cmax) were( 7. 839 ± 1. 125),( 13. 010 ± 2. 334) and( 18. 267 ± 3. 717) μg/m L,and the time to reach the Cmax( Tmax) were( 6. 500 ± 2. 070),( 4. 500 ± 1. 414) and( 3. 429 ± 0. 926) h,respectively. These suggested that eels at higher temperature absorbed more drug and more quickly. The volumes of distribution( Vz/ F) were( 3. 964 ± 0. 594),( 2. 466 ± 0. 672) and( 1. 841 ± 0. 485) L / kg,respectively.The difference deduced that more florfenicol was bound to tissue in eels at lower temperature. The mean residence time( MRT0- ∞) and the half-life of drug( t1 /2z)in the three respective groups were( 31. 503 ± 7. 117),( 22. 881 ± 4. 940) and( 22. 134 ± 6. 204) h,and( 21. 243 ± 5. 166),( 14. 994 ± 4. 293) and( 14.656 ± 5. 061) h. These parameters showed that the elimination rate of florfenicol in eels at 24℃ or 28℃ was more quickly than that at 20℃. The areas under the concentration- time curve( AUC0- ∞) were( 235. 580 ± 62. 013),( 271. 983 ± 75. 023) and( 353. 192 ± 92. 491) μg·h/m L,respectively. It indicated that the relative bioavailability of florfenicol was higher significantly in eels at higher temperature.

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Grassland Science

  • Application of Hoof Tillage Method to Improve Degraded Mountain Grassland

    Yimin Sidik;Li Xuesen;Munire Muhammad;Jianati;Mikesh;Jiang Runxiao;

    Four seeding methods,including broadcast sowing,feeding seeds to sheep,putting seed bag on sheep and cattle,and mix-seeding were combined with hoof tillage method to improve the degraded mountain grassland where large gradient limited the use of machine. The results showed that the most suitable grassland type for hoof tillage was mountain meadow steppe. The optimum reseeding period was early spring,followed by late autumn; and Sainfoin( Onobrychis sativa) was the most suitable herbage species. The optimum reseeding method was artificial broadcasting in the slope with the gradient < 20°,followed by putting seed bag on sheep and cattle. After improvement of hoof tillage,the vegetation coverage increased by 35%,the proportion of high quality herbage increased by 25%,and the fresh yield increased by three to four times.

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