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  • Preparation of Polyclonal Antibody Against Swainsonine and Its Effects in Treatment of Oxytropis glabrapoisoned Rabbits

    Chen Genyuan;Jia Qizhen;Pan Yiwei;Jia Shanling;Wang Shuai;

    This study was conducted to optimize immunization program to gain the serum against swainsonine( SW) with high titer and to analyze the effects of polyclonal antibody in treatment of loco disease of rabbits. Eighteen rabbits were randomly separated into control group,poisoning group and curing group,with six rabbits in each group. Rabbits in poisoning group and curing group were fed 10 g /( kg·d) powder of Oxytropis glabra DC every morning for 70 d till the rabbits in poisoning group began to die. From the 21 st to 24 th d of O. glabra administration,each of the rabbits in curing group was injected with 1 m L of polyclonal antibody against SW every day. Blood samples were collected before O. glabra challenge,and then once every 7 d for the serological and immunological evaluation of serum. The results showed that the serum alkaline phosphatase( AKP) activity and SW content in poisoning groups were significantly higher than those in control group on the 7th d( P < 0. 05); the serum aspartate transaminase( AST) and lactate dehydrogenase( LDH) activity in poisoning groups were significantly higher than those in control group on the 14 th d( P < 0. 05),while the serum α- mannosidase( AMA) and rate of E-rosette formation in poisoning groups were significantly lower than those in control group( P < 0. 05); the serum blood urea nitrogen( BUN),creatinine( CRE) and glucose( GLU) concentration in poisoning groups were significantly higher than those in control group on the 21 st d( P < 0. 05). By injecting serum against swainsonine,the serum AKP,LDH,AST,alanine transaminase( ALT) activity and contents of BUN,CRE,GLU,SW were reduced and serum AMA and rate of E-rosette formation were increased in curing group,by comparing with those in poisoning group. These results in this experiment indicated that polyclonal antibody against SW had good value of preventing from O.glabra DC.

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  • Evaluation of Nutrient Components and Nutritive Quality of Larimichthys crocea(Big Yellow Croaker)in Different Aquaculture Models

    Zhong Aihua;Chu Zhangjie;Dai Luyi;Wang Xiaojun;

    To ascertain the nutrient components and nutritive quality of the flesh of big yellow croaker in three culture conditions( traditional cage,offshore cage and cage-free),basic nutritional components,amino acid,fatty acid and mineral elements were determined. The results indicated that crude protein in flesh of the big yellow croaker in cage-free culture was higher than that in offshore cage and much higher than that in traditional cage( P < 0. 05). Crude fat of the croaker cultured in the traditional cage was twice as high as that in cage-free culture,while that in the offshore cage was in the middle. Proline content in the cage-free culture was much higher than that in the offshore cage,and also than that in the traditional cage( P < 0. 05). There was no significant difference in the content of alanine,methionine and tryptophan( P < 0. 05). Contents of other amino acids had no significant difference between the cage-free culture and offshore cage,but were much lower in the traditional cage( P < 0. 05). Top six fatty acids were 9-Hexadecenoic acid,palmitic acid,9-Octadecenoic acid,Octadecanoic acid,DHA and EPA. The palmitic acid content was the highest in cage-free culture and in traditional cage,9-Octadecenoic acid content was the highest in offshore cage. Content of unsaturated fatty acids in cage-free culture,offshore cage and traditional cage was 63. 60,66. 32,57. 67,respectively,and polyunsaturated fatty acid was 29. 10,28. 57,and24. 40. Content of DHA in cage-free culture was significantly higher than that in the offshore and traditional cage. Content of zinc had no significant difference in three culture models. Content of phosphorus had no significant difference between that in cage-free culture and offshore cage,was lower in the traditional cage. The cage-free cultured croakers had the highest content of calcium and phosphorus. Content of selenium was about the same between the offshore cage and the traditional cage stocking,higher in the cage-free culture. This research has considerable application value for identifying quality and sources of the big yellow croakers.

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  • Establishment of Indirect ELISA Diagnosis Technique based on the VP1 Protein of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Serotype A

    Lu Qingxia;Liu Chang;Jin Qianyue;Guo Guanpeng;Xing Guangxu;Liu Yunchao;Deng Ruiguang;Zhang Gaiping;

    The VP1 protein of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype A was prokaryotically expressed and purified to replace the traditional virus antigen for establishing a fast,safe,effective indirect ELISA method,so as to detecting antibody of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotype A. Western-Blot test showed that the VP1 recombinant protein could be used as detective antigen as it can be specifically recognized by bovine positive serum of FMDV serotype A. By employing matrix titration method,the optimal parameters were obtained as follows: 1 mg / L VP1 protein as coating antigen,Vserum∶ Vblocking solution = 1∶50 dilution for serum and Vsecondary enzyme-linked antibodies∶Vblocking solution = 1∶2 000 for enzyme combined antibodies. The results showed that the sensitivity and specificity of this method were 94. 32% and 99. 09% respectively,the coefficients of variations in intra-assay and inter-assay reproducibility tests was lower than 8%. Compared with liquid phase blocking ELISA kits,the agreement of 201 serum samples reached 92. 54%. The VP1-ELISA method established here is specific,sensitive,stable and simple,which can be used to monitor the antibody level of FMD serotype A.

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  • Leaf Growth of Different Populations of Vetiveria zizanioides

    Liu Jinxiang;Peng Xuemei;Yang Yunfei;

    Large sample sampling was adopted in this paper for the statistical analysis of leaves of four populations of Vetiveria zizanioides( introduced,local wild,domesticated wild populations of different years). The results showed that four populations varied in different degrees in terms of tiller height,leaf biomass,and leaf biomass ratio. Leaf length,leaf width,and ratio of leaf width to length of different populations also varied,but had similar power-function change regularity,and showed converging leaf biomass growth pattern and leaf growth process.

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  • Investigation of Export Aquaculture in Zhanjiang City and Development Suggestions

    Liang Tianjiao;Ye Shengquan;Lao Tongfen;Wang Yu;

    History of aquaculture in Zhanjiang City was reviewed by reviewing literatures,human resources,cultured species and culture modes,and distribution of aquaculture system were investigated and summarized. Output and export of processed aquatic products of Zhanjiang in the past years were analyzed,and the role of export aquaculture in economic development and social construction of Zhanjiang City was explored,and suggestions were given for enhancing the development of local export aquaculture.

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  • Effect of 17α-hydroxyprogesterone on Synchronous Ovarian Development of Crayfish,Procambarus clarkii

    Liu Wei;Chen Shuqiao;Mao Jianqiang;Zhang Di;Zhou Guoqin;

    Three different treatment methods,including topical application method,injection method and immersion method were employed to treat 17α-hydroxyprogesterone,so as to investigating its effect on ovarian development red swamp crayfish( Procambarus clarkii). The results showed that all the three different methods could facilitate the synchronous ovarian development of red swamp crayfish at different degree,with the degree of maturity of 10% high compared with the control group. The highest maturity degree was 50% that was observed in immersion treatment group. The effect was determined as in order immersion method> injection method > topical application method > control group. The immersion method and the injection method could facilitate synchronization spawning of red swamp crayfish,with the order of immersion method 32. 5%,injection method 20%,topical application 17. 5% and the control group 17. 5%. Taking the synchronization spawning rate,final spawning rate and mortality into account,the order was the immersion method > injection method > topical application method > control group.

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  • Genetic Relationship of Fragrance Pigs

    Shen Xuelin;Duan Yongbang;Yao Shaokuan;Zhang Qin;Liu Peiqiong;Zhang Yun;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the genetic background of four unique types of fragrance pigs in China. [Method]Using 27 pairs of microsatellite loci jointly recommended by Food and Agricultural Organization( FAO) and International Society for Animal Genetics( ISAG),we detected the genotypes of 200 fragrance individuals belonging to four types( Jiuyang fragrance pig,Jianbai fragrance pig,Congjiang fragrance pig and Huangjiang fragrance pig),and analyzed their inter-and intra-breed genetic variations. Clustering analysis was also conducted using neighbor-joining( NJ) method and unweighted pair-group method with arithmetic mean( UPGMA). [Result]The genetic relationship between Congjiang fragrance pig and Huangjiang fragrance pig was the closest,followed by the genetic relationship between Jiuyang fragrance pig and Jianbai fragrance pig; the genetic distance between Jianbai fragrance pig and Huangjiang fragrance pig was the farthest,which was consistent with their geographic distribution,ecological environment and body physical characteristics. Clustering results showed that Jiuyang fragrance pig and Jianbai fragrance pig clustered into one class,while Congjiang fragrance pig and Huangjiang fragrance pig clustered into another class. [Conclusion] The study laid the foundation for quantitative trait loci positioning of good genes of these breeds and implementation of genetic marker-assisted selection.

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  • Isolation and Properties of Collagen from the Skin of Andrias davidianus

    Li Hua;Deng Lin;

    [Objective] To explore and utilize the collagen from the skin of bred Andrias davidianus. [Method]Collagen was isolated with enzymolysis technology at 4℃,and the compositions and some biochemical properties were studied. [Result]The content of the hydroxyproline in the skin of A. davidianus was 22. 3 %,the collagen extraction ratio was 26. 7%( based on wet weight),the contents of the moisture,crude ash,crude fat,and crude protein were 6. 75%,0. 62%,0. 38% and 92. 10%,respectively. The collagen contained 8 essential amino acids for adult and 2 essential amino acids for children,the contents of the imino acid was 171 residues /1 000 residues,and hydroxylation of proline was 51. 5%. As ultraviolet( UV) absorption spectrum showed,the strong absorption peak was near230 nm,according to the SDS- PAGE,it consisted of two different α chains( α1 and α2) which was characterized to be type I collagen. [Conclusion]Extraction of collagen from the skin of bred A. davidianus is feasible theoretically,the extraction rate and purity are very high.

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  • Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Main Economic Traits in Keerqin Fine Wool Sheep

    Mei Hua;

    To investigate the population genetic structure of Keerqin fine wool sheep,the paternal half sib correlation method was employed to estimate the body weight traits,genetic and phenotypic correlation between fleece traits in the Keerqin fine wool sheep. The results showed that the correlation coefficients were0. 690 1,0. 593 1,0. 581 2,0. 210 2 for birth weight with weaning weight,body weight at one week of age,body weight at two week of age,and body weight at three week of age,respectively. The genetic correlations were highly significant( P < 0. 01) for the four pairs of traits. The correlation coefficients were 0. 373 3,0. 274 1,0. 268 2 for weaning weight with body weight at one week of age,body weight at two week of age,and body weight at three week of age,respectively. The genetic correlations were also extremely significant( P < 0. 01) for the three pairs of traits. The correlation coefficients were 0. 712 0,0. 805 0,0. 717 1,0. 701 9,0. 531 6,0. 719 0,0. 681 3 and 0. 521 3 for wool fineness at one week and two week of age,wool fineness at one week and three week of age,staple length and fleece weight at one week of age,staple length at one week and three week of age,fleece weight at one week of age and wool fineness at three week of age,wool fineness at two week and three week of age,wool fineness at two week of age and fleece weight at three week of age,and fleece weight at two week and three week of age,respectively. The high genetic correlations were extremely significant( P < 0. 01) for the eight pairs of traits. The phenotypic correlations were generally lower than the genetic correlations.

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  • Effect of Cryopreservation on DNA Integrity and Morphological Structure of Boar Sperm

    Yang Jianping;Wu Caihong;Zhao Xuting;Zhou Chunbao;Yao Jing;Zhang Bin;Zheng Xiaofeng;

    The paper was to explore the effect of cryopreservation on DNA integrity and morphological structure of boar sperm,and to explore the protective effect of trehalose and lactose on frozen boar sperm. The morphology,ultrastructure and DNA integrity of sperms were observed by phase contract microscope,scanning electron microscope( SEM) and acridine orange( AO) staining,respectively. The results showed that the normal morphological rate and DNA integrity rate of frozen sperms were significantly lower than that of fresh sperms( 95. 5% and 94. 7%,respectively),and the difference between two frozen groups was also significant( P <0. 05). The normal morphological rates in trehalose group and lactose group were 74. 7% and 67. 6%,while DNA integrity rates in trehalose group and lactose group were 66. 4% and 63. 2%,respectively. The common deformations of frozen sperms under SEM were partial or complete fracture between head and neck,swollen neck,damaged acrosome structure.

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  • Effects of Green Forage on Production Performance and Egg Quality of Suyou No.1 Laying Duck

    Yuan Xuhong;Zhang Shengfu;Zhang Ling;Liu Chenglin;Zhou Yujun;Gu Wenjie;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the effects of green forage on production performance and egg quality of laying ducks. [Method]According to onefactor randomized complete experimental design,200 healthy Suyou No. 1 laying ducks aged 200 days were randomly divided into five groups,four repeats each group,and each repeat contained 10 laying ducks. Parts of formulated feed in groups I- IV were replaced with different types and quantities of green forage,and group V was set as control. The trial lasted for 42 d. [Result] Replacing parts of formulated feed with green forage could improve the production performance of laying ducks( P > 0. 05),and the economic benefits also increased. For egg quality,Haugh unit was improved( P > 0. 05); yolk color increased significantly;compared to control group,yolk color was significantly increased in groups with 100 g chicory and 70 g clover( P < 0. 05),and was extremely increased in the group with 100 g clover( P < 0. 01). [Conclusion]The group with 100 g chicory had the best effect on production performance of laying ducks,and the group with 100 g clover had the best coloring effect on yolk.

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  • Screening and Identification of A Probiotic from the Intestinal Tract of Mystus macropterus

    Dan Yan;Xiong Wei;Chen Yuankun;Wu Pihong;Zhu Jie;Zhao Bo;

    A total of 25 strains were isolated from the intestinal tract of Mystus macropterus. The inhibitory effects of extracellular enzyme activity to common aquatic pathogenic bacteria were screened. A probiotic DQHY- 7 strain was isolated,and its safety was detected. DQHY- 7 strain was preliminarily identified by morphological observation,and physiological and biochemical test. Research results showed that DQHY- 7 strain had relatively strong production capacities of amylase,cellulase and protease,and could restrict the growth of Escherichia coli,Aeromonas hydrophila and Pseudomonas fluorescens. Results of acute toxicity test showed that 1. 0 × 108 CFU / m L DQHY- 7 bacterial suspension showed no pathogenicity to M. macropterus. According to the colony growth pattern and physiological-biochemical characteristics of DQHY- 7,the strain was identified to be Bacillus subtilis. Research results showed that DQHY- 7 strain could be used as a new candidate strain for feeding microecologicalagent.

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  • Performance Evaluation System of Pig Supply Chain Based on Time-Space Perspective and Balanced Score Card(BSC)

    Gao Kuo;Gan Xiaoqing;

    The overall structure of live pig supply chain was constructed based on theoretical study and practical investigation,and the performance evaluation system for supply chain was studied from two perspectives of time and space and balanced score card( BSC). From the space perspective and BSC,the performance evaluation system composed of four primary indicators( financial dimension,customer dimension,internal business dimension and innovation / learning perspective)and 26 secondary indicators. From the time perspective and BSC,the system could be divided into four stages,including formation stage,development stage,maturity stage and recession stage,with a total of 30 indicators.

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  • Detection of Praziquantel Content in Praziquantel Injection by HPLC

    Xiao Wenhua;Yang Haifeng;Jin Liqin;Li Yongjun;Bu Shijin;Tao Jianping;

    [Objective]To detect the praziquantel content in praziquantel injection by HPLC. [Methods]Chromatographic conditions were as follows: chromatographic column was Diamonsil C18column( 150 mm × 4. 6 mm,5 μm); column temperature was 25 ℃; mobile phase was acetonitrile-water( 60∶40); flow rate was 1. 0 m L / min; UV detection wavelength was 210 nm; and injection volume was 20 μL. [Results]Praziquantel showed good linear relationship within the concentration of 6. 037- 90. 55 g / L( r = 0. 999 4); the average recovery rate was 99. 24%,and RSD was 0. 769%. [Conclusions]This method was simple,rapid,sensitive and repeatable,and could be used for the quality control of praziquantel injection.

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  • Rapid Detection of Fox-derived Components using Mitochondrial COI Gene Sequence

    Sun Min;Gao Hongwei;Gong Fang;Liu Caixia;

    Fox is an important economic fur animal with a very promising prospect. The fox mitochondrial COI gene-specific primers and probes were used to optimize and develop a real time fluorescence PCR system for rapid detection of fox-derived components. The results showed that the real time fluorescence PCR gave a very high sensitivity,with the detection limit as low as 12 fg DNA,and it did not present any cross reaction with other common species like pig,cow,sheep,dog,soybean and maize. It could be concluded that this method can be used as an effective method for detecting the fox-derived components in food and feedstuff,and can also be applied for distinguishing the fox fur from adulterants.

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  • Correlation Analysis between the Microsatellite DNA Markers and the Characters of Hucho taimen

    Tong Guangxiang;Kuang Youyi;Zhang Chao;Yin Jiasheng;

    A total of 22 microsatellite DNA markers were selected to analyze the genomic DNA of 176 wild population progenies from 4 families. The normal distribution of seven characters( body length,fork length,head length,snout length,mouth length,mouth width and eye diameter) was analyzed using SPSS software.And the results indicated that all the characters had a characteristic of continuous variation which belonged to the typical quantitative characters or polygenic inheritance characters,and fitted the normal distribution. Meanwhile,GLM procedure was used to analyze the correlation between the 22 microsatellites and 7 characters;and multiple comparisons of the markers significantly correlative to these characters were carried out based on the genotypes. Results showed in that among the 22 microsatellite loci,there were 10 markers significantly correlative to at least one character. The maximum number of markers related to mouth length and eye diameter was 7. Results of multiple comparisons showed that there were significant differences of genotypes from the same character in every marker. Screening of these markers provided basis for the further study on molecular marker-assisted breeding.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science & Culture Media Co.

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