• Fluorogenic Detection of Duck Tembusu Virus( DTMUV ) by Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification(LAMP)

    Zhang Lin;Wang Bin;Zhang Wei;Zhang Xiumei;

    This study was to develop an efficient and simple method for the detection of duck Tembusu virus( DTMUV) by loop-mediated isothermal amplification( LAMP). Six pairs of LAMP primers were designed according to the conserved region of the DTMUV E gene sequence in Gen Bank,which were then used for the optimization of various reaction components and reaction system of specific LAMP for DTMUV. Further the fluorescent reagent SYBR Green I and a certain proportion of calcium and manganese ion were used to determin the color development of products for visible analysis instead of agarose gel electrophoresis. The results showed that the sensitivity SYBR Green I as the fluorescent reagent was 10 copies viruses per μL,which is 100 times higher than normal PCR method,while the detection limit of combined use of calcium and manganese ion was 1 000 copies viruses per μL. Although the sensitivity of mixture of calcium and manganese ion is lower than SYBR Green I,it can avoid the aerosol contamination. The fluorogenic analysis-based LAMP system established in our study has a high sensitivity and avoid the cross contamination,which is of huge potential in research institutions,grass-roots laboratories and field testing and can provide effective means to completely curb the occurrence and spreading of DTMUV.

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  • Improving the Local Sheep in Gansu via Crossing with Introduced Sheep Breeds Dorset and Borderdale

    Sun Xiaoping;Liu Jianbin;Zhang Wanlong;Lang Xia;Yang Bohui;Guo Jian;Feng Ruilin;

    In order to improve the meat performance of local sheep in Gansu Province,Dorset and Borderdale were introduced to crossbreed with local sheep which were Tan sheep,Small-tail Han sheep and Mongolia sheep. The offspring under different crossbreeding combinations were sampled randomly at the different growing stage to measure their growth traits so as to select optimize the crossbreeding mode. The results indicated that,for the same crossbreeding mode,the growth rate of progeny was in order F3> F2> F1; for the F3 progeny,the combinations Dorset- Borderdale- Small tail Han sheep and Dorset- Borderdale- Mongolia sheep gave a higher growth rate,with a body weight of 1. 57%,3. 17%,8. 23%,1. 15% higher in male and female individuals than the counterparts of Dorset and Tan sheep and Small tail Han sheep; for the F2 progeny,the combinations Dorset- Borderdale- Small tail Han sheep and Dorset- Borderdale- Mongolia sheep also gave a higher growth rate,with a body weight of 2. 15%,4. 53%,9. 21% and 2. 75% higher in male and female individuals than the counterparts of Dorset and Tan sheep and Small tail Han sheep; for the F1 progeny,the combination Borderdale and Small tail Han sheep assumed a higher growth rate,with a body weight of 3. 23%,6. 07%,7. 42% and 8. 66% higher in male and female individuals than the counterparts of Borderdale- Mongolia sheep and Tan sheep- Small tail Han sheep,respectively. Therefore,in the Small-tail Han sheep and Mongolia sheep producing regions,the F2 or F3progeny bred by using Dorset or Borderdale sheep as male parent to cross with local breeds,or the hybrid lambs of Small-tail Han sheep and Borderdale sheep as highly qualified commodity,would produce significant economic benefit. Moreover,the novel breeds obtained by crossing were the valuable genetic resource for breeding meat sheep.

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  • Selection and Molecular Biological Identification of a Strain of Bacillus sp. Inhibiting the Growth of Saprolegnia ferax

    Song Zengfu;Fan Bin;She Linrong;Tang Lei;Zhao Shilin;Lv Liqun;Yang Xianle;

    Based on the theory of biological control of Saprolegnia ferax,antagonism test of nine strains of Bacillus sp. to S. ferax JL was carried out. Bacillus sp.BA1 was screened to have significantly inhibitory effects on the growth of S. ferax JL( P < 0. 05). Then,the effects of Bacillus sp. BA1 on different sources of S. ferax were carried out. Results showed that BA1 also had significantly inhibitory effects on S. ferax 6#,10# and S2( P < 0. 05). Sequence of 16 S r DNA of BA1 was analyzed; and homologous alignment analysis showed that BA1 had more than 99% similarity with Bacillus cereus. Therefore,it could be concluded that strain BA1 was B. cereus,which significantly inhibited the growth of S. ferax and could be used as the biological control agent for S. ferax diseases in aquaculture.

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  • Isolation,Identification and Antibiotics Susceptibility Test of Citrobacter freundii from Procambarus clarkia

    Chen Honglian;Song Guangtong;He Jixiang;Hou Guanjun;Wang Yongjie;

    This experiment was conducted to clarify species and drug resistance of pathogen from the diseased Procambarus clarkia. Pathogenic bacteria from hepatopancreas of the diseased P. clarkia were examined using conventional methods,and then were isolated. The further tests and analysis of the isolated strain were developed,including the regression experiment to P. clarkia,the morphology,physiological and biochemical characteristics,sequence analysis of their 16 S rRNA and gyr B genes,and the susceptibility test to antibiotics. Large colonies with similar morphology and color were obtained. Strain X120523 was identified as Citrobacter freundii,proved to have strong pathogenicity,and was susceptible to quinolones and aminoglycosides.

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  • Fatty Acid Composition and Amino Acid Content in Beef of Dehong Buffalo and Its Cross Combinations

    Yin Hong;Wang Guiying;Yang Yue;Liao Guozhou;Cheng Zhibin;Gu Dahai;Xu Zhiqiang;Ge Changrong;Jia Junjing;

    The Dehong buffalo( D),F1 hybrids of Dehong buffalo × Murrah buffalo( MD) and F1 hybrids of Dehong × Nili buffalo( ND) as the experimental animals to investigate their fatty acid composition and amino acid content. Five of each buffalos were bred by freely grazing and slaughtered at 35. 8-month old age to investigate the fatty acid composition and amino acid content in beef of Dehong buffalo,MD buffalo and ND buffalo. The results showed that,saturated fatty acid content of Dehong buffalo( 44. 33%) was significantly higher than that of ND buffalo( 41. 39%) and MD buffalo( 41. 48%)( P < 0. 05),and the latter two were not significantly different( P > 0. 05). The content of PUFA in Dehong buffalo( 53. 90%) was significantly lower than ND( 56. 83%) and MD( 56. 83%)( P <0. 05),however,the n- 6∶ n- 3( 4. 25) of Dehong buffalo was significantly higher than ND( 3. 14) and MD( 3. 52)( P < 0. 05). The content of amino acids in muscle was not significantly different between Dehong buffalo,MD buffalo and ND buffalo( P > 0. 05),while the acidic amino acid content of Dehong buffalo was higher than that of MD buffalo and ND buffalo.

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  • Fixed-point Monitoring of Vaccine Immune Effects on Severe Animal Diseases in Livestock and Poultry Breeding Fields

    Zhang Sihua;Ruan Zheng;Yin Weili;Wan Yun;Zhou Hui;Gong Shiyu;

    In order to reveal the immune antibody levels and immune effect of livestock and poultry in the locality,we performed antibody surveillance on severe animal diseases in 17 livestock and poultry fields in six administrative districts of Wuhan City. The results showed that the vaccines had a good protective efficacy on highly pathogenic avian influenza( HPAI) and Newcastle disease( ND) in Wuhan City. The whole antibody levels kept above the ministerial standard( > 70%).However,the vaccine immunity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome( PRRS),swine fever( SF) and foot and mouth disease( FMD) was still poorly protective. The data indicated that the vaccines are protecting the severe animal diseases well,but there are still some potential security holes in some administrative districts.

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  • Effects of Exposure to Lead and Cadmium on the Oxidative Damage of Livers in Laying Hens

    Chen Dawei;Pu Junhua;Tang Xiujun;Lu Junxian;Liu Yinyin;Jia Xiaoxu;Ge Qinglian;Gao Yushi;

    [Objective] To detect the effects of exposure to lead and cadmium on the oxidative damage of livers in laying hens. [Methods] One hundred and twenty 40-week-old Hyline brown hens were randomly divided into four groups. 100 mg / L Pb and / or 50 mg / L Cd was added into the drinking water for eight weeks. [Results] Compared with control group,AST and ALT activities in Pb group enhanced; but there were no significant differences. AST and ALT activities in Cd group and( Pb + Cd) group significantly or extremely significantly increased( P < 0. 05 or P < 0. 01). SOD activity,GSH- Px activity and GSH content in( Pb + Cd) group,Cd group and Pb group were significantly or extremely significantly lower than those in control group( P <0. 05 or P <0. 01). Among them,( Pb + Cd) group showed the greatest reduction( P <0. 01). MDA contents in the three groups were significantly higher than that of control group; and( Pb +Cd) group was significantly higher than Pb group and Cd group. Cu,Fe and Zn contents in three groups were higher than those in control group in different degrees( P <0. 05 or P <0. 01). Se contents in Cd group and( Pb + Cd) group were significantly lower than that in control group( P <0. 01). Residue contents in livers in Pb group and Cd group were significantly greater than that in control group; while residue content in( Pb + Cd) group was significantly higher than those in Pb group and Cd group. Ultrastructure showed that there were symptoms of mitochondrial swelling and fractured cristae in liver cells of laying hens after the exposure to Cd and Pb. In( Pb + Cd) group,these symptoms were even greater. [Conclusion] Oxidative damage and disturbance of trace element metabolism were one of the mechanisms for hepatotocity in laying hens induced by Pb and Cd,and synergistic effect lied in the coadministration.

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  • Artificial Breeding Techniques of Whitmania pigra

    Zhao Nan;Xu Ziliang;

    The artificial breeding technology for juvenile of Whitmania pigra was introduced in the paper,including selection of sites and water quality,construction of spawning pool,hatching pool and escape proof facilities,key technology of leech selection,feeding,cocoon hatching,juvenile feeding and management.

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  • Development of a Liquid Chip Technique to Simultaneously Detect Taura Syndrome Virus( TSV) and Yellow Head Disease Virus( YHDV)

    Yin Weili;Zhang Sihua;Yue Zhiqin;Zheng Xiaolong;Liu Hong;

    The aim is to develop a liquid chip technique to detect Taura syndrome virus( TSV) and yellow head disease virus( YHDV) on Penaeus orientalis simultaneously. The CP2 gene of TSV and N gene of YHDV in Gen Bank was analysed by using the software DNAStar 7. 0 to design the TSV-and YHDV-specific primers. The primers were labeled with biotin and subjected to amination modification. They were then coupled with fluorescence-coded microspheres and then used for hybridization with RT- PCR products of TSV and YHDV. The liquid chip detection technique for detection of TSV and YHDV was established by using BD FACSArray to detect fluorescence signal in the reaction system. This assay system had a high sensitivity to TSV and YHDV,with the detection of limit of 100 pg. Moreover,the assay was specific for the detection of TSV,YHDV and was not susceptible to cross with other viruses,including white spot syndrome virus( WSSV),spring viremia of carp virus( SVCV),infectious haematopoietic necrosis virus( IHNV). In conclusion,the liquid chip assay technique established in this study is highly sensitive and specific to TSV and YHDV detection. Moreover,it provides a novel,convenient and rapid approach for the detection of TSV and YHDV.

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  • Study on the Milk Yield Pattern of Maiwa Yak

    Zhou Mingliang;Jiang Shihai;Xie Rongqing;Luo Xiaolin;Yang Pinggui;

    The change in lactation of Maiwa yak was studied based on the data of locating Maiwa yak in warm seasons during 2003- 2009. The results showed that the milk yield was increasing gradually during days 30- 70 after calving,reached the peak at days 70- 110,and decreased gradually to no milking whenafter. The milk yield of Maiwa yak was greatly influenced by lactation age rather than the yearly effect.

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  • Effects of Dietary Carbohydrate-lipid Ratio on Growth, Body Composition and Digestive Enzyme Activities of Juvenile Peanut Worm,Sipunculus nudus

    Zhang Qin;Xu Mingzhu;Tong Tong;Tong Wanping;Dong Lanfang;Cheng Guangping;Zou Jie;Jiang Yan;

    [Objective] This study was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary carbohydrate-lipid( C / L) ratios on growth performance,body composition and digestive enzyme activities of juvenile peanut worm. [Methods]Juvenile peanut worm with average body weight of( 16. 77 ± 0. 40) mg were fed with five isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets formulated to contain different carbohydrate / lipid( C / L) ratios( 0. 68,1. 02,1. 62,2. 61 or 4. 35) for 8 weeks. [Results] The dietary C / L ratios had no significant effects on survival of juvenile peanut worm( P > 0. 05). With the increasing of dietary C / L ratios,weight growth rate( WGR)and specific growth rate( SGR) increased when dietary C / L ratios were between 0. 68 and 2. 61,and then decreased significantly with dietary C / L ratio further increased. When the dietary C / L ratio was 2. 61( carbohydrate level was 20. 64%,lipid level was 7. 92%) both WGR and SGR produced the maximum value,they were 451. 78 ± 16. 85% and 3. 41 ± 0. 06 % / d,respectively. The dietary C / L ratios had significant effects on body moisture,body protein content and body lipid content( P < 0. 05),but no significant effects on body ash content of juvenile peanut worm( P > 0. 05). Different C / L ratios had significant effects on amylase activity and lipases activity of juvenile peanut worm( P < 0. 05),but no significant effects on protease activity( P > 0. 05). [Conclusion]The regression model analysis showed that the most suitable dietary C / L ratio which can make juvenile peanut worm acquire the best weight growth rate is 2. 42.

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  • Growth Development and Reproductive Performance of Congjiang Fragrance Pig

    Shen Xuelin;Duan Yongbang;Yang Xiujiang;Wei Shengquan;

    [Objective] The paper was to determine whether the germplasm resources of Congjiang fragrance pig had changed over the past 30 years. [Method]The growth development and reproductive performance of 100 pigs from six towns in central fragrance pig producing area and Congjiang fragrance pig stock seed farm were measured,and further compared with the data in Guizhou Livestock and Poultry Breeds 1986. [Result]The growth and development status was basically consistent,and the average litter size was at a downward trend: the first litter decreased by 26. 2%; the second litter decreased by 7. 0%; the third litter decreased by8. 55%. [Conclusion] The study laid the foundation for vigorous promotion of Congjiang fragrance pig in industrial development process,acceleration of breeding pace,gradual updating of farming breeds by farmers and improvement of production efficiency of fragrance pig.

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  • A Brief Analysis on Citation Forms of English Journal Titles in References of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Journals

    Ren Peng;Bai Yongping;Guo Yunyan;Cheng Jinhua;Li Shuchao;

    In this paper,the problems of citation forms of English journal titles in references of animal science and veterinary medicine journals were described and analyzed. And the English names of animal science and veterinary medicine journals and corresponding abbreviations were listed for reference by authors.

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  • Development of Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia Inactivated Vaccine( M1601 Strain)

    Zhao Ping;He Ying;Chu Yuefeng;Gao Pengcheng;Zhang Xuan;Lu Zhongxin;

    Three batches of contagious caprine pleuropneumonia inactivated vaccine( M1601 strain) developed by the laboratory were studied from the aspects of safety,minimum immune dose,immunity duration and storage life. The results showed that the vaccine was safe to goats under different physiological conditions.Regardless of lambs or adult goats,the minimum immune dose was 3 m L,and the immunity duration and the storage life were 6 and 12 months,respectively.

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  • Canonical Correlation Factors Causing the Formation of Accumulated Sand-belts along the Oasis Fringe in Hexi Corridor

    Chang Zhaofeng;Wang Qiangqiang;Zhang Jianhui;Tang Jinnian;Zhu Shujuan;Fan Baoli;Zhang Dabiao;Liu Shizeng;Zhang Guozhong;Li Aide;

    Accumulated sand-belts refer to those formed along the oasis fringe,especially at the upwind location,due to the accumulation of sand blocked by farmland windbreak. In the 60 years since the foundation of new China,a lot of trees have been planted for desertification combating in northwest and north China,thus,accumulated sand-belts were formed at the upwind location. The formation and the ecological effects of the accumulated sand-belts along the oasis fringe is a new scientific concern. To study the formation causes of these belts in Hexi corridor,21 samples were selected,and the height / width of the belts,as well as the vegetation,soil,soil moisture and climatic factors were investigated. This paper analyzed the correlation between the height / width of the belts and the vegetation,soil,soil moisture and climatic factors using the methods of variance analysis,correlation analysis and canonical correlation analysis. The results indicate that: the accumulated sand-belts take a trend of being high and wide in the east whereas low and narrow in the west,and most of the parts tend to be stable; the species on the belts are dominated by Tamarix austromongolica,the vegetation cover and the pure vegetation cover of different dominant species on the leeward slope of the accumulated sand-belts vary significantly. The canonical correlation analysis shows that: the height and width of accumulated sand-belt is the interaction of precipitation,distance to the sand source,leeward vegetation cover and annual average wind speed. Moreover,the height of accumulated sand-belts are negatively correlated to the soil moisture at the depth of 30- 50 cm,air humidity and leeward vegetation cover,and the width of the belts is also negatively correlated with the distance to the sand source. The ecological effects of the accumulated sand-belts are both positive( stopping sands from moving into farmland,protective role as an obstacle)and negative( when the belts decay and activate one day,they will become the new sand sources). At present,there are no signs showing the negative effects of the belts. The ecological effects of the accumulated sand-belts are: firstly the protective role as an obstacle,and secondly to intercept and reduce the sands moving into farmlands.

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  • Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Main Wool Traits in Keerqin Fine Wool Sheep

    Mei Hua;Gao Fengming;

    [Objective]To investigate the population genetic structure of Keerqin fine wool sheep. [Method]The genetic parameters of wool traits in Keerqin fine wool sheep were calculated by employing paternal half sib correlation method. [Results]The traits with high heritability( h≥0. 3) included wool length( 1-year old),wool yield( 1-year old) and wool yield( 2-year old); that with medium heritability( 0. 1≤h≤0. 3) included wool fineness( 1-year old),wool fineness( 2-year old),wool length( 3-year old) and wool yield( 3-year old). There were extremely significant positive correlations between wool fineness( 1-year old) and wool fineness( 2-year old),between wool fineness( 1-year old) and wool fineness( 3-year old),between wool length( 1-year old) and wool length( 2-year old),between wool length( 1-year old) and wool length( 3-year old),and between wool fineness( 2-year old) and wool fineness( 3-year old),with the correlation coefficients of 0. 653 0,0. 625 8,0. 489 6,0. 578 8,0. 578 4 and 0. 554 6 respectively. The results showed that the phenotypic correlation was poorer than genetic correlation among the wool traits. [Conclusion]The wool fineness,wool yield and body weight of Keerqin fine wool sheep all fail to meet the excellent level and need to be improved further.

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  • Progress of Chemical Composition and Pharmacological Effects of Meretrix meretrix Linnaeus

    Du Zhengcai;Hou Xiaotao;Huang Qing;Deng Jiagang;Fanshi Fangcao;

    Meretrix meretrix Linnaeus is a traditional marine drug. There are more than two thousand years of history using clamshell as a component of medicine.After a review of relevant literature at home and abroad for nearly 20 years,the author summarized chemical composition and pharmacological effects of M. meretrix,in order to provide a scientific basis for further development and utilization of M. meretrix.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote

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