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  • Molecular Identification of D. nuttalli and D.marginatus

    Lv Jizhou;Wang Zhenbao;Yuan Xiangfen;Wu Shaoqiang;

    This study was to establish a molecular identification method to distinguish Dermacentor nuttalli(D. nuttalli) and Dermacentor marginatus(D. marginatus),and to study their phylogenetic relationship. The ticks were collected from domestic animals in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for morphological identification,then their genomic DNAs were isolated for amplifying mitochondrial 16 S rRNA and cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene(COI). The phylogenetic tree was constructed based on the sequencing results of PCR products by employing Mega 5. 0 and Mrbayes 3. 2 for homology analysis. Clustering analysis PCR product for 16 S rRNA from both D. marginatus and D. nuttalli was clustered together with their respective 16 S rRNA sequences previously accessed in GenBank,and that for COI gene as well. These are basically identical with morphological identification results. Our results indicate that morphological identification,combined with molecular markers,would be a simple and accurate method for distinguishing D. nuttalli and D. marginatus.

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  • Production Performance of Root Systems of Four Forage Legume Species and Their Development Characteristics in Loess Plateau,China

    Zhang Jianquan;Zhang Jiyu;Wang Yanrong;Xie Wengang;Li Juncheng;

    Production performance of four forage legumes species of Medicago sativa,Onobrychis viciifolia,Lotus corniculatus and Galega officinalis were determined,including plant height,above-ground biomass per unit area,tillers per unit area,fertile tillers per unit area,shoot /leaf ratio and fresh /dry matter weight ratio,and the distribution characteristics of their root systems in 0- 100 cm soil layers with 10 cm interval were studied. Results showed that the average aboveground fresh biomass(4 a and 5 a) of four forage legumes species successively were L. corniculatus > M. sativa > O. viciifolia > G. officinalis. The average plant heights in two years successively were O. viciifolia > M. sativa > G. officinalis > L. corniculatus. Tillers per unit area of four forage legume species in two years successively were M. sativa > L. corniculatus > O. viciifolia > G. officinalis. Fertile tillers per unit area in two years were O. viciifolia > M. sativa > L. corniculatus > G. officinalis. Average shoot /leaf ratio in two years were G. officinalis > M. sativa > O. viciifolia > L. corniculatus. Average moisture contents of four forage legume species in two years successively were G. officinalis > L. corniculatus > M. sativa = O. viciifolia. The distribution characteristics of root systems of four forage legumes species in 0- 100 cm soil layers were as follows: the root weights of M. sativa in 0- 40 cm soil layers accounted for about 98. 3% of total root weight,that of O. viciifolia in 0- 30 cm soil layers was 85. 8%,that of L. corniculatus in 0- 10 cm soil layers was 80%,and that of G. officinalis in 0- 40 cm soil layers was 81. 4%. The results suggested that L. corniculatus was suited to plant in slighter degraded pasture to control water and soil erosion in early stage,G. officinalis with strong lateral roots was adapted to degraded grassland in the Loess Plateau where soil nutrient was poor,while O. viciifolia and M. sativa with potentially strong main root were fit for water and soil conservation in the losses plateau for long term.

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  • Preliminary Exploration of a Novel Type High-effi-ciency Mosquito-repellent Compound Essential Oils

    Pei Jing;Zhou Yin;Sun Yizhe;Wang Tao;Yang Jingya;

    The essential oils were extracted from flowers and branches of Cestrum genus plant Telosma cordata(Burm. F.) Merr.,and used for purifying the mosquito-repellent refined oils. The yielded extracts were mixed with single nerve-smoothing or nerve-exciting components from lavender and peppermint or mixed with basal oils(like evening primrose),in order to prepare the novel type compound essential oils conferring mosquito-repellent and air-refreshing actions. The resulted compound was prepared into solid air freshener.

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  • Epidemiological Survey on Canine Parvovirus Disease in Taizhou Region,Jiangsu Province,China

    Yuan Weifeng;Liu Jing;Zhao Xuegang;Lu Jiang;Zheng Xiaoliang;Zhu Hongfei;

    The canine parvovirus disease is an acute infectious disease caused by canine parvovirus(CPV). It is clinically characterized by severe vomiting,hemorrhagic enteritis,significant reduction in white blood cells and myocarditis. The disease with high incidence,highly infectious and high mortality has become one of the serious infectious diseases threatening dog raising industry in China. In this research,260 cases of canine parvovirus case from an Aite Pet Clinic in Taizhou City during January 2010 and March 2011 were analyzed. This study discloses the epidemiology of CPV in Taizhou region of Jiangsu Province,i. e.,the incidence of CPV and canine motility are closely correlated with age,breed,immune inoculation and season. This study provides useful guide for the clinical treatment of CPV in the future.

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  • Interactions between Ipomoea aquatica and Microbial Populations

    Kan Yuanqing;Sun Ling;Zhang Ying;

    [Objective]This paper was to research the water purification mechanism of Ipomoea aquatica and its correlation with algae and rotifer. [Methods]Taking I. aquatica as the test material,Chlorella vulgaris,Scenedesmus obliquus,Microcystis aeroginosa and rotifer Adineta vaga with different densities were added to the hydroponics nutrients solutions of I. aquatica by the hydroponic ecological simulation method. The growth characteristics of I. aquatica,changes of microbial populations and the consumption status of nutrients in the nutritional solution were determined. And the interactions between the plant and the microbial populations were researched. [Results]When I. aquatica seedlings grew to a certain stage,growth of principal root stopped; while the lateral roots emerged greatly; and the nutrition absorption efficiency enhanced. As the inoculation concentration of C. vulgaris increased,root length of I. aquatica increased relatively great due to the competition for nutrients. The competition and allelopathy of M. aeroginosa and S. obliquus restricted the development of root system of I. aquatica. The grazing pressure of Chlorella vulgaris had little effects on M. aeroginosa,but restricted the rapid growth of S. obliquus. [Conclusions]This research provided data support for the application of fish-shrimp-vegetable aquaculture system.

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  • Safety of a Live Attenuated Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Vaccine IBRV LNM Strain

    Guo Li;Wang Wei;Zhang Shuqin;Cheng Shipeng;Wu Hua;

    The paper was to evaluate the vaccine safety,and to prevent public health risk due to virus spread,the approach vaccination of was adopted in this research; and neck intramuscular injection of IBRV LNM attenuated vaccine strain was carried out. Blind passage for three generations in animal has tested the reversion risk to virulence. A total of 14 healthy and weaning cows at 6- 8 month old were divided into three groups. The 1st reversion of virulence trials used 105. 0TCID50/mL neck intramuscular injection of IBRV LNM attenuated vaccine strain. Then,the nose swab samples were collected for continuous 14 days. After passed through 0. 45 μm filter membrane,nasal swabs mixture was prepared as the virulence test inoculum for next generation. The body temperature was detected and clinical observation was carried out for continuous 14 days after inoculation. The inoculation dose was 1ml / cattle. Blood was collected on the 0 and 14 thdays of animal vaccination. After serum isolation,it was used for the antibody detection of serum. Research results showed that no virus was isolated from the nasal swabs from the F2 generation; vaccinated animals did not show any clinical signs of IBR; serological testing of IBRV antibody was negative,which indicated that the strain-inoculated animals did had reversion of virulence in all three generations.

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  • Correlation Analysis between Body Size and Slaughter Performance in F-_1 Hybrid Offspring of Princess Chicken and Kirin Chicken

    Li Naibin;Du Bingwang;Yang Fenxia;Tao Lin;Chen Jiebo;

    In order to study the meat development value of princess chicken,the body size traits and slaughter performance of 12-week-old F1 hybrid offspring of princess chicken(♂) and kirin chicken(♀) were measured and the correlations between different traits were analyzed. The results showed that body length,keel length and shank length of male F1 hybrid offspring were significantly higher than those of female chickens(P < 0. 05). The live weight,carcass weight,semi-eviscerated weight,semi-eviscerated ratio,eviscerated weight,chest muscle weight,the leg muscle weight and heart weight of male chickens were extremely significantly higher than that of female chickens(P < 0. 01),and the leg muscle ratio and wings weight were significantly higher than that of female chickens(P < 0. 05),but sebum thickness of male chickens was extremely significantly lower than that of female chickens(P < 0. 01). Other indicators failed to reach the significant difference level. There were extremely significant or significant correlations between the slaughter performance and body size in F1 hybrid offspring. The regression equations between different indicators were identified and developed. The results provided a certain theoretical reference to predict slaughter performance indicators through a living body size measurement,and revealed an improved production performance of F1 hybrid offspring.

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  • Effect of Different Thawing Methods on Post-thaw Motility of Cow Semen in Cryopreservation Straws

    Qiao Limin;Guo Tong;Qiao Fuqiang;Yao Hua;Xiao Xishan;Hou Yinxu;Fu Jingtao;Ren Kang;

    The study was to investigate the effects of different thawing temperatures(5,15,40,75,90 ℃) and times(1- 120 s) on properties of post-thaw cow semen by detecting frozen-thawed semen motility,acrosome integrity and tail membrane integrity,further obtaining the optimal thawing method of straw frozen semen from dairy cow. The results showed that(1) Thawing of the straw frozen semen of dairy cow at 75 ℃ for 3 s yielded the highest semen motility,followed by 40 ℃for 20 s,and the least by low temperature 5 ℃ and room temperature 15 ℃ with a semen motility of 0. 3,moreover thawing at high temperature 90 ℃ was not suitable for large scale production due to the difficult control of the temperature;(2) The acrosome intact rate and plasma membrane integrity rate of semens thawed at90 ℃ were remarkably lower than that at 40 ℃ and 75 ℃ significantly(P < 0. 05),while its semen malformation rate was significantly higher than that at 40 ℃and 75 ℃(P < 0. 05);(3) The Survival time of semens at 37 ℃ varied largely among different thawing temperature,in detail by 40 ℃ > 75 ℃ > 90 ℃. In practice,the thawing method of straw frozen semen of dairy cow should be selected according to the specific circumstance and inseminated immediately,with the recommended condition of thawing at 75 ℃ for 3 s. If the thawed semen could not be inseminated immediately,the thawing should be performed at 20 s for 40 ℃to maintain the motility for a longer term.

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  • Effects of Seasons on Embryo Transfer of Cattle in Different Climatic Zones

    Wang Feng;Wang Shenyuan;Zhang Dong;Han Lidong;Li Lu;Huang Chunhua;Zhong Gang;Han Jinlong;Wang Bingping;Liu Yiyi;Liu Caiyun;Pan Jing;Zhao Zhichao;Zhou Huanmin;Zhang Li;

    The paper was to evaluate the efficient seasons for embryo transfer of cattle in different climatic zones in China. Three climatic zones(mid-temperate zone,warm temperate zone,subtropical zone) were designed,and embryo transfers had been carried out in spring,summer,autumn and winter from 2009 to 2011,respectively. The total number of transplant recipient cattle was 22 208. The results showed that the best seasons for embryo transfers varied with different climatic zones. In mid-temperate zone,summer and autumn were better while summer was the best,and the rate of pregnant was 50. 67%(the number of pregnant cattle was 8 005). In warm temperate zone,spring and autumn were better while autumn was the best,and the rate of pregnant was 54. 99 %(the number of pregnant cattle was 551). In subtropical zone,spring and winter were better while winter was the best,and the rate of pregnant was 56. 94 %(the number of pregnant cattle was 328). The seasonal average temperatures and relative humidity of the best seasons in different climatic zones were concentrated on the same region. In mid-temperate zone,the mean temperature ranged between 22. 4 ℃ and 24. 2 ℃,and the mean relative humidity ranged from 44% to 55. 3%. In warm zone,the mean temperature ranges were between 14. 2 ℃ and 16. 2 ℃,and the mean relative humidity ranges were from 59. 3% to 71. 6%. In sub-tropical zone,the mean temperature ranges were between 3. 26 ℃ and 7. 73 ℃,and the mean relative humidity ranges were from 72% to 80. 6%. Therefore,the optimized conditions of temperature and humidity of season in different zones could be simulated. It is possible that we apply the program to bovine production in the similar agroecological zones,which is of great significance for improving the embryo transfer efficiency of livestock in production.

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  • Monitoring and Analysis on Multi Drug Resistance of Escherichia coli from Captive Population Amur Tiger

    Xue Yuan;Li Fengyong;Sun Jing;Cai Longhui;Wu Qingming;Zhou Ming;Huang Xianguang;Hua Yuping;

    In order to investigate the multi drug resistance to Escherichia coli from captive population Amur tiger,E. coli strains were isolated from the fecal samples of tiger in Heilongjiang Amur Tiger Park in Harbin. The sensitivity of E. coli isolates to 14 antibiotics was determined by scrip diffusion method. The results indicated that all the isolates varied in drug resistance to different antibiotics; the isolates gave high resistance to ampicillin,with a drug fast rate of 100%; over80% of the isolates were resistant to tetracycline and Paediatric Compound Sulfamethoxazole Tablets(SMZ- TMP),and over 70% of the isolates were sensitive to aztreonam,amoxicillin /potassium clavulanate. Most of the isolates had high sensitive to aztreonam and amoxicillin / clavulanate acid.

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  • Diagnosis and Treatment of a Case of Leydig Cell Tumor in Dogs

    Xiang Jinmei;Yin Hongbin;Li Wenqing;Wan Chunyun;

    Based on such diagnostic measures as clinical diagnosis and lab etiological examination,the disease was diagnosed as Leydig cell tumor in dogs. Combined with the clinical examination results of the dog,testicular tumor removal operation was conducted,and the prognosis was favorable.

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  • Analysis on Nutrient Compositions and Nutritional Quality of Lota lota( Linnaeus) Muscle

    Xu Gefeng;Wang Yuyu;Bai Qingli;Li Xiaolong;Jia Zhonghe;

    In order to evaluate the nutritional quality of Lota lota(Linnaeus) muscle,the common nutrient components,amino acid composition and fatty acid composition in muscle of wild Lota lota(captured in Hailang reaches of Mudan River) were determined by routine methods. The results showed that the contents of moisture,crude protein,crude fat and ash were 81. 82%,15. 93%,0. 44% and 1. 06% in fresh muscle of Lota lota,respectively. Totally 17 amino acids,including seven kinds of essential amino acids(EAA),were detected in dry muscle of Lota lota(Linnaeus),accounting for 72. 43% of total dry muscle. The content of EAA was 29. 82%,accounting for 41. 17% of TAA,meeting the amino acid composition of high-quality protein standard required by Food and Agriculture Organization /Word Health Organization(FAO /WHO). There were four delicious amino acids(DAA) in dry muscle,accounting for 28. 34% of total dry weight.The percentage of DAA to TAA was 39. 13% in dry muscle. The contents of C20:5n- 3(EPA) and C22:6n- 3(DHA) in dry muscle were 8. 65% and 20. 32%respectively,which were significantly higher than that of the artificially cultured fish species,such as Oxyeleotris marmorata(EPA:2. 24%,DHA:4. 74%),Spinibarbus sinensis(EPA:0. 87%,DHA:3. 08%) and Glossogobius giuris(EPA: 3. 94%,DHA: 8. 10%). Based on the amino acids score(AAS) and chemical score(CS),the first limited amino acid in Lota lota(Linnaeus) was sulfur-containing amino acid(methionine + cysteine). The essential amino acids index(EAAI) of Lota lota(Linnaeus) was 62.58. It is concluded that Lota lota(Linnaeus) is abundant in amino acids and high-unsaturated fatty acids,and rational in composition of amino acids. Thus,Lota lota(Linnaeus) is a high quality freshwater fish with high nutritional value and health value,possessing good exploitation and utilization prospects.

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  • Rodent Fauna in Southeast Forest Region of Heilongjiang Province of China and Its Damage on Agriculture and Forestry

    Jin Zhimin;Dong Shipeng;Liu Wenyang;Fu Dahang;Zhu Xianbing;

    [Objective]The paper was to understand the rodent fauna in southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province and its harm to agriculture and forests.[Methods]The southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province was surveyed from March2008 to December2013 using night trap method combined with integrated collation of literature. [Result]There were totally 21 species of rodents in southeast forest region of Heilongjiang Province,belonging to 16 genera,8 families,3orders,and the fauna was mainly consisted of palaearctic realm; in terms of captured number,Clethrionomys rufocanus was the dominant species in forest region,while Apodemus agrarius was the dominant species in fields. The number of rodents was closely related to stand age,and the density of rodents was lower in the forest land with longer stand age and greater density. Rodents caused greater harm to timber forest and middle-aged forest than economic forest and young forest,and their damage on newly planted seedlings was particularly greater. The number of rodent population was the highest in summer,but the smallest in spring,while its interannual changes were stable. [Conclusion]The study provided a scientific basis for forestry management and rodent control,which also offered the basic biological data for the study of rodents.

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  • Diagnosis and Etiology of Secondary Infection of Escherichia coli with Rabbit Coccidiosis

    Luo Shimin;Hu Hui;Huang Guangzhong;Su Wuzhen;Yao Guomin;Huang Minsheng;Hu Yan;

    In November 2012,diarrhea-predominant disease broke out in a large rabbit farm in Huaihua City,leading to mortality rate of 5. 3%. Through survey of incidence,combined with clinical symptoms,pathological changes and laboratory diagnosis,the disease was confirmed as secondary infection of E. coli with rabbit coccidiosis,and it had been controlled after drug treatment.

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  • In vitro Culture of Bonamia ostreae and Its Identification

    Feng Chunyan;Wang Fei;Yang Lianru;Wu Shaoqiang;

    In recent years,bonamiosis has frequently occurred in European areas,which has caused the death of oyster in a wide range and brought enormous economic losses to the breeding industry of oyster. Nowadays,the study on Bonamia sp. is still in the elementary phase. The technology of pathogen's culture in vitro is the basis for further study on the pathogenesis of Bonamia sp.,its interaction with hosts and the prevention and control of the related disease. In this study,total tissues of oyster identified by PCR were used as culture media to in vitro culture. After one month,they were identified by the method of in situ hybridization. It was found that the results of in situ hybridization were accordant with PCR results. And Bonamia ostreae were detected by in situ hybridization after B. ostreae were cultured for one month. We successfully established a simple and feasible method for in vitro culturing B. ostreae.

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  • Preliminary Measurement of Internal Organs of Congjiang Fragrance Pig and Huanjiang Fragrance Pig

    Shen Xuelin;Duan Yongbang;Zhang Yi;Liu Peiqiong;

    Fragrance pig is a famous miniature local breed in China,which is similar to human on the aspects of physical structure,anatomy,nutrition,metabolism and blood biochemical indicators. The internal organs of Congjiang fragrance pig and Huanjiang fragrance pig with different month ages were weighed. The results showed that the proportion of stomach in body weight in Congjiang fragrance pig was higher than that in Min pig,Harbin white and Landrace,and the proportion of large intestine in body weight in Congjiang fragrance pig was also higher than that in ordinary pigs; the weights of heart,liver and kidney in 8- 10 months old Congjiang fragrance pig were similar to that in Chinese adults. This provided reference data for future in-depth development and utilization of fragrance pig.

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  • Investigation on Sinipercine Fishes in the National Aquatic Germplasm Resources Protection Area in Jinjiang River of China

    Yu Zhen;Ran Hui;Fan Junde;Mei Jie;

    [Objective]The paper was to provide a scientific basis for protection and utilization of sinipercine fish resources in Jinjiang River,the national resources protection area. [Method]A total of 171 specimens of sinipercine were collected from Jinjiang River and its branches,identified and statistically counted.[Result]There were three species of wild sinipercine,including Siniperca scherzeri,Coreoperca whiteheadi and Siniperca kneri,with occurrence frequencies of100%,66. 7% and 50%,respectively. They were common species in the river,and S. scherzeri was dominant. The total allowable catch(TAC) of the three species was not big,and the individuals captured were generally small,and with rare mature individuals. [Conclusion]The resources of sinipercine had a preliminary recovery in the region after the foundation of the national resources protection area for aquatic resources in Jinjiang River in 2009.

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  • Pathogenicity of Escherichia coli O_(123) from Rex Rabbit on White Mice

    Wang Yanping;Guo Shijin;Yang Limei;Dong Lin;Xu Qianqian;Shen Zhiqiang;

    [Objective]The paper was to analyze the pathogenesis of Escherichia coli O123 from rex rabbit. [Method]E. coli O123 isolated from rabbit liver with diarrhea symptom in scale rex rabbit farm was intraperitoneally injected into 18- 22 g Kunming mice,and its pathogenicity was determined by clinical symptoms and pathological examination. [Result]When the inoculation concentration was about 8. 5 × 107 CFU /mL,Kunming mice appeared the clinical symptoms of drooping spirit,diarrhea and gathering,and the mortality reached 50%. Anatomical examination found that intestinal wall was thinning and intestinal mucosa was bleeding. [Conclusion]E. coli from rex rabbit has strong pathogenicity,and establishing animal model with Kunming mice to study its pathogenesis is of great reference significance for diagnosis and prevention of E. coli disease of rex rabbit.

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  • Growth and Production Characteristics of Different Alfalfa Varieties in Jiamusi

    Shen Xiaohui;Feng Peng;Jiang Cheng;Li Rulai;Zheng Haiyan;Li Zengjie;Wang Qiang;

    [Objective]The growth and production characteristics of different alfalfa varieties in Jiamusi were explored in the paper,in order to better study their cold resistance in northern regions. [Method]The yield traits in different growth periods were measured using randomized block design method. [Results] The plant height of Longmu 803 was the highest of 66. 80 cm on the seeding year; the numbers of plants and branches per unit length of Longmu 808 were the highest of 94 plants and 184 branches,respectively,and its yield was the highest. The overwintering rate of each variety in the region was 100%. The yield of first mowing successively were Longmu 808 > Longmu 80 > Xunlu alfalfa > Aohan alfalfa > Zhaodong alfalfa > Longmu 807; the yield and 1 000-grain weight of Longmu803 were the highest,which were 20. 24 and 0. 09 g higher than control Zhaodong alfalfa,respectively. [Conclusion]The test alfalfa varieties have higher cold resistance in Jiamusi. Longmu 803 and Longmu 808 have both high grass production performance and excellent production performance.

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  • Analysis of Hongdao Clam Industrial Structure Based on Industry Chain

    Jiang Xianqiong;

    The vertical and transverse structures of Hongdao clam industry are described and analyzed objectively based on the perspective of industry chain. On the basis of field investigation,the key nodes of Hongdao clam industry chain,including nursery,breeding,processing,transportation and sale,are analyzed. It can be concluded that the development of clam industry chain is unbalanced,especially the deep-processing capacity is not strong,and the development of supporting industy lags behind. The horizontal industry chain of clam needs to be further improved. The corresponding suggestions are put forward: strengthening research on new nursery technology in later period,further extending the horizontal industry chain of clam,mining the depth of clam-related leisure industry,and upgrading service level of leisure travel.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers research notes letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields These articles can refer to basic theory.applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data The innovative idea

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.

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