• Cloning Sequencing and Bioinformatics Analysis of GRX2 and TRX2 from Puerpiao chicken and Tengchongxue chicken

    Fang Fang;Zhang Chunyong;Li Yanxuan;Li Meiquan;An Qingcong;Chen Kelin;Guo Rongfu;

    [Objective] The study was to explore whether glutaredoxin( GRX2) and thioredoxin( TRX2) genes vary between Puerpiao chicken and Tengchongxue chicken in Yunnan Province. [Methods] Using Sanhuang chicken as the control,the GRX2 and TRX2 genes were cloned from skin tissues of Puerpiao chicken and Tengchongxue chicken and then subjected to bioinformatics analysis. [Results] The sequencing results of both the GRX2 and TRX2 genes were completely consistent among Puerpiao chicken,Tengchongxue chicken and Sanhuang chicken. And the sequences of GRX2 and TRX2 genes share a 100% homology with the results accessed in Gen Bank,and no any mutation was observed. [Conclusion]The result provides scientific basis for investigating the antioxidant capacity of different chickens and utilizing elite local chicken resources.

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  • Effects of Chinese Herbal Compound on the Blood Physiological Indices and Cytokines of Myelosuppressive Mice

    Mu Xiaodong;Zuo Zhicai;Gan Meng;Cui Hengmin;Peng Xi;Wang Ya;Deng Junliang;Xu Zhiwen;

    [Objective] The research aimed to study the effects of Chinese herbal compound on the blood physiological indices and cytokines of myelosuppressive mice. [Method] Myelosuppressive mice model was established by intraperitoneal injection of 80 mg / kg cyclophosphamide. Chinese herbal compound was composed of Houttuynia cordata,Taraxacum mongolicum,Citrus reticulata peel,Atractylodes chinensis,Paeonia sterniana,Atractylodes macrocephala and Angelica sinensis. The effects of Chinese herbal compound and Astragalus polysaccharide at different doses on the blood physiological indices and hematopoietic growth factors of myelosuppressive mice were discussed. [Result] Myelosuppressive mice model was successfully established. The total white blood cell count,total neutrophile granulocyte count,total lymphocyte count,total platelet count and the contents of serum interleukin-6 and erythropoietin in myelosuppressive mice were significantly decreased. The total erythrocyte count,the contents of hemoglobin and interleukin-3 were decreased,without significant difference. The blood physiological indices and the contents of interleukin-3 and erythropoietin in myelosuppressive mice could be improved by intragastric administration of Astragalus polysaccharide and Chinese herbal compound at different doses for 3 days or 7 days. The effect of 20 g / kg Chinese herbal compound was the best after administration for 3 days,and the effect of 10 g / kg Chinese herbal compound was the best after administration for 7 days. The total white blood cell count,total neutrophile granulocyte count,percentage of neutrophile granulocyte,total lymphocyte count,total count of middle cells,percentage of middle cells,total platelet count,contents of interleukin-3 and erythropoietin in myelosuppressive mice could be extremely significantly improved by intragastric administration of 10 g / kg Chinese herbal compound for 7 days( P <0. 01),and the reduction of red blood cell count,hematocrit,the contents of hemoglobin and interleukin-6 induced by cyclophosphamide could be inhibited( P <0. 01). [Conclusion] Chinese herbal compound could improve the hematopoietic function of myelosuppressive mice induced by cyclophosphamide and its effect was better than Astragalus polysaccharide. 20 g / kg Chinese herbal compound reacted fast and the reaction of 10 g / kg Chinese herbal compound was slow,but its efficacy was lasting.

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  • Study on Acid Tolerance in Rhizobium meliloti and Its Symbiosis System

    Jiang Hua;Duan Xinhui;Shan Guilian;He Chenggang;

    Soil pH is a main factor that affects the nodule formation and nitrogen fixation. The largely reduced nitrogen fixation effect caused by acid soil is the major limitation of alfalfa growth in the south of China. Thus selection of anti-acid nodule for inoculating on alfalfa is of great significance in practical production.Using nine candidate rhizobia( Rhizobium meliloti L.) as study objects,their colony diameters and the nodule number of each strain inoculated alfalfa variety were investigated at different pH conditions. The YNCY006 strain presented the strongest resistance to acid,while YNCY007 strain presented the weakest. For nodulation,GT13 R alfalfa inoculated with YNCY006 or YNCY008 strains was the best symbiosis system in the acidic soil.

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  • Ecological Effects of Accumulated Sand-belts along the Oasis Fringe in Hexi of Gansu

    Chang Zhaofeng;Zhang Jianhui;Wang Qiangqiang;Zhu Shujuan;Zhang Dabiao;Fan Baoli;Tang Jinnian;Liu Shizeng;

    The accumulated sand-belts have formed along the oasis fringe,especially at the upwind areas of the desert area in Gansu Hexi of China during the process of desert control in recent 60 years. The accumulated sand-belt is a byproduct of desertification combating through afforestation and barriers-setting. This paper analyzed the data( including wind velocity / direction) of 21 sites on the accumulated sand-belt to evaluate its stability and ecological effects. The results showed that the accumulated sand-belt is in a stable state. It plays a significant role in weakening wind and this effect is enhanced with the increase of wind velocity. The height of accumulated sand-belt is an important factor characterizing its windproof function. When the wind velocity is higher than 2 m / s,the windproof area in the downwind places is 20 times greater than the height of the accumulated sand-belt. When the wind velocity is higher than 8 m / s,the wind velocity on the top of the accumulated sand-belt is less than that in the upwind open areas. When the air flow reaches the windward slope,its energy is released and reduced by uplifting along the slope and diversion towards the two wings. Wind deflector reduces the velocity of the prevailing wind on the windward slope.

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  • Growth and Development of Larvae and Juveniles of Carassius auratus gibelio

    Liang Zhengqi;Yao Junjie;Xiong Hualong;An Miao;Huang Shihong;

    The growth and development of larvae and juveniles was morphologically investigated in Carassius auratus gibelio. The results showed that it took 52 h from fertilization to hatching at 22- 25 ℃. The newly hatched larvae had transparent body,with the head right near the yolk sac; the yolk sac accounted for 2 /3of larval volume,which was exhausted in the four-day-old larvae that started the exogenous nutrient period. The larvae were found to develop into juveniles from a few scales on the 20 thday after hatching to whole scales,fingerling,on the 28 thday after hatching. The relationship between total length( TL) and age in days( D)was described as: TL = 0. 001 2D3- 0. 038 8D2+ 1. 043 2D + 3. 945 8( r2= 0. 998). The relationship between body length( L) and body weight( W) of larvae and juveniles was expressed as: m = 1E- 05L3. 376 9( r2= 0. 982 7). The formula between body length and body height during the development of the fish was described as: H = 0. 000 1L3- 0. 028 4L2+ 1. 281 6L- 7. 250 5( r2= 0. 988 6). The findings provided the theoretical instruction for practical production of C. auratus gibelio.

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  • Molecular Identification of Hyalomma anatolicum,Hyalomma asiaticum and Hyalomma detritum

    Lv Jizhou;Wu Shaoqiang;Zhang Yongning;Wang Zhenbao;Feng Chunyan;Wang Caixia;Deng Junhua;Yuan Xiangfen;Lin Xiangmei;

    Hyalomma anatolicum,Hyalomma asiaticum and Hyalomma detritum are wide-spread tick vectors in China. They could transmit a great variety of serious animal and human pathogens,which are great threats to the health of human beings and the safety of stockbreeding. Most of them are distributed in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia,and they share similar morphologies. This study is to establish a method for identifying H. anatolicum,H. asiaticum and H. detritum with molecular markers and to revealing the phylogenetic relationship of these ticks. Ticks were collected from domestic animals in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia autonomous regions and classified by morphological characters. 16 S rRNA and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene( COI) of ticks were amplified by PCR and subsequently sequenced. Phylogenetic trees were constructed by MEGA 5. 0 and Mrbayes 3. 2. On the 16 S rRNA-based phylogenetic tree,H. anatolicum and H. aisaticum were clustered together with their respective classes. H. detritum was clustered with their respective class and the H. anatolicum,H. asiaticum formed distinct branches on the phylogenetic trees based on the COI. The method based on morphology that combined with molecular 16 S rRNA and COI seemed a simple and accurate method for species identification of H. anatolicum,H. asiaticum and H. detritum.

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  • Effects of the Chinese Medicinal Herb Com plex Additives on Non-specific Immunity of Amursturgeon( Acipenser schrencki Brandt)

    Wang Di;Liu Hongbai;

    This study was to investigate the effects of aqueous decotion from three Chinese medicinal herb additives( Cyrtomium fortunei,prescription I and prescription II) on non-specific immunity of 1 + age old Amur sturgeon( Acipenser schrencki Brandt) by oral perfusion. Cyrtomium fortunei,prescription I and prescription II were orally given to 15 fishes for each experimental group once a day,with the concentration of 9,175 and 36 g /50 kg body weight,respectively. The administration was lasted for 14 days. Meanwhile,distilled water was orally given as the control. After the experiment,some of the experimental fishes were stimulated with high temperature( 30 ℃) for two hours. Sampling was performed from fishes treated at 22 ℃ and 30 ℃ for measuring the protein content in the serum,phagocytic activity of leucocytes and the activity of the lysozyme in six tissues. The results indicated that Cyrtomium fortunei and prescription II could help to enhance the content of various proteins and the phagocytic activity of leucocytes. There was no significant change in the effects between these two additives at either the normal temperature or high temperature. Prescription I did not show an obvious effect on the immunity of fishes at the normal temperature,but it did in promoting high-efficiency response and improving immunoregulation of fish shocked by some stimuli.

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  • Detection of Staphylococcus aureus in Dairy Food by Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification

    Cheng Xiao;Wang Yongxin;An Hong;Liu Juanjuan;Zhang Bo;Jia Zhen;Cheng Jian;

    [Objective] This study was to investigate the creditability of applying loop-mediated isothermal amplification method( LAMP) to detect Staphylococcus aureus in dairy products. [Methods]The primers for heat resistant nuclease gene( nuc) of Staphylococcus aureus were designed for establishing the LAMP method for rapidly detecting Staphylococcus aureus. [Results] The results of LAMP detection on Staphylococcus aureus in various dairy products were completely identical with that by bacterial isolation test; meanwhile it has a high specificity and a 10-fold sensitivity over the hemi-nested PCR. [Conclusion] LAMP can be used for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus in dairy products.

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  • Relationship between Ham Quality and Body Weight of Fragrance Pig

    Shen Xuelin;Duan Yongbang;Zhu Qiujin;He Chengyuan;Yang Yuanpiao;Pan Shihua;

    [Objective] The paper was to determine the weight range of fragrance pigs suitable for processing small ham. [Method]In terms of differences in sensory state and physical and chemical indicators of hams produced by fragrance pigs with different weights,29 fragrance pigs at five weight grades were chosen and processed in accordance with Chinese ham processing methods. The products were evaluated by sense,and their salt and moisture contents were also measured.[Result]The fragrance pigs less than 30 kg were not suitable for making Chinese ham,while the fragrance pigs weighed 32-45 kg could be made into the ham with prominent flavor,beautiful appearance,good color,moderate taste,and suitable moisture content,of which the pigs weighed 40- 45 kg were the best materials for processing small ham. [Conclusion] The study provided scientific basis for industrial development of fragrance pig.

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  • Effect of Enteromorpha from Qingdao Coasts on Weight Gain Perform ance of Broilers

    Wei Mengcong;

    This study was to investigate the effect of enteromorpha from Qingdao coasts on weight gain of Arbor Acres broilers. Four thousands of 1-day-old Arbor Acres broilers were randomly divided into four groups( 1 000 for each),i. e.,one group was fed with basal diet as the control,and the other three were fed with basal diet added with 1. 0%,2. 0% or 3. 0% of enteromorpha as treatment groups. After 42 days of feeding trial,broilers in three treatment groups all gave a significantly increased average daily weight gain and feed to gain ratio in comparison with the control group( P < 0. 01); within treatment groups,those added with3. 0% enteromorpha assumed a significantly higher average daily gain and feed to gain than with 3. 0% enteromorpha( P < 0. 05),while an insignificantly difference with 2. 0% enteromorpha group( P > 0. 05). The results indicated that adding appropriate amount of enteromorpha can facilitate the improvement of broiler performance.

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  • Study on Pellet Feed of Domestic Musk Deer( Moschus berrezovskee flerov)

    Wang Jianming;Wang Chengxu;Wu Jie;Dai Xiaoyang;Xie Xiaoming;

    In order to solve the problem that the musk deer concentrated feed were easy to get rancidity in spring,summer,autumn and freezing in winter,high quality and palatability pellet feed of musk deer was researched and developed to ensure the quality of musk deer's feed. Twenty-eight male musk deer( 3- 10 years old)( Moschus berezovskii) with normal body condition in the same culture conditions were chosen and were randomly divided into experimental group( fed pellets group) and control group( original feeding diet group),the results show that musk deer was able to adapt to the pellet feed generally in 13 days and the duration varied with the palatability of pellet feed. During the trial period,the difference of the body weight,the average musk yield of producing musk deer and the producing musk incidence between the experimental group and the control group was not significant,the incidence of disease and mortality of experimental group deer was significantly lower than the control group.

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  • Effects of Transport,Storage Temperature and Time on Parthenogenetically Developmental Competence of Sheep Oocyte

    Qiao Limin;Qiao Fuqiang;Guo Tong;Yao Hua;Zhang Jinghe;Xiao Xishan;Hou Yinxu;Guan Weijun;

    This study was to investigate the effects of transport,storage temperature and time on parthenogenetical developmental competence of sheep oocyte. The ovaries were collected and randomly immersed in physiological saline at( 10- 15) ℃,( 20- 25) ℃ and( 30- 35) ℃ and transported to the laboratory for culture.They were divided into three groups randomly in an optimized transport temperature,kept in physiological saline at 4 ℃,( 14- 18) ℃ and( 25- 30) ℃ respectively; 15- 17 h later,the ovaries were cutured for the maturation and parthenogenetic activation of oocytes. The results showed that the optimal transport temperature of ovaries was 20- 25 ℃,when the maturation rate and blastocysts rate reached 67. 44% and 35. 93% respectively. Incubating sheep ovaries at( 14- 18) ℃for( 15- 17) h did not reduce the maturation rate( 61. 81%) and blastocysts rate( 29. 03%) of oocyte significantly. However,incubating sheep ovaries at 4 ℃or( 25- 30) ℃ significantly reduced the maturation rate( 41. 90%,18. 40%) and cleavage rate( 9. 09%,13. 04%),and the ovaries could not develop into blastocysts at these two temperature ranges. It can be concluded that the optimal transport temperature of the sheep ovaries is 20- 25 ℃,and incubation at 14- 18 ℃overnight in vivo does not affect the developmental competence of oocytes.

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  • Effects of 5% Biological Compound Premix on Milk Perform ance and Quality in Dairy Cow

    Qiao Fuqiang;Qiao Limin;Yao Hua;

    This study was to investigate the effect of biological compound premix on the performance and milk quality in dairy cows. Twenty Holstein cows,with the similar age,parity,lactating month,gestation period,milk quantity and body weight,were randomly divided into two groups. The cows in two groups were fed with either common compound premix as control or 5% biological compound premix as treatment group. Two treatments contained same basal diet but different compositions of premix. The feeding experiment lasting 74 days displayed that daily milk quantity in treatment group was significantly higher than control group( P < 0. 05).The milk fat percentage was increased significantly in treatment group with the extended lactation time than control group( P < 0. 05). The milk protein and solids percentage were raised,but no significant difference was found between the two treatments( P > 0. 05). The results indicated that 5% biological compound premix supplied in basal diet could facilitate to increase the milk performance and to ameliorate the milk quality of dairy cows.

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  • Industry Development and Genetic Resources Protection of Animal Husbandry in the World Selenium Capital Enshi Prefecture

    Dai Guangzhong;

    Agricultural genetic resource is an important component of agricultural intellectual property. The protection of livestock genetic resources is related to sustainable development of animal husbandry and biodiversity. Enshi Prefecture enjoys a reputation of " world selenium capital",and has the important animal genetic resources of Enshi yellow cattle,Enshi black pig,Enshi horse-head goat,Jingyang chicken,Enshi bee,silkworm,etc. The prefecture is the best place for natural selenium-enriched livestock products. This paper introduces genetic resources and industry of animal husbandry in the prefecture,analyses the countermeasures of genetic resources protection and industry development,and further puts forward some constructive suggestions.

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  • Strategy for Industrial Development of SPF Chickens in China

    Qi Lihong;Liu Tao;Li Xia;Sun Xiaojun;Zhang Shidong;Wang Youling;Li Guiming;Cheng Kexin;Ai Wu;

    SPF chickens and chicken embryos are indispensable raw materials for high-level research in fields of biology,medicine and veterinary science,and production and identification of a variety of biological products for people,livestock and poultry. The paper analyzes the current development status of SPF chickens in China and issues in industrial development,and puts forward suggestions for healthy development of SPF chickens in future.

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  • Research Advances in Hydrodynamics of Artificial Reef

    Fan Jiangtao;Chen Pimao;Feng Xue;Chen Guobao;

    With further recession and deterioration of offshore fishery resources and increasing living demands,construction of marine ranching becomes a focal point to improve marine biological resources and environment,while artificial reef is one of the important parts for marine ranching construction. The artificial reef technology develops slowly in China compared with developed countries,such as the United States and Japan,and there are still many issues urgently to be solved.When an artificial reef is released in water,there are various kinds of forces,and its forces and flow field-effect are closely related to surrounding conditions and its own performance. Currently,there are no mature conclusions on research of hydrodynamics of artificial reef. According to review of hydrodynamics of artificial reefs,we hope to give a full understanding on hydrodynamics performance of artificial reefs,and provide reference and theoretical basis for further research on design and structure of artificial reef in China.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely.A review should report the recent progress in animal science,and it should be of guiding significance for development of animal science.2.Manuscript Organization Microsoft word files are required for all manuscripts.Gen-

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston,USA)and Anhui Wuchu Science,Technology and Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(Hefei,China)issued the

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