• Analysis of the Production and Operation Status of Silkworm Eggs Producing Farms in China——Based on Questionnaire Survey to 136 Silkworm Eggs Producing Farms Nationwide

    Li Jianqin;Gu Guoda;Feng Huaisong;

    Through statistical analysis on questionnaire survey data from 136 silkworm eggs producing farms in China,it was concluded that most silkworm eggs producing farms had such problems as follows: old production facilities and poor production condition,heavy staff burden,weak scientific and technological support,small operation scale and heavy surplus production capacity; narrow silkworm eggs sale channels and stubborn regional segmentation,insufficient innovation and lack of technological support for diversified expansion. All these problems led to low labor productivity,low asset utilization rate and poor economic benefit in silkworm eggs producing farms in China. Except the provinces( regions) of Guangxi,Guangdong and Yunnan,the silkworm eggs producing farms in other provinces were generally at deficit condition. In the light of ownership,although silkworm eggs producing farms of different ownership systems were in the red,those of the private sector had the minimum deficit. Based on these findings,it is proposed to deepen system reformation of silkworm eggs producing farms,loosen control to price and circulation of silkworm eggs,implement large-scaled production and operation,speed up scientific and technological innovation,expand diversified development channels,and reinforce government support so as to increase production and operation benefits of silkworm eggs producing farms in China.

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  • Preparation of Forsythiaside-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex and Its Characters

    Hou Xiaolin;Zhou Xuping;Li Qiuming;Lu Yan;Sun Yingjian;Wu Guojuan;

    To overcome the chemical instability of forsythiaside,the forsythiaside-hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin inclusion complex was prepared by triturating. The inclusion complex was found having a varied UV spectrum and melt temperature point. Inclusion complex has a higher stability to UV light and temperature over forythiaside itself. Pharmacological evidence showed that inclusion complex has little effect on pharmacokinetics by chicken intravenous injection. This study is favorable for developing preparations for forsythiaside and its clinical application.

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  • In Vitro Antibacterial Effect of Effective Microorganisms( EM) on Aeromonas hydrophila

    Zhu Zhixiu;He Houjun;Zhang Wenbo;Wu Xiangdong;Wan Gen;Deng Shunzhou;Liu Songlin;

    In order to understand in vitro antibacterial effect of antibiotics and EM on Aeromonas hydrophila,14 isolates of A. hydrophila were isolated from diseased fish and aquaculture in the study. PCR amplification results of aerolysin gene( Aero gene) of isolates indicated that 7 out of 14 isolates were pathogenic A.hydrophila. In vitro antibacterial test indicated that 14 isolates were resistance to penicillin G,ampicillin,cephradine,cefazolin,tetracycline,terimethoprim,lincomycin and cephalexin,but showed high sensitivity to cefotaxime and furazolidone. In vitro antibacterial effect of EM on 14 isolates of A. hydrophila was positively correlated with concentration,and EM with the concentration greater than 60% had antibacterial effect on 14 isolates.

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  • Nutritional Value of Lippia nodiflora( L. ) Greene as Feed

    Jiang Xuanbin;Peng Xiu;Geng Yanghui;Zhou Xiaozhou;Chen Daojing;

    To analyze the nutritional value as feed,the aerial stem and leaves of Lippia nodiflora( L.) Greene and Phyla nodiflora( L.) Greene were sampled to measure the nutritional indices. The nutritional indices were also compared with common forage grass,and the development value of L. nodiflora as feed was analyzed. Compared with P. nodiflora,L. nodiflora had obvious fast-growing and high-yield abilities. The contents of crude fat,crude fiber,crude ash,lysine,vitamin C,Ca,and Fe in L. nodiflora were obviously higher than that in P. nodiflora,but the content of crude protein and total P in L. nodiflora were significantly lower than that in P. nodiflora. Compared with common forage feed ryegrass,alfalfa,millet straw and corn straw,L. nodiflora had higher contents of crude fat and crude ash and lower contents of crude fiber and crude protein. Therefore,L. nodiflora had higher development value as feed.

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  • Prokaryotic Expression of Glycoprotein Gene of Infectious Hnematopoietic Necrosis Virus and Polyclonal Antibody Preparation

    Liu Xueguang;Zheng Huaidong;Guo Xinshuo;Luo Jin;Lin Cuicui;Wang Qiuyu;

    [Objective]The aim is to perform prokaryotic expression of the glycoprotein gene of infectious hnematopoietic necrosis virus and polyclonal antibody preparation. [Methods]Glycoprotein gene( G) of infectious hematopoietic tissue( IHNV) was synthesized,cloned to prokaryotic expression system pET-30a vector,yielding the recombinant plasmid pET-30a-IHNV-G. The yielded pET-30a-IHNV-G was transformed into E. coli strain BL21( DE3) plySs. [Results] SDSPAGE and Western blot results showed that protein G successfully expressed in E. coli at 37 ℃,1 mmol /L IPTG induction for 4 h. The molecular weight of fusion G protein was 57 KD. The polyclonal antibody was prepared by immunizing mice with the product of gel purification. ELISA analysis showed that the serum titer reached 1∶10 000. [Conclusion]The expressed G protein and the serum with polyclonal antibody obtained in this study provided the theoretical basis for the development of IHNV vaccine and detection of colloidal gold test strip.

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  • In vivo Pharm acodynam ic Effect of Thiam phenicol in Serum of Carassius auratus on Aerom onas hydrophila

    Yang Hongbo;Wang Di;LU Tongyan;

    This study was to investigate the in vitro pharmacodynamic effect of thiamphenicol( TAP) in serum of Carassius auratus on Aeromonas hydrophila. By combining the in vivo pharmacokinetics and in vitro pharmacodynamics,the pharmacodynamic effect of TAP on Aeromonas hydrophila was studied,and the data were processed and analyzed by software Excel 2007,Kinetica3P97 and Kinetica4. 4. The results showed that oral administration of singly 30 mg /kg TAP assumed a rapid assimilation-quickly peaking-slowly dispelling trend in Carassius auratus. The related parameters were measured as follows: time of peaked plasma concentration of TAP( Tpeak) of 1.5 h,peak concentration( Cmax) of 37.172 μg/mL and absorption rate( ka) of 1.523 h,half-life period T1/2( ka) of 0.455 h,lag time( TL)of 0. 02 h,elimination half life T1/2( ke) of 16.712 h. The half maximal effective concentration( EC50) was 14.28 h. The PK-PD parameters were 32.41 h in AUC0- 24/ MICserumand 23. 23 in Cmax/MICserum. Employing an inhibitory Sigmoid Emax model,the administration dosage of TAP for preventing Aeromonas hydrophila-caused bacterial septicemia was 8. 61- 46. 20 mg /kg in clinical application. Based on these,we proposed the optimal administration route for preventing and controlling the Aeromonas hydrophila-caused bacterial septicemia: delivering TAP at the ratio of 46. 20 mg /kg on diseased Carassius auratus by mixing with baits or oral administration,followed by delivering with baits at ratio of 8. 61 mg /kg for preventing the Aeromonas hydrophila-caused bacterial septicemia. The results provided references for applying thiamphenicol for preventing and controlling the bacterial septicemia in aquatic livestock.

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  • Identification Effects of Pedometer on Estrus of Holstein Cows during Peak Lactation Period

    Jiang Xiaoxin;Deng Shuangyi;Liu Wei;Wei Xingyuan;Ai Li;

    [Objective]The paper was to discuss identification effects of pedometer on estrus of Holstein cows during peak lactation period. [Method]The estrus of Holstein cows during peak lactation period were identified by manual observation and pedometer monitoring. [Result]Compared with manual observation,the detection rate of estrus in Holstein cows using pedometer monitoring was increased by 24. 01%,which reduced the labor cost and enhanced accuracy rate. [Conclusion]The research could provide reliable basis for estrus identification of cows.

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  • Vegetation and Soil Characteristics of Different Desertification Grasslands in Northwest Sichuan

    Wan Ting;Tu Weiguo;Xi Huan;Li Yudong;Tang Xuefang;Yang Yichuan;

    [Objective]The paper was to study vegetation and soil characteristics of different desertification grasslands in northwest Sichuan. [Method]By taking different desertification grasslands as the research object,the characteristic factors of vegetation community,biomass,soil moisture content,volume weight and porosity were analyzed through scientific investigation,sampling and formula calculation to reveal the changes in vegetation and soil characteristics of different desertification grasslands in Northwest Sichuan. [Result]Community succession presented the pattern of " hygrophyte-mesophyte-xerophyte" with the aggravation of grassland desertification. The height and coverage of community decreased,species richness was declined by 88%,and composition of dominant species also changed greatly. The diversity index of light-desertification grassland was the highest among tested grasslands. Total biomass was decreased by 90. 4%,and the underground biomass decreased far more than aboveground biomass. In desertification progress,both soil moisture content and water holding capacity decreased,while volume weight showed upward trend and porosity showed downward trend; soil characteristics had large variation in early stage of desertification,so restoration treatment of desertification grassland should be carried out in the early stage of desertification. [Conclusion]The study provided a theoretical basis for researches on causes and management programs of desertification grassland,having an important meaning for ecological restoration of regional grassland and maintenance of ecological security.

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  • Floral Properties of Different Lucerne Varieties and Their Effects on Bee Visitation

    Jiang Hua;Shan Guilian;Duan Xinhui;Bi Yufen;He Chenggang;

    Lucerne( Medicago sativa L.) is a plant of strict allogamy,and its pollination relies on bees mainly. Genetic variations of lucerne floral properties,including receptacle diameter,coronary length,number of flowers per raceme,number of racemes per twig,number of flowers per square metre,percentage of tripped flowers,nectar production,sugar concentration in nectar and contents of sucrose,fructose and glucose in nectar,have been studied with morphological markers,and floral properties of ten lucerne cultivars were also investigated to determine their role in number of visiting bees and to provide a basis for the evaluation of mutant flowers for visitation by bees. The results showed CV( coefficient of variation) of floral properties was from 0. 80% to 92. 30%,of which the content of glucose was the most significant one with variation from 0. 01 to 0. 53 μmol /L( P < 0. 05),and the sugar concentration was the most insignificant one( P > 0. 05). The significant order of floral properties affecting the number of visiting bees was that the nectar production per square metre( r = 0. 93,P < 0. 01) was in the first place,followed by the number of flowers per square metre( r = 0. 92,P < 0. 01),sucrose concentration of nectar sugar( r = 0. 82,P < 0. 05),coronary length( r = 0. 77,P < 0. 05) and nectar production per flower( r = 0. 71,P < 0. 05).

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  • Research Advances of Effects of Land Use Pattern on Greenhouse Gas Fluxes in Grassland Ecosystem

    Cheng Leixing;Chen Kelong;Wang Shiping;

    The grassland is the largest terrestrial ecosystem in China,and greenhouse gas fluxes such as CO2,CH4 and N2O play an important role in the global climate change. The differences in grazing,cultivation and management measures will affect greenhouse gas emissions in grassland ecosystem. Studies suggest that reclamation will lead to increased CO2 fluxes,and fertilization will lead to increased N2 O fluxes; no grazing in summer can reduce greenhouse gas emissions,but impacts of grazing and management measures on greenhouse gas fluxes have not yet reached the same conclusion. The different results may be related to local natural conditions,management measures and research methods. Future research should be focused on unity and standardization in these areas,making the results scientific and comparable,and finally providing the basis for emission reduction of greenhouse gases in grassland ecosystem.

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  • Advances of Studies on the Viral Proteins of PRRSV

    Cao Zongxi;Shi Zhihai;Lin Zhemin;Jiao Peirong;Zhang Guihong;

    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome( PRRS) is one of viral diseases with severe reproductive obstacle of pregnant sows and respiratory tract symptoms and higher mortality of piglets as characteristics,which is caused by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus( PRRSV). PRRS has brought great threats to swine industry in the world. The advances of studies on the viral proteins of PRRSV were reviewed from the genome,non-structural proteins and structural proteins of PRRSV.

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  • Toxic Algae and Early Warning Management in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea of China

    Song Lun;Song Guangjun;Song Yonggang;Xu Xiaohong;

    The research status of toxic algae in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea are reviewed from the aspects of toxicity characteristics,toxic mechanism and early warning management,and the existing toxic algae and their toxicity in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea are analyzed in the paper. The early warning level of toxic algae in Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea of China is put forward,and the research direction of shellfish poisoning in future is summarized.

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  • Research Advances in Detection Techniques of High Performance Liquid Chromatography-Refractive Index Detector

    Huo Fang;Zhang Zhimei;Wang Jianjun;Guo Shijin;Zhou Chunfeng;Fu Shijun;

    As a highly sensitive and stable detector,refractive index detector is usually used for quantitative detection of substances such as polymer,sugar and organic acid. The research reviewed the application of HPLC-RID in the fields of quantitative determination of medicine and food,in order to lay a foundation for wider use of RID.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely.A review should report the recent progress in animal science,and it should be of guiding significance for development of animal science.2.Manuscript Organization

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston,USA)and Anhui Wuchu Science,Technology and Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(Hefei,China)issued the journal Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911).The main content is basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,feed science and other related fields.The journal covers many research areas

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