• Effects of Fermentation Bed Cultivation Model on the Expression Amount of MSTN in Swine Gluteus and Its Correlation with Pork Quality

    Pan Xiaoqing;Yang Jie;Xu Xiaobo;Qin Feng;Li Jian;Huan Hailin;Li Sheng;Shao Le;Zhang Xia;Gu Hongru;Liu Manchang;

    [Objective]The research aimed to discuss the differences of the expression amount of the related gene that regulated the development of muscles under different feeding environments.[Method] Using fluorescence quantitative PCR,the effects of fermentation bed cultivation model on the expression amount of MSTN in pig gluteus were studied and the correlation between its expression amount and the carcass quality of pig was analyzed.[Result]The relative expression amount of MSTN mRNA of swine gluteus under fermentation bed cultivation model decreased 8.6% by that under conventional cement ground feeding model,but there was no significant difference(P>0.05).The expression amount of MSTN mRNA in pig gluteus under conventional cement ground feeding model showed a significant negative correlation with shear force(P<0.05).The expression amount of MSTN mRNA in pig gluteus under fermentation bed cultivation model showed significant negative correlations with water content and muscle fiber diameter(P<0.05).The expression amount of MSTN mRNA in pig gluteus under two cultivation models had no significant correlation with other meat quality indices(P>0.05).[Conclusion]The research could provide test materials for the studies on the regulation of pork quality.

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  • Hand Rearing Common Zebra (Equus quagga)

    Liu He;Wu Zhaozheng;Zhang Jinguo;Wang Zezhong;Wang Yue;

    This paper documented a successful hand rearing process of a 43-day-old zebra which was raised for 174 d and weaned at 217 days of age.The hand-rearing condition was recorded from nursing techniques,medical care and animal husbandry,focusing on formulas and supplements.Relevant issues of hand rearing were also discussed.

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  • Growth and Development Regularity of Holstein Cows

    Wang Jinrong;Yang Zhangping;Zang Shengbing;Yin Zhaohua;Bao Yan'an;Zhu Jianming;

    [Objective]The paper was to study growth and physical structure of Holstein cows at specific phase under intensive rearing conditions in the South China.[Method] The body sizes of 279 Holstein cows including 49 calves,35 young cows and 195 adult cows in the experimental farm of Yangzhou University were measured.The raw data were processed by computer to obtain body size index at various physiological stages.The body size indexes were analyzed by SPSS 15.0software to reflect changes in different physiological stages and various parities of cows.Body size indexes such as body height,body length and heart girth of young cows and calves were fitted by scatter plot.[Result]The elder the cows were,the longer their bodies were.Calves had a stable growth and development.The body size of young cow at different month-ages was imbalanced.The physical structure of adult cows showed no regularity at different parities,so the specific feeding for growth and development of bone should be strengthened in multiparous cows.[Conclusion]The study provides reference for keeping management of calves,breeding and keeping management of young cows as well as selection and assortative mating of adult cows.

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  • Separation and Enrichment of Melamine in Feed by a New Molecularly Imprinted Solid-phase Extraction Column

    Huang Huabin;Zhuang Zhixia;Zhou Yanli;Zhao Li;Wang Xiaoru;

    [Objective]The research aimed to develop a new molecular imprinting solid-phase extraction column for the separation and enrichment of melamine in feed.[Method]The molecular imprinting polymer of melamine was prepared by mass polymerization method.This polymer was used as filler to prepare molecular imprinting polymer solid-phase extraction(MIP-SPE) column of melamine.The solid-phase extraction conditions were optimized and melamine content in concentrated solution was determined by using HPLC.[Result]Melamine could be separated selectively from feed and enriched by self-made MIP-SPE column.It could wipe off complex matrix from feed and the addition recovery rate was 95%.The contrast experiment between MIP-SPE column and NMIP-SPE(non-imprinted polymer- solid phase extraction) column showed that the extraction efficiency of the former was obviously higher than the latter.[Conclusion]The home-made MIPSPE column could be used to separate and enrich melamine in feed efficiently,with a broad application prospect.

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  • Cultivation of New Breeds of Guizhou Heima Goat

    Song Derong;Wang Jiafu;Zhou Darong;Peng Hua;Yang Siwei;Jiang Xingmei;Wu Ruiru;

    To culture new breeds of Guizhou Heima goat,establishing open nucleus breeding system in farm was adopted to develop comprehensive selection index and establish BLUP model to estimate breeding value,so as to guide assortative mating and selection improvement.The results showed that the body weights of yearling ram and ewe in nucleus herd were(29.77±5.51) kg and(25.18±5.67) kg,while those of adult ram and adult ewe were(40.08±7.73) kg and(34.90± 6.56) kg,respectively; the body weights of yearling ram and ewe in basic herd were(26.59±3.68) kg and(24.09±4.60) kg,while those of adult ram and adult ewe were(35.33±4.09) kg and(32.16±6.83) kg,respectively; the lambing rate was 152.33%; the slaughter rate was 48.50%,and the net meat rate was 38.94%.New breeds of Guizhou Heima goat had significantly improved production performance and breed uniformity,with stable genetic performance.

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  • Effect of Different Concentrations of Lipopolysaccharide on Expression of NF-κB and LAP in Mammary Epithelial Cells of Dairy Cow

    Cheng Lanling;Cao Guifang;Wen Shiyong;Zhao Pengwei;Tu Yong;Jian Ruizhen;Li Qi;

    The paper was to study the effects of different concentrations of lipopolysaccharide(LPS) on expression of nuclear factor Kappa B(NF-κB) and lingual antimicrobial peptide(LAP) gene in mammary epithelial cells of dairy cow.The mammary epithelial cells of dairy cow were stimulated by different concentrations(50,100,200,400 and 800 ng/mL) of LPS.The total RNA of cells was extracted after stimulation for 2,4,8,16,24,48 and 72 h,respectively,and the mRNA expression levels of NF-κB P65 and LAP were evaluated by real-time quantitative PCR.The results showed that the expression of NF-κB P65 and LAP mRNA treated with 400 ng / mL LPS for 72 h were the highest compared to the control group(P<0.01).The result confirmed that the expression activity of NF-κB was enhanced in inflammatory effects of mammary epithelial cells induced by LPS,which regulated the expression of defense gene LAP,with certain dose and time effects.

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  • Research Progress of Active Ingredients and Pharmacological Action of Honeysuckle

    Zhang Zhimei;Guo Shijin;Fu Shijun;Xu Qianqian;Yang Limei;Zhang Ying;Wang Yanping;Ma Li;Wang Jianjun;Shen Zhiqiang;

    Honeysuckle,the dry flower bud or with open flower of Lonicera japonica in caprifoliaceae,has been touted as a cure-all for heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.Honeysuckle contains abundant components such as volatile oil,flavonoids and organic acids,playing the role of antibiosis,antivirus,antiphlogosis,immunopotentiation and antioxidation.The active ingredients and pharmacological action of honeysuckle are reviewed in the paper,so as to lay the foundation for further application of honeysuckle in veterinary clinic.

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  • Antioxidant Effects of L-carnitine on Rabbit

    Yang Ming;Xu Yong;Li Na;Li Jinlian;Wang Guihua;Luan Haiyun;

    [Objective]The paper was to study antioxidant effects of L-carnitine(LC) on rabbit,and explore its impact on SOD,GSH-PX,CAT,T-AOC and MDA activity in the plasma,brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid of rabbit.[Method]The healthy matured New Zealand rabbits with big ears were intragastrically administrated with LC at the dose of 1mL / kg,and SOD,GSH-PX,CAT,T-AOC and MDA activities in plasma,brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid of rabbit were determined at different periods before and after administration,respectively.[Result]After LC administration,SOD,GSH-PX CAT,and T-AOC activity in plasma,brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid increased significantly(P<0.05),while MDA content decreased significantly(P<0.05).[Conclusion]LC oral solution shows antioxidant effects on rabbit.

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  • Determination of Berberine Hydrochloride Content in Qingwen Baidu Granule by HPLC

    Guo Shijin;Wang Yanping;Fu Shijun;Zhang Zhimei;Xu Qianqian;Shen Zhiqiang;

    The paper was to establish a simple and sensitive HPLC method for determination of berberine hydrochloride content in Qingwen Baidu granule.The HPLC system consisted of Stable Bond- C18 column(4.6×150 mm,5μm) and with a mobile phase of acetonitrile- 0.05mol / L potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution(50∶50,v∶v) mixture.Berberine hydrochloride was detected at the wavelength of 345 nm,with a flow rate of 1.0 mL / min and a column temperature of30 ℃.The excipients and solvents in the granule could be well separated from the drug under such a designated chromatogram condition and did not interfere with the assay.A good linear relationship was found between peak area and the concentration of berberine hydrochloride in the range of 16.0- 48.0 μg / mL.The average recovery of berberine hydrochloride was 99.09%.The established approach was specific,accurate,reliable,prompt,sensitive and applicable,and could be used to control the quality of Qingwen Baidu granule.

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  • Epidemic Status and Research Progress on Prevention of Rabbit Coccidiosis in China

    Song Hongyan;Qiu Baofeng;Shao Yixiang;

    Rabbit is not only an economic animal,but also an important experimental animal.Rabbit coccidiosis seriously affects development of rabbit industry and quality safety of experimental rabbits.Currently,infections of rabbit coccidiosis are very common in China,which mostly are mixed infections in clinical,with multiple species of coccidia.The current prevention against rabbit coccidiosis mainly depends on anticoccidial drugs,while live vaccine,subunit vaccines and genetic engineering vaccine for coccidia are developing.

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  • Biological Safety Issues in Animal Laboratory of Colleges and Universities

    Shi Huaiping;Shi Xin'e;Hu Shenrong;

    As a crucial link in fostering talented students,laboratories in universities have been attached great significance since they help developing practical operational ability of students.The unknown factors in laboratories are likely to pose threat to operators.Therefore,it is especially important to guarantee the safety of laboratories.The paper expounded the measures supposed to be taken in university lab-teaching based on bios-safety management problems and countermeasures,hoping to serve the research work and teaching by adopting proper and reasonable methods which are in accordance with scientific purposes.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely.A review should

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.

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