• Investigation on the Veterinary Antibiotics Contamination in Groundwater with SPE-LC/MS/MS

    LI Li;ZHANG Zhen-ya;LV Xing;

    [Objective]The aim is to provide data support for the prevention and control of pollution of exogenous chemical in pig breeding industry.[Methods]Solid-phase extraction(SPE)and tandem mass(LC-MS/MS)were used for determining four classes(tetracyclines,quinolones,macrolides and sulfonamides)of 10 common veterinary antibiotics in groundwater of an important pig breeding base in the Yangtze River Delta region of China.[Results]Results revealed the total concentration of the ten antibiotics in urban rivers ranged from 20.1 ng /L to 61.2 ng /L.The highest proportion was taken by tetracyclines,account for 95%,the concentration was up to 44.0 ng /L.Quinolones shared the second largest proportion of total concentration,about 29%,the concentration was up to 21.6 ng /L,while concentration of sulfonamides and macrolides were respectively below 2.7 ng /L and 6.3 ng /L.The highest total concentration of the ten antibiotics in rural rivers was up to 467 ng /L,60% of which was shared by tetracyclines,the highest concentration of tetracyclines was 253 ng /L.Sulfonamides share 20% of the total concentration,the highest concentration of it was 165 ng /L.The highest concentration of macrolides and quinolones was 14.6 ng /L and 14.5 ng /L,respectively.[Conclusion] Antibiotics' pollution in town rivers is more serious than urban rivers' pollution caused by antibiotics.

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  • Estimation of Relative Ecological Value of Returning Farmland to Forest & Mountain Enclosure for Grazing Prohibition——A case study in Yongxing Township of Jingyuan County,Gansu Province

    CHANG Zhao-feng;CHEN Bin-pu;QIAO Juan;CHANG Fang;FAN Bao-li;

    [Objective]Returning farmland to forest and mountain enclosure for grazing prohibition ecological effect and economy rationality were explored.[Methods]A case study of returning farmland to forest and barren hills grazing prohibition in Yongxing Township of Jingyuan County was used to discuss and estimate the relative ecological function and relative ecological value.[Results]1)The ecological value of the forest of returning farmland was far more than the sum of the ecological value of farm crops and the agricultural output,and also more than the national subsidy standard.So the state policy of returning farmland to forests is not only favorable to local eco-environment restoration,but also reasonable in economic development.2)The ecological value of mountain enclosure for grazing prohibition was less than the opportunity cost of prohibiting grazing,also less than the national subsidy standard.The sum of the relative ecological value of prohibiting grazing and the state subsidies was more than the opportunity cost of prohibiting grazing.However,the ecological value of new vegetation through returning farmland to forest project was greater than the China's average ecological value of grassland.[Conclusion]The relative ecological value can be used to solve the problems in the equivalent conversion among various ecological indexes and between ecological indexes and economic indexes.

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  • Ensiling Whipgrass in Large Containers with Lactobacilus plantarum andLactobacillus buchneri

    LI Ji;Yang Chun-hua;JIA Liu-jie;CHEN Ling-zhi;LI Pang-feng;

    [Objective]To compare the effectiveness of Lactobacillus buchneri(LB),alone or in combination with Lactobacilllus plantarum(LP)at ensiling on the fermentation,aerobic stability and nutritive value of whipgrass(Hemarthria compressa(L.f.)R.Br.)silage in 1.5-l mili-silos and 50-l plastic containers.[Method]Treatments comprised control(no additives),LP,LB and LP + LB.After 90 d of storage,overall,inoculation increased the concentration of acetic and 1,2-propanediol,but it reduced the concentrations of lactic acid,water suluble carbohydrates and enthanol.[Result]The whipgrass silages treated with LB had higher acetic acid contents than the control or LP treated silages,and were free of mold,whereas the top layers of the control or LP-treated silages were moldly.In an aerobic stability test the LB-treated silages were stable,whereas those treated with LP deteriorated.In the whipgrass silages the effects of LB made less CO 2 production and stable pH.[Conclusion]It is concluded that LB has a potential as a whipgrass silage additive that protects the silage upon aerobic exposure.

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  • Optimization of Extraction Technology of Auricularia auricula Polysaccharide

    ZHANG Hai-yan;CHEN Shao-hui;

    [Objective]This experiment aimed to study the extraction technology of Auricularia auricula polysaccharide(APS).[Method] Polysaccharide yield was regarded as studying target.Based on the single factor experiment results,orthogonal experiment design was applied to study the effect of liquid-solid ratio,extraction time,extraction temperature on polysaccharide yield.[Result]The results showed that extraction temperature was an important factor that affects the yield of crude polysaccharide,the optimal technology condition of water extraction way was liquid-solid ratio of 1:70(g:ml),4-hour extraction time with temperature at 100 ℃.[Conclusion] The yield of Auricularia auricular polysaccharide was 42.56% under the above mentioned condition.

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  • Effect of Addition of Dried Beet-pulp on Silage Fermentation Quality of Fish Waste Inoculated with Lactic Acid Bacteria

    AIBIBULA Yimamu;HALIDAI Rehemujiang;MASAAKI Hanada;

    [Objective] This study was to further enhance previous research in finding appropriate methods for preservation and utilization of fish waste.[Method]Fresh fish waste(head and viscera)from arabesque greenling(Pleurogrammus azonus)was mixed with dried beet-pulp and beet molasses at a ratio of 70:20:10 on fresh matter basis,respectively.These were inoculated with /without a commercial inoculant of Lactobacillus plantarum and ensiled at room temperature for 15,30,60 and 90 days.Fermentation quality and chemical composition of the silages were evaluated and a feeding trial conducted using hen layers with fish waste silage replacing 25% of a commercial formulated diet on dry matter basis.[Result] The concentration of lactic acid in the silages tended to increase with extension of the ensiling period and was significantly(P < 0.05)enhanced by the inoculant.The pH declined from 6.5 to around 4.4 during the first 15 days of the ensiling period and did not change much thereafter.The non-protein nitrogen(NPN)content increased two folds after 15 days in all silages relative to the material but the rate of volatile basic nitrogen(VBN)to total nitrogen(TN)was less than 10%.Feed intake and egg production was similar with replacement of 25% of the commercial formulated diet with fish waste silage.

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  • Effects of Heat Stress on Microbial Numbers in Rumen Fluid of Dairy Cows

    DU Rui-ping;WEN Ya-li;YAO Yan-chu;JIANG Shan;GAO Min;

    [Objective]This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of heat stress on microbial numbers in rumen fluid of dairy cows during different lactating periods by real-time PCR.[Methods]A 2 ×3 crossover design was used and eighteen healthy Chinese Holstein cows were selected.The cows were allocated into three periods based on their parity,average days in milk,and milk yield:early lactation(postpartum 15 to 100 days),mid-lactation(postpartum 112 to 175 days)and late lactation(postpartum 200 to 230 days),and six cows in each period.A self-control trial between heat stress period and non-heat stress period was used based on temperature and humidity index(THI)measurement on site.[Results]The results showed as follows:compared with non-heat stress period,heat stress significantly increased the microbial numbers in early lactation,the Ruminococcus flavefaciens number in different lactation and Bacteroides succinogenes number in early and mid-lactation(P <0.01).The total bacteria and Ruminococcus albus numbers in mid-and late lactation and Bacteroides succinogenes number in late lactation were decreased significantly by heat stress(P <0.01).There were strong correlation between THI and the numbers of total bacteria(P <0.01),anaerobic fungi(P <0.05),Ruminococcus albus(P <0.01)and Ruminococcus flavefaciens(P <0.05)in rumen fluid of dairy cows in early lactation,but the correlation between THI and these indexes in mid-and late lactation were poor.[Conclusion]It is indicated that the rumen microbial numbers in early lactation are more sensitive to heat stress.

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  • Comparing Studies on the General Egg Qualities and Mineral Element Contents of Different Layers

    TANG Xiu-jun;GE Qing-lian;LU Jun-xian;TANG Meng-jun;SHI Zu-hao;PU Jun-hua;ZHANG Xiao-yan;GAO Yu-shi;

    [Objective]In order to compare the general egg qualities and mineral element contents of different layers,six commercial breeds in brown shell layer,including Lohmann,Jinghong,Hyline,Xinyang,Hisax,ISA,Suqing green shell layer and Wenchang chicken were used as materials.The general egg quality traits and mineral elements contents of eight breeds at 43 weeks old were mensurated.[Result] There were significant differences in general egg qualities(except yolk weight)of eight breeds.About the mineral element contents,the differences were significant only in P,Mn and Se of some breeds in this experiment.[Conclusion]The results in this study could provide the reference for further researcher,layer producers,nutritionists,consumers and so on.

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  • Studies on Cloning and Transformation of CBF1 Gene of Maize Grass

    XIANG Bai-ju;LI Cheng-jun;ZHANG Jian;LUO Yi;JIANG An;

    [Objective]It is revealed whether the similar maize transcriptional activator in CBF1 gene is regulatory cold resistance gene to lay the foundation for breeding new transgenic Forage Maize Varieties with high cold resistance ability.[Methods]In the present paper,the transcriptional factor gene CBF1 was Successfully cloned by PCR from the leaves of Arabidopsis.The sequence was preliminarily analyzed and plant expression vector was constructed.Then with agrobacterium-mediated transgene technique,CBF1 gene was introduced into maize SAUMZ1.[Results]PCR assay revealed that the CBF1 gene was integrated in the maize grass SAUMZ1 genome.Under different low temperature treatment,the relative electrolyte leakage percentage of transgenic plant was lower than Control.[Conclusion] The results showed that the cold-resistance of maize grass SAUMZ1 enhanced after transforming CBF1 gene.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Staphylococcus chromogenes and 3 D Structural Analysis of the katA Gene

    HU Xiu-cai;LV Ai-jun;WANG Yi;LI Xue;MING Qing-lei;ZHUAi-hua;

    [Objective]Staphylococcus arthritis became an increasingly significant health problem in intensive chicken farming in China.[Method]In this study,a bacteria strain was isolated from the broiler chicken suffering from arthritis and named as the strain Gg1.[Result]It was then identified as Staphylococcus chromogenes by the biochemical tests and phylogenetic tree analysis based on 16S rDNA sequence.Furthermore,the catalase(katA)gene was amplified by PCR using the designed primers,and the expected fragment was 1 232 bp long encoding a protein of 410 amino acids that shares the conserved motifs including catalase,heme-binding ligand and active center motif.Six phosphorylation sites(Ser95,Thr96,Ser241,Ser242,Thr281,Ser338),four conserved residues(Ser95,His216,Tyr281,Asp341)and two active sites(His56,Asn129)were demonstrated by multiple sequence alignment and homology comparisons.The homology modeling of 3D structure of katA protein was done by SWISSMODEL server based on the template retrieved from the catalase(PDB:2ISA_A)of Vibrio salmonicida.The katA protein represents a four-domain globular protein,the quality and reliability of the resulting protein structure was further verified by Ramachandran plot.[Conclusion]To our knowledge,this is the first report of S.chromogenes linked to arthritis in chicken and the bioinformatic characterization of its katA gene.

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  • The Investigation of Main Pathogens Causing Dairy Cattle Recessive Mastitis in Eastern Hebei

    GAO Gui-sheng;GAO Guang-ping;LI Zheng-ben;SHI Qiu-mei;ZHANG Yan-ying;SHAO Xin-hua;LIANG Yin-ju;

    [Objective]This paper aimed to determine the main pathogens causing dairy cattle recessive mastitis in eastern Hebei and provide certain reference for local veterinarians and cow farmers to prevent and cure the disease.[Method]512 cows from 5 different farms in eastern Hebei were selected,and LMT,milk ph test and somatic cell direct counting methods were combined and used to conduct recessive mastitis' s epidemiological investigation,as well as isolate and identify the pethogens.[Result]The results indicated that the incidence of recessive mastitis is 60.7%(311 / 512),bacteria isolation rate reached 87.8%(273 /311).Total 81 isolates,belonging to 3 classes and 5 types were identified in milk samples of positive milk area from 273 cows with recessive mastitis.Among which,19 isolates were Streptococcus,accounting for 23.45%.Staphylococcus had 31 isolates,accounting for 38.27%.Enterobacter had 3,accounting for 3.7%.Other unshaped had 28 isolates,accounting for 34.6%.[Conclusion] The main pathogens caused dairy cattle recessive mastitis in eastern Hebei were Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus.

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  • Observation of Traditional Chinese Medicine's Anti-bacterial Effect on the Main Pathogenic Bacteria of Dairy Cow Recessive Mastitis

    GAO Gui-sheng;GAO Guang-ping;LI Zheng-ben;SHI Qiu-mei;ZHANG Yan-ying;SHAO Xin-hua;LIANG Yin-ju;

    [Objective]This paper aimed to study the anti-bacterial effect of traditional Chinese medicine on cow recessive mastitis' s main pathogenic bacteria and provide basis for its clinical application.[Method]Plating and test-tube methods were used to determine the anti-bacterial diameter,minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC)and minimum bactericidal concentration(MBC)of 20 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine on dairy cow recessive mastitis' s clinically isolated main pathogenic bacteria,Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae.[Conclusion]The results indicated that 7 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine,Herba Taraxaci,Rhizoma Coptidis,Fructus Forsythiae,Herba Andrographis,Radix Scutellar iae,Flos Carthami,Flos Chrysanthemi Indici had strong anti-bacterial effect.

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  • The Effects of Washing Conditions on the Coccidian Oocyst Collection in Chicken Manure

    JIANG Shan;

    To optimize the production process of occidium vaccine and provide the basis and methods for the production of live vaccine,this experiment uses the collected liquid with different centrifugal forces and centrifugation time,to measure and compare the recovery,purity,collection time and costs of coccidian oocyst,for the purpose of exploring the impact of washing conditions on coccidian oocyst collection in chicken manure.The results show that for the centrifugal machine with the radius of 17.2 cm,the best washing centrifugal rotational speed is 2500 rpm /min,that is,the best washing centrifugal force RCF = 1201.85 g,and the centrifugation time is 12 min.

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston.USA)and Anhui Wuchu Science,Technology and Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(Hefei,China)issued the

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