• Studies on Antibacterial Effect of Berberis julianae Schneid and Cinnamomum camphora( L.) Presl. to Avian Escherichia coli and Salmonella

    XI Ge-ji;MOU Ya;CHEN Chao-xi;

    [Objective]This study aimed to observe the antibacterial activity of Berberis julianae Schneid and Cinnamomum camphora( L.) Presl. aqueous extracts and their antibiotical effect when being used with commonly used antibiotics in- vitro. [Method] Broth microdilution method and checkerboard dilution method were used and the reference strain E. coli ATCC25922 and clinical sample separation strains of E. coli and Salmonella were selected to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration( MIC) and fractional inhibitory concentration( FIC). [Result] The MICs of Berberis julianae Schneid and Cinnamomum camphora( L.) Presl. for E. coli and Salmonella were both 1 mg /mL,and that of other antibiotics for the two strains were in the quality control range provided by NCCLS. [Conclusion] The synergistic effect or additive effect were observed when they were applied with the commonly used antibiotics.

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  • Poultry Immunization and Vaccination Technique

    WANG Li;

    The basic concept of poultry immune was introduced. Immunization technology of poultry and common methods of immunization were summarized. Reasons for the failure of immunization were analysed. Matters need attention of immunization were put forward.

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  • Selection Progress of Wannan Native Chicken's Fast and Slow Feathering Lines

    CHEN Xing-yong;GENG Zhao-yu;NIU Juan-juan;SUN Jian-wu;LIU Ping;

    [Objective]This experiment aimed to establish fast and slow feathering lines from purified and rejuvenated core breeding flock. [Method] Individual and family selection were used for continuous selection from zero to the second generation. [Result]The results showed that in the fast feathering line,the average weight gain was improved by 108. 34 g per generation in roosters at the age of 20 weeks while a 54. 5 g increase was got per generation in hens. Hen housed egg production was increased from 150 to 170 at the age of 66 weeks,and the healthy rate of chicken flock was raised by 0. 7 percent. In the slow feathering line,the average weight gain was increased by 156. 6g per generation in roosters while a 38. 9 g increase was got per generation in hens,and the hen housed egg production was increased from 158 to 179 at the age of 66 weeks. [Conclusion] This research had a great significance in increasing native chicken's production performance and developing its market competitiveness.

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  • Research of Rhine Goose and Heilongjiang Local Goose Hybrid Result

    LIU Guo-jun;

    [Objective]The aim is to improve the local goose in Heilongjiang Province( Zi goose,Huo goose,Heilongjiang white sticky goose) growth rate and production performance,increase the goose economic benefits and change the resource advantage of local into commercial and economic advantages. [Methods]Rhine goose of large size,fast growth,high wool and cashmere was introduced on hybrid improvement. [Results] Improved goose 60 days of age weight was 3. 240 kg,1. 40 kg higher than that of local goose weight; Improved adult male goose weight were 4. 661 kg,female goose 4. 150 kg,0. 50 kg or 0. 80 kg higher than the local goose weight respectively; Improved goose fleece production was 110. 03 g,fleece rate 29. 17%,33. 15 g higher than the local goose prolific wool,fleece rate increased by 12. 71%. [Conclusion] Effect of using Rhine goose to improve Heilongjiang local goose obvious and economic benefit is improved.

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  • Effects of Cottonseed Meal on Production Performance and Egg Quality of Hisex Laying Hens

    GAO Yu-shi;TANG Meng-jun;LU Jun-xian;SHI Zu-hao;

    [Objective]In order to research on effect of different content of cottonseed meals on production performance and egg quality of Hisex laying hens. [Methods]120 Hisex laying hens of 37 weeks old are chosen,randomly divided into four groups and three repetitions are set in each group,there are 10 hens in each repetition. Group I is the control group,II,III and IV are experimental groups. Cottonseed meal contents are respectively 5%,10% and 15%,with test cycle of 10 weeks,effects of different cottonseed meal dosages on Hisex laying hens production performance and egg quality are observed. [Results]When the diet is added with 5% to 15% of cottonseed meal,the average laying rate,average egg weight and feed-gain ratio all show downward trends when compared with that of the control group,but with no significant difference( P > 0. 05); eggshell strength,eggshell thickness,Haugh unit,egg shape index all show no significant difference( P >0. 05),with the increasement of cottonseed meal,the color of egg yolk got brighter,egg yolk color of 15% added group increased by 12%,show a significant difference with that of control group( P <0. 05). [Conclusion]When the feed was added with 15% cottonseed meals,it has an unconspicuous effect on laying performance and egg quality of Hisex laying hens,but whether it had an effect on animal health and food safety or not,a further systematic research is needed.

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  • The Space Dissimilation of Stakeholders' Environment Cognitive and Behavior Preference Response in the Area from Returning Fazing Land to Grasslands

    WANG Xiao-peng;GUI Li-de;ZHAO Cheng-zhang;

    The cognition and attitudes of resources environment affect environmental behavior of behavior subject,the changes of attitude and behavior become one of the key factors of influencing harmonious and healthy development of ecological environment. With PRA survey method for obtaining questionnaire data and based on behavior geography and social psychology theory,farming-pastoral,dry grassland,desert grassland, typical project village alpine grassland of returning fazing land to grasslands as an example,with main body cognitive perspective of the aid of resources,the article analyzed space dissimilation of stakeholders environmental cognitive and behavior preference response in the area of returning grazing land to grasslands from ecological environment from policy environment,ecological environment and family economic environment aspects. The results showed that: stakeholders judgment of Grassland degradation in different ecological function area had obvious regularity,the cognitive proportion of Grassland degradation gradually increase from farming-pastora to alpine savanes. The satisfaction from returning grazing land to grasslands showed a changing tendency of reversed U. stakeholders had more strongly negative cognition in the area of dry steppe and desertsteppe. From farming-pastoral to alpine savanes,the economic environment tend to worse situation. Negative environmental behaviors tend to increase,Positive behavior on the contrary.

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  • Study on Model Establishment of Regionalization Management of Specific Equine Disease-free Zone

    PENG Cong;WANG Yi-qing;ZHONG Cai-xin;LIANG Cai-yue;PENG Nan-xiu;SHEN Dan;PANG Wei-zhi;ZHANG Guo-xi;XIE Yue-you;ZHONG Jiang-guo;HU Yong-hui;ZHANG Hai-ming;CAO Ai-qiao;

    [Objective]The model of regionalization management of specific equine disease-free zone were analysed and discussed. [Methods]International animal epidemics regionalization management experience and specific equine disease-free zone establishment were analysed and discussed based on the State and OIE principles. [Results]The regionalization management of specific equine disease-free zone with county administrative regions level of international recognition was established first in China,combined with the region's geographical barrier and animal health. [Conclusion]The aim is to to provide experience and reference for other areas to establish specific disease-free zone.

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  • The Research Progress of Nondestructive Testing Technology in the Detection of Egg Quality

    WU Jian-hu;WANG Xiang-dong;YU You-wei;

    [Objective]The aim was to improve the quality of the egg in favour of producers and business operators according to the market demand to take scientific feeding and management.[Methods]This paper discussed the research progress of using machine vision,optical properties,and acoustic resonance technology in the egg quality nondestructive testing. [Results]Egg quality indicators directly affect their edible quality and quality levels. [Conclusion]Egg quality test has practical value and practical significance.

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  • The Sterilization Results of Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide on Liquid Egg White and the Effect on Physicochemical and Functionial Properties

    LIU Wen-ying;SUN Jia-wen;LU Xiao-ming;

    [Objective]The aim was to investigate the sterilization effect of dense phase carbon dioxide( DPCD) on liquid egg white( LEW) and the effect on functionial properties and physicochemical properties. [Method]The prepared liquid egg white was subjected to DPCD treatment at 10 MPa,20 MPa and 30 MPa respectively at 30 ℃,the microorganism amount,pH value,dissolubility and surface sulfhydryl were detected after adjusted to 4 ℃. [Result]The results showed that the longer the sterilization time,the more obvious of the sterilization effect at 10 MPa. There was no aerobe was detected at the rest conditions. [Conclusion]The functionial properties and physicochemical properties of liquid egg white were effected by DPCD treatment.

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  • Research Progress of Animal-specific Antibiotics

    SHI Zhi-hai;LI Wan-li;LAN Ya-li;LIN Ping;WANG Wen-jia;

    [Objective]In order to summarize the research progress of animal-specific antibiotics. [Methods]Mechanism of action and clinical application of animal-specific antibiotics which were commonly used in clinical were simply summarized. [Results] The most common animal-specific antibiotics are cephalosporins,aminoglycoside,pleuromutilin,macrolides,quinolones and chloramphenicols. [Conclusions] The study provides a reference for clinical veterinary staff.

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  • Effect of Konjac Mannan Oligosaccharides on Growth and Antibacterial Ability of Pseudosciaena crocea

    QIU Jun-qiang;GAO Jian-zhong;DONG Xue-hong;LIU Xiao-yu;YE Cheng-dong;LV Wei-qun;

    [Objective]This experiment was conducted on Pseudosciaena crocea to study the effects of mannan oligosaccharides on growth and antibacterial ability. [Method]1 500 experimental fishes were divided into five groups. The control group( C) contained no mannan oligosaccharides,the treatment groups were contained 100,200,400,800 mg /kg of konjac mannan oligosaccharides in basal diet,respectively. The experiment continued 4 months. [Result]The results showed that Konjac Mannan oligosaccharides could significantly improve weight gain Pseudosciaena crocea. Compared with control group,Test 2 group intestine protease activity increased by 45. 74%,hepatopancreatic lipase activity increased by 31. 37%,amylase activity increased by 27. 16%. Comparison with the control group,the test group serum SOD activity was significantly higher than that in the control group( P <0. 05). Lysozyme( LZM) activity,spleen and serum test group was significantly higher than that in the control group( P <0.05). Pseudosciaena crocea were infected by Anguillarum,compared with control group,the survival rate is higher than that of the control group( P <0. 05) when the dosage of 200 mg /kg,400 mg /kg. [Conclusion]According to the test results,the Konjac Mannan oligosaccharides in the basal diet suitable dosage were 200 mg /kg.

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  • The Research Progress of Polyploid Induction to Eriocheir sinensis

    BAI Ai-xu;ZHOU Xin;

    Polyploidy induction to aquatic animals is a kind of biological technology with important economic value,its induction methods include physical method,chemical method and biological method. There have been mroe reports about aquatic animals polyploid induction in fish and shellfish,by contrast,in decapod crustaceans,researches about polyploid induction are relatively little,currently only in Eriocheir japonicus,Fenneropenaeus chinensis and Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Through heat shock to induce polyploid of crabs,50% of triploid and 52% of tetraploid can be obtained,and through cytochalasin B( CB) solution treatment to induce fertilized eggs of crabs,it can also get 58. 18% of triploid and 57. 89% of triploid. By adding KCl solution to a certain salinity of seawater to induce crab triploid,100% of triploid induction rate was obtained after exploring the optimum time and concentration of induction. In this paper,the author summarized the principle,methods and development process of polyploidy induction,and compared each induction method and their inducing effects,aimed at providing the reference for researchment of polyploidy induction of crabs.

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  • Effect of Tank Colure Effects on Survival and Growth of Oncorhynchus masou masou Juveniles Reared in Water Flow

    JIA Zhi-ying;ZHANG Yu-yong;BAI Qing-li;SHI Lian-yu;

    There is a debate on if aquaculture tank colure could effect survival and growth of fish juveniles,it seems that different fish shows difference in the same tank colure environment or different stage shows difference in the same tank colure. The overall aim of this study is to establish whether tank colure influence survival and growth of Oncorhynchus masou juvenile under artificial controlled conditions. After an 50- days experiment,no significant difference of dead rate was observed in both blue and black tanks,and black tank led to significantly lower final body weight, fork length,as well as SGR. The study shows that rearing in blue tank should be considered little stressful for O. masou masou juveniles and blue material tank should be used in aquaculture practice.

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  • Preliminary Studies of Aeromonas hydrophila Diseases in Rana spinosa David and Whole Bacteria Inactivated Vaccine Preparation Method

    FANG Wei;WANG YUN-xin;TANG Wei;HE Pei-min;YANG Xian-le;QIU Jun-qiang;

    [Objective]In order to carriy on effective medication and immune prevention and control,pathogen and etiology of a Rana spinosa David disease in a Rana spinosa David breeding company in Zhejiang was researched from 2009 to 2010. [Methods]Conventional bacteria separation and purification technology was used to purify pathogenic bacteria,regression infection and toxicity test was used to determine its virulence,physiological and biochemical and molecular biology identification was carried out to the the pathogen,k- b paper method was adopted for the susceptibility test,normal paraffin wax flaking technology was used for pathology observations,finally,the inactivation conditions of pathogenic bacteria was explored. [Results]The pathogenic bacteria separated from sick Rana spinosa David body had Median Lethal Concentration( LC 50) of 5.62 ×105 cfu / ml; the strain was identified as Aeromonas hydrophila by ATB bacteria identification instrument and 16 s rRNA sequence analysis( GenBank login number: HQ322682); histopathology observation results showed that the disease had main symptoms of the liver and kidney damage,inflammatory cells increase. Susceptibility test showed that the strain was highly sensitive to gentamicin,norfloxacin,florfenicol,enrofloxacin etc. [Conclusions]1% formaldehyde could well inactivate the pathogenic bacteria at 60 ℃ for 24 h,which would provide technical reference for whole bacteria inactivated vaccine preparation.

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.

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