• Comparison of Thyroid Hormones Levels in Female Ducks Blood and Embryo

    SONG Wei-tao;LI Hui-fang;HU Yan;ZHU Wen-qi;XU Wen-juan;

    [Objective] The comparison of levels of thyroid hormones (T3,T4 and FT3) in female ducks serum and embryo of different embryonic age between Gaoyou duck and Jinding duck were made to provide basic data for further research.[Method] The levels of thyroid hormones (T3,T4 and FT3) in female ducks serum,fertilized eggs,and 7,11,15,19,22,28-days embryo of Gaoyou duck and Jinding duck were analyzed with radioimmunoassay (RIA).[Result]The levels of thyroid hormones in fertilized eggs were higher than those in serum of female ducks;different embryonic age hormone level of Gaoyou duck and Jinding duck in serum had almost the same variation trend,which was low but relatively stable after 15 days.[Conclusion] The result suggested that thyroid hormones play an important role in duck embryonic development,especially in the early period.

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  • Diagnosis and Treatment on Contagious Pleuropneumonia and Escherichia coli Mixed Infection in Sheep

    XIA Jun;YANG Xue-yun;

    [Objective] In order to provide a reference for prevention and control of contagious pleuropneumonia and E.coli mixed infection.[Method] A comprehensive introduction of the two diseases was given on the following aspects:morbidity,clinical symptoms,pathological changes,laboratory diagnosis,treatment,prevention,and prevention and control measures.[Results] Sound development of sheep production was seriously influenced by the two diseases,effective prevention and control measures must be adopted to inhibit the occurrence and prevalence of sheep contagious pleuropneumonia and colibacillosis.[Conclusion] The two epidemic diseases were controllable.

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  • Effects of Qishen Ultrafine Powder on Immune Efficacy in Chickens

    ZHANG Guo-zu;MA Xia;LIU Yong-lu;LI Rong-yu;GUO Zhen-huan;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to observe the effects of Qishen ultrafine powder on immune efficacy of infectious bursal disease vaccine in chickens.[Method] 360 1-day-old chickens were randomly divided into six groups equally,and group I-V were vaccinated with IBD live virus vaccine on the 21st and 35th day,respectively.From 14th to 21st day,group I-III were added with 1%,0.5% of Qishen ultrafine powder and 2% of Qishen powder in basal diet,respectively,group IV was given Yupingfeng oral liquid and group VI was as a control group without vaccination.Before the experiment (14-day-old chickens as D0) and 7 (D7),14 (D14),21 (D21),28 (D28),35 (D35),42 (D42) days after the experiment,the dynamic change of serum IBD specific antibody was determined,respectively.On D7,D21 and D35,the dynamic change of peripheral T lymphocyte proliferation and IL-2 in serum were determined,respectively.The weight change was also observed.[Results] Compared with the immune control group,the immune effects of IBD vaccine of each administration group were significantly improved,and there was no significant difference between each other.[Conclusion] Qishen ultrafine powder could increase immune function of chickens at lower dosage.

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  • Establishment of Experimental Mastitis Model by Lipopolysaccharide via Teat Duct in Rabbit

    CAO Sui-zhong;YANG De-ying;YAO Xue-ping;YU Shu-min;SHEN Liu-hong;LIU Chang-song;

    [Objective] This study was conducted to explore the method of establishing Lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced mastitis pathological models and reveal dynamic pathological changes of mammary tissue before and after LPS perfusion,finally providing convenient animal models for establishing LPS-induced acute clinical mastitis researches.[Method] Twelve lactating rabbits (the 7th day after parturition) were perfused with LPS into the fourth mammary gland via the teat duct.Exactly at 2h before perfusion,6 h,12 h,24 h,48 h,72 h,5 d and 7 d after,the indexes such as rectal temperature,total white blood cells and neutrophils,C-response protein (CPR) content and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) activity were determined,respectively.Then the rabbits were euthanatized and the mammary glands were removed and fixed for histopathologic evaluations.[Result] The results showed that inflammatory cells were observed in mammary tissue 6 h after LPS perfusion,structure of mammary tissue disorderly at 24 h,self-regeneration after 48 h and back to normal at 7 d.LDH activity was increasing significantly (P<0.05) at 12 h (P<0.05),peaking at 24 h,decreasing at 5 d (P<0.05) and returning to health at 7 d.CRP content was increasing significantly (P<0.05) at 6 to 72 h,peaking at 12 h,decreasing at 48 h,back to normal at 5 d.[Conclusion] The results suggested that the rabbit experimental mastitis model was successfully constructed by LPS perfusion via teat duct.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Different Sources of Salmonella and Comparisons on the Drug Resistance Spectrum Types

    CHEN Chao-xi;XI Ge-ji;TANG Cheng;

    [Objective] In order to make out differences between drug resistance spectrum types of different animal sources of Salmonella.[Methods] Selenite cystine broth,Salmonella-Shigella genus agar medium,CHROMagar Salmonella chromogenic culture,Reveal Salmonella detection kit and molecular biology methods were used for isolation and identification of Salmonella from different animal feces samples.Antibacterial antimicrobial susceptibility tests of 17 kinds of drugs such as enrofloxacin,apramycin and florfenicol were done on isolated strains with broth microdilution method,and test data was analysed with WHOnet 5.4 software.[Results] 699 feces samples from different animals were separated,and 53 strains of Salmonella were achieved with separation rate of 7.58%,among which those of yak,poultry,and pet sources were respectively 4.33%,9.06% and 8.37%.[Conclusions] Separation rates and drug resistance spectrum types of different animal origin Salmonella varied greatly,among which separation rates and drug resistance spectrum types of yak source Salmonella were the lowest,there was little difference between separation rates of poultry and dog source Salmonella,however there were large differences on drug resistance spectrum types.

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  • Genetic Analysis of the Entire Genome of a A/duck/Shanghai/Y20/2006 (H4N6) Avian Influenza Virus

    YANG De-quan;GE Fei-fei;LIU Jian;JU Hou-bin;WANG Jian;LIU Pei-hong;ZHOU Jin-ping;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to investigate the origin,characteristics and molecular evolution of duck derived H4N6 subtype avian influenza virus (DK/SH/Y20/06) and enrich the epidemiologic data of the waterfowl origin AIV.[Method] The entire genome of DK/SH/Y20/06 was amplified and subjected to genome sequencing.The molecular software was used for sequence analysis and phylogenetic tree construction of DK/SH/Y20/06 with some other reference sequences in GenBank.[Result] The results indicated that the amino acid sequence adjacent to HA cleavage site was PEKASR↓GLF,which was the typical characteristics of the LPAIV.The phylogenetic analysis indicated that the HA gene of the isolate was derived from the Eurasian lineage in the eastern hemisphere.The NA gene was at the same branch with A/mallard/Yan chen/2005(H4N6),sharing 98.3% sequence identity.The PB2,PB1,NP and PA gene of this isolate had genetically close relationships with H6 subtype AIV which is epidemic in China at present.The M gene fell into the same branch with A/environment/Korea/CSM05/2004(H3N1).The NS segment had the highest similarity with A/wild duck/Korea/YS44/2004(H1N2).The eight genes were not at the same branch and shared a low similarity with other H4N6 subtype avian influenza viruses isolated in North America.[Conclusion] These data showed that DK/SH/Y20/06(H4N6) was possibly a recombinant virus derived from H4N6 subtype,H6N2,H6N5,H3N1 and H1N2 subtype AIV by complex gene recombination in duck.

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  • The Effect of Antiseptic Cream Myogenic on Expression Levels of VEGF and bFGFmRNA in the Wounded Tissue

    WANG Zhuo-ran;GE Sheng;YU Wen-hui;

    [Objective] The mechanism of antiseptic cream myogenic was revealed from the angle of cytokines to provide theoretical basis for clinical application.[Method] Experiment with Wistar rats were studied,by detecting indicators such as the expression level of VEGF and bFGFmRNA of skin coloboma model rats wound tissue.[Result]The results showed that:Antiseptic cream myogenic can improve VEGF and bFGFmRNA levels of the wound tissue,[Conclusion] Antiseptic cream myogenic can promote the proliferation and differentiation of vascular endothelial cell and fibroblast,and thus promote wound healing.

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  • Research Progress on Detection Methods of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid Residue in Dairy Products and Feedstuff

    WANG Hua-dong;FENG Xiao-chun;

    [Objective] More accurate,rapid and sensitive method of melamine and cyanuricacid residue in dairy products and feedstuff were reviewed.[Method] Physicochemical properties,metabolism,uses,harm and detection methods of melamine and cyanuric acid were analyzed and described.[Result] Melamine and cyanuric acid,when used alone,were slightly toxic,but long-term intake could lead to animal reproductive and urinary system damage.[Conclusion] Establishing a more sensitive,fast and easy to popularize detection method for elamine and cyanuricacid residue in dairy products and feedstuff was necessary.

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  • Effect of Dietary Mulberry Leaves on Productive Performance,Egg Quality and Blood Biochemistry in Laying Hens

    ZHANG Xue-dong;LI You-gui;ZHANG Lei;FAN Jing-hui;ZHONG Shi;LI Qing-hai;LOU Li-feng;

    [Objective] The aim was to provide more information about the possible use of mulberry leaves in hen diets.[Method] Two hundred ninety two Hyline Gray laying hens,48 wk old,were randomly allotted into four groups with 73 chickens per group.Each group was fed for 6 wk with diets that contained dried mulberry leaves at 0,5,10,or 15%.[Result] The rate of egg production,egg weight,egg mass,feed intake,body weight,blood glucose level,total blood cholesterol,and triglyeride,and cholesterol of egg yolk in the dietary mulberry leaf groups were lower than the 0% mulberry leaves group.Compared with the 0% group,the feed required to produce 1 kg of eggs was 12.8% more in the 15% dietary mulberry leaf group.Body weight and cholesterol of egg yolk decreased significantly in this group (P<0.05).Blood glucose and triglyerides in the 15% dietary mulberry leaf group were significantly lower than in the 0 and 5% dietary mulberry leaf groups (P<0.05).Yolk color in all treatments was higher than in the 0% group (P<0.05),and Roche pigmentation score increased by 2-2.9.One-deoxynojirimycin was detected from egg white in all treatments,and its content varied significantly between groups (P<0.05).[Conclusion] This study reflected the hypoglycemic and lipid-lowering effects of mulberry leaves on productive performance and egg quality in laying hens.The suggested proportion of dietary mulberry leaves was 5%-10%.

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  • Research on the Diets Determination for Initial Feeding of Anguilla mormorata Glass Eel

    FANG Wei-dong;GUO Kang-jiao;XU Chang-an;

    [Objective]To find a suitable food for initial feeding of Anguilla mormorata glass eels.[Method]A pre-weaning feeding experiment was conducted indoor in fiberglass tanks,three different diets,Tubifex,minced octopus flesh and 1∶ 1 mixture (by weight) of Tubifex and minced octopus flesh were introduced.[Result]All three kinds of diets were acceptable to A.mormorata glass eels,and of three diets,the minced octopus flesh could serve as the best food for initial feeding of A.mormorata glass eels,which contributed 93% survival at the termination of the 21-days experiment and provided with relatively fast growth and homogeneous size variation.[Conclusion]The minced octopus flesh can serve as a suitable food to replace Tubifex for the initial feeding of anguilla glass eels.

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  • The Comparison of the Control Effect on the Varroa Mite with Different Ways of Raising Management

    YU Yu-sheng;ZHANG Zu-yun;LU Huan-xian;LIANG Cheng;SONG Wen-fei;ZHANG Xue-wen;

    [Objective] The aim was to o research the control effect to Varroa destructor and Tropilaeplaps clareae whit new raising management methods,and reduce the pollution caused by drug treatment of bee.[Method] We took the method that was replace the hive and comb on test colonies with the comb Formalin soaking liquid used three days after the dry and sterilization in advance with the hive.The test groups were 10 colonies randomly selected from the disinfected comb in the breeding.This was the first kind of method.The control groups were 10 colonies randomly selected by the conventional breeding management methods.From January 20th,statistic analysis on parasitic situation of bees once every month between the two methods,and take corresponding measures to prevent and control the varroa mite according to the varroa mite parasitic number in time,then the control effect of mite between the two methods were compared with.[Result] The results showed that the first method was better than the second one in V.destructor,the control time of T.clareae delayed about one month [Conclusion] Good breeding method could restrain l V.destructor and T.clareae parasitism,speeded up the colony development,and reduced the pollution of chemical drugs on bee products,regarded as a kind good method of controlling bee mites to make use of the feeding and management technology.

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  • Effects of Different Facilities on Laying Performance,Egg Quality and Air Quality for Layers Under Free Range System

    GENG Ai-lian;WANG Liang;ZHOU Yong-xiao;ZENG Min;LIU Hui;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to study the effects of different facilities on laying performance,egg quality and air quality for commercial layers under free range system.[Method] The single factorial arrangement was used in the trial.2 800 commercial Beijing You Chicken (BYC) at 23 weeks of age were chosen and randomly divided into four groups,three replicates each group,and 210 birds each replicate.The layers lived in loose housing condition with deep litter inside.Group 1 was the control,equipped with standard laying boxes,and flat-type perches;group 2 was equipped with common laying boxes,and flat-type perches;group 3 was equipped with common laying boxes,and erect-type perches,and group 4 was equipped with standard laying boxes,and erect-type perches.The laying performance,laying position and egg quality of birds during 24 to 32 weeks of age were recorded and measured,and average NH3,CO2 concentration of each group at 32 weeks of age were measured and detected.[Result] The results showed that laying performance of commercial BYC under loose housing condition were significantly different during 24-32 weeks of age.The laying rate of the control group equipped with flat-type perches and standard laying boxes (33.25%) was significantly higher than in group equipped with flat-type perches and common laying boxes (21.83%) (P<0.05),and other two groups (26.04% and 27.48%) (P<0.05).The ratio of floor eggs was significantly lower in groups with standard laying boxes than in the groups with common laying boxes (P<0.05),and the laying proportion in the first floor of layer boxes were much higher than those in the second floor (P<0.05).There were no significant differences on egg quality among the groups (P>0.05).Average NH3,CO2 concentration of group 3 and 4 at 32 weeks of age were both significantly higher than of group 1 and 2 (P<0.05).[Conclusion] All of the above indicated that the utilization of facilities could improve layer's laying rate,especially with flat-type perches and standard laying boxes,and the indoor air quality was also affected to some extent.

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  • Effect of Temperature on Pig Manure Fermentation for Biogas

    MA Yuan;DENG Gong-cheng;ZHAO Hong;GAO Li-an;LI Jing;LI Yong-bo;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to study the effect of temperature on gas production volume and period of biogas fermentation.[Method] The fresh pig manure were as materials,and the effect of temperature (6 ℃,12 ℃,18 ℃,24 ℃,30 ℃) on fermentation start-up and period of biogas production were studied for 180 days of anaerobic fermentation.[Result] The results showed that fermentation could be started in all temperature levels,the higher the temperature,the more biogas production,and the fermented period reduced with the temperature going up.The period was 7 months at low temperature (below 20 ℃),4 months at middle temperature (20-45 ℃).The aniseed was changed twice a year in February to March and July to August,which took 20-30 days.It had the best biogas production period in 24 ℃ when the biogas production volume was high and stable.[Conclusion] The best temperature for pig manure fermentation was 24 ℃.

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  • Risk Assessment and Comprehensive Control of Insect and Wild Animal Vectors in the Prevalence of Related Equine Diseases in the Specific Equine Disease-free Zone of Guangzhou Asian Games

    PENG Cong;LIANG Zhuo-yue;PENG Nan-xiu;ZHANG Hai-ming;HU Yong-hui;XUE Hong;SHEN Dan;HUANG Jie;KUANG Hui-yi;ZHANG Hai-bing;CAI Yi-fan;XIE Yue-you;ZHONG Jiang-guo;CHEN Jin-ping;YANG Yue-ping;WANG Jun-wei;

    [Objective] In order to construct the specific equine disease-free zone of of the Guangzhou Asian Games,to ensure that the equestrian events of Guangzhou Asian Games be smoothly held.[Methods] The species,quantities,distribution and seasonal variations of insects and wild animals in related zones were investigated from 2008 to 2010,and the collected samples of the insects and wild animals were tested in laboratory for related equine diseases.[Results] The investigations indicated that there were some mosquitoes,flies,horseflies,punkies,ticks,bats,wild birds and wild boars in equestrianism venue and peripheral regions of disease-free zone of the Guangzhou Asian Games,the laboratory results of Japanese encephalitis,vesicular stomatitis,Nipah virus disease,West Nile fever,and Trypanosomiasis evansi,were all negative.According to the investigations and test results,the risk assessments of insect and wild animal vectors in the prevalence of related equine diseases were made to confirm that the risk was relatively low or very low,and comprehensive prevention and control measures with prevention as major measures and insecticides application and environment managements as supplementary means were made on the basis of the risk assessment conclusions.[Conclusions] This research has laid a solid foundation for the successful building of the first specific equine disease-free zone in our country,ensured the smooth holding of the 16th equestrian competition in Guangzhou Asian Games.

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  • Application of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Determination of Veterinary Drug Residues

    FU Shi-jun;GUO Shi-jin;ZHANG Zhi-mei;SHEN Zhi-qiang;

    With the long-term and irrational use of veterinary drugs and drug additives in the process of animal feeding,the veterinary drug residues in animals and their additives can be ingested into the human body and pose potential threat to human health.Detection of veterinary drug residues are extremely important practical significance to protect the ecological environment and human health.In recent years,liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry has been widely used in veterinary drug residue detection because of its applicability,qualitative and quantitative features as well as high sensitivity.This article summarized the application of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in detection veterinary drug residues from feed,animal products,and urine as well as illicit drugs and harmful additives.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for ArticlesThe journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.

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