• Methionine Levels in the Diet for Pregnant Female Rabbits Affects Hair Follicles Development of Baby Rabbits

    ZHOU Qin-fei;TAO Ke;WANG Yong-cai;XIAO Wen-chuan;WANG Wei-lin;

    [Objective]This experiment was conducted to study methionine level in diet for prepnant famale rabbits on the development of hair follicles of baby rabbits.[Method]Fifty-four Angora female rabbits with similar body weight, parities and historicaly hair yield were randomly assigned to three groups with eighteen replicates in each group and one rabbit per replicate. Rabbits during pregnancy were fed diets with 0.51%, 0.71% and 0.91% methionine, respectively. Hair follicle density and diameter in the back skin were determined at 18-day fetus.26-day fetus.newborn and 2-month-old,and hair fiber diameter at 2-month-old was also determined. [Result]The results showed as follows: (1) hair follicle density and diameter at each stage,coarse hair fiber diameter at 2-month.old showed a tendency of increasing with dietary methionine level(P>0.05), fine hair diameter in 0.91%group was significantly larger than that in 0.51% group at 2-month-old(P<0.05). (2) With the development of baby rabbit,the ratio of secondary follicle and primary follicle increased gradually, at newborn of rabbits in group 0.5l%, 0.71% and 0.91%were 5.84, 5.56 and 5.81, respectively, and at 2-month-old were 8.47, 7.97 and 8.03, respectively. (3) Baby rabbits in group 0.51%, 0.71% and 0.91% gained increases of primary follicle diameter by 0.58, 0.57 and 0.61μm/d from 26-day fetus to birth, and 0.11, 0.11 and 0.12 μm/d from birth to 2-month-old, respectively; they also gained increases on secondary follicle diameter by 0.0018,0.012 and 0.011μm/d from birth to 2-months-old, respectively. [Conclusion]These results indicate that increase of methionine level in diet for female rabbits during pregnancy is a stimulation factor for the development of hair follicle of baby rabbits, and can improve their hair fiber diameter.

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  • Evaluation on the Nutritive Value of Micro-storage Wheat Straw Using Gas Production Technique in vitro

    FENG Yu-zhe;WU Ke-xuan;ZHANG Xiao-wei;ZHANG Yan;

    [Objective] The research aimed to improve the utilization ratio of wheat straw in Qinghai Province.[Method] During wheat straw micro-storage,the pH,crude protein(CP),crude fiber(CF),ether extract(EE) and water content in wheat straw at different micro-storage periods were determined.The effects of micro-storage time on the quality of wheat straw were studied and evaluated by using gas production technique in vitro.[Result] pH in each test group gradually decreased with the micro-storage time,which was all significantly lower than that in control group(P<0.01).CP content in all test groups increased with the micro-storage time,which was all higher than that in control group.CF content in all test groups decreased with the micro-storage time,significantly lower than that in control group(P<0.01).EE content in all experimental groups showed a gradual increase trend with the micro-storage time,which was all higher than that in control group,without significant difference compared with control group(P>0.05).Water content in test groups went down with the micro-storage time.With the increase of micro-storage time,net gas production,dry matter degradability,organic matter degradability,digestible energy and metabolizable energy went up gradually.[Conclusion] Comprehensively considering the micro-storage effect of wheat straw in each period and actual production application,we suggest that 22-day micro-storage for wheat straw could meet the demand of actual production.

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  • Effects of Ultrafine Comminution on the Dissolution of Active Ingredients from Compound Feed Additive of Strobilanthes cusia

    CHEN Yi-long;LI Shi-jie;ZHENG Shao-yan;ZHANG Dan-yan;

    [Objective] The research aimed to explore the effects of comminution technology on the dissolution of active components from compound feed additive of Strobilanthes cusia.[Method]Using active component adenosine in principal herb S.cusia and chlorogenic acid in minister drug Lonicera japonica Thunb.as dissolution indices,the effects of ultrafine comminution on the dissolution degree of compound feed additive of S.cusia were analyzed.[Result] The dissolution degree of adenosine and chlorogenic acid in ultra micro particles were obviously higher than that of common particles.Ultrafine comminution could significantly quicken the dissolution rate of adenosine and chlorogenic acid in compound feed additive of S.cusia,shorten the extraction time,avoid the breakage of active components in long-time extraction process,and meanwhile saved the energy greatly.[Conclusion] The ultrafine comminution technology could obviously increase the dissolution degree of active components in compound feed additive of S.cusia.

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  • Key Points of Commercial Layers Breeding

    ZHANG Gui-xian;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to solve the problems existing in commercial layers breeding.[Method] Key points of culture were summarized.[Result] The timing of purchasing chickenens,comprehensive epidemic prevention,decisively cleaning out predicted low-yield chickenen flock or layers,chickenens quality,control of chickenens' breeding skills,sufficient drinking water,feed quality,timely elimination of layer flock,correctly adjusting production rhythm,proper scale and other aspects should be paid attention to.[Conclusion] Breeding commercial layers could get significant economic benefits through above measures.

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  • Detection of K88 Fimbriae Gene of Escherichia coli from Mink

    ZHANG Yan-ying;GAO Gui-sheng;GAO Guang-ping;SHI Qiu-mei;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to study the mechanism of diarrhea of mink caused by Escherichia coli.[Method] Through the detection of K88 fimbriae gene of E.coli,cloning of gene fragments and identification,then PCR amplification was used to detect adhesion factor K88 gene,which was connected to T-vector and transformed into competent cells,and positive clones were selected.[Results] E.coli O78,O29 and O38 were isolated from organs and feces of mink died of diarrhea in 3 mink farms,respectively,the 3 serotypes of E.coli were detected in carrying K88 fimbriae gene and 3 positive clones were screened,respectively.[Conclusion] The E.coli causing mink diarrhea carry K88 fimbriae gene.

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  • Determination of Hog Cholera(HC) Antibody Level in Immune Piglets and Analysis of Immune Effect

    GAO Gui-sheng;ZHANG Yan-ying;GAO Guang-ping;SHI Qiu-mei;ZHOU Shi-han;

    [Objective] This paper aimed to provide scientific basis for establishing appropriate immune program.[Method] HC antibody level examinations were done for the 270 copies of serum collected from pig farm.[Result] 106 copies of serum were found giving pre-feeding immunization,and the proportion of pigs at 20,30,40,50,and 60-day old after giving pre-feeding immunization without serum immunity were 0,0,14.2% and 0 respectively.The proportion of antibody titer ≥1:128 dropped from 42.6% at the age of 40 days to 28.4% at the age of 50 days and 12.5% at the age of 60 days.For the examined 164 copies of 25-day old piglets' serum titer,all maternal antibody was ≥1:16,but the proportion of antibody titer ≥1:128 dropped from 96% at the age of 20 days to 62.5% at the age of 25 days.[Conclusion] Diverse proportions of pigs with unqualified immunization and antibody level existed in swinery,this might be the main reason for hog cholera outbreak in pig farms.

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  • The Influence of Chinese Medicinal Herb on Chicken Immune Organs and Small Intestinal Mucosa Immune Organization

    GAO Gui-sheng;SHI Qiu-mei;ZHANG Yan-ying;SHEN Ping;TANG Sheng-ling;

    [Objective] The aim was to explore the mechanism of Chinese medicinal herb to enhance the body's immune.[Method] The quantitative distribution of immunocytes in chicken small intestinal mucosa lymphoid tissue-secretory type immune globulin cell A were dynamic observed to research chicken immune organ growth with histology conventional slice technology and immunohistochemistry dye.1 day age healthy roosters were divided into 3 groups:the group 3 was control group.1% and 0.5% concentration of Chinese herbal medicine immunopotentiator drinking water were added in the group 1 and 2 in continuous 60 d.The immune organ index was determined every 12 d and the histotomy of chicken small intestine in group control and 1% were taken for histological observation on day 24,36 and 48.[Result] Treatment group immune organ index was significantly higher than that of the control group and 1% group of small intestinal villus inherent intraformational immune cells number significantly increased(P<0.01) compared with controls.Day 36 age group and day 48 group immune cells were higher than day 24 group of cell number(P<0.01).[Conclusion] Chinese medicinal herb had obvious role in promoting chicken immune organ growth and obvious influence on the quantity change of the intestinal mucosal immune cells.

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  • Preliminary Study on Immuno-gold Chromatography Assay for Rapid Detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus

    KONG Fan-de;LIU Yang;XU Shu-fei;PENG Xiao-li;WU De-feng;LIN Li;

    [Objective] Vibrio parahaemolyticus was chosen as the material to make rabbit anti-V.parahaemolyticus polyclonal antibody,the immuno-gold chromatography assay(IGCA) was used to develop immunogold labeling test strips for detecting V.parahaemolyticus.[Methods] Rabbit anti-V.parahaemolyticus IgG-2 was used to wrap nitrocellulose membrane detection line,goat anti-rabbit IgG was used to wrap control line,and immuno-gold was used to label rabbit anti-V.parahaemolyticus IgG-1 to establish the immuno-gold chromatography assay(IGCA) for detection of V.parahaemolyticus.[Results] Test strip detection lines of positive results along with the control line were all red,test results could be got in only five to fifteen minutes,the minimum detectable amount of this method to V.parahaemolyticus was 3.60×104 cfu/ml,and cross reactions wouldn't occur when detecting common intestinal bacteria like Vibrio alginolyticus,vibrio cholerae,Vibrio damsela,Vibrio metschnikovii,Citrobacter freundii and salmonella etc.The test results were undifferentiated when the test strips were stored at 4℃ for six months,stored at room temperature for three months or stored at 37℃ for one month.[Conclusion] The established test strip assay was simple and rapid during operation,with high sensitivity,strong specificity and good stability,the test results were easy to be observed and judged,and this assay was very suitable for grassroots breeding department application.

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  • The Effects of Compound Chinese Medicine Immune Additives on Growth Performance and Antioxidant Capacity of Acipenser schrenckii

    LIU Xun;WANG Di;LU Tong-yan;LI Shao-wu;LIU Hong-bai;

    [Objective] The aim was to explore the effects of compound Chinese medicine on growth and antioxidant capacity of Acipenser schrenckii,and to provide a foundation for the application of traditional Chinese medicine as immune additives in sturgeon aquaculture production.[Methods] Three kinds of compound Chinese medicines(respectively called A,B and C) were added into basic material feed as feed additives,continuous fed 1+ age Acipenser schrenckii for 35 d,then weight gain rate was determined and superoxide dismutase(SOD) activity,malondialdehyde(MDA) content,total antioxidant capacity(T-AOC) and glutathione peroxidase(GSH-PX) activity in serum and liver were detected.[Results] Chinese medicine formulae could increase the superoxide dismutase(SOD) activity,total antioxidant capacity(T-AOC) and glutathione peroxidase(GSH-PX) in serum and liver of sturgeon.Especially SOD enzyme activity of serum in the three formulae groups was significantly higher(P<0.05) than control group,SOD enzyme activities of fish liver in group A and C were significantly higher(P<0.05) than control group;T-AOC activities of serum and liver in the three formulae groups were both incressed,but had no significant differences with that of the control group;only GSH-PX activities of fish serum in group B and C had significant differences(P<0.05) with that of control group,GSH-PX activities of liver in the three formulae groups had no significant differences with that of control group;and traditional Chinese medicine could significantly reduce malondialdehyde(MDA) content of sturgeon serum,MDA contents of serum and liver in three formulae groups had significant differences(P<0.05) with that of control group.[Conclusion] The selected three kinds of compound Chinese medicine additives had different degree of ability to improve sturgeon antioxidant function.

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  • Comparison of Digestive Enzyme Activities in Normal and Growth Retarded Japanese Eels(Anguilla japonics)

    HUANG Yong-chun;

    [Objective] This experiment was conducted to compare the activity difference of digestive enzymes in Japanese eels Anguilla japonics and growth retarded eels under different reaction temperature.[Method] Both 20 normal Japanese eels(Weight from 126.4 to 140.2 g per eel) and 20 growth retarded eels(Weight from 3.5 to 8.6 g per eel) were selected,then,the protease,amylase,lipase activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach under the reaction temperature 5,10,15,25,30,35,40,45 and 55℃ were measured.[Result] The protease activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach all reached the highest value for both normal eels and growth retarded eels,and the order of protease activities was intestine > stomach > hepatopancreas except the protease activities of growth retarded eels at the temperature of 5,15,55℃.The protease activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach of growth retarded eels were 29.5%,15.7% and 25.2% of those of normal eels(P<0.05).The amylase activities of both normal and growth retarded eels reached the highest value at the temperature of 30 ℃.The amylase activity order of normal eels was hepatopancreas > intestine > stomach expect the amylase activity at the temperature of 5 ℃,while the amylase activity order of growth retarded eels is intestine > hepatopancreas > stomach.The amylase activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach of growth retarded eels were 42.4%,73.7% and 43.8% of those of normal eels(P<0.05).The lipase activities of both normal and growth retarded eels reached the highest value at the temperature of 35 ℃.The lipase activity order of normal eels was hepatopancreas > stomach > intestine,while the lipase activity order of growth retarded eels was hepatopancreas > intestine > stomach expect the lipase activity at the temperature of 35 ℃.The lipase activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach of growth retarded eels were 41.5%,45.6% and 23.2% of those of normal eels(P<0.05).[Conclusion] The protease,amylase,lipase activities in hepatopancreas,intestine and stomach of growth retarded Japanese eels were significantly lower than those of normal Japanese eels,therefore,its growth was affected directly.

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  • Studies on Dynamic of Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Water in GaoBaZhou Reservoir after Filter-feeding Fish's Multiplication and Stocking

    CAI Yu;LIU Zhi-guo;CAI Yan-zhi;WAN Song-tong;XIA Jian-jun;LI Xian-cai;LEI Xiao-zhong;WANG Liang;

    [Objective] The aim was to provide scientific basis for purifying water quality,ecological restoration and fishery breeding of GaoBaZhou reservoir multiplication and stocking.[Method] Monitoring of normal water physical,chemical characteristics and different number of data of GaoBaZhou reservoir was conducted in 2010 and 2011 after different amount of filter-feeding fishes stocking in this reservoir.[Result] The water physical and chemical factors TN,NO2,NO3-N-N,TP and COD,Chl.a in 2011 were significantly less than 2010,2011 month average 1.389 mg/L,0.039 6 mg/L,1.211 7 mg/L,0.137 3 mg/L,16.191 mg/L,10.226 8 mg/m3,2010 month average 1.659 mg/L,0.066 2 mg/L,1.472 9 mg/L,0.099 9 mg/L,18.314 8 mg/L,14.917 8 mg/L.The calculation results of TSIM showed that 2011 reservoir eutrophication TSIM were less than 2010,up to 53.78 and 57.36.[Conclusion] The whole reservoir area revealed mild eutrophication(the TSIM> 53),and it suggested that the filter-feeding fishes amount could be increased in the reservoir.

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  • Effects of Feeding Attractants on the Growth and Body Composition,Digestive Enzyme and Serum Indices of Hucho taimen

    WANG Chang-an;XU Qi-you;CHANG Ya-ping;XU Hong;YIN Jia-sheng;

    [Objective] The aim was to study the effects of four feeding attractants(dimethyl-β-propiothetin,trimethylamine oxide,betaine,sodium-5'-inosinate)on feed intake,growth performance,body composition,digestive enzyme activities and serum indices of Hucho taimen with initial body weight 9.39±0.26 g.[Method] The Hucho taimen was raised in water flow system.There was one control group and four process group.Each diet was randomly assigned to triplicates of 50 fish for 56 days.During the experiment,the water temperature fluctuated from 9.3 ℃ to 14.2 ℃ and the dissolved oxygen was above 8.0 mg/L.[Result] The weight gain rate and specific growth rate increased significantly by adding 0.2% dimethyl-β-propiothetin,0.2% trimethylamine oxide,0.2%betaine,but there were no changes with 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate supplementation(P>0.05).The body crude protein increased significantly by supplementing 0.2% dimethyl-β-propiothetin(P<0.05),and body crude lipid decreased significantly by adding 0.2% trimethylamine oxide and 0.2%betaine(P<0.05),but body composition had no changes by supplementing 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate(P>0.05).The digestive enzyme activities increased significantly by adding 0.2% dimethyl-β-propiothetin and 0.2% trimethylamine oxide(P<0.05),and the lipase increased significantly by supplementing 0.2%betaine(P<0.05),but digestive enzyme activities had no changes supplemented 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate(P>0.05).The serum total protein,albumin and globulin increased significantly added 0.2% dimethyl-β-propiothetin(P<0.05),and the high density lipoprotein content increased while cholesterol,triglyceride and low density lipoprotein decreased significantly added 0.2% trimethylamine oxide and 0.2%betaine(P<0.05),and serum complement 3 and complement 4 increased significantly supplemented 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate(P<0.05).[Conclusion] The food intake,growth performance,body composition and digestive ability of taimen were improved supplemented with 0.2% dimethyl-β-propiothetin,0.2% trimethylamine oxide and 0.2%betaine,respectively(P<0.05),but not 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate.The immunity of body was improved by adding 0.05% sodium-5'-inosinate.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for ArticlesThe journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely.A review should report the recent progress in

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and vet-erinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston,USA)

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