• Technical Essentials of the Improvement of Sheep’s Survival Rate after Rumenotomy

    LI Zong-cai;MA Li-yang;LI Gang;

    [Objective] The study aimed to control the infection of remens during and after rumenotomy and prevent animal bodies from dying.[Method]The technical essentials for improving the survival rate of sheep after rumenotomy were summarized from the aspects of drug selection,fixing,sterilization,anesthesia,incision location,operation methods and postoperative nurse. [Result]152 cases of rumenotomy had been finished,wherein 144 cases survived,while 8 cases died,so the success rate of rumenotomy reached above 94%. [Conclusion]The operation obtained a satisfied effect,and some measures should be paid more attention to during and after the operation,such as sticking to aseptic operation,stanching blood timely,suturing rumens indeed,fasting,nursing and healing sheep carefully after the operation.

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  • Improvement Effects of Guizhou Local Yellow Cattle Crossbred with Fleckvieh

    HE Guang-zhong;SUN Juan;LIU Jing;YANG Hong-wen;LUO Qi-hua;

    [Objective] The aim was to discuss the improvement effect of Guizhou local yellow cattle crossbred with Fleckvieh. [Method] With Fleckvieh as male parent, they were crossbred with Guizhou local yellow cattle (♀), and hybridized cattle of Simmental ×local yellow cattle (♀) to determine production performance, slaughter performance and lactation performance of their offspring. And they were compared with Guizhou local yellow cattle. [Result] The growth, slaughter and lactation performance of offspring of F1 Fleckvieh (♂)×Simmental (♂)×local yellow cattle (♀) proved optimal, followed by offspring of F1 Fleckvieh (♂)× local yellow cattle (♀) and offspring of Guizhou local yellow cattle. [Conclusion] Offspring of improved local yellow cattle crossbred with Fleckvieh (♂) and hybridized cattle of Fleckvieh × Simmental× local yellow cattle enjoy significant heterosis and the economic benefits of cattle farming could be significantly enhanced.

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  • Expression of KAP6.1 gene and its Correlation with Wool Traits in Sheep

    YANG Hua;YANG Yong-lin;XU Cong-xiang;FENG Jing;

    [Objective] The study aimed to analyze the expression and polymorphism of KAP6.1 gene in various tissues of sheep, as well as the correlation between KAP6.1 gene and wool traits, so as to provide scientific references for the further study on the functions of KAP6.1 gene and molecular breeding of fine wool sheep. [Method] By using real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR, the expression map of KAP6.1 gene in various tissues was analyzed, and then PCR-SSCP technology, cloning and sequencing were adopted to analyze the polymorphism of KAP6.1 gene in 693 Chinese merino sheep (Xinjiang Junken type), finally the correlation between KAP6.1 gene and wool traits was discussed. [Result] A high-level expression of KAP6.1 gene appeared in sheep skin, very significantly higher than that in muscle, small intestines, ovaries, hearts, lungs, livers, spleens, kidneys and rumen (P<0.01). In addition, there was C159T base substitution in KAP6.1 gene sequence, and analysis of the least squares model showed that the mean wool fleece weight of BB genotype at C159T site was significantly higher than that of AA and AB genotype (P<0.05), while there was no significant difference in average wool fiber diameter, curvature, length, clean fleece rate and density among AA, BB and AB genotype of KAP6.1 gene at C159T site (P>0.05).[Conclusion]KAP6.1 gene could be as the candidate gene of wool yield of sheep, and BB genotype could be used as the important molecular marker of fine wool sheep for high wool yield.

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  • Activity of Anti-oxidative Enzyme in Mitochondria in Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles of Yak Calves with 1/4 Wild Bloods

    XU Zhi-dong;LI Li;ZHANG Qin-wen;QING Wei;LIN Wei-shan;

    [Objective] The aim was to explore radical metabolism and mechanism of energy metabolism in mitochondria of yak calves. [Method] Activities of T-AOC, GSH-Px, SOD and LDH and contents of MDA and NO were measured of mitochondria in cardiac and skeletal muscles of yak calves with 1/4 wild bloods at six-month old. [Result] T-AOC, GSH-Px and SOD activities and NO content were all a little higher in mitochondria of yaks with wild bloods than those in skeletal muscles (P>0.05) and MDA content in mitochondria in cardiac muscles was significantly higher than that in skeletal muscles (P<0.05). [Conclude] The research provides theoretical references for hypoxia-adaptability of yak calves with 1/4 wild bloods.

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  • Effects of Ferrous Fumarate on Growth Performance,Blood Biochemical Parameters and Trace Elements of Oncorhynchus mykiss

    FENG De-zhi;ZHANG Li-min;WANG Ji-ying;LI Bao-shan;

    [Objective] The study aimed to discuss the effects of ferrous fumarate on growth performance, blood biochemical parameters and content of trace element of Oncorhynchus mykiss. [Method] Juvenile rainbow trout with an initial weight of (89.2±0.2) g were fed with the basal fodder supplemented with different levels of ferrous fumarate (0, 20, 40, 80, 160 and 480 mg/kg iron) for 60 d, and the six groups were named D0, D20, D40, D80, D160 and D480, wherein D0 was as the control group, actually containing 62.60, 79.50, 99.60, 139.30, 215.20 and 538.40 mg/kg iron respectively. [Result] The growth performance of juvenile rainbow trout was not affected by different dietary iron levels obviously (P>0.05). With the increase of dietary iron level, hemoglobin (Hb) content and number of red blood cells(RBC) rose firstly and then leveled off. No significance was found in hematocrit (Hct) among the six groups (P>0.05). Iron content in the whole body, vertebrae and muscle increased significantly with the improvement of dietary iron level(P<0.05), and iron concentration in the liver increased firstly and then leveled off in groups from D40 to D480. No significant difference in zinc content of the whole body was found among the six groups (P>0.05), while zinc content in the vertebrae and muscle in control group was significantly higher than that of other groups (P<0.05), and zinc concentration in the liver in groups D0 and D20 was significantly higher than that of other groups (P<0.05). Copper content in the whole body increased significantly with the increase of dietary iron level (P<0.05), while no significant difference was observed in the vertebrae (P>0.05), and copper concentration in the muscle in control group was significantly lower than that of other groups (P<0.05). Serum lysozyme (LZM) activity of group D0 was significantly lower than that of other groups (P<0.05) except for group D480 (P>0.05). Catalase (CAT) activity of serum enhanced significantly (P<0.05) from D0 to D40 and then decreased obviously (P<0.05). [Conclusion] Based on hemoglobin and iron content in the liver, the broken-line model analysis showed that the dietary iron level provided by ferrous fumarate for juvenile rainbow trout was estimated to be 99.8 and 100.4 mg/kg respectively in the experiment.

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  • Development of a Kit Choosing Medicine Rapidly for Maricultural Bacteriosis

    QIU Jun-qiang;WANG Jian-ping;LE Yun;Sun Qi;YANG Xian-le;LIN Gui-fang;

    [Objective] This study aimed to develop a kit to rapidly choose an appropriate medicine for maricultural bacteriosis. [Method] By screening enriched bacteria, solid medium and medicine and comparing effects of rapidly choosing medicine, a kit that could pick up the right medicine quickly for mariculture bacteriosis was created. [Result] The pilot test in some regions showed the kit had ideal yesalts and was easy to operate. [Conclusion] The kit, a convenient and useful kit to detect drug sensitivity, can help users select effective drugs from many common medicines rapidly and accurately, and it is mainly suitable to use in the rapid selection of an appropriate medicine for maricultural bacteriosis.

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  • Induction Effect of Cadmium on Peripheral Erythrocyte Micronuclei in Carassius auratus and Oriental weatherfish

    WANG Yang-ke;WANG Qi;LU Hong-zhao;

    [Objective] The study aimed to the effects of various Cd2+ concentrations and exposure time on erythrocyte micronuclei in peripheral erythrocyte micronuclei in Carassius auratus and Oriental weatherfish.[Method]Using static water culture, Carassius auratus and Oriental weatherfish were exposed to solutions containing Cd2+ with mass concentrations of 0.08, 1.72 and 6.84 mg/L, and blood was collected from tail veins to make smears which were observed under a oil lens afterwards. [Result]In the initial exposure period, Carassius auratus and Oriental weatherfish were unwell obviously, being afraid and unpeaceful and escaping everywhere. With the increase in Cd2+ concentration, this phenomenon became more distinct. In addition, as the prolonging of exposure time, fishes moved slowly, powerlessly and less and reacted slowly, and moe and more excrement deposited at the bottom of aquariums. [Conclusion] Cd2+ could obviously induce Carassius auratus and Oriental weatherfish to generate micronuclei, showing certain dose-effect and time-effect relation under certain conditions.

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  • Effect of Active Dried Yeast on Intestine Development,Intestinal Flora and Serum Cholesterol Mass Concentration of Quails

    ZHANG Ai-wu;JU Gui-chun;XUE Jun;

    [Objective] The experiments aimed to investigate the effect of dietary active dried yeast on intestine development, intestinal flora and serum cholesterol mass concentration of quails. [Method] One-day-old 180 quails were randomly divided into 4 groups, 3 repetitions, each with 15 quails. Control group was fed with basic dietary, while experimental groups were added with 0.6, 1, 2 g/kg active dried yeast respectively in basic dietary. [Result] Addition of active dried yeast had little effect on quails' intestine development(P>0.05). With the increasing adding amount active dried yeast, the number of colibacillus decreased significantly (P<0.05) while lactobacillus content increasing sharply (P<0.05). Dietary with 1 and 2 g/kg active dried yeast can significantly decrease the mass concentration of cholesterol in serum (P<0.05). [Conclusion] Adding active dried yeast in feed can decrease the number of colibacillus while increasing lactobacillus content in intestinal tract of quails, also can low serum cholesterol mass concentration.

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  • Effects of Non-starch Polysaccharide Complex Enzymes on Meat Quality in Broilers

    CHENG Zhi-bin;LIAO Qi-shun;ZHANG Hong-bin;WEI Yu;SU Zi-feng;LIU Shao-gui;

    [Objective] The study aimed to research the effect of several commercial NSP complex enzymes products on broiler meat quality, and provide scientific basis for feed enterprise and breeding farmers choosing NSP complex enzymes. [Method] Two hundred ROSS broilers at age of 21 days were designed to five treatment groups, including the positive and negative control treatments, and Group 1 to 3 with feed additive of the commercial non-starch polysaccharide complex enzymes each on base of the negative group diet. At 56 days of age, broilers were killed and meat quality was analyzed. [Result] The thigh meat color CIELAB a value for the negative control broilers was lower (P < 0.05) than those of the positive control and Group 1. The drip loss of breast meat for Group 1 was the lowest, and the drip loss of thigh meat for the negative control was the highest among all treatments. The shear force for the negative control and Group 3 were higher than those of other three groups. There were no differences (P > 0.05) on the contents of chemical components, crude moisture, crude protein, crude fat, crude ash, and inosine acid for breast and thigh meat among all treatments. [Conclusion] NSP complex enzymes with complete enzyme categories and high enzyme activity can improve meat quality in broilers.

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  • Epidemiology Survey of Porcine Parvovirus and Porcine Circovirus Type 2 in Sichuan Province

    XU Jun;GUO Wan-zhu;CHEN Yang;XU Zhi-wen;WANG Xiao-yu;

    [Objective] The study aimed to analyze the prevalence of Porcine Parvovirus (PPV) and Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) and the mixed infection in Sichuan Province to lay the foundation for further predicting the tendency of the plague and formulating appropriate prevention and control strategies. [Method] Two hundred and seventy-three samples were collected from 21 large pig farms in Sichuan province, and epidemiology of PPV and PCV2 were investigated by PCR detecting. [Result] The positive rate of PPV was 17.22% (47/273), and positive rate of pig farms was 38.1% (8/21), meanwhile it also displayed the feature that infection rate of boar was higher than that of piglets; The positive rate of PCV2 was 52.38% (143/273), and positive rate of pig farms was 85.7% (18/21), and it showed the trend that the infection rate of PCV2 was rising with the growth of the age. The co-infection rate of PPV and PCV2 was 10.62% (29/273), and co-infection rate of pig farms was 28.7% (6/21), which mainly concentrated in the sow and nursery piglets. Only 14.3% (3/21) pig farms was epidemiologically negative of PPV and PCV2. [Conclusion] PPV and PCV2 and co-infection was widely popular in Sichuan province, and it did more serious harm to the pig-raising industry.

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  • Construction of Short Hairpin RNA Vector with σNS & σC Genes of Avian Reovirus and Determination of Interference Effect

    XIONG Wen-jie;XIE Zhi-xun;LIU Jia-bo;PANG Yao-shan;XIE Zhi-qin;DENG Xian-wen;XIE Li-ji;

    [Objective] The aim was to explore novel method for treatment of Avian Reovirus. [Method] According to the design principle of siRNA target sequences, siRNA templates were designed and synthesized and then cloned into the shRNA expression vector, namely, pSilencer-CMV 4.1 neo. Short hairpin RNA vector C1, C2, C3, which contain σC gene, and shRNA vector NS1, NS2, NS3, which contain σNS gene, were constructed separately. The constructed shRNA vectors and negative control were co-transfected into DF-1 cells with the eukaryotic expression vector pEGFP-σC and pEGFP-σNS, respectively. [Result] Observation through fluorescence microscope indicated that the constructed 6 shRNA could inhibit the expression of fusion protein to different degrees. In addition, results of Real-time PCR suggested that C3 and NS1 have the best interference effect to the viral duplication in vitro. [Conclusion] Construction and selection of specific shRNA expression vectors inhibiting Avian Reovirus are significant for researching effects of σC and σNS proteins in infection and duplication of ARV, providing new idea for ARV antiviral therapy.

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  • Interaction of Carbofuran and Bovine Serum Albumin by Spectrometry

    XU Guang-fu;TAN Ya-ya;LI Bo;

    [Objective]The aim was to study the interaction characteristic of bovine serum albumin (BSA) and carbofuran. [Method]With synchronous fluorescence spectrometry adopted, the interaction of carbofuran and BSA in Tris-HCl buffer system (pH 7.40) was investigated. The binding constants at different temperatures were calculated and the interaction types between carbofuran and BSA were discussed.[Result]Under normal physiological conditions, higher quenching effect of carbofuran on BSA was electrostatic interaction. The changes of different drug concentrations and temperature proved a static quenching of carbofuran with BSA. The binding constants (KSV) at 25 °C, 37 °C and 50 °C were 1.17×104, 1.07×104 and 0.99×104 L/mol respectively with ratio of carbofuran and BSA at 1∶1.[Conclusion]The research is of guiding significance for learning transport and metabolism of carbofuran at molecular level.

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  • Separation and Measurement of Three Kinds of Endogenous Hormones in Rhizome of Alhagi sparsifolia

    ZHAO Man-li;YANG Ying-chun;YANG Shi-jie;YUAN Zhen-yan;

    [Objective] The aim was to establish effective method for endogenous hormone extraction and explore conditions of chromatographic analysis for three endogenous hormones in rhizome of Alhagi sparsifolia. [Method] Activol (GA3), zeatin (ZR) and indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) in rhizome were separated and measured as per RP-HPLC. [Result] The average recovery rates of GA3, ZR and IAA were 98.3%, 90.3% and 101.3%, respectively, indicating that the method is suitable for quantitative analysis with little errors. The chromatographic conditions were as follows: methanol/0.75% of acetic acid at 45∶ 55 (mobile phase); flow speed at 0.7 ml/min; wavelength at 254 nm; column temperature at 25 °C. [Conclusion] The research preliminarily established HPLC conditions for separation of endogenous hormones in rhizome of Alhagi sparsifolia.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech, etc. A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data. The innovative idea

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 20.09,Wu Chu (USA-China) Science & Culture Media Co.(Cranston, USA) an

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