• Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor and β-mercaptoethanol on In-vitro Fertilization and Development of Oocytes from Hormone-Stimulated Lambs

    [Objective]The aim was to explore optimization of system of oocytes in-vitro culture of young animals. [Method]Effects of EGF ( epidermal growth factor) and β-mercaptoethanol in maturation media on fertilization,cleavage and blastaea were researched,which were then compared with those of adult sheep. [Result]EGF in different concentrations had little effects on rates of cleavage and blastaea ( P >0.05) and β-mer-captoethanol in different concentrations would improve blastaea rate of oocytes,for example,100 μmol/L of β-mercaptoethanol has significant effects on balstaea rate ( P <0.05) ,but has little effects on cleavage rate ( P >0. 05) . In addition,rates of cleavage and balstaea of oocytes in lamb were both lower than those of adult sheep ( P <0.05) ; fertilization rate of oocytes in lamb ( P <0.05) ,which differed little with that of adult sheep ( P >0.05) ,could be significantly enhanced by 100 μmol/L of β-mercaptoethanol. Furthermore,polyspermy rate was higher than that of adult sheep without β-mercaptoethanol ( P <0.05) ; the rate was of little differences with that of adult sheep with 100 μmol/L of β-mercaptoethanol ( P > 0.05) ; unfertilization rate ( 20%) in media without β-mercaptoethanol was a little higher ( P >0.05) than those of adult sheep ( 12.3%) and those in media with β-mercaptoethanol ( 13.5%) . [Conclusion]Developmental capacity of oocytes and fertilization rate could be improved by 100 μmol/L of β-mercaptoethanol with polyspermy rate reduced,but developmental capacity of lamb was significantly lower than that of adult sheep.

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  • The Construction of Marc-145 Cell Lines Expressing Nsp2 Gene of PRRSV and the Effects of Nsp2 Protein on PRRSV Replication

    [Objective]The study aimed to investigate the effects of Nsp2 protein on porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus ( PRRSV) replication. [Method]Through in vitro cloning,the Nsp2 gene of highly pathogenic PRRSV TJ and attenuated TJM were amplified by RT-PCR and cloned into the plasmid pEGFP-N1,which containing enhanced green fluorescent protein expression box. The constructed plasmids pEGFP-TJ Nsp2 and pEGFP-TJM Nsp2 were transfected into Marc-145 cells and screened by G418. Anti-G418 Marc-145-TJ Nsp2 and Marc-145-TJM Nsp2 cells were obtained,and the expression of Nsp2 protein in anti-G418 Marc-145-TJ Nsp2 and Marc-145-TJM Nsp2 cells was proved by PCR and RT- PCR. The Marc-145-TJ Nsp2 and Marc-145-TJM Nsp2 cells were infected by PRRSV,and TCID 50 was determined. [Result]The cells expressing Nsp2 gene of highly pathogenic PRRSV TJ and attenuated TJM,Marc-145-TJ Nsp2 and Marc-145-TJM Nsp2,were stable. PRRSV replication was fast in early stage on these cells. That is to say,Nsp2 protein played a positive role in early phase of PRRSV proliferation,and the effect of Nsp2 protein of highly pathogenic PRRSV TJ was more obvious. [Conclusion]The construction of Marc-145-Nsp2 cell lines provided data for the further discuss of PRRSV replication mechanism.

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  • Study on Oxygen Consumption of Erinaceus europaeus under Laboratory Conditions

    [Objective]The study aimed to determine oxygen consumption of Erinaceus europaeus at different temperatures to accumulate basic da- ta for the protection and deep discuss of Erinaceus europaeus. [Method]By using the improved close respiration apparatus,the time spent by ani- mals consuming a unit volume of oxygen was recorded by the improved close respiration apparatus to estimate oxygen consumption of Erinaceus europaeus at 20,25 and 30 °C respectively. [Result]When the temperature varied from 20 to 30 °C,the oxygen consumption and oxygen con- sumption rate of Erinaceus europaeus reduced with the increase of external temperature on the whole. The weight of Erinaceus europaeus had no obvious relation with its oxygen consumption and oxygen consumption rate. In addition,the temperature had linear regression relationships with the oxygen consumption and oxygen consumption rate of Erinaceus europaeus,that is,the linear regression equation between oxygen consumption ( x 0 ) ( ml/h) and temperature ( t) was x 0 =658. 81 -14. 98t,and the equation between oxygen consumption rate ( Q 0 ) [L/( kg·h) ]and tempera- ture ( t) was Q 0 =827. 94 -19. 52t. [Conclusion]The metabolic rate of Erinaceus europaeus changed with environmental temperature,and 20 °C was more suitable for its growth,conforming with the fact that it is active just at night.

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  • Effects of Fermented Forage with Highly Active Bacteria on Immunity and Oxidation Resistance of Growing-finishing Pigs

    [Objective]The aim was to study on effects of fermented forages with highly active bacteria on immunity and oxidation resistance of fin- ishing pigs,providing references for popularization and application of the forage. [Method]About 180 duroc-landrace-yorkshire swines at the same age were chosen and two groups were set. In control group,the pigs were fed with basic forages and antibiotics,and in test group,the pigs were fed with basic forages and 8% of forages with highly active bacteria. [Result] Compared with control group,immune globulins in test group im- proved significantly and IgG differed extremely on the 28th d ( P <0. 01) ; blocking rate of antibody against swine fever enhanced by 46. 10% on the 28th d than that on the 21th d with significant differences ( P <0. 05) ; oxidation resistance in test group was significantly higher and T-AOC achieved an extreme level ( P <0. 01) . [Conclusion]Forages with highly active bacteria would promote immunity and oxidation resistance of finishing pigs, which is of great value in production.

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  • Effects of Additives of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Blood Biochemical Indices of Wenchang Chickens in Hainan

    [Objective]The aim was to study on effects of additives of traditional Chinese medicines on biochemical indices of blood of Wenchang chickens in Hainan. [Method]About 180 female Wenchang chickens were divided into five groups at random with three repetitions for every group and twelve chickens for a repetition. Group 1 was control group and the chickens were fed with basic forages; the 2nd group was control group of antibiotics and the chickens were fed with basic forages and 600 mg /kg of aureomycin; group 3,4 and 5 contained 0. 1%,0. 2% and 0. 3% of the additives respectively,besides basic forages. Chickens at average weight were chosen six from every group on 35th and 56th days,respectively, to prepare serums for biochemical indices of bloods and analyze effects of additives on the indices. [Result]Serum cholinesterase activity and albu- min content were both improved by 0. 1%,0. 2% and 0. 3% of the additives ( P <0. 05) ; activity of alkaline phosphatase was enhanced,and serum cholesterol was lowered both by 0. 2% and 0. 3% of the additives ( P <0. 05) . [Conclusion]Additives of traditional Chinese medicines have an ac- tive effect on blood biochemical indices of Wenchang chickens.

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  • Heterosis of Slaughter Performance and Meat Quality of New Zealand White Rabbit,Fujian Yellow Rabbit and Hybrid Groups

    [Objective]The aim was to evaluate heterosis of hybridization groups of New Zealand White rabbits and Fujian Yellow rabbits. [Method] Totaling 80 rabbits,including New Zealand White rabbits,Fujian Yellow rabbits,and direct-cross and reciprocal cross rabbits were measured in slaughter performance and meat quality. [Result] Live-weight,evisceration weight and semi-evisceration weight of rabbits in four groups were 1 817. 20 -2 308. 60,914. 10 -1 231. 50 and 985. 99 -1 315. 20 g,respectively. For slaughter performance,FY × NZ was the highest among male rabbits and NZ was the highest among female rabbits. In addition,shear forces of crureus and longissimusdorsi for rabbits in four groups were 25. 11 -40. 44 and 18. 02 -26. 44 N,respectively,among which male NZ was the lowest in shear force of crureus and female NZ was the lowest of longissimusdorsi. Water-loss rates of crureus and longissimusdorsi were 33. 43% -41. 52% and 31. 79% -39. 01%,among which male NZ proved the lowest in water-loss of crureus and male FY achieved the lowest level for the rate of longissimusdorsi. [Conclusion]Hybrid groups showed some heteroses in slaughter performance and meat quality.

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  • Pathomorphologic Study of Parasitic Enteritis Caused by Acute Canine Distemper

    [Objective]The aim was to survey relationship between acute canine distemper and parasitic enteritis from pathology. [Method]Twelve cases of acute canine distemper with diarrhea were researched as per immunohistochemistry,Haematoxylin Eosin,and PAS staining kit. [Result] Of the twelve diseased dogs ( with diarrhea) ,six were detected caused by coccidium and two were detected by cryptosporidium. Coccidian protozoa is mainly in epithelial cells of jejunum and ileum,and some can be found in cut-off intestinal epithelial cells and in mucus formed by destroyed intesti- nal villus. The most common shapes of coccidian protozoa are trophozoite and schizont. The former is mainly within or among epithelial cells; nucle- us is in center and stained by hematoxylin; protoplasm is in " fined mesh" shape. The latter,round or oval,contains much glycogenosome in de- generated intestinal epithelial cells. On the other hand,cryptosporidium is mainly in striated borders of intestinal epithelial cells and intestinal gland cells,leading to destruction of villus and cut-off of cells. Through detection on monoclonal antibody of nucleocapsid proteins of anti-canine distemper virus,it was found that epithelial cells in intestinal mucosa,glandular cells in recesses,lymphocytes and macrophage infittrated in lamina propria and dendritic cells in aggregated nodule were all with positive reactions. [Conclusion]Parasitic diarrhea caused by acute canine distemper occurs when resistance of intestinal mucosa caused by canine distemper virus begins to decline.

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  • Effects of Different Grazing Intensities on Vegetation Characteristics of Cultivated Pastures in Southern China

    [Objective]The paper was to study the effect of different grazing intensities on vegetation characteristics of artificial pasture by plot rota- tion grazing experiment. [Method]Grazing intensity was divided into 2 treatments of heavy grazing and light grazing,and each treatment contained 6 plots,with randomized complete block design. A blank control was set near test plot. Ninety disease-free and healthy 2-year-old Yunling Black Goats with consistent body condition were selected and divided into 2 groups: heavy grazing ( 55) and light grazing ( 35) . The goats were conduc- ted rotation grazing in 6 plots,and the average stocking rates were 12. 6 and 8 goat /hm 2 . The plant height,coverage,underground biomass and pasture plant nutrition of 2 treatments were measured,respectively. [Result]The cocksfoot height had significant difference with control under graz- ing conditions ( P <0. 05) ,while the heights of ryegrass and white clover in control plot had no significant difference with that in grazing plot ( P > 0. 05) . Grazing intensity had different effects on coverage of different plants; grazing utilization reduced the coverage of cocksfoot and ryegrass, which had little impact on coverage of white clover; viewed from the whole plant communities,the coverage in control plot was greater than that in grazing plot. The underground biomass in 0 -20 cm soil depth in grazing plot accounted for about 90%; with the increase of grazing intensity,un- derground biomass was decreased. The crude protein ( CP) and crude fat ( EE) content of forage decreased,while acid detergent fiber ( ADF) and neutral detergent fiber ( NDF) increased. [Conclusion]The research provided scientific basis for determination of suitable grazing system and sus- tainable utilization of pasture resources.

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  • Effects of Norfloxacin on the Superoxide Dismutase Activities of 2 Sturgeon Species

    [Objective]This study was to investigate the effect of different concentrations of Norfloxacin on the superoxide dismutase ( SOD) activities in the blood plasma and liver tissues of Amur sturgeon ( Acipenser schrencki Brandt) and sterlet ( Acipenser ruthenus Linnaeus) . [Method] Using pharmaco-toxicological evaluation method,Norfloxacin with the concentrations of 0,20,40,60,80 and 100 mg /kg,was orally delivered to the Amur sturgeon and sterlet for 5 d,respectively. The SOD activities in the blood plasma and liver tissues were measured after drug withdrawal for 2 d to explore the optimal dosing concentration of Norfloxacin during sturgeon culture,as well as the effect of Norfloxacin on liver injury. [Result] SOD existed in both two sturgeons but with different amounts,and the SOD activities were higher in the livers than in the blood plasma no matter in the control and all drug delivered groups. Under different drug delivery concentrations,the SOD activities first increased and then decreased in the 2 tissues of the 2 sturgeon species,and the SOD activities reached the maximum when the drug delivery concentration was 40 mg /kg. The drug de- livery concentration had little effect on the SOD activities in the blood plasma,which showed stable changes. When the drug delivery concentration was 40 mg /kg,the SOD activities in the blood plasma of Amur sturgeon were higher than that of sterlet,while for the other concentrations,the SOD activities in the plasma of sterlet showed higher performance. However,the SOD activities changed significantly through drug delivery in the liver tis- sues,and the SOD activities were higher in the sterlet than in the Amur sturgeon when the drug delivery concentrations were 0,40 and 100 mg /kg. The SOD activity in the sterlet was the highest under 40 mg /kg,presenting a sharp peak value. The optimal drug delivery concentration of Norfloxa- cin was 30 -50 mg /kg,under which the Norfloxacin presented best effect and had no injury effect on livers. [Conclusion]This study provides theo- retical basis for the reasonable application of Norfloxacin in aquaculture.

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  • The Research Development of Respiratory Metabolism for Living Beings of Fishery Resources

    [Objective]To describe the research development of respiratory metabolism for living beings of fishery resources home and abroad so as to provide reference for fishery production and management. [Method]Investigate research methods of respiratory metabolism about fish,shrimp, crab,shells and other living beings and analyze factors affecting their oxygen consumption rates and ammonia excretion rates according to research results of respiratory metabolism for living beings of fishery resources home and abroad. [Result] Respiratory metabolism is one of the important contents of bioenergetics research,an important part of energy balance research. It reflects not only the physiological status of living beings,but al- so the influence of environment condition on their physiological activities. Factors affecting respiratory metabolism are divided into biological factors and non-biological factors. By researching factors such as weight,temperature,activities,circadian rhythm,ingestion,Oxygen partial pressure and so on,we can evaluate respiratory metabolism of living beings of fishery resources. [Conclusion]Investigating from the individual physiology and e- cology to group physiology and ecology,the research provides data support for enhancement and releasing of sea ranch.

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  • Advancement of Studies on Vitellogenin of Crustaceans

    [Objective]The paper briefly summarizes the gene cloning and molecular research progress of vitellogenin in crustaceans belonging to Decapod. [Method]The molecular characteristics of identified Vg proteins in crustacean are reviewed from the aspects of protein synthesis,molec- ular structure,phylogenetic evolution,hormonal regulation of gene expression and biological functions. [Result]The similarity of structure and func- tion in homologous protein are pointed out; phylogenetic relationships among molecules are analyzed; the main characteristics of Vg interspecific protein in Decapod are summarized,and the special parts different from other species are raised. [Conclusion]The study can offer some help for the further study of Vg gene,and provides theoretical basis for ovary development mechanism of crabs.

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  • Cloning and Identification of L-meq Gene of Marek's Disease Virus

    [Objective]To clone and identify Marek's disease virus ( MDV) serum gene. [Method]MDV genomic DNA was extracted from lymphoid tissues of the diseased chickens with latent MDV infection. The MDV L-meq gene was amplified by gradient PCR,inserted into pMD18-T vector and sequenced. The sequence was analyzed using DNAman software. [Result] The obtained sequence had 100% similarity with the published se- quence of L-meq gene,showing successful amplification of target gene. [Conclusion]The paper provides new ideas and new methods for preven- tion and treatment of Marek's disease in chickens.

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  • Establishment and Application of an Indirect ELISA for Detection on Antibody of Haemophilus parasuis

    [Objective]The aim was to establish an indirect ELISA for detection on antibody of Hps. [Method] The optimal conditions of indirect ELISA were selected and determined based on heat-resistant serotype 4 and 5 of Hps; specific,repeating and sensitive tests were conducted and 200 serums were detected. [Result]The optimal conditions were as follows: coating concentration of antigen at 10 μg /ml,and coating for 2 h at 37 °C; PBST containing 20 g /L of skim milk powder as blocking fluid for 30 min; serum dilution at 1∶ 80; reaction time of antigen for 45 min; dilution of secondary antibody at 1∶ 12 000 and effecting for 30 min; color development reaction for 15 min. [Conclusion] The established indirect ELISA is good in specificity and repetitiveness with higher sensitivity than that of indirect hemagglutination test; the results of clinic samples ( negative /positive serums) were in consistent with those detected with foreign ELISA kits. The established method can be made use of in serum antibody of Hps de- tection and seroepidemiology study.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields.

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.

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