• Polymorphism of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptor Gene in Ningxia Tan Sheep

    [Objective] To study the polymorphism of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) gene in Ningxia Tan sheep and thus to provide a theoretical basis for breeding. [Method] Genotypes of 111 healthy Ningxia Tan sheep were examined by polymerase chain reaction and restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP). [Result] A 306-bp fragment was amplified. The PCR products digested with restriction enzyme Alu I showed polymorphism with three genotypes, i.e., GG, CG and CC. The genotypic frequencies of GG, CG and CC were 0.135 1 (15 individuals), 0.666 7 (74 individuals) and 0.198 2 (22 individuals), respectively. The allele frequencies of G and C were 0.468 5 and 0.531 5, respectively. [Conclusion] FSHR gene is polymorphic in Ningxia Tan Sheep.

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  • Sequencing of Intron 3 of Porcine Heart Fatty Acid-Binding Protein Gene

    [Objective] The aim of this paper is to provide the basic data for marker-assisted selection of pig breeding using porcine heart fatty acid-binding protein (H-FABP) gene. [Method] According to the related sequences of porcine H-FABP gene released in GenBank, specific primers were designed to amplify the intron 3 of porcine H-FABP gene. [Result] The intron 3 of porcine H-FABP gene was amplified successfully. Its whole sequence was 1 350 bp in length and had been submitted to GenBank (Accession no.: DQ 002993). [Conclusion] The study lays a theoretical foundation for determination of the major genes affecting intramuscular fat deposition.

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  • Effects of NS Series Composite Lactobacillus Prepa-ration on Performance,Plasma Biochemical Indexes and Immunity of Sows

    [Objective] The study was aimed to investigate the effects of NS series composite lactobacillus preparation on production performance and some immune indexes of sows. [Method] The sows were fed on the diets supplemented with the NS series composite lactobacillus preparation, and the changes of production performance, plasma biochemical indexes, levels of IgG, IgA and IgM in serum and colostrum, and T lymphocyte subpopulations were detected. [Result] When the NS series composite lactobacillus preparation was supplemented to the sow diet at a proportion of 0.2%, the average weaning litter weight at 21 days old was significantly increased. The serum contents of total protein and glucose as well as the serum activities of aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) were significantly increased after 30 d post delivery. Moreover, the levels of IgG, IgA and IgM in serum and colostrum of sows were significantly increased at the time of delivery and after 30 d post delivery. The antibodies in colostrum could be maintained at high levels. The percentage of CD3+ and CD4+ lymphocyte subpopulations was also increased after supplementation with the NS series composite lactobacillus preparation at a proportion of 0.2%. [Conclusion] The NS series composite lactobacillus preparation can improve performance, promote growth and metabolism, and enhance humoral and cellular immunity in sows.

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  • Optimization of Detection Methods for Avermectin Residue

    [Objective] To develop an efficient and practical method for detecting avermectin residue in animal-derived food. [Method] Acetonitrile was used as the extraction fluid. After the removal of moisture, trifluoroacetic anhydride and N-methyl imidazole were used for derivatization and mixed well. After complete derivatization, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with C18 column was used for accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of the detected substance using methanol aqueous solution (92∶8, V/V). [Result] The detection limit of HPLC connected with a fluorescence detector was up to 0.1 μg/L. When the standard was added to the substrate at a final concentration in the range of 0.1-20.0 μg/L, the recoveries were in the range of 80%-108% and the relative deviation was in the range of 4.1%-11.4%. [Conclusion] The developed HPLC connected with a fluorescence detector is simple, practical, highly sensitive and resistant to interference, and it thus can meet the needs for determination of biological toxin residues of avermectins in animal-derived food in laboratory.

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  • Variations of Reproductive Hormones of Female Swamp Buffalo from Guangxi Region in Off Season for Estrus

    [Objective] The aim of this paper is to find the change law of reproductive hormones of female swamp buffalo in off season for estrus and to investigate the relationship between various hormones. [Method] The concentrations of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), inhibin (INH), estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4) were determined by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in off season for estrus. The changes of follicles in the estrous cycle were examined using B-mode ultrasonography. [Result] In off season for estrus of female swamp buffalo from Guangxi region, the blood concentration of E2 and P4 varied fluctuantly. The concentration of E2 had two peaks, respectively 3 d before ovulation and after 13 d post ovulation. The concentration of P4 increased slowly from the first day after ovulation, increased rapidly from 5 to 13 d, peaked on Day 16 and decreased to the baseline 3 d before ovulation. The concentrations of FSH, LH and INH reached a peak respectively after 10 d post ovulation, 2 d before ovulation, and after 4 d post ovulation. The changes of the hormones had correlations. The concentrations of FSH, LH and INH had highly significant correlations with each other, while the concentration of INH had highly significant correlations with that of E2 or P4. The concentration of E2 also had a highly significant correlation with that of P4. [Conclusion] The study can guide the breeding of swamp buffalo from Guangxi region and also help to improve their reproduction performance.

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  • Coarse Extraction and Identification of Non-specific Transfer Factors from Goose Spleens

    [Objective] To extract non-specific transfer factors (TFs) from goose spleens and to detect the activity of the extracts. [Method] The non-specific TFs were extracted crudely from goose spleens using the dialysis method, and the effects of the extracts on immunity were studied. [Result] The extracts of goose TFs were transparent, light yellow and non-toxic. The extracts were at pH 6.72 and did not contain higher molecular weight proteins. The concentration of minor polypeptides was 23.78 μg/ml. The results of immunization test showed that the level of antibodies was higher in the geese inoculated with the inactivated vaccine against infections serositis and the extracts of TFs than in the control geese injected with normal saline. In addition, the level of antibodies was significantly higher in the geese only inoculated with inactivated vaccine than in the control geese. The results showed that the extracts of TFs from goose spleens could enhance immunity to a certain extent. [Conclusion] The study provides a theoretical basis and technical reference for further researches on the biological activity of non-specific TFs from goose spleens as well as for application of the extracts.

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  • Effect of Tea Polyphenols and Vitamin E on Antioxidant Performance in Broilers

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of tea polyphenols (TP) and vitamin E (VE) on growth performance and antioxidant performance of broilers in the routine breeding conditions. [Method] A total of 270 broilers at 1 day old were fed on the basic diets supplemented with TP and VE at different proportions. The malondialdehyde (MDA) content, total antioxidant capacity (T-AOC) as well as activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) were measured. The whole weight gain and feed conversion rate were also determined. [Result] The broilers fed on TP and VE had remarkably higher serum activities of SOD and GSH-Px, stronger T-AOC and lower MDA content than the control ones. The best effects were achieved when the supplementary dosage of TP and VE was respectively 60 and 80 mg/kg·Diet, because the experimental broilers had significantly higher antioxidant indices than the control ones (P < 0.01). Additionally, the boilers at the age of 21 or 42 days old had significantly higher body weight and lower feed conversion rate than the control ones (P < 0.01). [Conclusion] The study provides a theoretical basis for the applications of TP and VE in animal production.

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  • Law of Intestinal Development of Wanxi White Geese at 0 -9 Weeks Old

    [Objective] To explore the law of intestinal development of Wanxi white geese at 0-9 weeks old. [Method] A total of 120 Wanxi white geese at 1 day old were selected, and their law of development of intestinal weight and length was studied by feeding test and slaughter test. [Result] The growth of Wanxi white geese was slow in the early age, rapid at the age of 2-5 wk, peaked at about 5 weeks old, and then slowed. The daily weight gain was around 25 g/d at the age of 7-9 wk. Intestinal growth also peaked at 5 weeks old and almost developed fully at 7 weeks old. Thus, intestinal growth had a similar law with body weight. With the development, the ratios of the length of each intestinal segment to that of total intestinal tract did not vary largely. [Conclusion] The study provides a theoretical basis for the production and development of germplasm resources of Wanxi white geese.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus

    [Objective] The aim was to isolate and identify avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) from diseased chickens.[Method]IBVs were isolated from the diseased chickens in a chicken farm in Anhui Province with blind passage method to observe virus pathogenicity. Then animal regression test was made to replicate symptoms of bronchial congestion in SPF chickens and S1 gene segments were amplified and isolated, followed by comparison with IBV vaccine strains. [Result] Detection of Hemagglutinating activity (HA) showed that allantoic fluid had no concerning effect on erythrocyte, suggesting that NDV and AIV were not included in the isolated viruses. However, the erythrocyte could be agglutinated with allantoic fluid treated with 1% of pancreatin, which is in consistent with biological characters of IBV. After SPF chickens were inoculated with the 6th SPF allantoic fluid, bronchial congestion was replicated, proving that the isolated virus was avian IBV, named IBV XZ strain. [Conclusion] This study provides a theoretical basis for prevention of avian infectious bronchitis.

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  • Effect of Different Culture Media on the Proliferation of Avian Influenza Virus H9 Subtypes in MDCK Cells

    [Objective] To screen the best culture media for the proliferation of avian influenza virus (AIV) H9 subtypes in MDCK cells. [Method] The DMEM containing 10% (V/V) newborn calf serum, low-serum containing medium (MEM-MD-611) and serum-free medium (SFE4Mega) were used to culture the MDCK monolayer cells, which were then inoculated with different dilutions of AIV H9 subtypes, and the 3 kinds of media were also used as the maintenance solution to culture the virus. The cytopathic changes were observed at every 24 h, and the HA titers of the culture supernatants were also determined. [Result] After culturing for 72-96 h, the HA titers of the serum-free media were higher than that of low-serum culture media, while the HA titers were higher in the low-serum media than in the serum containing media. [Conclusion] The 3 kinds of media can all used for the proliferation of AIV, but the low-serum culture medium (MEM-MD-611) and serum-free medium (SFE4Mega) are preferred.

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  • Comparison on Inhibitory Effects of Fifteen Kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Neospora canium

    [Objective] The study was aimed to screen some Chinese medicines with good inhibitory effects on Neospora caninum. [Method] The crude extracts of the tested Chinese medicines were added to the Vero cells that were infected by Neospora canium. Then, cell growth was observed. The death rate and relative suppression rate of Neospora canium were determined by trypan blue staining. [Result] The extracts of Scutellaria baicalensis, Stemona japonica, Rhizoma gastrodiae, Coptis chinensis, Areca catechu and Brucea javanica had better inhibitory and killing effects on Neospora canium in vitro. [Conclusion] The study serves the treatment of neosporosis in clinic.

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  • Antibacterial Effect of Herba paederiae and Kalimeris indica (L.) Sch.-Bip Combined with Antibiotics

    [Objective] To observe the in-vitro antibacterial activity of Herba paederiae and Kalimeris indica (L.) Sch.-Bip and their antibacterial effect when being used with commonly used antibiotics. [Method] Staphylococcus aureus CMCC29178 and Escherichia coli ATCC25922 reference strains were used for the determination of minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) and fractional inhibitory concentration (FIC) index using the broth microdilution method. [Result] The aqueous extracts of Herba paederiae and Kalimeris indica (L.) Sch.-Bip had certain antibacterial effects on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Synergistic effects or additive effects at different degrees were observed when they were applied with the commonly used antibiotics. [Conclusion] Water extraction can be widely used to primarily screen medicinal plants with antibacterial activity.

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  • Immunogenicity of Rcombinant Type 1 Pilus Oil-emulsified Vaccine of Avian Escherichia coli in Chickens

    [Objective] To prepare recombinant type 1 pilus vaccine of avian Escherichia coli and to detect its immunogenicity in chickens. [Method] The type 1 pilus was respectively isolated from the recombinant bacteria CZYR10 strain and wild avian Escherichia coli YR(O18) strain and used to prepare oil-emulsified vaccine. The immunogenicity of the developed vaccine was detected in chickens using the challenge test. [Result] The recombinant type 1 pilus protein had immunoprotective efficacy. The recombinant type 1 pilus protein had weaker protective efficacy than the isolated type 1 pilus protein, but the difference was not significant. [Conclusion] The study provides a reference for immunization and control of chicken colibacillosis.

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  • Effect of Hydroponic Salix saposhnikovii on Cultivation of Procambarus clarkii

    [Objective] To provide basic research parameters for the laboratory culture of Procambarus clarkii using Salix saposhnikovii and the breeding materials for the clean environment-friendly aquaculture. [Method] The de-aerated water was used to culture the post larvae and P. clarkii juvenile. The effects of S. saposhnikovii roots on the survival rate, body length increase and body length variation coefficient of P. clarkii were investigated. The survival rate of juvenile P. clarkii in the V class wastewater at 2 ammonia nitrogen concentrations were examined. [Result] The post larvae of P. clarkii cultivated with S. saposhnikovii in the de-aerated water had significantly higher survival rate and longer body length than the control (P < 0.05), but there was no significant difference between the 2 treatments in the variation coefficient of body length. In the wastewater containing 2 mg/L ammonia nitrogen, the survival rate and ammonia nitrogen wastewater purification rate of the experimental juvenile P. clarkii were higher than the control. When the concentration of ammonia nitrogen increased to 10 mg/L, the survival rate of the experimental juvenile P. clarkii was still higher than the control, but there was no significant difference between the 2 groups in the purification rate of ammonia nitrogen. [Conclusion] S. saposhnikovii has significant effect on the survival rate and growth of juvenile P. clarkii and can purify the wastewater containing 2-10 mg/L ammonia nitrogen.

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  • Effects of Planting Date on Development and Field of Forage Maize

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of planting date on development and yield of forage maize and to determine the appropriate planting date for forage maize. [Method] Using forage maize 50 as experimental material, the development of forage maize was observed, and the yield of forage in the later grain filling period and mature stage was measured, after the maize were planted at different dates. [Result] With the delaying planting date, phenological period was delayed, and the duration of the same growing stage was shortened among different treatments. The shortest duration days of anthesis maturity period appeared in the treatment of planting in June 15, and the duration days of anthesis maturity period was increased in the treatment of planting in June 30. With the delaying planting date, the height of maize plant in the five leaf stage was increased. The highest plant in the jointing stage appeared in the treatment of planting in June 15. However, the highest plant appeared in the treatment of planting in May 30 after the jointing stage. The number of green leaves per plant was reduced with the delaying planting date in the tasseling stage, and it was increased with the delaying planting date from later grain filling period to mature stage. With the delaying planting date, the fresh matter yield, forage yield and grain yield were reduced. [Conclusion] The study provides theoretical and practical reference for high-yield cultivation of forage maize.

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  • Volatile Flavor Composition in Mutton of Ningxia Tan Sheep

    [Objective] To analyze the volatile flavor compounds in mutton of different parts of Ningxia Tan sheep. [Method] The volatile flavor compounds in mutton were identified and quantified using the solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) method combined with GC-MS analysis. [Result] The proportion of aldehydes in volatile compounds was the highest in the mutton of most parts of Ningxia Tan sheep, but no 4-methyl acid and 4-methyl nonyl acid was detected in the mutton. [Conclusion] Aldehydes may be important for the volatile flavor of mutton of Ningxia Tan sheep. The study provides a basis for better development and use of Ningxia Tan sheep.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory, applied research and high-tech, etc. A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data. The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely.

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.

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