• Strategic Conception for Sustainable Development of Massive Freshwater Fish in China

    [Objective] To propose strategic conception for sustainable development of massive freshwater fish in China. [Method] The current development status of massive freshwater fish industry in China was analyzed. On this basis, strategic conception for sustainable development of massive freshwater fish in China was proposed. [Result] In order to solve the present problems in the massive freshwater fish industry in China, basic strategies were proposed to develop the massive freshwater fish industry in China. The fishery resources should be capitalized to promote sustainable development of resources. Consumer demand of end-market should be used to drive stable development of the whole industry chain. Consumer demand should be guided to enhance the industrial market position. Processing and distribution channels should be constructed to promote sustainable development of seed and farming industries. Consumer demand at different levels should be used to promote multi-level multi-media health culture. Brand building and operating should be performed to enhance the competitive position of the industry in international and domestic markets. [Conclusion] The study has great theoretical and practical significance for promoting development of the massive freshwater fish industry in China.

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  • Effects of Non-protein Nitrogen Supplement on Growth Performance of Graze Cattle

    [Objective] The experiment was conducted to investigate the growth performance of graze cattle fed on non-protein nitrogen(NPN) supplement.[Method] The experiment was conducted in late spring and early summer before grazing.Thirty Chinese Simmental-Taihang taxa bulls at the age of 9-10 months weighing 150-170 kg were divided into the control group,experimental group 1 and experimental group 2,10 in each group.Each cattle in the experimental group 1 fed on the basal diet supplemented 1.0 kg cornmeal every day.Each cattle in the experimental group 2 fed on the basal diet supplemented 1.0 kg cornmeal and 0.25 kg NPN supplement every day.Those in the control group were fed on the basal diet.The experiment was performed for 100 d.[Result] The average daily gain of the experimental group 1 was 217 g larger than that of the control group,while the average daily gain of the experimental group 2 was 429 g larger than that of the control group.The differences in the average daily gain were significant between the three groups.[Conclusion] The growth performance of cattle grazed in northern slopes was obviously improved by supplementing a small amount of concentrate in feed.The improvement was more remarkable if a small amount of NPN supplement was also added in feed.

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  • Isolation and Identification of High-Quality Lactic Acid Bacteria from Wheat Haulm


    [Objective] The aim of this study was to isolate and identify lactic acid bacteria(LAB) from wheat haulm and to select efficient strains for silage fermentation.[Method] From 78 LAB strains isolated on the MRS solid medium containing calcium carbonate,we selected 43 strains having better acid-production ability through morphological observation,Gram staining,physiological and biochemical tests,acid production test,acid tolerance test and salt tolerance test.These strains were finally identified by sequencing 16 S rDNA.[Result] Of the 43 LAB strains having better acid-production ability,37 belonged to Lactobacillus paracasei subsp.,one belonged to Lactobacillus rhamnosus and five belonged to Enterococcus faecium,as shown by the sequences of 16 S rDNA.[Conclusion] A total of 43 LAB strains having better acid-production ability were selected,which may be developed as high-quality silage additives.

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  • Effects of Plant Oil Mixture on Production Performance,Carcass and Beef Quality in Beef Cattle

    [Objective] To study the effects of plant oil mixture on production performance,carcass and beef quality in beef cattle.[Method] Single-factor randomized blocks design was used.Sixteen healthy Yanbian yellow bulls having close body weight were selected and randomly divided into four groups,four cattle per group.Bean oil,safflower oil and sunflower oil were mixed respectively at a volume ratio of 11:5:4.The oil blend was added to the daily diets of beef cattle respectively at a proportion of 4%,5% and 6%.The effects of the plant oil mixture on production performance,carcass and beef quality were investigated.[Result] Compared with the control cattle,the experimental cattle had significantly lower feed intake(P < 0.05),non-significantly higher efficiency of feed utilization,and significantly lower digestibility of crude fiber and calcium(P < 0.05).With the increasing level of plant oil,the digestibility of dry matter showed a decreasing trend.The digestibility of dry matter was significantly lower in the cattle fed on the plant oil mixture at a level of 6% than in the control(P < 0.05).The plant oil mixture had no effect on the digestibility of crude protein,ether extract,crude ash,nitrogen-free extract and phosphorus.With the increasing level of plant oil,the serum content of high-density lipoprotein showed an increasing trend.The serum content of high-density lipoprotein was significantly higher in the cattle fed on the plant oil mixture at a level of 6% than in the control(P < 0.05).With the increasing level of plant oil,the content of total cholesterol showed an increasing trend,whereas the content of low-density lipoprotein showed a decreasing trend.Moreover,other indicators did not change significantly.The experimental cattle had larger eye muscle area and better beef quality than the control group.The content of crude protein and ether extract in beef increased with the increasing level of plant oil.[Conclusion] The plant oil mixture added to the daily feed decreases intake and digestibility of crude fiber and calcium but has no remarkable effect on production performance of beef cattle.The addition also increases eye muscle area and improves beef quality,thereby improving quality of carcass and beef.The proportion of the plant oil mixture should be added at a proportion lower than 5%.

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  • Formula Screening of Low-Cost Lactobacillus Suspension and Its Fermentation Effects

    [Objective] The research aimed to study the low-cost medium instead of MRS to produce lactobacillus suspension and to provide a theoretical basis for the large-scale production of stalk fermented by lactobacillus.[Method] Different concentrations of glucose and sodium chloride were added into the cooking liquor of maize flour,and lactobacillus was inoculated to ferment the stalk.The changes of pH were measured and compared with MRS medium.The optimum low-cost medium for producing lactobacillus and fermenting stalk was selected to ferment stalk.And the feeding experiment of cattle was made with fermented stalk and unfermented stalk to study the consumption quantity of different kinds of feeds.[Result] The changes of pH in cornmeal and MRS media had the same tendency,but the decrease of pH in cornmeal medium was faster.The consumed quantity of fermented stalk feed was larger than that of unfermented feeds.[Conclusion] Cornmeal medium can be used instead of MRS to produce lactobacillus and the production cost decreased more than 80%.

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  • Ultraviolet Mutagenesis of Bacillus licheniformis LCB-8 and Screening of High-Yielding Strain

    [Objective] To enhance amylase,protease and cellulase activities of Bacillus licheniformis LCB-8 by ultraviolet mutagenesis.[Method] Ultraviolet light was used to mutate this strain.The activities of amylase,protease and cellulase were determined to get high-yielding strains.[Result] The best time for ultraviolet mutation was 30 s,and the mortality rate reached 72.4%.After primary screening and rescreening,two better strains were obtained.After mutagenesis,the activities of amylase,protease and cellulase of DY-97 strain were enhanced by 150%,78% and 17% respectively.After mutagenesis,the activities of cellulase,amylase and protease of DY-34 strain were enhanced by 31%,46% and 64% respectively.[Conclusion] The DY-97 strain is suitable for fermentation of feed rich in protein and amylum,whereas the DY-34 strain is suitable for fermentation of feed rich in cellulose.

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  • Serologic Investigation of Brucella Infection in Sheep in Hulunbiur

    [Objective] To investigate the occurrence and prevalence of Brucella infection in Hulunbiur region.[Method] A total of 906 serum samples were collected from sheep in Hulunbiur region and detected by the Rose Bengal plate agglutination test to determine the positive rate of Brucella antibodies.[Result] The positive rates of Brucella antibodies in lambs,ewes and mutton sheep were 5.28%,5.68% and 4.22%,respectively.The total positive rate of Brucella antibodies was 4.86% in sheep.[Conclusion] The positive rate of Brucella antibodies was high in sheep in Hulunbiur region.

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  • Detection of Hepatitis E Virus and Serum Antibodies against Hepatitis E Virus in Livestock in Heilongjiang Province

    [Objective] To observe the distribution of hepatitis E virus(HEV) in livestock in Heilongjiang Province.[Method] The serum samples collected from two regions of Heilongjiang Province included 719 samples from pigs older than 3 months old,840 samples from pigs younger than 3 months old,505 bovine serum samples and 515 ovine serum samples.The samples were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA).[Result] The pigs had the highest level of antibodies against HEV,and the positive rate of HEV was 89.71%,indicating pigs were more likely to be infected by HEV than other livestock populations.HEV was detected in 59 porcine serum samples,three bovine serum samples and one ovine serum sample collected from Heilongjiang Province.The positive rate of HEV in pigs was higher in Heilongjiang Province than in Jinlin Province and Liaoning Province.[Conclusion] HEV infection was wide in pigs in Heilongjiang Province,and the infection rate was higher in the old pigs than in the young pigs.

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  • Effects of Trypsin on Proliferation of Avian Influenza Virus H9N2 Subtype in MDCK Cells

    [Objective] The study aims to determine the optimal concentration of trypsin for the proliferation of avian influenza virus(AIV) H9N2 subtype in Madin-Darby canine kidney(MDCK) cells.[Method] Three AIV H9 subtype isolates were inoculated on MDCK cells respectively.Then,DMEM containing different concentrations of trypsin as maintenance media were added to MDCK monolayer cells.The cytopathic effect(CPE) was observed once every 24 h,and the HA titer of the supernatant was measured by HA assay.[Result] When the trypsin concentration was 10-20 μg/ml in DMEM,the HA titer of virus culture reached 7 log2(1:128).Almost all cells were cytopathic after 96 h post inoculation with 1:1 000 or 1:10 000 dilution of AIV culture,and the virus titer reached a peak after 72-96 h.[Conclusion] The optimal concentration of trypsin is 10-20 μg/ml for proliferation of AIV H9N2 subtype in MDCK cells.

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  • Development of PPA-ELISA for Detecting Antibodies against Porcine Pseudorabies Virus Using Truncated Recombinant Glycoprotein gD Expressed in E.coli

    The purpose of this study was to develop a method for detecting antibodies against porcine pseudorabies virus(PRV).According to the published genomic sequence of PRV SA strain,an approximately 1 070-bp gD gene fragment was amplified by PCR.The PCR products were cloned into the prokaryotic expression vector pET30a and the positive recombinant plasmid was transformed into E.coli BL21.Through induction with IPTG,the recombinant gD protein was expressed as inclusion bodies.As analyzed by western blot assay,the purified recombinant gD protein had good antigenicity and high specificity.Using the purified gD protein as coating antigen and horseradish peroxidase labeled staphylococcal protein A(PPA) as secondary antibody,we developed a PPA-ELISA for detecting antibodies against porcine PPV.No cross-reaction with the positive sera against seven common pathogens in pigs including classical swine fever virus,porcine parvovirus,porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome,Japanese encephalitis virus,porcine circovirus type 2,porcine epidemic diarrhea virus,transmissible gastroenteritis virus was observed.The repeatability test showed that the intra-and inter-assay coefficients of variation were lower than 5% and 10%,respectively.Compared with the ELISA gD antibody test kit produced by IDEXX,the coincidence,sensitivity and specificity of the developed PPA-ELISA were 92.0%,95.1% and 88.1%,respectively.The developed PPA-ELISA had good repeatability,sensitivity and specificity and was a rapid and simple serological method for surveillance of PRV antibodies in pig herds as well as for rapid diagnosis and epidemiological investigation of PRV infection.

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  • Application of Bayesian Network in Tylosin Fermentation

    [Objective] To provide a reference for dynamic regulation of the fermentation process.[Method] Using conditions for tylosin fermentation as feature vectors,final yield during the fermentation process was predicted using the Bayesian method.[Result] The Bayesian network which learned data of tylosin fermentation could better guide conditions of the fermentation process,and better prediction results were achieved.The yield of fermentation products could be effectively predicted using the obtained Bayesian network and could well guide the fermentation process.[Conclusion] Bayesian network has good predictive performance for microbial fermentation and has good practical yield and application prospects.

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  • Automation Forage Burdening System Based on PLC

    According to the demands for rapid and accurate burdening system,an automation forage burdening system was designed using a programmable logic controller(PLC) as the main controller.The communication between PLC and force control was achieved by 485 bus.This system have many functions such as recipe setup,burdening control,feed mixture,report printing,and remote alarm.The remote surveillance and control of burdening system were realized.The practice shows that the system had high precision and short cycle,and great control effect was obtained.

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  • Improvement of Production Performance of Wool by Coat Treatment in Fine-Wool Sheep

    [Objective] To explore the effects of coats on production and quality of wool fibers in fine-wool sheep.[Method] The coats made of polypropylene were put on fine-wool sheep after shearing and taken off next year.The effects of coats on structure,production and quality of wool fibers,wool sweat secretion,percentage of clean wools,impurities and wool textile process in fine-wool sheep were observed.[Result] After the sheep were dressed one year later,the average fiber length was increased by 0.33 cm(P < 0.05);the percentage of clean wools was increased by 12.44%(P < 0.01);the yield of clean wools were increased by 0.44 kg(P < 0.01);the wool grease content was increased by 6.44%(P < 0.01);the length of polluted staple was decreased by 3.10 cm(P < 0.01);and the impurity content was decreased by 21.25%(P < 0.01).[Conclusion] Coats remarkably improve quality of wool fibers and production performance in fine-wool sheep.

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  • Seed Germination and Callus Induction in Leymus chinensis of Different Seed Colors

    [Objective] To explore the effects of different seed colors on seed germination and callus induction of Leymus chinensis.[Method] According to the color of mature seeds of Leymus chinensis,they were divided three color types,namely,pale yellow,yellow and black.Their seed germination and callus induction were observed.[Result] The pale yellow Leymus chinensis seeds had higher germination rate(32.5%) and rate of callus induction(28.5%).Based on the results of the TTC method and electrical conductivity,the seed viability was decreased with the deepening seed color.[Conclusion] The study laid the foundation for establishing highly efficient plant regeneration system of Leymus chinensis.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory,

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