• Macroanatomy of Basal Nuclei in Bactrian Camel (Camelus bactrianus)

    The purpose of this study was to describe the basal nuclei of brain in Bactrian camel.Seven coronal slices of brain were uniformly taken between callosal genu and splenium,and six uniform sagittal slices of left cerebral hemisphere of brain were examined.The results demonstrated that the basal nuclei of the brain include the caudate nucleus,putamen,putamen and pallidum,internal capsule and external capsule,claustrum and amygdaloid body.The study provides an elementary finding on the gross anatomy for further research on the comparative neuroanatomy,neurophysiology and the related behavior study of the camel.

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  • Factors Affecting Quality and Granulating Property of Pellet Feed

    In order to ensure quality of pellet feed and improve production performance of animals,factors affecting the quality and granulating property of pellet feed were analyzed from the aspects of raw materials,process and equipments.The effects of these factors on production of pellet feed decline in the following order:composition and proportion of raw materials;material fineness;refining temperature and other refining factors;equipments like ring die and press roller;and cooling and drying conditions.

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  • Isolation and Identification of High-Quality Lactic Acid Bacteria in Forage Corn


    [Objective] To screen suitable lactic acid bacterium strains from forage corn which can be used as silage additives.[Method] The lactic acid bacterium strains were isolated by inoculation on MRS solid medium containing calcium carbonate,and they were preliminarily identified through morphological,physiological and biochemical experiments.The acid production efficiency was determined.Twelve strains having strong acid-production ability were selected,and their salt tolerance and acid tolerance were detected.The sequences of their 16 S rDNA were also analyzed.[Result] A total of 44 lactic acid bacterium strains were isolated from the forage corn.As evidenced by the physiological and biochemical experiments,the twelve strains having strong acid-production ability belonged to Leuconostoc,Lactobacillus and Enterococcus,respectively,and they had strong salt tolerance and acid tolerance.According to the sequences of 16 S rDNA,A4,B9,B11,B12 and B14 were Lactobacillus plantarum;A1,A2,A7,A11 and B8 were Leuconostoc mesenteroides dextran subspecies;and A8 and A9 were Enterococcus hirae.[Conclusion] The lactic acid bacterium strains with strong acid-production ability isolated from forage corn can be developed into silage additives.

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  • Effects of Cordyceps Feed Additive on Production Performance and Egg Quality in Laying Ducks

    [Objective] To investigate effects of Cordyceps feed additive on growth performance,laying rate and egg quality in laying ducks.[Method] A total of 270 healthy laying ducks were randomly divided into three groups,90 ducks in each group.The ducks in the control group,group I and group II were fed common basal diet,basal diet containing 10 g/kg Cordyceps feed additive and basal diet containing 40 g/kg Cordyceps feed additive,respectively.The trial lasted for 28 d.During the whole trial,the ducks were weighed and their growth was observed at an interval of 7 d.The exterior quality and the nutritive indexes of duck eggs were determined.[Result] After experiments,the body weights of ducks in the group I and group II were increased and higher than that of the control group.In the group I and group II,the laying rate was increased by 1.07% and 2.15%,respectively;the egg weight was increased by 3.95% and 4.16%,respectively;and the feed to egg ratio was decreased by 2.54% and 4.23%,respectively.The egg shape and eggshell thickness were consistent between the control group and experimental groups.In the group I and group II,the protein content of the duck eggs was increased by 5.55% and 17.15%,respectively;the cholesterol content was decreased by 11.79% and 42.14%,respectively;the IgY level was increased by 13.20% and 27.97%,respectively;and the lecithin content was increased by 5.13% and 11.69%,respectively.[Conclusion] The Cordyceps feed additive can increase the body weight and laying rate of laying ducks and improve the quality of duck eggs.

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  • Medium Term Survival of Bovine Caudal Epididymal Sperm under Conditions Based on Epididymal Fluid Characteristics

    Graham W KAY;

    Fresh semen has a very limited life span after it leaves the gonad.The relative research shows that the epididymal plasma provides a special environment to spermatozoa for survival.In this study,the osmolarity and protein concentration of caput and caudal bull epididymis were analyzed.Bovine caudal epididymal sperm were incubated in different protein and sorbitol combinations of CEP-2 diluents at 4 °C for 120 h and sperm viability was assessed.Under this condition,sperm viability was greater than 60% after 5 d.The osmolarity of caput and caudal epididymis were(287.0±13.7) and(310.8±17.0) mOsm,respectively.The protein concentration of caput and caudal epididymis were(37.43±12.55) and(50.58±11.08) mg/mg,respectively.This may have an application in the animal production industry.

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  • Effects of Bovine Follicular Microenvironment on Granulosa Cells,Oocytes,and Early Embryonic Development

    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of bovine follicular microenvironment on the quality of granulosa cells and oocytes as well as subsequent embryonic development after in vitro fertilization.[Method] The oocytes and granulosa cells were collected from follicles of different diameters.Hoechst33342 staining was used to observe nuclear morphology of oocytes.Annexin-V-FITC/PI staining and flow cytometry were used to detect apoptosis of granulosa cells.After the oosperm were cultured in vitro,fertilization rate and blastocyst rate of oosperm were determined.[Result] The granulosa cells in the large follicles with diameter > 10 mm or small follicles with diameter of 0-3 mm had significantly higher apoptosis rate than those in the follicles with diameter of 3-7 or 7-10 mm(P < 0.05) .Many oocytes in the follicles with diameter > 10 mm or with diameter of 0-3 mm showed chromatin condensation,nuclear fragmentation and pyknosis.The maturation rate of oocytes with diameter of 3-7 or 7-10 mm was significantly higher than that in the large or small follicles(P < 0.05) .The cleavage rate and blastocyst rate of oocytes were not significantly different between the follicles with different diameters.[Conclusion] The follicular microenvironment is a crucial aspect affecting in-vitro embryo production.In the follicles with diameter of 3-10 mm,the quality of granulosa cells as well as the in-vitro maturation rate of oocytes was higher.And the diameter of follicles does not affect oocytes fertilization and early embryonic development of oosperm.

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  • Identification of A Field Strain of Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Isolated from Jiangsu Province

    [Objective] To isolate and identify infectious laryngotracheitis virus(ILTV) from chickens.[Method] Larynx,trachea,liver and other organs were collected from infectious laryngotracheitis(ILT)-suspected layers.And ILTV TK gene was amplified from these specimens by PCR for initial diagnosis.Virus fluid was isolated and inoculated into SPF chicken embryos via allantoic cavity and chorioallantoic membrane(CAM) ,respectively.Hyaluronic acid in allantoic fluid was detected,and CAM lesions were observed.The definite diagnosis was performed through animal regression test.[Result] A 1.3 kbp fragment was amplified from larynx and its secretion of the ILT-suspected chickens.And its amino acid sequence had 98.5% homology to that of ILTV TK gene published in GenBank.After the chicken embryos were inoculated with the isolated ILTV fluid,pox spots,giant polynuclear syncytial cells having intranuclear inclusion bodies were observed in CAM.After being challenged by the ILTV fluid,the chickens showed typical respiratory symptoms and pathological changes of ILT.[Conclusion] A field strain named ILTV XZ09 was isolated from larynx and its secretion of ILT-suspected chickens.

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  • Isolation and Purification of Myxobacteria in Chengdu

    [Objective] To lay the basis for further studying bioactive substances in myxobacteria.[Method] A total of 35 samples including fresh water,mud,rabbit dung,sheep dung,weathered rock and rotten wood were collected from districts and counties of Chengdu.After pretreatment,the myxobacteria were isolated and purified using different methods.Vegetative cells,myxospores,fruiting body and colony morphology of these myxobacteria strains were observed.[Result] Forty-two myxobacteria strains were isolated and purified.They were classified into seven genera including Myxococcus,Angiococcus,Chondromyces,Sorangium,Melittangium,Stigmatella and Archangium.The plating efficiency of myxobacteria was highest in the fresh water samples.[Conclusion] Abundant myxobacteria resource is found in fresh water.

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  • Early Pregnancy Diagnosis by Serum Acid Titration in Three Sheep Breeds


    [Objective] Earlier identification of pregnant and non-pregnant animals post mating can greatly improve reproductive efficiency and pregnancy rate and decrease the interval between services.The experiment was conducted to develop a rapid and simple early pregnancy diagnostic method in sheep.[Method] The early pregnancy diagnosis was conducted with serum acid titration in 1 317 female sheep(Duolang sheep,Cele sheep and Karakul sheep) after 16-30 d post artificial insemination.[Result] After the serum acid titration,1 128 pregnant ewes and 189 non-pregnant ewes were detected in the three sheep breeds.Compared with the actual pregnancy detection,the coincidence rate of pregnancy was 89.88%(1 013/1 128);the coincidence rate of non-pregnancy was 96.83%(183/189);and the total coincidence rate was 90.81%(1 196/1 317) .Chi-square test analysis showed that no significant difference(P < 0.05) was found between the three sheep breeds or between any two breeds.[Conclusion] This serum acid titration is a simple,convenient and highly accurate method for early pregnancy diagnosis in sheep,which shows highly practical and popularizing value.

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  • Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of Canine IL-2 Gene

    [Objective] To clone and express canine IL-2 gene and thus to provide theoretical support for the development of novel immune enhancers and genetic engineering vaccines.[Method] Leukocytes separated from canine whole blood were stimulated by concanavalin for 20 h,and then total RNA was extracted.According to the sequence of canine IL-2 gene published in the GenBank,a pair of primers was designed.After PCR amplification,the target fragment was cloned into prokaryotic expression vector pET-28a.The recombinants were transformed into the host bacteria BL21.After IPTG induction,the expression products were analyzed by SDS-PAGE.[Result] A 500 bp band with the expected size appeared in the RT-PCR products.After the pMD18-T-IL2 was identified by double digestion,an approximately 500 bp fragment was produced,which indicated successful cloning of the gene.After the pET-28a-IL2 was identified by restriction enzyme digestion and PCR,a 500 bp fragment was produced,which indicated successful construction of the expression vector.As revealed by the SDS-PAGE analysis,a protein band with molecular weight of about 20 kDa appeared.[Conclusion] The canine IL-2 gene was cloned and expressed.

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  • Preparation and Identification of Monoclonal Antibodies against Salbutamol

    [Objective] To prepare specific monoclonal antibodies against salbutamol(SAL) and thus to provide the basis for the immunological detection.[Method] Balb/c mice were immunized with SAL-BSA.Hybridoma strains(SAL mAb) secreting monoclonal antibody against SAL were established through cell fusion.Ascites of SAL mAb were prepared in vivo and the immunological characteristics were observed.[Result] Two hybridoma strains,SAL-2D9 and SAL-1C4,were established,and the indirect ELISA titers of the cell supernatant and ascites were 1∶1×104 and 1∶1×106,respectively.Their isotype was IgG1.The median inhibitory concentration(IC50) of the SAL mAb against SAL was 1.14 ng/ml.It had cross-reactivity of 100% against SAL and 26.09% against clenobuterol hydrochloride,and no cross-reaction was found between the SAL mAb and other SAL analogues.[Conclusion] The high-titer,sensitive and specific anti-SAL monoclonal antibodies have been produced,which makes it possible to develop immunoassay for detection of SAL residues.

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  • Pollution Control Programs of Large-Scale Livestock and Poultry Farms in the Dianchi Lake Basin

    With the enlarging scale and intensifying production of livestock and poultry breeding,the environment pollution becomes increasingly prominent in the Dianchi Lake Basin since 1990s.According to the survey of "The First National Census of Pollution Sources",occurrence and discharge of pollutants in large-scale livestock and poultry farms in this region were first understood.The pollution characteristics of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding were also analyzed deeply.On this basis,the significance of pollution control programs for environment protection was investigated from aspects of pollution control policy,technology management and publicity.

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  • Effects of Synergy between Earthworms and Effective Microorganisms on Vermicomposting of Pig Manure

    [Objective] To explore the effects of synergy between earthworms(Eisenia foetida) and effective microorganisms(EM) on vermicomposting of pig manure and to provide a new idea for rational and effective utilization and treatment of animal manure.[Method] Four treatments were used to compost pig manure,namely,EM-inoculated manure,earthworms-inoculated manure,EM and earthworms-inoculated manure and control(CK) manure.The experiment lasted for 60 d.On Day 0,15,30,45 and 60,the pig manure was collected,and the content of total organic carbon(TOC) ,total Kjeldahl nitrogen(TKN) ,ammonium nitrogen,nitrate nitrogen and water soluble carbon(WSC) was determined,respectively.[Result] Compared with the control,the EM and earthworms-inoculated manure had a decrease of 42.8% in the TOC content,an increase of 13.6% in the TKN content,a decrease of 49.5% in the carbon nitrogen ratio,the conversion rate of ammonium nitrogen of 98.1%,a 96 times increase in nitrate nitrogen,the ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen of 61,and a decrease of 58.9% in the WSC content.[Conclusion] The synergy between earthworms and EM can accelerate maturation of pig manure and improve mineralization and stability of products.

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  • Effects of Mixed Fertilizer Applications on Hay Yield of Alfalfa

    [Objective] To study the effects of combined application of different elements on alfalfa hay yield.[Method] Potassium sulfate,ammonium chloride,superphosphate and magnesium oxide were applied to alfalfa field in the experiment,and quaternary quadratic regression orthogonal combination was used to examine the effects of the experiment factors on hay yield of alfalfa.[Result] The order of targets based on the effects on hay yield is as follows:potassium sulfate > ammonium chloride > magnesium oxide > superphosphate.Among them,the potassium sulfate had a significant impact on alfalfa hay yield.The interaction between potassium sulfate and magnesium oxide also had a significant impact on alfalfa hay yield.[Conclusion] The optimal cultivation measures for alfalfa hay yield of more than 19 224.6 kg/hm2 are as follows:potassium sulfate,163.253-181.679 kg/hm2;ammonium chloride,155.877-174.258 kg/hm2;superphosphate,566.177-632.924 kg/hm2;and magnesium oxide,30.060-33.628 kg/hm2.

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  • Effects of Proportion of Dry Matter in Different Organs on Neutral Detergent Fiber Content in Silage Corn

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of proportion of dry matter of different organs in whole-plant dry matter on neutral detergent fiber(NDF) content in silage corn.[Method] A total of 36 crosses were developed from nine inbred lines,according to complete diallel crossing design.The NDF contents and proportion of dry matter in different organs were statistically analyzed.[Result] The NDF contents were significantly different between different organs of silage corn,and the proportion of dry matter and NDF content had significant correlation in different organs.The whole-plant NDF content was positively correlated with the proportion of dry matter in straw,stem and leaf as well as bract and spike-stalk,but it was negatively correlated with the proportion of dry matter in ear.[Conclusion] To reduce NDF content in straw and to increase grain yield are efficient ways to improve quality of silage corn.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields. These artcles can refer to basic theory,

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote

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