• Comparison of Muscle Fiber Growth from F1Generations of Large Yorkshire Pig andErhualian Pig by Reciprocal Cross

    [Objective] To compare the muscle fiber growth between F1 generations of large Yorkshire pig and Erhualian pig by reciprocal cross, and provide a theoretical basis for the integrated breeding of meat quality traits and growth performances by rational utilization of hybrid combination. [Method] The hybrid pigs of large Yorkshire pig and Erhualian pig were fed and managed in the same conditions. The reciprocal combinations were Erhualian pig ♀× Yorkshire pig ♂ and Yorkshire pig ♀× Erhualian pig ♂, respectively. At the age of 20, 70, 120 and 180 d, the longissimus dorsi muscle and thigh muscle were collected and made into frozen sections for hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining, and then the muscle fiber area was determined. [Result] The muscle fiber was thickened gradually with increasing age; and the absolute growth curve of muscle fiber area was presented as "S" shape. The diameter, perimeter and area of longissimus dorsi muscle and thigh muscle fibers in the reciprocal combination of Yorkshire pig ♀× Erhualian pig ♂ were higher than those in the reciprocal combination of Erhualian pig ♀× Yorkshire pig ♂(P < 0.01). The thigh muscle grew faster than longissimus dorsi muscle at the age of 20-120 d; but at the age of 120-180 d, the growth rate of longissimus dorsi muscle was higher than that of thigh muscle; and at the age of 180 d, the muscle fiber area had no significant difference between the longissimus dorsi muscle and the thigh muscle. The muscle fiber area had extremely significant difference between the reciprocal combinations at the age of 20 d; but no significant difference was found at the age of 180 d. [Conclusion] The reciprocal combinations can affect the muscle fiber growth of hybrid pigs of Yorkshire pig and Erhualian pig, but the affect degree reduces with the increasing age.

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  • ASP-Based Programs of Best Linear Unbiased Prediction-Estimated Breeding Values in Breeding Stock

    In order to improve the breeding effect of livestock, the data were read from an Excel file with Active Server Page (ASP) programs, and the breeding values of breeding stock were calculated by best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) method.

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  • Optimal Supplement Dosage of Double-Low Rapeseed Meal in Concentrated Feed of Fattening Lambs

    [Objective] To determine the optimal supplement dosage of double-low rapeseed meal in concentrated feed of fattening lambs. [Method] A total of 120 Tibetan lambs at the age of 50 d were selected and divided randomly into four groups. The lambs in these four groups were fed with diets respectively supplemented the double-low rapeseed meal of 50, 100, 150 and 200 g/kg. Their diets had the same nutritional levels of energy and protein. The experimental period was 120 d. [Result] Daily gain, feed conservation ratio and economic benefits were largely increased in the lambs fed with the diets supplemented the double-low rapeseed meal of 150 g/kg (Daily gain, P < 0.01). However, the daily gain and feed conservation ratio were largely decreased in the lambs fed with the diets supplemented the double-low rapeseed meal of 200 g/kg. Moreover, serum levels of transaminase and thyroxine were not significantly different between the four groups. [Conclusion] The optimal supplement dosage of the double-low rapeseed meal is 150 g/kg in fattening lambs.

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  • Effects of Different Culture Systems on In Vitro Fertilization of Oocyte in Bovine

    [Objective] To investigate the optimal culture system for in vitro fertilization (IVF) of oocyte in bovine. [Method] The IVF of mature bovine oocytes was conducted and the fertilized eggs were cultured in vitro with different culture systems. In the traditional culture system, the TALP medium and BO medium were used as fertilization medium, respectively; and M-199 medium supplemented with 5% FCS was used as fertilized egg culture medium. In the transitional culture system, the TALP medium and BO medium were used as fertilization medium; 60% TALP and 40% M-199 supplemented with 5% FCS and 60% BO and 40% M-199 supplemented with 5% FCS were used as fertilized egg culture medium, respectively. The effects of different culture systems on fertilization rate and cleavage rate were observed. [Result] In the transitional culture system (with TALP medium as fertilization medium and with 60% TALP and 40% M-199 supplemented with 5% FCS as fertilized egg culture medium), the fertilization rate and cleavage rate were increased to 77.8% and 55.6%, respectively. [Conclusion] The transitional culture system (with TALP medium as fertilization medium and with 60% TALP and 40% M-199 supplemented with 5% FCS as fertilized egg culture medium) is the optimal culture system for IVF of bovine oocyte.

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  • Cloning and Expression of Ovarian-Specific Promoter in Rats

    [Objective] To clone ovarian-specific promoter-1 (OSP-1) fragment in rats and detect the tissue-specific expression of OSP-1 at cell level. [Method] According to the known OSP-1 sequence in rats, the specific primers were designed. The OSP-1 fragment was amplified by PCR and compared with published OSP-1 sequence. After eukaryotic expression vector pOSP-1-EGFP-N1 was constructed by cloning OSP-1 promoter into the pEGFP-N1 vector without CMV, the recombinant plasmid was transfected into buffalo granulocytes, mammary epithelial cells and fetal fibroblast cells under mediation of liposome LipofectamineTM 2000. The green fluxorescent protein (GFP) expression was observed with the fluorescence microscope after transfection for 12, 24 and 48 h. [Result] The amplified OSP-1 fragment was 480 bp, and the homology to published rat OSP-1 sequence was 96%. The sequence analysis showed that this fragment contained a core promoter cis-element similar with TATA box and CAAT box, and multiple C/EBP beta transcription factor binding sites. The EGFP-expressing positive granulocytes were firstly observed at 12 h after transfection and they were increased. All the EGFP-expressing and non-expressing cells from granulocytes were large and round. After transfection for 48 h, the EGFP-expressing positive granulocytes were decreased. The EGFP was not expressed in buffalo mammary epithelial cell and fetal fibroblast cell. [Conclusion] EGFP expression controlled by OSP-1 promoter can be found in buffao granulocytes.

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  • Sequence Analyses on N Gene of Rabies Viruses Isolated from Guangdong Province

    [Objective] To find the dominant rabies virus strains that are epidemic in Guangdong Province and thus to better prevent and control rabies. [Method] Canine brains and salivary glands collected from several regions of Guangdong Province were detected by direct immunofluorescence assay and nested RT-PCR. The isolates were further identified by intracranial inoculation in suckling mice. The N gene was amplified by RT-PCR and the sequences were aligned with those of prevalent strains in Guangxi region and vaccine strains. [Result] Two strains were isolated from specimens collected from Guangdong Province. Their N gene sequences had a high similarity of 97.9%-99.4% to those of Guangxi strains and also had a similarity of 87.7%-88.1% to those of vaccine strains of rabies virus. [Conclusion] Apparently healthy dogs may carry rabies virus, and the prevalence of rabies virus shows obvious regional differences.

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  • Acute Toxicity and Bactericidal Property of Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulfate in Japanese Eel

    [Objective] To understand the toxicity and sterilization effects of the tetrakis hydroxmethyl phosphonium sulfate (THPS) as a novel quaternary phosphonium biocide. [Method] Under hydrostatic conditions, the acute toxicity and bactericidal property of THPS on the Fiexibacter coiumnaris (F. columnaris) were observed in Japanese eel. The semi-lethal concentration (LC50), safe concentration (Sc), minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) and the sterilization rate of THPS were calculated, respectively. [Result] The LC50 of THPS at 24, 48 and 96 h were 11.9, 9.9 and 9.1 mg/L, respectively. The Sc of THPS at 24 h was 2.1 mg/L; the MIC and MBC of THPS to the F. columnaris were 0.36 and 0.72 mg/L; and the sterilization rate was 100% at a concentration of 0.7 mg/L at 12 h. The sterilization rate of THPS had no great change with pH values varying from 5.5 to 9.5. [Conclusion] The THPS is a novel, safe and effective biocide for prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases of Japanese eel.

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  • Development of Real-Time Fluorescent PCR for Rapid Detection of Haempohlius parasuis

    [Objective] To develop a real-time fluorescent PCR assay for rapid detection of Haempohlius parasuis (HPS). [Method] According to the conservative sequences of 16 S rRNA genes of HPS published in GenBank, a pair of specific primers was designed. The real-time fluorescent PCR was developed by optimizing primer concentration and annealing temperature. And its specificity and reproducibility were evaluated. Ten HPS-suspected samples were detected by the developed method. [Result] The lowest detection limit of the developed real-time fluorescent PCR was 50 copies/μl. This method had good reproducibility, and its coefficient of variation was lower than 2%. Only HPS rather than Streptococcus suis type 2, Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli DH5 alpha, and swine Salmonella typhi could be detected by the developed real-time fluorescent PCR. The HPS-positive samples detected by this method were also positive when they were detected by isolation of bacteria or conventional PCR. [Conclusion] The developed real-time fluorescent PCR is rapid, sensitive, specific and highly reproducible; thus, it can be used for rapid detection of HPS.

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  • Preparation and Identification of Monoclonal Antibodies against Chicken Immunoglobulin G

    [Objective] To prepare monoclonal antibodies against chicken immunoglobulin G (IgG) and improve the diagnostic level of specific antibodies in chickens. [Method] Chicken IgG was isolated by saturated ammonium sulfate and purified by Sephadex G-200 column chromatography. Then the BALB/c mice were immunized by the chicken IgG, and the spleen cells were fused with mouse myeloma cells SP2/0. Finally, the positive hybridoma cells were screened and detected by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). [Result] Four hybridoma cell strains secreting monoclonal antibodies against chicken IgG were obtained and named as C44, C45, C67 and C68, and their ascites titers in indirect ELISA were 1∶640 000, 1∶320 000, 1∶640 000 and 1∶80 000, respectively. The monoclonal antibodies secreted by C44 and C45 could recognize light chains of chicken IgG and those secreted by C67 and C68 could recognize heavy chains of chicken IgG. They all could not recognize IgG from duck, rabbit and swine. Additionally, the Ig type identification results showed that they all belonged to IgG1. [Conclusion] Four cell strains of obtained hybridoma can stably produce the monoclonal antibodies against chicken IgG.

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  • Therapeutic Efficacy of Chinese Herbal Compound Preparation on Viral Diseases in Poultry

    [Objective] To develop a new antiviral agent with high and long efficacy, wide spectrum, low toxicity and low cost from traditional Chinese herbal medicine and their compound. [Method] The "Quxie" (i.e. eliminating pathogenic factors) drugs including Hedyotis diffusa and Lonicera japonica and "Fuzheng" (i.e. strengthening body resistance) drugs including Radix astragali and Glycyrrhiza uralensis were taken to form an antiviral herbal compound preparation. Taking the astragalus polysaccharide monomer as control, the experiment was constructed by using the agent to treat some naturally occurring viral diseases, including Newcastle disease (ND), infectious bursal disease (IBD), duck viral hepatitis (DVH), avian influenza (AI) H9 subtype and avian swollen head syndrome. [Result] The effective rates of the agent for treatment of the above-mentioned diseases were 87%, 87%, 69%, 100% and 100%, respectively, which were higher than that of astragalus polysaccharide monomer. The cure rates for these diseases were 33%, 37%, 13%, 69% and 75%, respectively, which were significantly higher than that of astragalus polysaccharide monomer (P < 0.01). The rates of poor therapeutic efficacy were 15%, 21%, 24%, 6% and 7%, respectively, which were significantly lower than that of astragalus polysaccharide monomer (P < 0.01). [Conclusion] The Chinese herbal compound preparation shows good therapeutic effects on some avian viral diseases, which can decrease mortality rate and improve production performance of poultry more greatly than astragalus polysaccharide monomer.

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  • Effects of Clindamycin on Sperm Function in Mice

    [Objective] To study the effects of clindamycin on germ cells of male mice. [Method] A total of 48 healthy adult male mice were randomly divided into group A, group B, group C and control group, 12 mice in each group. The mice in the group A, group B and group C were respectively administrated with clindamycin at doses of 15, 30 and 60 mg/kg·d via intraperitoneal injection, and those in the control group were treated with normal saline. On Day 29 after administration, the mice were killed by dislocation, and the sperm motility rate, sperm deformity rate and the percentage of sperm having swollen tail membrane were determined, respectively. [Result] The sperm motility rate and the percentage of sperm having swollen tail membrane of the group B and group C were lower than those of the control group; and the sperm deformity rate of the group B and group C was higher than that of the control group. The sperm motility rate, sperm deformity rate and percentage of sperm having swollen tail membrane had no significant difference between the group A and control group. [Conclusion] The clindamycin at a dose equal to or more than that used for severe infection affects the normal function of sperm in mice.

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  • Overwintering of Rana dybowskii in Northern Guangdong′s Mountainous Areas

    [Objective] To understand the overwintering of Rana dybowskii under four overwintering modes in northern Guangdong′s mountainous areas. [Method] The overwintering management of Rana dybowskii was performed under four overwintering modes which were outdoor overwintering in water-land, outdoor overwintering in water, indoor overwintering in dryness, and indoor overwintering in freezer, respectively. The time, temperature and overwintering status were recorded. The Rana dybowskii in each group was weighed before and after overwintering, and the body weight loss and the survival rate were calculated. [Result] Under the outdoor overwintering in water-land, outdoor overwintering in water, indoor overwintering in dryness, and indoor overwintering in freezer, the survival rate of Rana dybowskii was 40.0%, 41.5%, 82.0% and 84.5%, respectively. [Conclusion] The temperature, overwintering mode and fatness are the important factors affecting the safe overwintering of Rana dybowskii in northern Guangdong.

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  • Effects of Potassium Permanganate on Respiratory Movement in Carassius auratus under Different Conditions

    [Objective] To observe the effects of potassium permanganate on respiratory rate and cough frequency of Carassius auratus in different conditions. [Method] According to the simple factor design of experiment, the respiratory rate and cough frequency of Carassius auratus were recorded. The factors included concentration of potassium permanganate, temperature, duration time and pH values. [Result] The respiratory rate and cough frequency of Carassius auratus were increased and then decreased with the increasing concentrations of potassium permanganate, rising temperature, and duration of medicated bath. The Carassius auratus had the best respiratory function at pH 7.0. The strong acid and strong alkali caused lesions and inhibited the respiratory function of Carassius auratus. [Conclusion] The potassium permanganate at different concentrations may have an impact on the cough frequency and respiratory rate of Carassius auratus.

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  • Effects of Mixture Sowing on Forage Yield and Interspecific Competition of Alfalfa and Orchard Grass

    [Objective] To explore the mixture sowing effects and optimal mixture ratio of alfalfa and orchard grass. [Method] The alfalfa and orchard grass were sowed at different ratios (1∶0, 3∶1, 1∶1, 1∶3 and 0∶1). They were grouped and named as CK1, A1, A2, A3 and CK2, respectively. The forage yield, relative yield total (RYT) and the competition rate (CR) of alfalfa and orchard grass in each group were determined, respectively. [Result] In the A3 treatment group, the total forage yield was the highest (4 827.67 kg/hm2) and significantly different from that of other treatment groups (P < 0.01). In every treatment group, the RYT was higher than 1, and the alfalfa was more competitive than the orchard grass in the mixed-seeding pasture. [Conclusion] Our studies may provide a basis for the establishment of high yield and high quality artificial mixture pasture.

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  • Benefits of Pasture Construction for Comprehensive Agricultural Development in Duolun Agro-pasturage Ecotone of Inner Mongolia

    The agro-pasturage ecotone in northern China is not only an important green ecosystem barrier but also an important economic belt. However, the extensive operation manner and harsh natural surroundings lead to the grassland degradation, low agricultural productivity and people living in poverty. In our study, the result has shown that the aboveground biomass and economic benefits of improved grassland, artificial perennial grassland and silage farmland have been increased greatly. Therefore, the development and construction of high-yield silage farmland and artificial perennial grassland in agro-pasturage ecotone not only increase the economic benefits but also protect the ecological environment.

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  • Drought Resistance of Elymus sibiricus from Different Producing Areas at Seedlings Stage

    [Objective] To evaluate drought resistance of siberian wildrye (Elymus sibiricus) from different producing areas. [Method] Germplasm materials of siberian wildrye from Xinjiang (E01), Gansu (E02), Beijing (E03), Shanxi (E04) and Qinghai (E05) were used as experimental materials and treated under continuous drought stress. The external morphology of their leaves was observed. On Day 0, 5 and 10, the dynamic variations of relative conductivity, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, chlorophyll content, soluble sugar content and proline content were determined. Subordinate function values analysis was performed to evaluate their drought resistance comprehensively. [Result] Under continuous drought stress, the experimental siberian wildrye showed different external morphology of leaves. With increasing intensity and extending time of drought stress, the chlorophyll content increased significantly (P < 0.05), and its differences between the siberian wildrye from different producing areas were significant (P < 0.05); the relative electrical conductivity, malondialdehyde (MDA) content, soluble sugar content and proline content decreased significantly (P < 0.05), and their differences between the siberian wildrye from different producing areas were significant (P < 0.05). [Conclusion] The drought resistance of E04, E05, E01, E03 and E02 declines successively.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary. In 2009, Wu Chu (USA-China) Science & Culture Media

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