• Effects of Pickled Cabbage Water on Production Performance of Laying Hens

    [Objective] To study the effects of pickled cabbage water on production performance of laying hens, and provide a scientific basis for the application of the pickled cabbage water used as the microbial drinking water preparation in production of laying hens. [Method] A total of 2 520 laying hens at the age of 35 weeks and with the same feeding conditions were randomly divided into four groups. They were respectively fed four kinds of drinking water preparations including pickled cabbage water, enrofloxacin, Bacillus cereus and normal water. The mortality, egg laying rate and elimination rate were recorded. The experiment lasted for 8 weeks. [Result] In the pickled cabbage water group, the mortality and elimination rate of laying hens were decreased, and the egg laying rate was increased significantly (P < 0.05). The enrofloxacin and Bacillus cereus water preparations had effects on the production performance of laying hens, and the effects were not significant. [Conclusion] The pickled cabbage water can regulate the intestine microenvironment of laying hens. It also promotes the survival rate and egg production and enhances the disease resistance of laying hens. Therefore, the pickled cabbage water can be used for laying hens production as microbial drinking water preparation.

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  • Optimal Nutritional Levels for New America-Line Landrace Pigs during Fattening Period

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of different nutritional levels on production performance,apparent digestibility of nutrients and carcass quality,and determine the optimal levels of energy,crude protein,calcium and phosphorus in diet for the Landrace pigs at fattening stage.[Method] A total of 36 healthy Landrace pigs at the same parity with close weaning age and similar body weight [(70±1) kg] were selected.They were divided into nine experimental groups randomly.The experiment was carried out according to the L9(34) orthogonal design.Then the production performance,apparent digestibility of nutrients and carcass quality were determined,respectively.The preliminary trial lasted for 7 d,and the trial lasted for 42 d.[Result] The levels of crude protein and calcium had significant effects on the average daily gain(P < 0.05),and the energy level had extremely significant effects on the average daily gain(P < 0.01).The levels of energy,crude protein,calcium and phosphorus had effects on the apparent digestibility of nutrients in various degrees.The crude protein level had significant effects on the backfat P2(P < 0.05);the energy level had significant effects on the backfat P2 and backfat P1(P < 0.05);and the calcium level had significant effects on backfat P2 and lean meat percentage(P < 0.05).[Conclusion] During the fattening period,the requirement of digestible energy,crude protein,calcium and phosphorus for the new America-line Landrace pigs was 13.39 MJ/kg,16.00%,1.45% and 0.90%,respectively.

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  • Application Effects of Amino Acid Powder,Fermented Rapeseed Meal and Fermented Cottonseed Meal in Feeds for Allogynogenetic Crucian Carp

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of amino acid powder,fermented rapeseed meal and fermented cottonseed meal on the growth performance,amino acid absorption,body composition and liver function of allogynogentic crucian carp.[Method] The allogynogentic crucian carps with the average initial weight of 17.3 g were divided into control group and six experimental groups randomly.The allogynogentic crucian carps in the control group and experimental groups were fed a basal diet and the basal diets supplemented by amino acid powder,fermented rapeseed meal and fermented cottonseed meal,respectively.The growth rate and specific growth rate of allogynogentic crucian carps,the content of amino acids in serum and feeds,the composition indicators of body,muscle and liver,as well as the activities of glutamic-pyruvic transaminase(GPT) and glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase(GOT) in liver and serum were determined,respectively.[Result] The growth rate and specific growth rate(SGR) of allogynogentic crucian carps in the 3% amino acid powder group and the 6% fermented cottonseed meal group were increased greatly(P < 0.05),and no significant difference was found between experimental group and control group.The serum lysine content of the 3% amino acid powder group and the 6% fermented cottonseed meal group was higher than that of the control group.In the experimental groups,the absorption of four essential amino acids was up to a peak at 4 h after feeding,which was consistent with the control group.The body composition and liver function of allogynogentic crucian carps had no significant difference between the experimental groups and the control group.[Conclusion] The 3% amino acid powder,6% fermented cottonseed meal and 6% fermented rapeseed meal can substitute fish meal,cottonseed meal and rapeseed meal to improve the growth performance,amino acid absorption of the allogynogentic crucian carps.

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  • Correlation between Histological Traits and Meat Quality in Taihu Geese

    [Objective] To investigate the histological traits of Taihu geese and analyze the correlation between histological trait and meat quality.[Method] The common meat qualities and histological traits of Taihu geese at the age of 70 d were observed,and the correlation analysis was performed with SPSS 16.0 software.[Result] The goose was either female or male.The muscle fiber density and muscle fiber diameter of breast muscle were significantly higher than those of leg muscle(P < 0.01).The muscle fiber density had negative correlation with muscle fiber diameter,muscle fiber gap and muscle bundle gap,and the correlation coefficients were-0.808,-0.540 and-0.620,respectively.The muscle fiber diameter had positive correlation with the muscle bundle gap and their correlation coefficient was 0.546.The muscle fiber density had a significant positive correlation with pH value and water holding capacity(P < 0.05).The muscle fiber diameter and muscle fiber gap had a significant negative correlation with pH value(P < 0.05).[Conclusion] This study provides theoretical basis for goose breeding and improving of meat quality.

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  • Intraspecific Relationship of Sheep Based on Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene

    [Objective] To preliminarily explore the intraspecific relationship of sheep based on cytochrome b(Cyt b) gene of mitochondrial DNA(mtDNA).[Method] The Cyt b gene sequences in 112 sheep individuals of two local sheep breeds were amplified by PCR.Then the amplified products were digested with EcoR Ι and analyzed by restriction fragment length polymorphism(RFLP).[Result] As many as 56 samples from Tan sheep and 56 samples from Wadi sheep were detected.The results showed that the amplified Cyt b gene in 51 individuals of Tan sheep had one EcoR Ι restriction site and no EcoR Ι restriction site in other five individuals,thus the Cyt b gene in Tan sheep showed two restriction morphs;the Cyt b gene in all 56 individuals of Wadi sheep had one EcoR Ι restriction site and showed one restriction morph.[Conclusion] The polymorphism of mitochondrial Cyt b gene in Tan sheep and Wadi sheep is poor,and the Cyt b gene in sheep breeds is very conservative.Therefore,using Cyt b gene as gene marker to study the intraspecific relationship of sheep has some limitations.

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  • Growth Performances and Carcass Traits of Different Duck Breeds

    [Objective] To investigate the genetic differences of growth performances and carcass traits between different duck breeds and provide a reference for breeding fine ducks.[Method] Three kinds of healthy ducks including Cherry Valley duck,White Muscovy duck and Jingjiang duck were selected as experimental animals.After they were fed under the same raising condition for 8 weeks,the body weight and meat traits were determined.[Result] The growth performance had significant differences between three duck breeds(P < 0.05);the Cherry Valley duck had the fastest growth,the Jingjiang duck grew most slowly,and the White Muscovy duck started to grow rapidly at the age of 4 weeks.The carcass weight,eviscerated weight,lean meat percentage,breast muscle rate,subcutaneous fat percentage and abdominal fat percentage of Cherry Valley duck were higher than those of other two duck breeds(P < 0.05),and the abdominal fat percentage of Jingjiang duck was 0.The eviscerated rate,breast muscle rate and dressing percentage of Cherry Valley duck were significantly lower than those of Jingjiang duck(P < 0.05).The carcass traits had differences between male and female ducks.[Conclusion] The growth performances and carcass traits are different in these three duck breeds.

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  • Determination of Melamine in Animal Blood Products by High Performance Liquid Chromatography

    [Objective] To investigate the optimal determination conditions of melamine in animal blood products by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC).[Method] The blood samples were extracted with ultrasonic in 1% trichloroacetic acid(TDA) and acetonitrile.After purifying by solide phase extraction(SPE),the samples were analyzed by HPLC.[Result] The optimal conditions of HPLC were as follows:the chromatographic column was Zorbax SB-C8;the mobile phase was ion-pairs buffer-acetonitrile(95/5,V/V);the flow rate was 1.0 ml/min;the column temperature was 25 °C and the UV detection wavelength was 235 nm.The determined melamine concentration range was 0.001-0.050 mg/ml;the linear correlation coefficient was 0.999 4;the concentration limit of melamine was 0.1 mg/kg;the average recovery rate of the melamine were 97.60%-100.65%,and the relative standard deviation(RSD) was 1.23%-3.04%.[Conclusion] The HPLC is simple,accurate and repeatable for determination of the melamine in animal blood products.

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  • Physicochemical Properties and Eating Quality of Lamp Meat of Dazu Black Goats

    The routine nutrients,mineral content,amino acid content and fatty acid content as well as the physicochemical properties and the heavy metal and pesticide residues of longissimus dorsi muscles in confined Dazu black goats at the age of 6 months were determined.The results showed that the lamb meat of Dazu black goats was rich in nutrients,fresh,tender,palatable and fine in texture as well as non-hazardous in quality.Thus,the meat of Dazu black goat is a kind of healthy and nutritious food with rich nutrients,and it has better prospects of exploitation and utilization in the food industry.

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  • Comparative Analysis of Nutrient Components of Yak Milk from Different Regions

    [Objective] To analyze the nutrient components of yak milk from different regions and provide a theoretical basis for further development and utilization of yak milk.[Method] A total of 150 yak milk samples were collected from Tianzhu County,Maqu County and Tianjun County,and 90 yak milk samples were collected from three different yak farms in Tianzhu County.The content of milk protein,milk fat,fat solid,non-fat solid and lactose,as well as the density,freezing point and acidity were determined,respectively.[Result] The milk protein content and milk fat content had significant differences between three regions.With the increasing altitude,the milk protein and milk fat were increased,but the content of fat solid,non-fat solid and lactose,density,freezing point and acidity had no obviously regular change.The milk protein content and milk fat content had no significant difference between three yak farms in Tianzhu County.[Conclusion] The altitude may affect the milk protein content and milk fat content of yak milk.

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  • Distribution of Major Pathogenic Bacteria of Cow Mastitis in Milk

    [Objective] To observe the distribution of major pathogenic bacteria of cow mastitis in milk in vitro.[Method] The Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli(E.coli) were added into the milk.After standing for 8,12 and 24 h at 4 °C,the milk were divided into upper,middle and lower three equal parts.The bacterial counts distributed in the three parts of milk were respectively determined by plating colony-counting method.[Result] The counts of these two pathogenic bacteria in upper milk were higher than that in middle and lower milk significantly(P < 0.001),and no significant difference was found between middle milk and lower milk.[Conclusion] The pathogenic bacteria of cow mastitis can float with fat droplet in milk and then invade into the deeper tissue of mammary gland.

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  • Effects of Arecoline Hydrobromide on Taeniasis and Cysticercosis in Domestic Animals

    Taeniasis and cysticercosis in domestic animals belong to zoonosis and seriously threaten the public health security.Especially the cysticercosis and echinococcosis caused by the tapeworm eggs have great harms to bodies because they can attack many organs of body.According to the combination of experimental results and literature materials,the morphology and transmission mode of taenia and cysticercus,the prevalence status and monitoring of taeniasis and cysticercosis as well as the antitapeworm mechanism,comparative analysis to other drugs,expelling tapeworm tests in vitro,dose determining tests and usage notes of arecoline hydrobromide were expounded in detail.It provides a theoretical basis for prevention of taeniasis and cysticercosis and more scientific usage of arecoline hydrobromide and thus relieves the harms of taeniasis and cysticercosis and ensuring the public health security.

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  • Prokaryotic Expression and Monoclonal Antibody Preparation of Chicken Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Molecules

    [Objective] To prepare the monoclonal antibody against chicken major histocompatibility complex class II molecules(MHC II).[Method] The prokaryotic expression of the gene fragments of exons 2-6 encoding alpha chain of MHC II and exons 3-6 encoding beta chain of MHC II were performed based on its protein sequences.After BALB/c mice were immunized with the purified fusion proteins,the mouse spleen cells were fused with mouse myeloma cells SP2/0.Then the positive hybridoma cells were screened and detected by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA).[Result] One hybridoma cell strain secreting monoclonal antibody against alpha chain and two strains secreting monoclonal antibody against beta chain were obtained.These three hybridoma cell strains were named as MHC II alpha-4,MHC II beta6-2 and MCH II beta6-31,respectively.Their titers of ascites in indirect ELISA were 1:256 000,1:256 000 and 1:1 280 000,respectively.These antibodies could specifically recognize MHC II alpha chain or beta chain in western blotting.[Conclusion] Three obtained hybridoma stains can stably produce the monoclonal antibody against chicken MHC class II molecules.

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  • Screening of Serum Dilution and Determination of Normal Range of Antibodies against Rabies Viruses in Dog Sera

    [Objective] To screen a suitable serum dilution and determine the normal range of antibodies against rabies viruses(RV) in dog serum.[Method] A sensitive,specific and suitable serum dilution was screened.A total of 812 dog serum samples were collected from Changchun,Nanning and Liuzhou regions,and then they were diluted with above screened serum dilution and evaluated by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA).The positive and negative standard dog sera from the World Organization for Animal Health(OIE) were used as controls.The serum samples with different A450 were randomly selected and the anti-RV serum titers were detected by rapid fluorescent focus inhibition test(RFFIT).According to the A450 of dog sera,the normal A450 range of negative serum and 95% confidence intervals were calculated with SPSS10.0 software,and the regression equation of OIE standards was established.[Result] The screened serum dilution was sensitive and specific;at least 756 negative serum samples were obtained;the normal range and 95% confidence interval of negative serum were 0.127 3 ± 0.059 8 and 0.078 1-0.172 3,respectively;and the regression equation was A450=1.139 serum titer(IU)+0.470.[Conclusion] These results lay a foundation for the controlling of dog rabies endemic and the development of ELISA kits of dog antibodies against RV.

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  • Serological Investigation of Swine Reproductive Failure Diseases in Some Large-Scale Pig Farms in Henan Province

    [Objective] To investigate the prevalence situation of swine reproductive failure diseases in Henan Province and provide reference for the immunization and prevention of swine reproductive failure diseases.[Method] Between May 2009 and April 2010,all serum samples from the Henan Agriculture University,Animal Disease Detection and Diagnosis Center were detected,including 6 825 serum samples for detecting classical swine fever(CSF) antibody,2 609 for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome(PRRS) antibody,1 177 for pseudorabies rabies virus gE(PRV) antibody,123 for porcine parvovirus(PPV) antibody and 53 for chlamydiosis antibody.[Result] The antibody positive rates of sera for detecting above five diseases were 63.28%,61.44%,25.49%,39.84% and 5.66%,respectively.[Conclusion] The immunization and prevention of CSF,PRRS,PPV and PR in Henan Province needs to be strengthened urgently,and the chlamydiosis has been effectively controlled.

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  • Characteristics of Microbial Aerosol Pollution in Pig Houses

    [Objective] To explore the characteristics of microbial aerosol pollution in different pig houses and provide theoretical foundation for risk assessment of microbial aerosols on human and animal health.[Method] Gestation house,nursery house and fattening house in suburb of Beijing were chosen as research objects,and the concentration,size distribution and composition characteristics of the airborne microorganisms were determined.[Result] The concentrations of airborne microorganisms were completely different in different houses under the influences of ventilation,methods of cleaning manure and pig populations.The highest concentration of airborne microrganisms was the nursery house.The particles with diameter size of 0.65-2.10 μm carried 26%-27% heterotrophic bacteria and 39%-43% fungi.They could reach alveolus of humans and animals and thus made infectious threat to health of humans and animals.The dominant heterotrophic bacteria genera were composed of Bacillus and Pseudomonas;and the dominant fungi were Penicillium and Muco.[Conclusion] Concentrations of airborne microorganisms are completely different in different houses.However,there is no significant difference between the microbial composition and type of pig houses.

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  • Effects of Rooting Agents on Growth and Photosynthetic Traits of Sudan Grasses

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of rooting agents on the growth and photosynthetic traits of Sudan grasses.[Method] The responses of the growth and some photosynthetic traits of Sudan grasses to three NK II rooting agents were determined according to the randomized complete block design.[Result] Compared to control treatment,the Sudan grass treated by NK II-298 showed higher chlorophyll a and carotenoid contents,higher chlorophyll fluorescence parameter values(PSII quantum efficiency:PSII;photochemical quenching:qP;and electron transport rate:ETR),higher maximum photosynthetic rate(Pmax) and respiration rate(Rd),and the highest biomass accumulation.The chlorophyll fluorescence parameter values of Sudan grasses treated by NK II-888 and NK II-16 were higher than those of control treatment(P < 0.05),and other indexes had no significant difference.[Conclusion] The rooting agents should be selected carefully according to their practice aims because of sensibility of Sudan grass to rooting agents.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote

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