• Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Partial Exons of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Gene in Pig

    [Objective] To clone the partial exons of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) gene in pig and provide experimental references for accurate separation and allocation of SHBG gene in pig. [Method] According to the sequences of SHBG gene in human and cow, one pair of primers was designed to amplify the DNA sequences of SHBG gene in pig, and the partial exons of SHBG gene were determined according to the principles of comparative genomics. Then the sequences and homology were analyzed. [Result] The amplified SHBG gene was 841 bp in size, and its sequences had 100.00% nucleotide homology to the CH242-411E2 fragment on pig chromosome 12. The determined exon 4, exon 5 and exon 6 of SHBG gene were 162, 159 and 156 bp in size, respectively, and the amino acids sequences encoded by these three exons had 74.51% homology to that of human and 73.86% homology to that of cow, respectively. [Conclusion] The partial exons of SHBG gene were determined successfully, which provides a basis for further research on the structure, accurate determination and allocation of SHBG gene in pig.

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  • Design and Implementation of Traceability Management System for Pigs Based on Personal Digital Assistant

    The traceability management system for pigs based on personal digital assistant (PDA) was constructed by software engineering method to provide the traceability management for pork safety. This traceability system included information managements for pig breeding and pig quarantine inspection supervision. It also realized the record and supervision of pig information, feed usage, veterinary drug usage and quarantine inspection. We mainly introduced the designs of systemic structure and functional structure of the traceability system and key techniques of system implementation.

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  • Effect of 17beta-Estradiol and Progesterone on Superovulatory Response of Donor and Pregnancy of Recipient

    To study the effects of 17beta-estradiol (E2) and progesterone (P4) levels on superovulatory response and recipients conception rate, the E2 and P4 levels of embryo donor (Borderdale) and recipient ewes (Inner Mongolian sheep) were determined during multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET). The results showed that the E2 level increased from the day of initiation by CIDR (Controlled internal drug release devices) treatment and decreased to 3.18±1.32 pg/ml on the day of superovulatory estrus. On the day of embryo collection, the ewes having higher levels of estrogenic peak showed better superovulatory response than the other groups having comparatively lower levels. On the day of initiation of superovulatory treatment, the ewes having lower levels of P4 showed better superovulatory response than those having higher levels of P4. The E2 level of the early abortion group increased from Day 0 to Day 45, while that of two pregnant recipient groups came down from Day 0 to Day 30. The serum P4 level of the early abortion group was significantly lower than that of the pregnant recipient groups on Day 45 (P < 0.05), but no significant difference was found between the two pregnant groups after Day 30. Therefore, the levels of E2 and P4 on definite time affect superovulatory response of donors and conception rate of recipients during MOET.

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  • Immunohistochemical Localization and Receptor Expression of Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone in Pituitary of Guangxi Swamp Buffaloes

    [Objective] To locate gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in pituitary of Guangxi swamp buffaloes and to provide a theoretical basis for cloning and sequence analysis of GnRH receptor gene. [Method] GnRH in pituitary were immunohistochemically stained by avidin biotin complex method. The GnRH expression was analyzed with image system. The GnRH receptor gene was amplified by real-time PCR. [Result] Many GnRH positive cells were detected in pars distalis of adenohypophysis. GnRH were distributed in cytoplasm but not in nuclei. No positive signal was observed in neurohypophysis. In addition, the GnRH receptor gene, 920 bp in size, was amplified. [Conclusion] A large number of GnRH and GnRH receptor were found in pars distalis of adenohypophysis, which indicates that anterior pituitary is an important tissue for functions of hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis and other endocrine axes.

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  • Relationship between Muscular Malic Enzyme Activity and Meat Quality in Pigs

    [Objective] To investigate the relationship between muscular malic enzyme (ME) activity and meat quality in pigs. [Method] Three pig breeds, Exi pigs, Changye×Exi hybrid pigs and Landrace×Yorkshire pigs were selected. Then the ME activity and meat traits were detected, and the relationship between ME activity and meat quality were analyzed with SAS software. [Result] The Exi pigs had the highest ME activity and intramuscular fat (IMF) content (P < 0.05). The pH2 value, drip loss and muscle shear force of Landrace×Yorkshire pigs were higher than that of Exi pigs significantly (P < 0.05). [Conclusion] The ME activity has a certain correlation with meat quality of pigs. The muscular ME activity has significantly positive correlation with IMF content and significantly negative correlation with drip loss and muscle shear force.

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  • Superoxide Dismutase and Malondialdehyde Levels in Serum of Dairy Cows with Perinatal Diseases

    [Objective] To investigate the relationship between perinatal diseases and contents of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and malondialdehyde (MDA) in serum of dairy cows. [Method] A total of 38 dairy cows including 22 healthy cows, five cows with ketosis, four cows with fatty liver and seven cows with retained fatal placenta in perinatal period were selected. The contents of SOD and MDA in serum were respectively determined at different times ante partum and post partum. [Result] In the dairy cows with perinatal diseases, the SOD activity is lower and the MDA content was higher than that in the healthy dairy cows during perinatal period. [Conclusion] The antioxidant activity of dairy cows with perinatal diseases is lower than that of healthy dairy cows during perinatal period.

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  • Preparation of Monoclonal Antibodies against Hemagglutinin of Avian Influenza Virus H9 Subtype by Plasmid Immunization

    Avian influenza has caused enormous economic losses to poultry industry. To develop kits for rapid diagnosis of avian influenza virus (AIV) H9 subtype, 8-week-old Balb/c mice were administered with pcDNA3.1 (+) carrying hemagglutinin (HA) gene of AIV H9 subtype. After cell fusion, one positive hybridoma cell strain was screened out by hemagglutination inhibition assay (HI), and another positive hybridoma cell strain was screened out by ELISA. After subcloning 3 times, the two cell strains could still secret antibodies against the HA of AIV H9 subtype. The monoclonal antibodies did not react with Newcastle disease virus, AIV H5 subtype and duck adenovirus A. Their subtypes were IgG2b with kappa light chain. These two hybridoma cell strains may play an important role in rapid diagnosis and early-warning surveillance of AIV H9 subtype.

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  • Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Interleukin-2 Gene in Gaoyou Ducks

    [Objective] To clone and analyze the interleukin-2 (IL-2) gene in Gaoyou ducks. [Method] With total RNA isolated from peripheral lymphocytes of Gaoyou ducks as templates, one pair of primers was designed according to the known IL-2 gene sequence in ducks. The IL-2 DNA was amplified by the RT-PCR and inserted into pGEM-T-easy vector. Then the positive recombinant plasmid was sequenced. [Result] The amplified target fragment was 433 bp with the correct size as theoretically expected. The open reading frame (ORF) was 423 bp encoding a precursor protein with 140 amino acids which consisted of a signal peptide composed of 21 amino acids and a mature peptide composed of 119 amino acids. The protein was approximately 13.66 kDa and contained one N-glycosylation site. The sequence of IL-2 gene of Gaoyou duck had 99.8% nucleotide homology to that of Anas platyrhynchos duck, Gushi duck and Shaoxing duck, respectively. It also had 99.3% nucleotide homology to that of Guangzhou duck. [Conclusion] The coding region of IL-2 gene of ducks is highly conserved.

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  • Blocking Effects of Spleen Vaccine on Vertical Transmission of Classical Swine Fever Virus in Sows

    [Objective] To investigate the blocking effects of spleen vaccine on vertical transmission of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) in sows. [Method] Sows infected by CSFV were selected from three large-scale pig farms and they were randomly divided into group I, group II and control group. The sows in the group I were vaccinated with CSF spleen vaccine at a 1.5 times normal dose per pig; those in the group II were vaccinated with CSF spleen vaccine at a 2.0 times normal dose per pig; and those in the control group were vaccinated with cell vaccine at a 4.0 times normaldose per pig. The CSF antigens of piglets were detected by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). [Result] The antigen positive rate of piglets in the experimental group (18.5%) was significantly lower than that in the control group (48.1%). No significant difference was found between the group I and the group II. [Conclusion] CSF spleen vaccine has good blocking effects on vertical transmission of CSFV in sows.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Avian Nephropathogenic Infectious Bronchitis Virus

    In November 2009, a respiratory disease with rapid transmission, rapid onset and mortality of about 8% appeared many times in a large chicken farm in Jiangsu Province of China. Necropsy revealed tracheal bleeding, kidney enlargement and white-spotted kidney. An isolate from the farm was identified as an avian infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) by chicken embryo inoculation, hemagglutination assay, virus interference assay, animal regression and tracheal rings culture. The complete S1 gene was amplified by RT-PCR, and its homology to that of the vaccine strains commonly used in China was analyzed with DNAStar software. Therefore, the IBV isolate was initially classified into nephropathogenic IBV and named IBV JS09 strain.

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  • Prokaryotic Expression and Immunogenicity of Major Antigen Epitope of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus VP60

    [Objective] To investigate the immunogenicity of main antigen epitope of RHDV (Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus) VP60 expressed in a prokaryotic system. [Method] The major antigen epitope gene of RHDV VP60 was amplified by RT-PCR. It was cloned into pET-28b (+) and expressed in E. coli Rosetta strain. The recombinant protein was detected by Western blot. The purified recombinant protein was used to immunize rabbits in order to observe its immunogenicity. [Result] Western blot analysis revealed a clear band at approximately 24.0 kDa. The purified recombinant protein reacted with the purified RHDV in ELISA. [Conclusion] The prokaryotically expressed main antigen epitope of RHDV VP60 shows good immunogenicity.

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  • Effects of Xiaoruling on Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cows

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) preparation "Xiaoruling" on the subclinical mastitis in dairy cows. [Method] A total of 28 dairy cows suffering from subclinical mastitis were randomly divided into experimental group (n=20) and control group (n=8). The dairy cows in the experimental group were treated with Xiaoruling for 2 weeks. [Results] The cure rate of subclinical mastitis in dairy cows was up to 89.47% and milk yield increased greatly (P < 0.05). Meanwhile, the milk somatic cell count (SCC) was greatly decreased (P < 0.01). SOD and GSH-Px activities in plasma were increased greatly (P < 0.01). [Conclusion] Xiaoruling has an effective treatment on subclinical mastitis in dairy cows.

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  • Correlation between Hemagglutination Inhibition Titer and Protection against Infectious Bronchitis Virus Challenge in SPF Layers

    [Objective] To study the correlation between HI titer and protection against IBV challenge in SPF layers. [Method] SPF layers were randomly divided into four groups, namely group A1, A2, B1 and B2. The group A1 was immunized with H120 live vaccine. The group A2 was first immunized with H120 live vaccine and later boosted with ND-IB-EDS trivalent inactivated vaccine. The group B1 was used as unimmunized challenge control. The group B2 was kept as unimmunized unchallenged control. The blood samples were taken prior and post-vaccination at intervals and HI tests were conducted. At the laying peak, the group A1, A2 and B1 were challenged with IBV M41 virulent strain. The clinical features and egg production of layers were monitored and recorded. [Result] After 30 d post vaccination with H120 live vaccine, the HI titer reached 4.45 log2; after 30 days boosting with ND-IB-EDS trivalent inactivated vaccine, the HI titer reached to 7.35 log2. Before challenge, HI antibody titer in group A1, A2, B1 and B2 were respectively 4.24 log2, 7.40 log2, 2.10 log2 and 2.10 log2. After challenge, chickens in unimmunized challenge control group B1 showed respiratory symptoms, egg production dropped by 30.9%, and they produced more soft-shelled, no-shelled or abnormal eggs. In the group A1, some chickens had light respiratory symptoms and egg production dropped by 11.7%. In the group A2, the egg production of all chickens was as normal as the group B2. [Conclusion] When the HI titer was over 6 log2, challenge by virulent virus had no impact on egg production;when the HI titer was 5 log2, 4 log2 and less 3 log2, egg production dropped by 6.0%, 11.3% and 29.6%, respectively. Thus, the HI antibody level in chickens has close correlation with protection against IBV challenge.

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  • Physicochemical Properties of Musk Deer Pneumonia and Purulent Disease Viruses

    [Objective] To understand the physicochemical properties of musk deer pneumonia and purulent disease viruses. [Method] The pneumonia and purulent disease viruses were isolated from the abnormal and purulent lung tissues of musk deer. Then the isolated viruses were inoculated into the Vero cells. After culturing, the virus solution was collected and used to determine TCID50 and genome types. The sensitivity to fat solvent, resistance to hydrochloric acid and trypsin as well as tolerance to heat of the musk deer pneumonia and purulent disease viruses were detected, respectively. [Result] The obvious cytopathic effects (CPE) were found in Vero cells infected by the isolated viruses. The virus was 2-1.43 TCID50/ml and its genome was RNA. The virus was not sensitive to chloroform, 1% trypsin and heats, and it had a certain tolerance to 0.1 mol/L hydrochloric acid. [Conclusion] The study on the physicochemical properties of musk deer pneumonia and purulent disease viruses lays a foundation for prevention and control of the musk deer pneumonia and purulent diseases.

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  • Construction and Implementation of Expert System for Common Pig Diseases Prevention Based on Struts Framework

    The prevention of common pig diseases depends on the experience of veterinarian greatly due to complexity of piggery pestilence. The expert system for the prophylaxis and treatment of common pig diseases is able to make the complex task more effective. The construction and implementation of this expert system is based on the bottleneck problems of the traditional expert system knowledge acquisition and the frame description of symptoms of common pig diseases, used the knowledge project method and technology, and combined the uncertainty inference and dispelling strategy of matching conflict and technology of multimedia. This expert system is used to imitate expert thinking and supplement or substitute for veterinary experts to guide the prophylaxis and treatment of common pig diseases. The overall structure, knowledge expression, inference mechanism and system realization would be expounded emphatically.

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  • Research and Design on Framework of Quality Risk Control System for Livestock Products

    In view of the current status of the quality risk control of livestock products, the differences between the quality, safety and risk of the livestock products were pointed clearly; the derivative mechanism model of the quality risk was studied; the risk system of livestock products was established; and the types of controllable risk were identified. On this basis, the design principles of risk control framework were established. Then the modular system of risk control was constructed and the attributes of production system were detailed into the describable indicators of risk control based on the three-dimensional risks.

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  • Figures

    <正>Figures should be as small and simple as is compatible with clarity. The goal is for figures to be comprehensible to readers in other or related disciplines, and to assist their understanding of the paper. Unnecessary figures and parts (panels) of figures should

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory, applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed documennt and reliable data.The innovative idea should be described concisely and definitely. A review should report the recent progress in animal science, and it should be of guiding significance for development of animal science.

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary. In 2009, USA-China Science & Culture Media Co. (Cranston, USA) and Anhui Wuchu Science, Technology and Culture Communication Co., Ltd (Hefei, China) issued the journal Animal Husbandry and Feed Science (ISSN 1943-9911). The main content is basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry, veterinary, feed science and other related fields. The journal covers many research areas including genetics and breeding,

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