• Effects of Chinese Herbal Additive on Immunologic Functions and Productive Performance of Dairy Cows during Heat Stress

    [Objective] To study effects of Chinese herbal additive on immunologic functions and productive performance of dairy cows.[Method] A total of 20 healthy dairy cows were randomly divided into control group and experimental group.They were respectively fed a common basal diet and the basal diet containing 100 g Chinese herbal additives.The trial lasted for 49 d.[Result] The 4% fat corrected milk yield(FCM) production,milk yield after weight correction,quantity of solid-not-fat and ash content in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group(P < 0.01).The total lymphocytes(LYM) number of peripheral blood,the percentage of lymphocytes,and IgG concentration in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the control group on Day 14,28 and 42(P < 0.01).[Conclusion] The Chinese herbal additive can enhance the lactation performance and immunologic function of dairy cows.

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  • Performances Analysis and Developmental Strategy of Hexi Cashmere Goats

    The productive performances of Hexi cashmere goats for breeding nucleus groups and producing groups in different production areas were reviewed.At the same time,the productive performances were analyzed.Moreover,the existing problems and solving methods were put forward.In addition,the Hexi cashmere goats was an ancient and native breed,and it was necessary to further improve its productive performance to protect and utilize the breed resource effectively.

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  • Microbial Diversity and Lactic Acid Bacteria Population in Forage in Northwest China

    [Objective] To provide a reference for scientific and rational utilization of forage silage.[Method] The number and species of microorganisms in forage were analyzed,and the characteristics of 11 strains of lactic acid bacteria(LAB) were studied.[Result] All the isolates were Gram-positive,catalase negative and aeroanaerobic.The isolated strains of homofermentation accounted for 78%.The isolates were divided into three groups,Lactobacillus,Leuconostocaceae and Lactococcus,according to their morphological and biochemical characters.[Conclusion] The microorganisms in forage in northwest China were isolated and identified,which provides a scientific basis for utilization of forage silage.

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  • Multiple PCR for Detection of Subclinical Mastitis in Dairy Cow

    [Objective] To develop a rapid,sensitive,specific and accurate diagnostic method for subclinical mastitis in dairy cow.[Method] A total of 70 samples of suspected clinical mastitis cows were detected in gene level by multiple PCR.[Result] The 58 samples were positive with the developed multiple PCR method and the positive rate was 82.5%(58/70).The 53 samples were positive with the traditional biochemical method and the positive rate was 75.5%(53/70).As a result,the coincidence rate of both methods was 92%.[Conclusion] The multiple PCR method is rapid and specific for the detection of pathogenic subclinical mastitis in dairy cow.

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  • Variations in Reproductive Hormones during Estrus Cycle in Local Beef Cattle from Jilin of China

    [Objective] To provide a theoretical basis for improving reproductive efficiency of domestic beef cattle in Jilin of China.[Method] China Red Steppe cattle,Yanbian yellow cattle and Simmental cattle in Jilin Province were used for detection.The levels of progesterone(P4),estradiol(E2),follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH) and luteinizing hormone(LH) in serum and urine during estrus cycle were determined.[Result] The levels of P4 and E2 were significantly different between pregnant cattle and non-pregnant cattle on Day 21 post estrus(P < 0.01).The level of LH on estrus day was significantly different from that on the other days of estrus cycle(P < 0.05).[Conclusion] It is feasible to detect P4 level for diagnosis of estrus and early pregnancy in beef cattle.

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  • Germination Characteristics of Hordeum brevisubulatum Seeds in Different Conditions

    [Objective] To study the germination characteristics of Hordeum brevisubulatum seeds in the Songnen Plains of China under different conditions and find out the optimum conditions for germination.[Method] A total of five variable temperatures including 15/25,20/30,15/30,20/25 and 15/20 °C,five concentrations of sodium chloride solutions including 0,75,85,95 and 105 mmol/L,and five concentrations of CS2 strain(the A values were 0,0.500 0,0.050 0,0.005 0 and 0.000 5,respectively) were studied by orthogonal experimental design.[Result] The germination rate,germination energy and germination index were significantly(P < 0.05) affected by the temperature and sodium chloride concentration,but rarely affected by the CS2 strain concentration.Moreover,the germination rate,germination potential and germination index were all decreased with the increasing of sodium chloride concentration.[Conclusion] The optimal germination conditions of Hordeum brevisubulatum are as follows:temperatures of 15/25 °C and 15/30 °C,0 mmol/L of sodium chloride concentration.

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  • Effects of Grassland Caterpillars on Plant Community Structure of Alpine Kobresia Meadows and Soil Properties

    [Objective] To investigate the relationship between the grassland caterpillar with different grades and the structure of alpine Kobresia meadow or soil feature.[Method] A total of 10 plots(20.00 m × 20.00 m) were chosen.In each plot,five smaller plots(5.00 m × 5.00 m) were randomly selected and six sample plots(0.25 m × 0.25 m) were then selected in each smaller plot.The biomass,vegetation height,grass-layer thickness,bare land area,soil moisture and total vegetation cover degree were determined.Data were analyzed statistically by Excel 2003 and SPSS 13.0 software.[Result] There was a significant difference(P < 0.05) between the grassland caterpillars at different hazard grades and the structure of alpine Kobresia meadow or soil properties.[Conclusion] With the increase of grassland caterpillar density,the plant community structure of alpine Kobresia meadows changes from sedge family-dominant community to the forbs-dominant community.

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  • Protective Effects of Rumen Protected Choline in Dairy Cows

    Choline is a necessary nutrient for dairy cows and contributes to milk yield,but most of dietary choline can be degraded by the microorganisms in rumen.Rumen protected choline(RPC) has been developed to protect choline from degradation.To screen stable RPC,choline chloride was coated with acrylic resin no.IV,chitosan and the mixture containing the two lagging covers by fluidized bed coating technology,respectively.Their stability was evaluated in vitro and in situ.The results showed that release rate of RPC coated with acrylic resin no.IV and chitosan was the lowest in rumen and pH 6.6 buffer.And its effective protection rate reached 62.04% in rumen.Therefore,RPC coated with acrylic resin no.IV and chitosan has good stability and protection efficacy in rumen,and it can be used in practice to supply effective choline for the ruminant.

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  • Antiviral Effects of Compound Traditional Chinese Medicine on Newcastle Disease Virus

    [Objective] To investigate the mechanism of compound traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) on Newcastle disease virus(NDV) and to provide a scientific basis for the reasonable usage of antiviral drugs in clinic.[Method] The compound TCM was composed of Hedyotis diffusa,Lonicera japonica Thunb,Radix astragali and Glycyrrhiza uralensis.Different dilutions of fluid extract were prepared.Its antiviral effects on NDV were observed through three inoculation ways:first,inoculation with the medicine and NDV mixture which had been incubated at 37 °C;second,incubating chicken embryo fibroblasts(CEF) with the medicine followed by inoculation with NDV;third,inoculation with NDV followed by incubating CEF with the medicine.The A498 was determined by MTT [3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide)] method.Therapeutic indexes were used to evaluate the antiviral effects.[Result] The minimum effective concentration of the compound TCM which acted through the three ways was 1.0 × 2-10,1.0 × 2-8 and 1.0 × 2-7 g/ml,respectively.The antiviral effects of the compound TCM were the best through inoculation with the incubated medicine and NDV mixture,followed by the second method and the third method.[Conclusion] The compound TCM can not only kill NDV directly in vitro but also inhibit viral propagation.

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  • Effects of Lanerkang-A on Immune Efficacy of PRRS Vaccines and Growth Performance Indicators of Piglets

    [Objective] To study the effects of Lanerkang-A on the immunity and growth performance of piglets and lay a base for the development of green medicine on immunity stimulator.[Method] A total of 50 healthy piglets were randomly divided into two groups,the control group(Group 1) and the test group(Group 2),25 piglets in each group.All the piglets were intramuscularly injected with 2 ml porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome(PRRS) propolis inactivated vaccine at 25 days old.The piglets in the Group 2 were fed with feed containing Lanerkang-A(10 ml/kg) at 42 days old.After 7-d feeding,the antibody titer against PRRSV and the cytoimmunity were detected using ELISA and E-rosette,respectively.[Result] Lanerkang-A increased antibody titer against PRRSV by 4 titers and increased E-rosette forming rate by 7%.The average daily weight gain increased by 15.68%.[Conclusion] Lanerkang-A can greatly enhance the immunological function of body,increase the daily gain of piglets,as well as improve their growth performance.

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  • Effects of Different Feed Additives on Fur Production Performance of Rex Rabbit

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of three different levels of feed additives on fur production performance of Rex rabbit.[Method] A total of 60 healthy American strain Rex rabbits at the age of 60 d(female:male =1:1) were randomly divided into group I,group II and group III.The Rex rabbits in the group I were fed basal diet containing nutritional substances;those in the group II were fed basal diet containing nutritional substances and Chinese herbal additive;and those in the group III were fed basal diet containing nutritional substances,Chinese herbal additive and enzyme.The trial lasted for 100 d.After slaughtering,the fur area,fur thickness,wool density,wool fineness and coarse wool rate were determined.[Result] The fur production performance of group III was significantly higher than that of group I(P < 0.05).There was no significant difference between group III and group II.[Conclusion] Supplementing Chinese herbal additive and enzyme in diet can improve the fur production performance of Rex rabbit.

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  • Production of Protein Feedstuff by Mixed Fermentation of Waste Lees

    [Objective] To produce protein feedstuff by mix fermentation of waste lees.[Method] Waste lees was fermented by mixture of Aspergillus niger,Trichoderma viride and Candida tropicalis to produce protein feedstuff.The fermentation conditions were optimized by single factor test and orthogonal test.[Result] The optimum fermentation conditions of waste lees are as following:raw materials with fineness of 20 meshes composed of waste lees of 750 g/kg,corn meal of 50 g/kg and wheat bran of 200 g/kg;pH value of inoculum culture,5.0;Aspergillus niger:Trichoderma viride:Candida tropicalis,1:1:1;inoculum size,12%(V/V);fermentation temperature,30 °C;and fermentation time,6 d.After fermentation,the crude protein content,pure protein content,and crude fiber content were increased by 78.97%,56.29% and 31.60%,respectively.In addition,the fermented waste lees was rich in beneficial live microorganisms and bioactive substances such as enzymes and vitamins.[Conclusion] Waste lees can be well fermented to produce protein feedstuff by mix fermentation.

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  • Purification of Recombinant Porcine Interferon-Alpha

    [Objective] To study the purification of recombinant porcine interferon-alpha(rPoIFN-alpha) and lay a foundation for researches on the structure of the rPoIFN-alpha and the preparation of standard proteins.[Method] The rPoIFN-alpha were induced and extracted from the recombinant E.coli BL21,and they were purified by two strategies.The first strategy was that the rPoIFN-alpha were purified by GST(glutathione S transferase) affinity chromatography,DEAE(diethylaminoethyl) anion exchange chromatography and gel filtration in turn defined as three-step chromatography method;the second strategy was that the rPoIFN-alpha were purified by GST affinity chromatography and gel filtration in turn defined as two-step chromatography method.Then the purified products were detected by the SDS-PAGE(sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) and were identified by western-blotting.[Result] The purity quotient of purified products of the two-step chromatography method was 96.0% and that of the three-step chromatography method was 98.8%.The purified products were detected by the SDS-PAGE and the western-blotting,respectively.The results showed that the target band was 45.0 kDa and the specific band was found.[Conclusion] The purity quotient of proteins of the two-step chromatography method is close to that of the three-step chromatography method,thus the two-step chromatography method is more convenient and more suitable for pilot production than the three-step chromatography method.

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  • Resistance of Eimeria Coccidia Isolated from Two Chicken Farms in Anhui Province to Eight Anticoccidial Drugs

    [Objective] To investigate the sensitivity of Eimeria coccidia strains isolated from two chicken farms in Anhui Province to different anti-coccidial drugs and provide a theoretical basis for coccidiosis treatment.[Method] The fresh feces were collected from two chicken farms,and Eimeria coccidia strains were isolated and propagated in laboratory.A total of eight anticoccidial drugs including diclazuril,robenidine,dinitolmide,decoquinate,nicarbazine,maduramicin,salinomycin and lasalocid were selected for sensitivity test.[Results] In Farm I,Eimeria coccidia strains were sensitive to decoquinate,partially resistant to nicarbazine and completely resistant to other six drugs.In Farm II,Eimeria coccidia strains were sensitive to decoquinate and nicarbazine,partially resistant to robenidine and completely resistant to other five drugs.[Conclusion] Drug resistance of Eimeria coccidia to many anticoccidial drugs had been highly developed in these two farms.

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  • Prokaryotic Expression of Infectious Bronchitis Virus S1 Gene and Analysis of Biological Activity of Recombinant Protein

    [Objective] To study the prokaryotic expression and antigenicity identification of S1 gene from avian infectious bronchitis virus(IBV).[Method] The S1 gene was cloned into a pMD18-T vector to yield a recombinant plasmids pMD18-T-IBV-S1.Then S1 gene was inserted into the multiple cloning site of a prokaryotic expression vector pET-32a(+).The recombinant plasmid was transformed into E.coli BL21.The recombinant protein was induced by IPTG and measured by SDS-PAGE and western-blotting.[Result] The S1 gene was successfully expressed in E.coli BL21,the fusion proteins were about 66.0 kDa in a form of inclusion body.Western-blotting test showed that the recombinant proteins could be identified by IBV polyclonal antibody.[Conclusion] The recombinant proteins of S1 gene have the antigenicity,which lays a good foundation for further research on new generation vaccine of IBV.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine, feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the reseach achievements animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world.enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange.

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