• Effects of Climatic Suitability on Clamworm Breeding along Jiangsu Coast of China

    Data were collected by clamworm breeding and investigation and then analyzed to understand the changes in salinity and pH value caused by rainfall as well as climatic suitability along Jiangsu coast of China.The main climatic factors affecting clamworm breeding included water temperature,strong wind and heavy rainfall.The period with air temperature stable above 14 °C was suitable for clamworm breeding,and it was from early Apr.to mid-Nov.along Jiangsu coast.The period with air temperature stable above 30 °C in summer was unsuitable for clamworm breeding,and it was from mid-Jul.to late Jul.along Jiangsu coast.During the suitable period for clamworm breeding,the annual days of strong wind and those of heavy rainfall were 4.3-39.2 and 2.9-4.0 d,respectively.The effects of rainfall(or water exchange) on pH values were determined by the proportion of rainfall(or water exchange) in total pond water and the difference between their pH values.The climate along Jiangsu coast was suitable for clamworm breeding,and the climatic suitability decreased successively in Qidong,Lusi,Ganyu,Rudong,Dafeng,Sheyang,Yanweigang,and Western Liandao.Therefore,it is important to evaluate the effects of severe weather,forecast disastrous weather and formulate rational measurements for flood control and disaster relief.

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  • Application of Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) Sulfosuccinate(AOT) /Isooctane Reverse Micellar System in Extraction of Sesame Residue Proteins

    [Objective] To investigate the factors affecting sesame residue protein extraction and find the optimum extraction conditions.[Method] Sesame residue proteins were extracted with bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate(AOT)/isooctane reverse micellar system.Orthogonal test was used to screen the optimum combination of four factors including sesame residue concentration,pre-extraction pH value,potassium chloride concentration and reverse extraction time.The yield of extracted sesame residue proteins was the indicator to evaluate the efficiency of process.[Result] The optimum extraction conditions are as follows:sesame residue concentration:0.06 g/ml;pre-extraction pH value,3.0;potassium chloride concentration,1.5 mol/L;and reverse extraction time,20 min.In the optimum extraction conditions,the extraction rate was up to 86%.[Conclusion] Extraction of sesame residue proteins can be well performed with AOT/isooctane reverse micellar system.

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  • Optimization of South China 5 Cassava-Leucaena Protein Feed Production by Kombucha in Solid-State Fermentation

    [Objective] To optimize solid-state fermentation of South China 5(SC5) cassava-leucaena protein feed by kombucha.[Method] The SC5 cassava-leucaena protein feed was fermented by kombucha.The fermentation conditions were optimized.[Result] The optimum conditions of solid-state fermentation were as follows:cassava and leucaena weight ratio,7:3;fermentation time,6 d;kombucha volume,10 ml;fermentation temperature,30 °C;and water volume,200 ml.The content of crude protein in feed was substantially increased and reached 23.64%.[Conclusion] The optimized fermentation process greatly improves utilization of the SC5 cassava-leucaena protein feed.

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  • Improvement of Feeding Value of Rapeseed Meal by Mixed Solid State Fermentation

    [Objective] To optimize solid state fermentation conditions of rapeseed meal and thus to reduce glucosinolates and neutral detergent fibers by mixed cultures of Aspergillus oryzae and Trichoderma viride.[Method] The optimal fermentation conditions were determined by single factor test and orthogonal design.[Result] The optimum fermentation conditions are as following:inoculum weight ratio(Aspergillus oryzae vs Trichoderma viride),1:1;inoculum size,30%;water content,40%;fermentation time,96 h;and fermentation temperature,30 °C.Under these conditions,glucosinolates were reduced by 90.71% and neutral detergent fibers were degraded by 20.65%.[Conclusion] In laboratory,solid state fermentation with Aspergillus oryzae and Trichoderma viride can be used to produce high-quality rapeseed meal.

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  • Effects of Climate Warming on Animal Husbandry in Chaoyang Region

    [Objective] To study the effects of climate warming on animal husbandry in Chaoyang region and provide a scientific basis for government guidance on animal husbandry.[Method] According to the climatic data between 1952 and 2008 and animal husbandry data between 1978 and 2008 of Chaoyang region,changes in average annual temperature in winter,annual slaughter numbers of pig and sheep and total output value of animal husbandry were analyzed by least square method and Excel software.[Result] In Chaoyang region,the average annual temperature in winter increased with years;the annual slaughter numbers of pig and sheep increased rapidly;and the total output value of animal husbandry increased largely.[Conclusion] The climate warming maybe promotes the development of animal husbandry in Chaoyang region.

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  • Discrepancy of Classical Swine Fever Virus in Different Tissues by One-Step RT-PCR and Nested RT-PCR

    Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) was used for the detection of classical swine fever virus(CSFV) in blood and tissue samples of field cases and experimentally inoculated pigs.The distribution of CSFV in different organ samples showed some discrepancies in infected pigs.Four weaner pigs were inoculated with C-strain vaccine virus,then samples of spleen,tonsil,lung,mesenteric lymph node,kidney and brain were collected after slaughter and tested for E2 and NS5B genes using one-step RT-PCR and nested RT-PCR.Using the same method,12 field cases were simultaneously studied.A discrepancy of CSFV in different samples was found upon detecting the target gene.The most reliable diagnostic organs were spleen and tonsil,and the nested RT-PCR assay provided a highly sensitive and specific method with comparable performance to the one-step RT-PCR assay.

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  • Development of Reverse Transcriptase Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification for Rapid and Visualized Detection of Classical Swine Fever Virus

    [Objective] To develop a rapid and visualized detection method of classical swine fever virus(CSFV) using reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isothermal amplification(RT-LAMP).[Method] A total of six special primers were designed based on the conserved sequences of CSFV gene.After optimizing,the reaction of RT-LAMP was carried out at 63 °C for 45 min.The RT-LAMP products were analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.The sensitivity,specificity and repeatability were verified,respectively.[Result] The RT-LAMP method could be used for detecting CSFV rather than six generic viruses.The sensitivity of RT-LAMP was 100 times higher than that of RT-PCR.The detection of 27 clinical samples by RT-LAMP and RT-PCR showed that RT-LAMP is more reliable and convenient.[Conclusion] The RT-LAMP method is sensitive and reliable for the detection of CSFV.

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  • Formatting Guide: Tables and Figures

    <正>Tables should each be presented in portrait ( not landscape) orientation and upright on the page,not sideways. Each table hasa short,one-line title in bold text. Tables should be as small as

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  • Investigation on Eperythrozoon Infection in Sheep in Xinjiang Region of China

    [Objective] To understand the epidemic status of Eperythrozoon ovis in sheep in Xinjiang region of China.[Method] A total of 850 blood samples were collected from seven sheep breeding areas in Xinjiang region.The Eperythrozoon ovis infection was detected by blood tablet examination,blood smear stained with Wright's stain and polymerase chain reaction(PCR).[Result] The infection rates were 97%,97% and 75% when the samples were detected by blood tablet examination,blood smear stained with Wright's stain and PCR,respectively.Sheep eperythrozoonosis occurred in the four seasons without seasonal epidemics.No obvious difference in infection rates was observed between the sheep breeding areas.The Eperythrozoon ovis infection was slight or mild in most cases,but the infection was severe in two periods,that is,from May to June and from November to December.[Conclusion] The Eperythrozoon ovis infection is popular in sheep in Xinjiang region of China,and the main inducements may be changes in seasons and forage formula.

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  • Mycoplasmas and Mycoplasmosis in Sheep and Goats

    The known mycoplasmas isolated from goats and sheep were listed.The pathogenicity of these mycoplasmas and their effects during occurrence of mycoplasmosis were summarized.

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  • Discrimination of Goatpoxvirus and Sheeppoxvirus by Digestion of p32 Gene with Hinf I and Sequence Alignment of GpCR Gene

    To discriminate goatpoxvirus(GPV) and sheeppoxvirus(SPV),the p32 genes and G-protein-coupled chemokine receptor(GpCR) genes amplified from three SPV field isolates and two GPV field isolates were sequenced and compared with the corresponding sequences deposited in GenBank.Comparison of Hinf I restriction enzyme sites of p32 genes showed that there were two sites located at 391 and 691 bp,respectively,among all the SPV strains,and one site at 688 bp among GPV strains.Cladogram generated by sequence alignment of GpCR genes showed that the SPV and GPV belonged to two different branches.These results indicate that p32 and GpCR genes can be candidates used for discrimination of GPV and SPV.

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  • Expression of Recombinant Bovine Prion Protein PrP27-30 in CHO-K1 Cells

    [Objective] To investigate the possibilities of expressing bovine PrP27-30 gene in CHO-K1 cells.[Method] The purified PCR products of PrP27-30 were digested and ligated to the pCI-neo vector to yield pCI-neo-PrP27-30 that was used as an expression vector.Then CHO-K1 cells were transfected by pCI-neo-PrP27-30,and stable expression clone cells were screened by methotrexate(MTX) at a concentration of 0.1 and 1.0 μmol/L.The transient expression was detected by indirect immunofluorescence assay and western blot.[Result] After drug selection with MTX,the expression of PrP27-30 gene was detected in CHO-K1 cells.[Conclusion] Recombinant protein PrP27-30 expressed in CHO-K1 cells has better immunoreactivity and can be used to study secondary structure and regulation mechanism of pathological isoform of prion protein(PrPC).

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  • Effect of Chanfukang(Chinese Medicine)on Endothelin and Nitric Oxide in Postpartum Cows with Qi Deficiency and Blood Stasis

    [Objective] To observe effect of Chanfukang on vascular endothelial cells of postpartum cows with Qi deficiency and Blood stasis,and to explore the treatment mechanism of Chanfukang.[Method] A total of 58 cows were assigned to four groups.The cows in group 1 and group 2 suffered from Qi deficiency and Blood stasis.The cows in group 1 were gavaged with Chanfukang(0.5 g/kg·BW,5 d) at 12 h post partum,but the cows in group 2 were not treated.The cows in group 3 were healthy and gavaged with Chanfukang(0.4 g/kg·BW,5 d) at 12 h post partum.Cows in group 4 were healthy control cows.The plasma endothelin(ET) concentration and serum nitric oxide(NO) concentration were determined before and after parturition,respectively.[Result] The plasma ET concentration and serum NO concentration were significantly higher in the cows with Qi deficiency and Blood stasis than in the healthy control cows(P < 0.05).The NO concentration decreased on Day 10 post partum in the cows with Qi deficiency and Blood stasis,but it was still higher than that in the healthy control cows.After taking Chanfukang for 7 d,the ET concentration and NO concentration decreased,and no significant difference was found between the cows with Qi deficiency and Blood stasis treated with Chanfukang and the healthy control cows.[Conclusion] Chanfukang may relieve Qi deficiency and Blood stasis of postpartum cows through decreasing plasma ET concentration and serum NO concentration.

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  • Effects of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine on Immune Organ Indexes and Macrophages Phagocytic Indexes in Chickens Infected by Infectious Bronchitis Virus

    [Objective] To study the therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions on infectious bronchitis(IB) and find a novel avenue for prevention and treatment of viral diseases in poultry.[Method] A total of 160 cockerels at the age of 15 d were divided into four groups randomly,including traditional Chinese medicine group,moroxydine control group,challenge control group and healthy control group.Except the healthy control group,other groups were challenged with infectious bronchitis virus(IBV) on Day 15.After 48 h post challenge,the traditional Chinese medicine group and moroxydine control group were respectively administrated with Chinese herbal medicine prescription and moroxydine,continuously for 5 d.The immune organ indexes and macrophage phagocytic indexes were detected on Day 18,24 and 30,respectively.[Result] The immune organ indexes and macrophage phagocytic indexes were not significantly different between traditional Chinese medicine group and moroxydine control group on Day 18.But all the indexes of the traditional Chinese medicine groups were increased significantly(P < 0.05) on Day 24 and 30,and showed extremely significant difference(P < 0.01) with those of challenge control group on Day 30.[Conclusion] The traditional Chinese herbal medicine can enhance macrophage phagocytic indexes and immune organs indexes of chickens infected by IBV.

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  • Construction of Traceability System for Livestock Products

    It is extremely difficult to supervise the whole production process of livestock products by traditional methods due to the long production chains.Therefore,the workflow of livestock product production were analyzed and studied.Subsequently,information technology and modern identification techniques were used together to construct traceability system for livestock products including identifiers and information management systems.The traceability system better overcame the main constraints in application and provided a viable platform for safe production of livestock products.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes, letters and reports about new technology onanimal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science andother

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international

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