• Cloning and Transcriptional Activity of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Receptor Promoter in the Jintang Black Goat

    [Objective] To clone follicle-stimulating hormone receptor(FSHR) promoter in the Jintang black goat,study its transcriptional activity,and provide a basis for alternative splicing of FSHR gene. [Method] The total DNA were extracted from the womb of Jintang black goat,and one pair of primers were designed for amplification of FSHR promoter fragments,then the sequences and homology were analyzed. The FSHR promoter fragment was inserted into the pcFSHRB1 expression vector to substitute the CMV promoter and construct the pcFSHRB2 expression vector. The pcFSHRB1 and pcFSHRB2 expression vectors were transformed into HEK293 cells,respectively. Then these cells were collected after 24 and 48 h treatment with 2 mIU/ml follicle-stimulating hormone(FSH) ,and the cAMP levels were detected. [Result] The FSHR promoter sequence of Jintang black goat had 34.2% homology to that of chicken and 41.6% to that of rat,respectively. The transcription initial site of FSHR was at-576 bp and its upstream sequences contained two TATA-boxes,four CAAT-boxes,one E-box and one W1-box. After treating for 24 and 48 h,the cAMP levels of pcFSHRB2 were respectively 299.581 3 and 125.528 1 pmol/L;and that of pcFSHRB1 were respectively 120.057 1 and 109.940 7 pmol/L. [Conclusion] The FSHR promoter of Jintang black goat is a typical type 2 eukaryotic promoter,and it is also a strong promoter.

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  • Effects of Selenium-Enriched Probiotics on Semen Quality of Stock Boars

    Selenium-enriched probiotics were supplemented into feedstuff of Landrace stock boars at a concentration of 0.3 mg/kg(concentration of selenium) ,and the semen quality of the stock boars were observed. The results showed that the semen motility,rate of intact acrosome,and activity of glutathione peroxidase were higher in the experimental boars than in the control,but rate of sperm deformity was lower in the experimental boars than in the control. Therefore,the selenium-enriched probiotics greatly improve semen quality of stock boars.

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  • Effects of SLA-DQA Gene on Birth Weight and 30-Day-Old Weight in Piglets

    The genetic polymorphism of SLA-DQA gene was investigated by PCR-RFLP. The effects of SLA-DQA gene on birth weight and 30-day-old weight were analyzed in 250 individuals of F1 hybrid pig(Heilongjiang wild boar × Beijing Black sow) . The analysis revealed four polymorphic loci in the SLA-DQA gene,but only the Pvu II locus in exon 2 of SLA-DQA gene(BB genotype) greatly increased the 30-day-old weight of piglets.

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  • Correlation between Egg Production Traits and Broodiness Traits in Shiqiza,Langya and Luqin B2 Chickens

    [Objective] To investigate the relationship between the egg production traits and broodiness of Shiqiza,Langya and Luqin B2 chickens. [Method] Three chicken breeds,Shiqiza chickens(a breed preserved by Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences) ,Langya chickens(a local breed in Shandong Province) and Luqin B2 chickens(a cultivated breed) were selected. Then their broodiness traits were observed and the egg productions were analyzed. Finally,the relationships between the egg production traits and broodiness were analyzed by SAS software. [Result] The Shiqiza,Langya and Luqin B2 chickens were broody and their broodiness rate was 15.80%,2.24% and 6.95%,respectively. Compared with the non-broody chickens,the egg productions of Shiqiza,Langya and Luqin B2 chickens were respectively decreased by 17.16%,1.53% and 10.8% at the age of 43 weeks. The three breeds had significant differences in repeats of broody cycles(P < 0.05) ,and extremely significant differences in the broodiness duration,the the first day of broodiness,the age at the first egg,total amount of abnormal eggs and amount of double-yolked eggs(P < 0.01) . [Conclusion] The broodiness is a main factor affecting egg production traits. The degree of effects of broodiness on egg production traits is decreased successively in Shiqiza chicken,Luqin B2 chicken and Langya chicken.

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  • Genetic Structure and Genetic Differentiation of Tibetan Mastiff Populations

    [Objective] To analyze the genetic structure and genetic differentiation of Tibetan Mastiff populations and provide a theoretical basis for the protection and rational development and utilization of the Tibetan Mastiff breed resources. [Method] A total of 86 blood samples were collected from two populations of Hequ Tibetan Mastiff(HTM) and Qinghai Tibetan Mastiff(QTM) . The genetic structure and genetic differentiation of nine blood protein loci of Tf,Po,Es-1,Es-2,S(alpha) 2,Hb,Alb,Pr and Amy between these two populations were examined by vertical polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis with discontinuous buffer system. [Result] The effective number of alleles(Ne) ,Shannon genetic diversity index(I) and Nei average expected gene heterozygosity(H) of the HTM were respectively 1.690 7,0.485 5 and 0.295 9,and these were higher than those of QTM. The Neis standard genetic distance(D) between HTM and QTM was 0.012 3,and the degree of genetic similarity was 0.987 8. The gene flow(Nm) of these two Tibetan Mastiff populations was 14.543 7. [Conclusion] The genetic variability of intra-population of HTM was higher than that of QTM,and the genetic differentiation of inter-population was very low(GST = 0.018 7) . Thereby,the great gene flow(Nm = 14.543 7) is the main factor leading to the low genetic differentiation of the inter-population in different geographical groups.

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  • Expression of Long Form Leptin Receptor mRNA in Pituitary of Pigs around Puberty

    [Objective] To study the expression of long form leptin receptor(Ob-Rb) mRNA in pituitary of pigs around puberty and explore the relationship between Ob-Rb mRNA and porcine development around pituitary. [Method] Three Sujiang pigs were randomly selected at the age of 120 d,puberty and 180 d,respectively. A pair of primers was designed according to the Ob-Rb sequence published in the GenBank. Total RNAs were extracted from pituitary. The expression of Ob-Rb mRNA was detected by the real-time quantitative RT-PCR. [Result] The Ob-Rb mRNA was detected in pituitaries of pigs at the age of 120 d,puberty and 180 d,respectively. The expression level of Ob-Rb mRNA was lowest at puberty. It was significantly different from that in the 120-day-old pigs and not significantly different from that in the 180-day-old pigs. [Conclusion] The low expression level of Ob-Rb mRNA is conductive to the arrival of puberty.

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  • Effects of Conjugated Linoleic Acids on Proliferation and Differentiation of Rat Preadipocytes

    Conjugated linoleic acids(CLAs) are a generic term for linoleic acid isomers and have a variety of biological functions. After rat preadipocytes were incubated in CLAs-supplemented media,their proliferation and differentiation were observed by the cell count and the oil red O staining. The results showed that the CLAs at different concentrations inhibited proliferation of the rat preadipocytes in a time-and dose-dependent manner. And the CLAs greatly decreased intracellular lipid content in mature adipocytes. Moreover,lipogenesis was inhibited by the CLAs in a dose-dependent manner. Therefore,the CLAs inhibit the lipogenesis by reducing the number of preadipocytes and decreasing the intracellular lipid content.

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  • Effects of Supplementary Feed with Different Apple Pomace-to-Alfalfa Meal Ratios on Milk Performance of Dairy Cows

    [Objective] To study the effects of apple pomace on milk performance of dairy cows. [Method] A total of 48 Holstein dairy cows at the same parity and with close lactation stage and similar daily milk yield were randomly assigned to six groups. The supplementary feed was composed of apple pomace,alfalfa meal,corn and premix,and it was processed into pellets. In the groups I-V,the percentage of apple pomace was 17.5%,35.0%,52.5%,70.0% and 0%,respectively. Each cow was fed with supplementary feed(3 kg/d) . [Result] The milk yield in the group II and group V was increased significantly(P < 0.05) ,and the fat content in milk of the group III and V was significantly higher than that of the control group(P < 0.05) . [Conclusion] The supplementary apple pomace can improve the milk performance of dairy cows effectively.

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  • Effects of Compound Herbal Medicine on Serum Biochemical Indexes and Egg Nutritional Quality in Laying Hens

    [Objective] To investigate the effects of traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation on serum biochemical indexes and egg nutritional quality of laying hens. [Method] A total of 1 200 chickens at the age of 44 weeks were selected and randomly divided into five groups. After administration with different dosages of astragalus polysaccharides and berberine for 9 weeks,serum biochemical indexes were determined and nutrient contents of egg were detected. [Result] The contents of total protein,globulin,high-density lipoprotein cholesterol(HDL-C) and alkaline phosphatase(ALP) in all treatment groups were significantly(P < 0.05 or 0.01) higher than those in the control group. The cholesterol contents of all treatment groups were significantly(P < 0.05 or 0.01) lower than those of the control group. [Conclusion] The optimal concentrations of astragalus polysaccharides and berberine in basic diets are 200 and 30 mg/kg,respectively.

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  • Security of a Novel Antitapeworm Drug:Arecoline Hydrobromide

    [Objective] To make an objective evaluation about security of a new veterinary drug-arecoline hydrobromide according to the research results and papers in recent years and supply science basis for clinical usage.[Method] The security of arecoline hydrobromide was evaluated based on acute toxicity tests;the ranges of safe medication,tolerability and toxicity as well as "Three-induced" effects(carcinogensis,mutagenesis and teratogenesis) and reproductive toxicity were summarized according to the combinations of experimental results,papers and clinical effects.[Result] The results of acute toxicity tests in mice and rats showed that LD50(50% lethal dosages) of arecoline hydrobromide in mice was 691.83 mg/(kg·BW) and 95% incredible range of its LD50 was 642.92-744.47 mg/(kg·BW) ,and LD50 of arecoline hydrobromide in rats was 2 054 mg/(kg·BW) and 95% incredible range of its LD50 was 1 908-2 210 mg/(kg·BW) . Its LD50 value was hundreds times higher than the recommended clinical dosage [1-5 mg/(kg·BW) ],therefore it is safe to apply in clinic. The research results of ranges of safe medication,tolerability and toxicity showed that arecoline hydrobromide could entirely dispel the dog Diphyllobothrium,Spirometra mansoni,Dipylidium mesocestoides,Lineatus and Cysticercus at dosages of 2-3 mg/(kg·BW) ,and the same effects to Railletina tapeworm of chickens and Drepanidotaenia lanceolata of duck and goose at dosages of 1-2 mg/(kg·BW) . The arecoline hydrobromide had muscarinic effects as side-effects and could cause vomiting,diarrhea and other clinical symptoms to discharge the paralyzed worm from livestock body rapidly and completely. The arecoline hydrobromide had "Three-induced" effects and reproductive toxicity when it was used as antitapeworm drug with long-term,sustained and a large number of drug usage,rather than used in clinical application with shorter time and lower dosage of administration.[Conclusion] The arecoline hydrobromide is low-toxic substance and has a certain of toxicity such as "Three-induced" effects and reproductive toxicity at high-dosages application,and there are good effects on livestock and poultry tapeworm at the clinical recommended dosages without "Three-induced" effects and reproductive toxicity.

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  • Polymorphism of BMPR-IB Gene and its Relationship with Litter Size in Small Tail Han Sheep

    [Objective] To open an exit for breeding high-fecundity Small Tail Han sheep according to genotypes. [Method] By the PCR-RFLP,the polymorphism of ovine BMPR-IB gene was detected in Small Tail Han sheep of basic population and breeding population. And its relationship with litter size was analyzed. [Result] In the basic population,the frequencies of B+ and BB genotypes were 77.78% and 14.81%,respectively,and their litter size per parity was 1.77 and 2.40,respectively. In the breeding population,the frequencies of B+ and BB genotypes were 51.79% and 40.18%,respectively,and their litter size per parity was 2.54 and 3.02,respectively. [Conclusion] The ovine BMPR-IB gene can be used as a molecular genetic marker for fecundity traits to establish high-fecundity Small Tail Han sheep.

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  • Serum Ion Concentrations and Antioxidation of Dairy Cows with Retained Fetal Placenta

    [Objective] To further explore the mechanism of retained fetal membrane(RFM) of dairy cows in Qinghai Province. [Method] As many as 15 dairy cows with retained fetal placenta and 15 without retained fetal placenta were selected. The serum concentrations of eight metal ions,namely,potassium,sodium,calcium,magnesium,copper,iron,zinc and manganese at parturition and 12 h post partum were determined by atomic absorption spectrometry. The anti-oxidative indexes at parturition were determined by UV-1601 double-beam visible spectrophotometer. [Result] In the dairy cows with retained fetal placenta,the concentrations of calcium,magnesium,copper,zinc and manganese were decreased significantly(P < 0.05);that of iron was increased significantly(P < 0.01);those of potassium and sodium did not change greatly;the activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase were decreased significantly(P < 0.01);and the MDA content was increased significantly(P < 0.05) . However,the concentrations of the eight metal ions and anti-oxidative indexes did not change in the dairy cows without retained fetal placenta,[Conclusion] The RFM of dairy cows has some relationships with the serum concentrations of metal ions and antioxidation.

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  • Effects of Supplementary Acidifiers on Lambs

    [Objective] To provide a reference for understand effects of acidifiers on digestibility of lambs. [Method] Feeding experiment as well as digestion and metabolism experiment was conducted to evaluate effects of supplementing acidifiers on ultra-early weaned lambs. [Result] Diets of ultra-early weaned lambs supplemented with acidifiers greatly improved their production performance and increased digestibility of feed. However,different acidifier products had certainly various effects on lambs. Acidifier product I increased weight gain,feed conversion ratio and apparent digestibility of main nutrients more greatly than acidifier product II did,while the result was contrary in reducing diarrhea incidence. [Conclusion] Whether the acidifiers can increase digestibility of nutrients or not is still uncertain and needs further studies.

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  • Effects of Chinese Herb Additive on Milk Yield and Anti-heat Stress Ability of Holstein Cows

    [Objective] To explore the effects of Chinese herb additive on milk yield and anti-heat stress ability of Holstein diary cow. [Method] A total of 36 Holstein cows at same parity and with similar milk yield were randomly divided into three groups,namely,control group,Chinese medicine group I and Chinese medicine group II. The cows in the Chinese medicine group I were fed basal diet containing 4% compound Chinese herb additive;those in the Chinese medicine group II were fed basal diet containing 3% compound Chinese herb additive;and those in the control group were fed common basal diet. All cows in the three groups were analyzed comparatively. [Result] Supplementing some compound Chinese herb additive into basal diet increased milk yield and anti-heat stress ability of Holstein cows,besides,it also decreased cow diseases like cow mastitis. The Chinese medicine group I generated the highest economic benefit of practical production. [Conclusion] Supplementing Chinese herb additive into basal diet is an effective way to relieve heat stress and increase milk yield.

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  • Influence and Expression of Modern Technological Revolution on Entomological Research

    Influence and expression of modern technological revolution on entomological research were analyzed from biotechnology and information technology. The application and expression of transgenic plants,transgenic insects,recombinant microorganism,insect tissue culture and information technology in entomology were discussed in this study,which showed that modern technological revolution brought about a qualitative leap for entomology with a great pushing effect.

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  • Progress in Relationship between Anatomical Structures of Vegetative Organs and Drought Resistance in Forage Germplasm Resources

    The anatomical structures of roots,stems and leaves are very important indicators to evaluate drought resistance. The paper reports the relationship between anatomical structures of vegetative organs and drought resistance in forages.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine, feed science and

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and vet- erinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote

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