• Estimation of the Genetic Parameters on Reproduction Performances of the China Yorkshire Line SⅡ_1

    [Objective] This study was to investigate the genetic parameters on reproduction performances of China Yorkshire line SⅡ1.[Method] Using China Yorkshire line SⅡ1 as experimental animal,its genetic parameters on reproduction performance,such as total number of born (TNB),the alive number of born (ANB),the litter weight of born (LWB) and the litter weight at age of 21 days (LW21),were estimated by using the DFREML method of multi-traits animal model.[Result] The heritability estimates of TNB,ANB,LWB and LW21 were 0.11,0.19,0.14 and 0.05,respectively;and the genetic correlations between the traits as TNB/ANB,TNB/LWB,TNB/LW21,ANB/LWB,ANB/LW21,LWB/LW21 were 0.91,0.76,0.65,0.85,0.59 and 0.38,respectively.[Conclusion] Main genetic parameters of reproduction traits in China Yorkshire line SⅡ1 have all reached or even exceeded the requirements of breeding.

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  • Comparative Study on Growing-finishing Performance and Meat Quality of Different Hybrid Combinations in Pigs

    [Objective] The aim of this study was to investigate the production performance of three pig cultivars through their fattening performance,carcass traits and meat quality for facilitating its application in practical production.[Method] Three pig cultivars were selected including Yesong (F1 hybrid of pure-bred wild boar cross with songliao black sow as female parent) hybrid pigs,D×L×Y pigs from three-way cross and L×Y pigs from two-way cross.The test pigs in early period (before 60 kg) and late period (after 60 kg) were all fed with diets of the same nutritional level by free feeding and drinking water.The pre-test period was 3 d,while the test period was 120 d.Every 30 days,pigs with an empty stomach were weighed on morning,and when fattening to 120 d,five pigs with good growth and development in each cultivar were selected for slaughter to determine carcass traits and meat quality.[Result] Under the same diets and feeding conditions,average daily gain and weight gain in the whole period of pigs from three-way cross were all significantly higher than those of pigs from two-way cross,and also extremely higher than those of Yesong pigs.There was no difference in dressed carcass percentage,backfat thickness and proportion of hind leg among three hybrid combinations.Lean meat percentage and eye muscle area of pigs from three-way cross and pigs from two-way cross were all significantly higher than those of Yesong pigs.Yesong pigs had relatively darker carnation,but marble vein (P<0.05) and water loss rate (P<0.01) of Yesong pigs were relatively fewer than those of pigs from two-way cross and pigs from three-way cross.Shear force of Yesong pigs was significantly higher than that of pigs from two-way cross and pigs from three-way cross.[Conclusion] Yesong hybrid pigs make full use of heterosis between wild pigs and Songliao black pigs for improvement of its meat quality,but some values of major economic traits in Yesong hybrid pigs is still lower than those in pigs from three-way cross and pigs from two-way cross.

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  • Conservation and Utilization of Germplasm Resources of Shandong Local Chickens

    In this article,we reviewed the achievements of our team in genetic resource conservation and innovative use of Shandong local chicken breeds from the conservation,assessment on germplasm characteristics and breeding of Shandong local chickens,so as to provide a reference for further research and development of local chicken breeds.

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  • Expression and Purification of Hydrophilic Domains of Bovine Anion Exchanger,Member 1 and Electrogenic Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporter 1

    [Objective] To express and purify the intracellular hydrophilic domains of bovine membrane carrier proteins:anion exchanger,member 1 (AE1) and electrogenic sodium bicarbonate cotransporter 1 (NBCe1),which were associated with bicarbonate ion transport.[Method] The hydrophilic domains of bovine AE1 and NBCe1 were amplified by PCR and inserted into the prokaryotic expression vector pET-28a,respectively.The recombinant plasmids were transformed into the expression strain E.coli BL21 (DE3) and then induced by IPTG.The expressed proteins were purified by nickel ion affinity chromatography and analyzed by 15% SDS-PAGE.[Result] The hydrophilic domains of bovine AE1 and NBCe1 were amplified respectively by PCR and expressed by prokaryotic expression system with the induction of IPTG.They were mainly expressed in the cytoplasm of E.coli and high-purity was achieved by nickel ion affinity chromatography.[Conclusion] The expression of the hydrophilic domains of bovine AE1 and NBCe1 provides a major exit route for preparation of antibodies and the regulatory mechanisms of carrier proteins.

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  • Evaluation on Feed Factors Affecting the Dung Pollutants of Livestock and Poultry

    The 30 pairs of feed and dung samples from the livestock and poultry farms with different scales were checked and analyzed.The results showed:a great linear relation existed between the feed factors and 7 pollutants such as ammonia nitrogen,phosphorus,copper,iron,arsenic,mercury,cadmium in livestock and poultry's dung.The main affecting factors of feed were respectively nitrogen,phosphorus,copper,and arsenic,which were totally feed ingredient elements.And it indicated that the dung pollutants such as nitrogen,phosphorus,copper,iron,arsenic,mercury,and cadmium could be regulated by controlling the feed ingredients.But the dung nitrogen did not have a linear relation with the feed factors.Reducing the nitrogen in feed did not mean the relative decrease of the dung nitrogen content.Feed consumption rate of unit weight did not have notable performances,and it did not show curve model after curve fitting method.The pollutant index of ammonia nitrogen,phosphorus,copper,and arsenic of the group whose feed consumption rate of unit weight was less than 20 g/kg·d was extremely remarkably lower than those of the 20-30 g/kg·d group.The pollutant index of mercury,chromium,and cadmium showed the opposite performance.With the increase of feed consumption rate,each pollutant did not act in an increasing trend,of which the pollutant index of ammonia nitrogen and the general phosphorus presented a quadratic model trend.The feed consumption level of unit weight had an extremely remarkable effect on the pollution level rate and the early warning level rate,showing the thrice model trend,of which the 20-30 g/kg.d group was the maximal,respectively for 16.67% and 50%,which was the same with the above-mentioned law.

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  • Effects of Different Additives on Silage Qualities of Corn Stalks

    [Objective] To explore the effects of different additives on the fermentation qualities and chemical composition of corn stalk silage.[Method] The corn stalks were fermented in preservative of silage supplemented formic acid and formic aldehyde for 50 d,and the fermentation qualities and chemical composition of silage were examined.[Result] Supplementation of formic acid improved fermentation qualities and increased the content of crude protein and soluble carbohydrate,while the content of crude protein was lower in the control silage.Supplementation of formic aldehyde alone did not enhance the fermentation qualities of silage.Supplementation of both formic acid and formic aldehyde (especially at a ratio of 3:1) markedly improved the fermentation qualities of silage than that of formic acid alone.[Conclusion] Supplementation of formic both acid and formic aldehyde can improve the fermentation qualities of corn stalk silage.

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  • Sow Reproductive Stress and Its Syndrome

    In this paper,we put forward "Reproductive Stress" hypothesis,and the main viewpoints are as below.The special reproductive tasks such as estrus,pregnancy,childbirth and lactation themselves are stressors which cause violent stress,and this kind of stress was called reproductive stress.Fetus is also a special stressor for female.The corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) and fetal glucocorticoid (GC) secreted by fetus and placenta also cause stress,and this kind of stress was named female passive stress.Fetus develops in uterus,and the stress caused by uterine tension and intrauterine environment was named fetal intrauterine stress.Humans and animals need stress mechanisms to help themselves accomplish reproductive tasks,e.g.,involvement of CRH,adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and epinephrine.Therefore,childbirth may be originally motivated by the fetal intrauterine stress.Under the conditions of not enough nutrition or heavier reproductive tasks,females have to mobilize body reservoir to assure reproducing that aggravates reproductive stress.Moreover,reproductive stress is a long lasting experience for female,which must cause changes in endocrine secretion (e.g.,constant increasing of CRH and GC).It thereby weakens the female's immune functions,causes body damages and makes them more susceptible to diseases.The main clinic symptoms include leg and foot weakness syndrome,anoestrus,subinvolution of uterus and endometritis.We summarized the causes,main clinical symptoms and pathogenesis of reproductive stress and provided applicable measures to prevent sows from reproductive stress.

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  • Effect of Selenium Poisoning on Immune Function and Oxygen Free Radicals in Erythrocyte of Pig

    [Objective] This study was to investigate the effect of selenium(Se) on immune function and oxygen free radicals in erythrocyte of pig.[Method] Fifteen weanling Landrace piglets as experimental animals were divided into three groups,two testing groups and one control group.For each group,Se content in whole blood,immune function of erythrocytes,activity of whole blood glutathione peroxidase(GSH-Px),activity of blood plasma superoxide dismutase(SOD),and blood plasma malondialdehyde(MDA) content were determined.[Result] Compared with the control group,Se content in whole blood and blood plasma MDA content increased remarkably,while whole blood GSH-Px activity and blood plasma SOD activity decreased;RBC-C1RR assumed a rise-fall trend,and RBC-ICR showed no obvious change.[Conclusion] Se poisoning can reduce the activity of antioxidant enzymes,disturb the balance of oxygen free radicals metabolism,thereby inducing erythrocyte immune function in piglets.

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  • Application of Active Dry Yeast in Pigs

    Active dry yeast is dried by a certain way or retains most of its fermentation capacity,and it does not contain any grains or animal microbial preparations of other fillers.Its main components are active yeast thallus with content ≥90% and a small amount of emulsifier.In pig production,active dry yeast can enhance animal appetite,feed intake,animal growth,hindgut fermentation,breeding environment and anti-stress capability of animals,or reduce feed coefficient,animal constipation,incidence of swine and the number of pathogens in feces to prevent piglets from diarrhea.Studies have been proved that high active dry yeast has a very good application effect on sows,piglets and growing-finishing pigs.Active dry yeast in use should be noted that it should be used up within 3-6 months after being mixed with feed,while its dosage for pigs at different stages is as follows:nursery pigs of 500-1 000 g/t complete feed;sows of 500-800 g/t complete feed;fattening pigs of 250-500 g/t complete feed.Active dry yeast is very sensitive to the hot and humid,and is also not used in granulated feed and extruded feed.

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  • Detection of Antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii by ELISA with Recombinant Microneme Protein 3

    [Objective] To develop a new method for serodiagnosis of swine toxoplasmosis.[Method] With the purified recombinant microneme protein 3 (rMIC3) as coating antigens,an indirect ELISA was developed for detection of antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii.[Result] The optimal working concentration of rMIC3 was 3.40 μg/ml,and the optimal degree of dilution of sera was 1:160.Cross-reaction was not observed between the Toxoplasma gondii-positive sera and the positive sera against classical swine fever virus or some other pathogens.The developed ELISA had 92.56% coincidence rate with latex agglutination test.[Conclusion] The developed ELISA is sensitive,rapid,specific and reproducible,and thus it can be applied in serodiagnosis and seroprevalence investigation of swine toxoplasmosis.

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  • In Vivo Transfection Methods of DNA Vaccines

    Advantages and disadvantages of four transfection methods of DNA vaccines into the body were introduced in this study,including direct transfection,transfection of bacterial vectors,cationic lipofection and cationic polymer transfection.Cationic polymer had the characteristics of high transfection efficiency,simple operation,wide application,good repeatability and low cell virulence,which could be expected as a new kind of efficient transfection reagents.In practical application,various transfection methods have their own advantages and disadvantages,so the best choice should be made in the design process of vaccines based on targets,test cost,using objects and its convenience.

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  • Diagnosis and Control of Swine Vesicular Stomatitis

    Swine vesicular stomatitis is an acute,febrile,highly contagious zoonotic diseases caused by vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV).Disease in affected pigs was typically characterized by vesicular lesions on the mouth,snout,oral mucosa,coronet and interdigital skin.The disease is endemic in the Americas,Europe and Africa and other places.As the foreign trade of animals and animal products increase,the risk of swine vesicular stomatitis spreading into our country also will be increased.Therefore,the accurate and timely diagnosis and control of swine vesicular stomatitis are critical and necessary.

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  • Serologic Investigation on Pig Haemophilus parasuis in Some Regions of Sichuan Province

    To investigate the infection of Haemophilus parasuis in some regions of Sichuan Province,indirect hemagglutination from 2006 to 2008 was tested by Haemophilus parasuis antibody,and 1 062 serum samples from 10 different regions and sources in Sichuan Province were also examined.The results showed that the positive rate ranged from 2% to 30% with average of 10%.The positive rate varied with pigs at different ages,and especially that of 30-day-old to 70-day-old weaned piglets reached 25%.Thus,there were various infections of Haemophilus parasuis in some regions of Sichuan Province,and the statistic data provided a reference for effective prevention and control of Haemophilus parasuis in Sichuan Province.

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  • Monitoring of Sewage Discharging in Piggery

    The rapid development of large-scale livestock and poultry breeding industry causes a large number of slurry and waste,which brings great pressure on the surrounding environment and has become an important factor for environmental pollution.To further ascertain the pollution emissions of livestock and poultry breeding industry,protect people's health and successfully complete the first national census of pollution sources,a large-scale piggery and a breeding field were selected for monitoring.The results revealed that monitoring indicators in pollution sources of livestock and poultry breeding industry showed significantly positive correlation with breeding size and nutritional level,but negative correlation with animal breeding age.Monitoring indicators in summer and autumn were higher than those in spring and winter,and monitoring indicators of sewage in the piggery reduced significantly through sedimentation process.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original researchpapers, research notes, letters and reports aboutnew technology on animal husbandry, veterinarymedicine, feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory, appliedresearch and high-tech, etc.A manuscript mustoffer detailed document and reliable data.Theinnovative idea should be described concisely anddefinitely.

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