Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Seasonal Changes of Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Tibetan Sheep

    Zhou Mingliang;Chen Minghua;Wu Weisheng;Xie Rongqing;Jiang Shihai;Yang Pinggui;

    To investigate the seasonal changes in physiological and biochemical indexes of Tibetan sheep in Hongyuan area,we measured the physiological and biochemical indexes of Tibetan sheep at four different seasons. The results showed that the body temperature,respiration and heart rate of Tibetan sheep at four seasons were 39. 18- 39. 60 ℃,27. 20- 49. 04 times / min,91. 87- 106. 25 times / min,respectively. The indexes of WBC,MCV,MCH and MCHC in autumn and winter were significantly higher than those in spring and summer( P < 0. 01),while the indexes of RBC,HCT and RDW-CV in spring and summer were significantly higher than those in autumn and winter( P < 0. 01). The PLT did not vary greatly in spring,summer or autumn,but were all extremely higher than that in winter( P< 0. 01). The HGB maintained stable in the four seasons. The indexes of TP,ALB and GLO in summer and autumn were extremely higher than those in winter and spring( P < 0. 01),while the indexes of ALP and PCHE in summer and autumn were extremely lower than those in winter and spring( P < 0. 01). The indexes of AST,ALT,LDH,GLU,CHOL and CA maintained stable in all seasons.

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  • PCR-RFLP Polymorphism of ANGPTL4 Gene in Guizhou Yellow Cattle

    Xu Longxin;Zhang Lin;He Guangzhong;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the genetic effects of ANGPTL4 gene in Guizhou yellow cattle. [Method] The polymorphisms of ANGPTL4 gene in 46 individuals of Guanling yellow cattle and Sinan yellow cattle were detected using PCR-RFLP assay. [Result] A fragment of 260 bp was amplified from ANGPTL4 gene. After digestion by restriction endonuclease Mlu CI,two genotypes,AA and AB,were produced whereas BB genotype was not found. A mutation of 205T→C was observed through sequencing of different genotypes. AA genotype was dominant in both yellow cattle breeds,and A allele frequency was higher than B allele frequency. χ~2 test results showed that the two cattle breeds were at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium state in the digestion site( P > 0. 05). [Conclusion]The effective molecular markers of Guizhou yellow cattle,such as growth trait and intramuscular fat content,are obtained,which will provide a theoretical basis for molecular breeding of meat performance of Guizhou yellow cattle.

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Animal Disease and Drug

  • Research Progress of Using Phage Display Technology to Screen Virus Affinity Peptides

    Zhang Nana;Zheng Guanmin;Wang Fangyu;Ren Tingting;Hao Huifang;Zhang Yifang;Zhang Gaiping;Lu Qingxia;

    Development and application of phage display technology and research progress of virus affinity peptide were summarized in the paper,and a preliminary outlook for future development was put forward. The paper laid a foundation for development of polypeptide drugs and polypeptide vaccine.

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  • Monitoring of Avian Influenza Virus and Newcastle Disease Virus in Suichuan Region of Jiangxi Province

    Geng Haidong;Jin Hongmei;Zhang Yanjun;Zhang Xiaolin;Zhang Jiajie;Li Xiang;Zhou Changyu;Ding Yuanying;Gao Guangyu;Wang Zhuole;Qiao Dan;Li Yinxue;Zhai Xiwen;Hua Yuping;Zhang Guogang;Chai Hongliang;

    [Objective] The research aimed to investigate the epidemiological characteristics of Avian influenza virus( AIV) and Newcastle disease virus( NDV)of wild Ardeid birds in Suichuan region of Jiangxi Province. [Method] A total of 110 nasopharyngeal swabs and 110 cloacal swabs of Ardeid birds were collected from Suichuan region of Jiangxi Province in October of 2014. The swabs were conducted the virus isolation using SPF chicken embryos,suspected positive samples were screened by hemagglutination( HA) test and identified by Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction( RT-PCR). [Results] HA titre of all 110 test samples was 0 except four samples. Detection on AIV and NDV of the test samples by RT-PCR showed that all the samples were negative,which indicated that the infection risk of avian influenza( AI) and newcastle disease( ND) of Ardeid birds in Suichuan region in Jiangxi Province in the summer of 2014 was low. [Conclusion] The research provided the basic data for studying the infection situations of AI and ND of wild waterfowl in Jiangxi Province.

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  • Breeding of Leptin Receptor Gene Knockout Mice and Genotype Identification of the Offspring

    Ji Aibing;Yan Liang;Peng Wenshu;Liu Cong;Gong Wanying;Wang Qiaomei;

    The leptin( LP) receptor gene heterozygous mice were mated in four ways. Genomic DNA was extracted from offspring tails and analyzed by PCR. The result showed that the ratios of the offspring genotypes fit the Mendel's laws. The male and female LP~(-/-)mice( DB / DB mice) were infertile. LP~(-/-)mice could be effectively bred by mating of male and female LP~(+/-)mice. PCR methods could identify LP~(-/-)mice precisely.

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  • Research Advances of Detection Methods of Mycotoxins

    Zhang Zhimei;Fu Shijun;Guo Shijin;Song Daozhen;Huo Fang;Shen Zhiqiang;

    Mycotoxins are widely distributed in various feed ingredients and animal feed. Feed contamination by mycotoxin leads to deteriorated feed,various diseases of animals and even acute death,bringing great loss to breeding industry. The article summarized the harm of mycotoxin to animal and detection methods in feed and animal,in order to provide a reference for further improving mycotoxin detection methods and reducing the harm of mycotoxin to breeding industry.

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  • Correlation Coefficients of MLST Technology in Streptococcus

    Zhang Ying;Ma Li;Wang Jianjun;Zhang Zhimei;Yang Limei;Shen Zhiqiang;

    Multi-locus sequence typing( MLST) was a newly defined genotyping method used for determining the sequences of nucleic acid. It was used to analyze the sequences of several housekeeping genes and helped to fix the final sequence types. The review was aimed to summarize the advantages and application of MLST in Streptococus agalactiae,S. dysgalactiae subspecies equisimilis,S. pneumonia,S. pyogenes and S. suis,including the amount of housekeeping genes,primer sequences and the size of PCR products.

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  • Effects of Alkaloids in Oxytropis glabra on Mouse T Lymphocytes

    Zhang Jianjun;Han Min;Bai Ying;

    The effects of different doses of swainonine( SW),thermopsine( Ts) and their mixture on transformation of mouse T lymphocytes were studied,in order to figure out the poisoning mechanism of Oxytropis glabra. Totally 240 mice were randomly grouped,and orally administrated with different concentrations of SW,Ts and their mixture. Four mice were randomly selected from each group at the 7~(th),14~(th),21~(st) and 35~(th) days,and lymphocytes were separated from anti-coagulated blood collected from eyeball. After Con A stimulation,T lymphocyte proliferation was detected by MTT assay. The results showed that low dose of SW promoted proliferation of mouse T lymphocyte; medium and high dose of SW also promoted proliferation of mouse T lymphocyte within a short period,but would seriously suppress its proliferation after a long period. Low dose of Ts almost had no impact on proliferation of T lymphocyte,while high dose also suppressed its proliferation.A similar result with SW was observed on alkaloid mixture. This indicated that different doses of SW,Ts and their mixture affected proliferation of T lymphocyte in different degrees.

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  • Effects of Shuanghuanglian Propolis Oral Liquid on Growth Performance,Slaughter Performance and Meat Quality of Broilers

    Ma Li;Yang Limei;Shen Zhiqiang;Wang Yanping;Xu Qianqian;Zhang Ying;Guo Shijin;

    [Objective] The paper was to investigate the effects of adding Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water on growth performance,slaughter performance and meat quality of broilers. [Method]Ninety one-day-old broilers were randomly divided into three groups( group Ⅰ,group Ⅱ and group Ⅲ) : group Ⅰ was the control group,and groups Ⅱ and Ⅲ were added 0. 5 and 1. 0 mL / L Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water,respectively.[Result] Compared with broilers in group I,the average daily feed intakes of broilers in group Ⅱ and group Ⅲ were increased by 0. 86%( P > 0. 05) and 1. 10%( P > 0. 05),respectively; the average daily gains were increased by 2. 33%( P < 0. 05) and 4. 43%( P < 0. 05),respectively; the feed gain ratios were decreased by 1. 05%( P >0. 05) and 2. 63%( P <0. 05),respectively; the slaughter rates were increased by 0. 94%( P >0. 05) and 1. 70%( P <0. 05),respectively; the eviscerated rates were increased by 0. 52%( P > 0. 05) and 1. 15%( P > 0. 05),respectively; the semi-eviscerated rates were increased by 1. 51%( P < 0. 05) and 2.23%( P < 0. 05),respectively; the breast muscle rates were increased by 3. 77%( P < 0. 05) and 5. 51%( P < 0. 05),respectively; the leg muscle rates were increased by 1. 96%( P > 0. 05) and 4. 09%( P < 0. 05),respectively; the lightness( L*) were decreased by 0. 96%( P > 0. 05) and 1. 47%( P > 0. 05),respectively; the redness( a*) were increased by 1. 24%( P < 0. 05) and 1. 86%( P < 0. 05),respectively; the yellowness( b*) were decreased by 0. 44%( P >0. 05) and 1. 03%( P <0. 05),respectively; the drip losses were decreased by 1. 22%( P <0. 05) and 1. 56%( P <0. 05),respectively; the cooking losses were decreased by 1. 76%( P > 0. 05) and 2. 89%( P < 0. 05),respectively. [Conclusion]Adding 0. 5 and 1. 0 mL / L Shuanghuanglian propolis oral liquid in drinking water could improve growth performance,slaughter performance,meat quality of broilers,and the dose of 1. 0 mL / L is recommended in clinical application.

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  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Rex Rabbit Infectious Coryza and Isolation of the Pathogen

    Wang Yanping;Guo Shijin;Xu Qianqian;Dong Lin;Li Fengye;Xie Jinwen;Shen Zhiqiang;

    Rex rabbit Bordetella bronchiseptica was isolated from a large rabbit field in Shandong Province. And which could be diagnosed to be Rex rabbit infectious coryza combining with the incidence,clinical symptoms,pathological changes and laboratory examination. Kanamycin soluble powder was used to treat the disease according to the antibiotics usage and course,and the treatment was proved to be effective.

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  • Establishment on Genotype Identification PCR Detection of Porcine Circovirus Type 2

    Dong Lin;Wang Yanping;Wang Jinliang;Tang Na;Shen Zhiqiang;Liu Zengshan;

    ORF2 gene fragment was amplified from Porcine circovirus type 2( PCV2) Shandong isolates by PCR,homology analysis and genotype identification were conducted on PCV2 ORF2 gene combining with the sequences listed in Gen Bank. The dominating popular genotype of PCV2 in Shandong Province was developed and the gene genetic variation characteristics of PCV2 was discussed. Specific PCR primers were designed and synthesized according to the differences among PCV2 genetypes,PCV2 gene identification PCR detection was established,and feasibility of the method was evaluated from the respects of sensitivity,specificity and repeatability,etc A total of 28 PCV2 ORF2 complete genes were obtained including 4 PCV2 a isolates,21 PCV2 b isolates and 3 PCV2 d isolates,indicating that the dominating popular genotype of PCV2 in Shandong Province was PCV2 b. Analysis on gene homology showed that homology of isolates in different regions from2000 to 2012 was 90. 5%- 99. 8%,amino acid sites sequences existed in different genotypes of PCV2 were different. Fragments amplified by the established PCR method were 341 bp and 177 bp,the lowest content of DNA could be detected was 5 ng / μL. Specific test results showed that the DNA amplifications on PCV2 a and PCV2 b were both positive,while amplifications on Porcine circovirus virus 1( PCV1),Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus( PRRSV),Pseudorabies virus( PRV),Porcine parvovirus( PPV),Classical swine fever virus( CSFV),Japanese encephalitis virus( JEV) and Escherichia coli( E. coli) were all negative,all the tests were conducted for 10 times,and the results were consistent. Test results indicated that the established PCR method had good specificity and repeatability,which could be applied to the identification of PCV2 genotypes.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Extraction of Sericin and Its Application in Cosmetics

    Ye Chongjun;Li Bing;Chen Fusheng;

    Sericin is a unique functional protein,widely used in food,cosmetics,fiber processing,cell engineering,medical materials and other fields. The property,extraction technology and biological characteristics of sericin are introduced in the paper. Besides,functions of sericin in cosmetics are analyzed from multiple perspectives,and development of sericin series cosmetics is discussed.

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Feed and Nutrltlon

  • Research Status of Alpha Linolenic Acid(ALA) and Its Application Advances in Livestock and Poultry Production

    Su Jiayi;Mao Wei;Wang Zhanbin;

    Alpha linolenic acid( ALA),a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid extracted from plants and fruits,has a variety of biological functions. In recent years,ALA has attracted much attention as a natural green feed additive. The physical and chemical properties,metabolic process,physiological function of ALA as well as its application and mechanisms in livestock and poultry production are summarized in the paper.

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  • Preliminary Study on Production Performance of Different Varieties of Forage Mulberry

    Deng Huifen;Liu Hailin;Wu Baixin;Yi Kangle;Jiang Guitao;Li Haobang;Sun Ao;

    A comparative study was conducted on four mulberry( Morus alba) varieties( lines) in Hunan dry land from the aspects of production performance,nutritional composition and amino acids content. The result showed that the four mulberry varieties all adjusted well to soil,climate and other natural conditions in Hunan province,presenting good growth. The dry matter content of four varieties( lines) was above 25% and the crude protein content was more than 22%. Although the crude protein and total amino acid content of four mulberry varieties were lower than that of soybean powder,the proportion of various amino acids tended to be consistent,so mulberry leaf was very comprehensive in nutrition as an animal feed. Yuesang 11 had the highest fresh yield and crude protein of 14. 28 t / hm~2 and23. 22% respectively; Guisangyou 12 had the highest total amino acid content of 19. 58%. There were differences among four varieties,but each variety had its own advantages,so they all had good popularization value.

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  • Effect of Mulberry Leaf Powder Supplement on Growth,Slaughter Performance and Meat Quality of Wanxi White Goose

    Li Ruixue;Wang Taichu;Meng Qingjie;Wang Yuting;Huang Xianzhi;Fan Tao;

    The effect of mulberry leaf powder on growth,slaughter performance and meat quality of Wanxi white goose was investigated by adding different proportions of mulberry leaf powder in the basal goose diet. After 125-day-old Wanxi white geese were fed with diets supplemented with 5%,8% and 11% mulberry leaf powder for consecutive 50 d,the average daily feed intake increased slightly,while the average daily weight gain decreased extremely( P < 0. 01),and the ratio of feed to gain increased significantly( P < 0. 01) compared to control. The slaughter rate,semi-eviscerated rate and eviscerated rate of Wanxi white goose in experimental groups Ⅱ,Ⅲ and Ⅳ were higher than those in control group,and the slaughter rate was significantly higher than that in control group( P < 0. 05). Adding mulberry leaf powder in diet significantly reduced the abdominal fat rate of Wanxi white goose( P < 0. 01),but had no significant impact on pectoral muscle rate and limb muscle rate( P > 0. 05). Compared to control group,the contents of dry matter,fat,crude protein,saturated fatty acid and unsaturated fatty acid of Wanxi white geese in experimental groups decreased significantly( P < 0. 05),and the content of total amino acids also decreased slightly. The inosinic acid content in muscle of Wanxi white goose in groups Ⅱ and Ⅳ were slightly higher than that in control group. The thiamine content of Wanxi white goose in group Ⅳ was 52. 00%higher than that in control group( P < 0. 05). These results preliminarily showed that adding appropriate amount of mulberry leaf powder in diet could significantly improve the slaughter performance of Wanxi white goose,and improve the flavor of meat. But high amount of mulberry leaf powder should be avoided to ensure the palatability of diet.

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Grassland Science

  • Particle Size of Barchan Dune in Hexi Desert Area and Its Relationship with Wind Speed

    Chang Zhaofeng;Han Shenghui;Tang Jinnian;Wang Qi;Zhang Dekui;Zhang Jianhui;Wang Qiangqiang;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the particle size characteristics of barchan dune and its formation mechanism in Hexi desert area of Gansu. [Method] Through particle size measurement and wind speed flow field observation of dune,the particle size differences of various sampling plots and various parts of dune were analyzed using analysis of variance,and the relationship between particle size and wind speed was analyzed using correlation coefficient method. [Result]( 1) Barchan dune and barchan chains in Hexi desert area of Gansu were mainly consisted of fine sands and medium sands at the depth of 0- 5 cm: the sand particle in Gulang desert area was fine,which had significant difference with that in Jinchang,Linze,Jinta and Minqin desert areas.( 2) Medium sands gradually increased from the bottom of windward slope to the dune peak in both barchan dune and barchan chain. On the windward slope of barchan dune,fine sands gradually increased from the middle to both sides,while coarse sands and medium sands gradually decreased. On the windward slope of barchan chain,fine sands first decreased then increased from the middle to NE side,but first increased then decreased from the middle to SW side.( 3) In terms of particle size,there were great variations between fine sands and coarse sands; for dune parts,there were great variations between dune peak and leeward slope toe; for dune types,the variation of fine sands in various parts of barchan chain was greater than that of barchan dune,while differentiation degree of medium sands and fine sands was greater than that of barchan dune. The particle size of fine sands was positively correlated with wind speed,and that of medium sands was negatively correlated with wind speed.[Conclusion]The formation environment of particle size of barchan dune mainly included sand source and dynamic source,and wind speed was the dynamic source for particle size distribution of barchan dune.

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Aquatic Science

  • Research Progress of Fishery Resources in Tibet

    Zhou Jianshe;Min Zhiping;Zhang Chi;Li Baohai;Wang Wanliang;Pan Yingzi;

    The paper was to better understand fishery resources status in Tibet,to effectively protect rare and endangered cold-water fish resources,and to further understand the difficulties in rational exploitation and protection and utilization of fisheries resources. This study made a systematic analysis of research progress of fishery resources in Tibet and pointed out that Tibet had abundant water resources,but the aquatic industry lagged behind; resource utilization was extremely limited; and endangered species had not been timely protected. It was very difficult to promote popularity of aquatic industry in Tibet because of weak infrastructure construction and a serious lack of relevant technicians. Actually,the aquatic industry in Tibet remained basically a blank. Therefore,it was both important and necessary to establish fishery resources monitoring network based on plateau water resource system. Furthermore,initial ideas for further investigation of water resources were put forward.

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  • Instructions

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science(ISSN 1943-9911)is an academic journal sponsored by Wu Chu(USA-China)Science and Culture Media Co.(USA).It was first published in 2009.The journal is published bimonthly to report basic theory and applied research about animal husbandry,veterinary,aquaculture,feed science and other related fields,including

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