Poultries and Domestic Animals

  • Expression Pattern of IGF-I Gene and Correlation between Its SNPs and Growth Traits in Sheep

    Zhou Mingliang;Zhang Xiangyu;Qi Songzhi;Wang Qi;Wu Dengjun;Yang Pinggui;

    This study was to investigate the expression pattern of IGF-I gene and correlation between its SNPs and growth traits in sheep.The expression patterns of IGF-I gene in brain,muscle,skin,liver and heart of Liangshan semi-wool sheep were detected at six growth stages(15,60,105,195,240 days) by employing qRT-PCR approach,and the correlation between SNPs of IGF-I gene and growth traits via SSCP method.The first inflection point of IGF-I gene expression was observed at day 105 in all five tissues.From 15-105 days IGF-I gene gave a decline-ascending trend in muscle,brain and liver,while it did not vary significantly during day 15-day 60 and was up-regulated in heart and liver at day 105.Whenafter,the expression level was down-regulated in liver,while that in muscle,heart,brain and skin assumed the second inflection point.The expression levels of IGF-I gene in brain and skin at day 195 were significantly higher than that at day 150 and day 240.These suggest the synchronous expression of IGF-I gene in all five tissues.Two SNPs located at the leader region and exon 3 of IGF-I gene were middle or low polymorphic.The SNP locus detected with primer P-1 was significantly correlated with birth weight of Liangshan semi-wool sheep(P <0.05),while that detected with primer P-2 was significantly correlated with weaning weight and the weaning daily gain(P < 0.05).The expression of IGF-I in all tissues had the similar developmental patterns,and strong correlation of the SNPs of IGF-I gene was confirmed with the eary growth traits to provide theoretical basis for the growth regulation and applying to assisted selective breeding with the SNPs in liangshan semi-wool sheep.

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  • Intra-breed Genetic Variation of Fragrance Pigs Detected by Microsatellite Markers

    Shen Xuelin;Duan Yongbang;Yao Shaokuan;Zhang Qin;Liu Peiqiong;

    [Objective] The genetic background of four types of fragrance pigs was studied using microsatellite molecular markers,in order to fully understand the genetic resources of miniature pigs in China.[Method] Using 27 pairs of microsatellite loci jointly recommended by Food and Agricultural Organization(FAO)and International Society for Animal Genetics(ISAG),we detected the genotypes of 200 fragrance individuals belonging to four types(Jiuyang fragrance pig,Jianbai fragrance pig,Congjiang fragrance pig and Huanjiang fragrance pig),and analyzed their Inter-and intra-breed genetic variations.[Result]The 23 loci detected in the test were high polymorphic;the mean heterozygosity(H) of Jiuyang fragrance pig,Jianbai fragrance pig,Congjiang fragrance pig and Huanjiang fragrance pig were 0.683 6,0.667 9,0.697 3 and 0.702 2,and their mean polymorphism information contents(PIC) were 0.6263,0.6063,0.6420 and 0.6415,respectively.[Conclusion]Four types of fragrance pigs detected in the test all had high intra-breed genetic variability.

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  • Effect of Fruit-flavored Agent and Green Pigment on Production Performance of Simmental Cows


    [Objective] The paper was to increase utilization rate of roughage to solve current shortage of forage and improve production performance of Simmental cow.[Method] Fruit-flavored agent and green pigment were added in roughage of Simmental cow respectively,and their effects on feed intake,milk production and milk quality of Simmental cow were studied.[Result] After adding fruit-flavored agent and green pigment,the feed intakes of Simmental cow were increased by 30.69% and 12.27%,while the milk productions were increased by 1.74 and 2.25 kg,respectively,and the differences were all significant(P < 0.05).[Conclusion]Adding 0.3% and 0.1% fruit-flavored agent and green pigment in roughage of Simmental cow could significantly improve feed intake and milk production,which can also delay the decline of milk production during late lactation stage and improve milk quality.

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  • Correlation between Metroptosis Pathogenesis of Buffalo and Contents of Serum Calcium,Phosphorus and Antioxidation Levels

    Zou Zhenxing;Huang Yunfei;Chai Qiaolian;Hu Yongling;Zhang Xiaojie;Sun Yao;Qin Guangsheng;He Baoxiang;

    [Objective] The paper was to study the metroptosis pathogenesis of dairy buffalo.[Method]A total of 53 dairy buffaloes were selected to detect serum calcium,phosphorus,malondialdehyde(MDA) and total antioxidant capacity(TAC) levels.Dairy buffaloes were divided into metroptosis group(M) and healthy control group(UM) according to metroptosis situations of buffalo.The correlation between metroptosis of buffalo and calcium,phosphorus and oxidation/antioxidation levels in plasma was analyzed.[Result] The contents of serum calcium and phosphorus and oxidation/antioxidation level of dairy buffalo at the prenatal week and the calving day in M group were significantly lower than that in UM group.The TAC level of dairy buffalo in M group from the first three weeks to the calving day was significantly lower than that in UM group.The MDA level in M group was significantly higher than that in UM group.[Conclusion] The occurrence of postpartum metroptosis in buffalo was related to insufficient levels of calcium and phosphorus in prepartum buffalo,declined total antioxidation capacity and accumulation of peroxide products.

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  • Application of Probiotics in Pig Industry as a Substitute of Antibiotics

    Sha Wenfeng;Zhu Juan;Gu Yongjian;Dai Hui;Qiu Liangwei;

    Antibiotics plays a positive role in the development of livestock breeding and feed industry,but has also disadvantages impossible to overcome,so it is an inevitable trend of prohibiting application of antibiotics in feed.This paper reviewed concept and action mechanism of the antibiotics substitute—probiotics,and its application in piglets,growing and fattening pigs and sows.

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  • Comparison of Immune Effect of Four Commercial Marek's Disease Vaccines in Wenchang Chicken

    Cao Zongxi;Zhang Yan;Tan Shuyi;Ye Baoguo;Lin Zhemin;

    Marek's disease(MD) is a lymphoproliferative disease of domestic chickens caused by a highly infectious,oncogenic alpha-herpesvirus known as Marek's disease virus(MDV).The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of four commercial MDV vaccines in Wenchang chicken.The 1-day old Wenchang chickens tested were injected with one of four different vaccines or not unvaccinated as control;five days later,they were then challenged by virulent MDV strain MD5.The results showed that,in comparison with HVT vaccines,the CVI988 vaccine gave the immunized chickens more potent immunities against challenges of MDV strain MD5.

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  • Development and Application of an RT-PCR Method for Differentiation of PEDV Variant Strains and Classical Strains

    Qin Yibin;Lu Bingxia;Zhao Wu;He Ying;Li Yingying;Li Bin;Liang Jiaxing;Liang Baozhong;Su Qianlian;Jiang Dongfu;Zhou Yingning;

    In order to establish a rapid RT-PCR assay for detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus(PEDV),a pair of special primers was designed based on S gene sequence of PEDV published in Gen Bank.After optimization of the reaction system,a rapid RT-PCR method was established.Results showed that a fragment of 826 bp was successfully amplified only from the variant PEDV by RT-PCR,while the expected target fragment could not be amplified from TGEV,porcine rotavirus,porcine kobuvirus,PRRSV,PRV,CSFV,PPV.Sensitivity test of RT-PCR indicated that only 11.3 pg nuclear acids could be detected accurately and rapidly.A total of 123 samples collected from different farms in Guangxi Province were detected by the established RT-PCR,the positive rate of PEDV was 67.5%,and the positive rate of new PEDV was 86.7%(72/83).Therefore,the RT-PCR could be used as an effective tool for differentiating diagnosis of the highly pathogenic PEDV in epidemiological investigations.

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Aquatic Science

  • Ecological Hatching Method for Misgurnus anguillicaudatus Fingerlings

    Liang Shaomin;Li Chunfa;Zhang Xiaolei;

    [Objective]To improve the artificial propagation technique of Misgurnus anguillicaudatus,and to provide technical support for the industrialization development of M.anguillicaudatus in future.[Methods] The hatching rates,survival rates,deformity rates and parent morality rates of M.anguillicaudatus were compared by ecological hatching method and traditional hatching method.[Results]The hatching rate by ecological hatching method was 32.60% higher than that by traditional hatching method,showing extremely significant differences.The survival rate of M.anguillicaudatus fingerlings by ecological hatching method was2.32% higher than that by traditional hatching method.And the deformity rates of M.anguillicaudatus fingerlings by traditional hatching method and ecological hatching method were 26.50% and 24.14%,respectively,indicating no significant differences.The morality rates of female parents of M.anguillicaudatus were89.72% and 5.91% by traditional hatching method and ecological hatching method,respectively.[Conclusions]Ecological hatching method effectively improved the hatching rate and fingerling survival rate of M.anguillicaudatus,and reduced the morality rate of female parents,which was helpful to save the production cost,met the requirements for large-scale production of M.anguillicaudatus,and had good application prospect.

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  • Construction of Food Web Model for Liusha Bay-Based on Stable Isotope Analysis

    Yang Guohuan;Hou Xiuqiong;Sun Xingli;Chen Chunliang;

    To investigate the food web structure of Liusha Bay,the δ13C and δ15N values of various organisms collected in Liusha Bay were measured via stable isotope technique.Based on the calculated δ15N value,the correlation between stable isotope ratio and trophic level were established to predict the trophic levels of shrimps,crabs,cephalopods and fishes.By comparing the analysis results of stomach contents of 24 organisms,two methods gave a similar consistence in approximately 71% of organisms within a 0.5 trophic level.It is concluded that stable isotope technique could be an effective method for studying ocean food web trophic level.

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  • Study on the Harmonious Symbiosis of Rice,Loach and Frog

    Yang Shangkun;Xie Mingyu;Sun Yong;

    The harmonious symbiosis of rice,loach and frog is a new stereo,ecological,high-efficiency agricultural development mode that integrates cultivation and breeding.On the one hand,it protects ecological environment and increases peasants' income;on the other hand,it ensures food security and human health.This mode produces outstanding economic,ecological and social benefits.

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  • Isolation and Identification of the Pathogens of Bullfrog Streptoccus Disease

    Hang Xiaoying;Zhou Dongren;Luo Yizhi;Shi Weida;Ye Xueping;

    The tested strain from typical clinical cases,and the physio-chemical characteristics,16 S rRNA gene sequence and drug sensitivity challenge property were analyzed.This isolate was determined as Streptococcus agalactiae,16 S rRNA gene fragment of 1 280 bp in length.Blast analysis showed that this fragment shared a 100% homology with the conservative region of Streptococcus agalactiae isolate(AB023574),Streptococcus dysqalactiae isolate(HM146084.1,AB537922,EU075033),Streptococcus difficilis isolate(AB112407) accessed in Genbank.The isolate was sensitive to ciprofloxacin,neomycin,spectinomycin,furadantin and enoxacin.The results lay foundation for the effective control,rational medication and vaccine preparation for Streptococcus disease on bullfrogs.

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Fodder·Veterinary Drug

  • Production of Yeast Protein Feed by Hypoxia Biochemical Treatment of Lysine Wastewater

    Zhuang Zhenmin;

    Hansenula anomala were general pale yellow oval-shaped bacteria in aerobic biochemical wastewater process,but transformed into pale yellow round-shape under hypoxia condition.A better precipitation of lysine wastewater could be obtained by using Hansenula anomala in hypoxia biochemical treatment.Therefore,the lysine wastewater could be used to produce yeast protein feed at 23-33 ℃ water temperature and 2.8-4.4 p H by Hansenula anomala in hypoxia condition.The results indicated that removal rate of chemical oxygen demand(COD) was 65.8%,and that of suspended substance(SS) was 95.6%.Then the deposited yeast protein was dried after secondary sedimentation and steam sandwich concentrated method.Results showed that 3.9 t yeast protein feed could be obtained every day,and its price was 3 000 Yuan per ton,so that the annual profit of company would be 9.6 million Yuan after deducting the operating cost of wastewater treatment.

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  • Exploration of Development Trend of Antibiotics Based on the "Fast-growing Chicken" Incident

    Tao Chunwei;Ge Suyun;Liu Chunhai;

    Antibiotics play an important role in livestock breeding,such as promoting animals' growth and keeping their fitness,however,the residues easily cause food security problems.This paper analyzed application status of antibiotics from the perspectives of reasons for application,dangers,foreign and domestic supervision policies and so on,and proposed origanum oil as the substitute of antibiotics by elaborating its action mechanism and application prospects.

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  • Synergistic Effects of 18β-glycyrrhetinic Acid Combined with Antituberculosis Drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    Jia Fang;Xing Liqun;

    The in vitro antibacterial activities of 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid alone or combined with first-line antituberculosis drugs including isoniazid(INH),rifampicin(RFP) and streptomycin(SM) against Mycobacterium tuberculosis were detected using MABA method.The minimum inhibitory concentrations(MICs) of18β-glycyrrhetinic acid against M.tuberculosis H37Rv(ATCC 27294) and M.bovis(ATCC 19210) were 50 and 100 μg/m L,respectively.The MICs of two clinical drug-susceptible isolates and six drug-resistant isolates were 25-50 and 100-200 μg/m L,respectively.As 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid combined with INH,RFP and SM,they exhibited synergistic effects against six drug-resistant isolates,and MICs decreased significantly:MIC of INH decreased by 2-32 folds(FICIs 0.125-0.375);MIC of RFP decreased by 4-8 folds(FICIs 0.240-0.490);MIC of SM decreased by 4-16 folds(FICIs 0.165-0.460).Traditional medicine monomer had low cytotoxicity on normal cell BHK-21 and could restraint SMMC fission.The results showed that 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid combined with anti-TB drugs(INH,RFP and SM) had good antibacterial activity against M.tuberculosis.These findings indicated that 18β-glycyrrhetinic acid might serve as the potential therapeutic compound for future development of anti-TB drugs.

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Grassland Science

  • Variation of Soil CO_2 Flux and Carbon Density in Three Apline Meadows

    Wei Wei;Cao Wenxia;Zhang Xiaojiao;

    Three alpine meadows were chosen from the eastern margin of the Qilian Mountain:Polygonum viviparum meadow(P),Stipa capillata grassland(S)and Rhododendron simsii shrub meadow(R);LI-8100 A soil CO2 flux auto-monitoring system and lab analysis were applied to analyze the soil organic carbon density,dynamics of carbon flux,and their relationship with environmental factors.The results showed that different vegetations varied greatly in soil organic carbon density:R > S > P,and the soil carbon density reduced with the increasing depth;soil CO2flux:S > P > R,and sample plot P and S showed unimodal changes.The peak values appeared at 14:00-15:00 p.m.;soil CO2 flux was negatively correlated with near-ground air humidity and carbon content,positively correlated with soil temperature and near-ground air temperature,and showed no obvious correlation with soil moisture.

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  • Effects of Modulation Methods on the Drying Characteristics and Nutritional Quality of Medicago sativa Hay

    Zhou Juanjuan;Wei Wei;Qin Aiqiong;Chen Benjian;

    Two-year-old Medicago sativa at budding initial stage was taken as research materials.Five methods were used to make green hay,including flatting stems + spraying 2.5% K2CO3,flatting stems,sun curing,drying in shade and drying under 105 ℃ condition(CK).Besides,effects of different green hay making methods on dry characteristics and nutritional quality of M.sativa green hay were studied,and a comprehensive evaluation of M.sativa green hays was conducted.Results showed that,except CK,the drying rates in other making methods were all fast at first,and then slow down.Both of drying under 105 ℃ condition and flatting stems + spraying K2CO3 could speed up drying rate and reduce nutritional losses of green hay.Sun curing could also speed up drying rate,but it could not maintain the quality of green hay.The results of Grey Relational Analysis on five green hay making methods indicated that CK had the best comprehensive performance,followed by green hays made by flatting stems + spraying K2CO3.Therefore,flatting stems + spraying K2CO3 was a quick and easy method to make green hay,and it was worth to be recommended in practical production.

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Silkworm,Honeybee and Wild Animals

  • Prevention and Control of Clinostomiasis in Heron

    Feng Kairong;Zou Yongxin;Guan Jianxin;Qian Huihui;Li Jinfeng;Chen Xiudeng;Cao Jianwei;

    In the research of artificial breeding technology of heron,it was found that young herons were easily infected by Clinostomum complanatum which could severely affect the health and growth of heron.In order to explore the prevention technology of clinostomiasis caused by C.complanatum and promote development of heron artificial breeding technology,we observed epidemic characteristics and clinical symptom of clinostomiasis,and carried out pathological examination and drug treatment trials.The results showed that 20 mg/kg albendaszole had a distinctive effect on clinostomiasis.The comprehensive prevention and control technology against clinostomiasis was further put forward.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1.Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes,letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry,veterinary medicine,feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory,applied research and high-tech,etc.A manuscript must offer detailed document and reliable data.The innovative idea

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and veterinary workers to the world,enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange,and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary.In 2009,Wu Chu(USA-China)Science&Culture Media Co.(Cranston,USA)and Anhui Wuchu Science,Technology and Culture Communication Co.,Ltd(Hefei,China)

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