• Construction and Preliminary Analysis of Ovine Oocytes Proteomic 2-DE Map

    [Objective] To obtain ovine oocytes 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) maps. [Method] Ovine oocytes were solubilized in lysis buffer, and protein concentrations were measured using the method of Bradford and Ramagli. Then the samples were subjected to two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The 2-DE maps of ovine oocytes were analyzed through PDQuest 8.0. [Result] The Ramagli method could reflect concentration of oocyte protein more actually and could optimize the quantity of samples to get a 2-DE map with higher quality. The protein concentration measured by the Bradford method was higher than its actual value. [Conclusion] Each 2-DE map loading 700 oocytes is more reasonable.

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  • Effects of Medium on in Vitro Maturation of Pig Oocytes and in Vitro Early Development of Parthenogenetic Embryos

    [Objective]To improve quality of oocytes maturing in vitro and to optimize in vitro culture system of porcine early embryos. [Method]Oocytes were cultured in the improved TCM199 and NCSU-23 basic media,which were added pig follicular fluid ( PFF) or high-quality fetal bovineserum ( FBS) both at a proportion of 10% ( V /V) . After in vitro maturation and development,effects of medium on maturation of pig oocytes anddevelopment of early parthenogenetic embryos were investigated using maturing rate of pig oocytes and development rate of parthenogenetic embry-os as indicators. [Objective] To improve quality of oocytes maturing in vitro and to optimize in vitro culture system of porcine early embryos. [Method] Oocytes were cultured in the improved TCM199 and NCSU-23 basic media, which were added pig follicular fluid (PFF) or high-quality fetal bovine serum (FBS) both at a proportion of 10% (V/V). After in vitro maturation and development, effects of medium on maturation of pig oocytes and development of early parthenogenetic embryos were investigated using maturing rate of pig oocytes and development rate of parthenogenetic embryos as indicators. [Result] After 42 h culture, the maturing rates of pig oocytes respectively cultured in the TCM199, TCM199 added FBS, TCM199 added PFF, NCSU-23, NCSU-23 added FBS and NCSU-23 added PFF were (54.2±3.5)%, (68.5±3.2)%, (69.3±3.7)%, (51.6±3.3)%, (63.2±3.1)% and (65.5±3.5)%, respectively. The pig oocytes cultured in the TCM199 or NCSU-23 that was added FBS or PFF had significantly higher maturing rate (P < 0.05). The development rates of parthenogenetic embryos were not significantly different between these six experimental media. However, the parthenogenetic embryos which developed in the TCM199 added PFF (36.5±4.8) had significantly more blastomeres than those developed in the TCM199 or NCSU-23 (18.7±3.2 and 15.5±2.4, respectively) (P < 0.05). [Conclusion] The improved TCM199 and NCSU-23 added PFF or FBS can largely promote in vitro maturation of pig oocytes and in vitro development of early parthenogenetic embryos.

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  • Sequence Structure and Characteristics of Exon 1 of Mink MLPH Gene

    [Objective] To clone exon 1 and its flanking sequences of MLPH gene from minks raised in western Liaoning region and to predict its structure. The study will provide a theoretical basis for breeding of colored mink. [Method] The exon 1 and its 5′-flanking sequences of MLPH gene were amplified from minks. SignalP 3.0 Server, ClustalX 1.83, Mega 4.1, TMHM 2.0, ProtComp v6.0 and other software were used for sequence analysis. [Result] A 1 029-bp fragment was amplified with the expected size. As calculated with the Mega 4.1, the minks had the nearest genetic distance with rattus (0.540 5) and the farthest with human (0.655 2). Phylogenetic tree of mink was constructed. [Conclusion] The mink MLPH gene encodes a secretory protein.

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  • Comparison on In-Vitro Culture Methods of Yak Endometrial Gland Epithelial Cells

    [Objective] To develop in-vitro culture methods of yak endometrial gland epithelial cells. [Method] The gland epithelial cells were isolated from yak endometrium by explant culture method and digestion culture method, respectively. [Result] In the first method, the cells isolated from the endometrium explant could merge into monolayer after 8-d culture, and they could be purified by gradation digestion with trypsin. In the second method, the endometrium explant were first digested by collagenase II by incubation at 37°C for 2.5 h and then further digested in fresh 2 g/L collagenase II for another 2.5 h. The cell suspension was leached through 74 μm filter and centrifuged at 400 r/min for 5 min. Then the cell pellet was re-suspended, followed by natural sedimentation to collect purified gland epithelial cells. The isolated cells were cytokeratin-positive as detected by immunocytochemical staining, and the positive rate could reach 95%. [Conclusion] The yak endometrial gland epithelial cells can be isolated and purified by both the explant culture method and digestion culture method.

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  • Treatment Effects of Common Melastoma Herb on White Scour in Piglets

    [Objective] To explore the treatment effects of common melastoma herb decoction on white scour in piglets. [Method] Piglets suffering from white scour were orally given the common melastoma herb decoction and norfloxacin, respectively. [Result] After the weaned piglets were gavaged medicines, the treatment effect of the common melastoma herb decoction was significantly different from that of norfloxacin (P < 0.05), and the optimal dosage of common melastoma herb decoction was 20 ml per piglet for treatment. After the weaned piglets were given medicines added in feedstuff, the treatment effect of the common melastoma herb decoction was significantly different from that of norfloxacin (P < 0.01), and the optimum dosage of common melastoma herb decoction was 50 ml per piglet for treatment. The preventive effect of the common melastoma herb decoction was significantly different from that of the control group in 35-day-old piglets suffering from white scour (P < 0.05), and the optimal dosage of common melastoma herb decoction was 15 ml per piglet for prophylaxis. To mix medicine in feedstuff was the preferred way for the diseased piglets having appetite. [Conclusion] The common melastoma herb decoction has treatment effects and preventive effects on white scour of piglets.

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  • Adaptability of Fowlpox Virus in Chicken Embryo Passage Cells

    [Objective] To observe whether fowlpox virus (FPV) can proliferate in chicken embryo passage fibroblasts or not and then try to use chicken embryo passage fibroblasts to replace primary chicken embryo cells for FPV culture. [Method] Primary chicken embryo fibroblasts were prepared and subcultured. After FPV were inoculated on the 20th passage fibroblasts, cytopathy was observed. Then, the FPV culture was identified and determined quantificationally. [Result] Specific cytopathy appeared in the FPV-inoculated chicken embryo passage fibroblasts. The titer of the yielded FPV culture reached the standard for production of fowl pox vaccine. Further analysis reveals that the chorioallantoic membrane lesions were caused by FPV. [Conclusion] FPV can reproduce in chicken embryo passage fibroblasts, and the titer of FPV cell culture can meet the production requirements of fowl pox vaccine.

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  • Synthesis,Expression and Purification of S1 and S2 Fragments of SARS S Protein in E.coli

    [Objective] To obtain pure recombinant S1 and S2 of SARS S protein. [Method] Using asymmetric PCR and ligation with endonuclease, S1 and S2 fragments of SARSV HK strain S gene were synthesized. Then, these two fragments were inserted into plasmid pET28a to obtain recombinant vectors pET28a-S1 and pET28a-S2, respectively. These recombinant vectors were transformed into E. coli BL21, and expression of S1 and S2 fragments were induced by IPTG. The conditions of expression and purification were optimized. [Result] The S1 and S2 fragments were amplified and successfully expressed in E. coli. [Conclusion] This research provides detection antigens for follow-up development of SARS vaccine.

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  • Identification of A Monoclonal Antibody against Chicken CD8 Alpha Chain

    [Objective] The aim of the study was to obtain monoclonal antibody against chicken CD8 molecule. [Method] A fragment of chicken CD8 alpha gene was amplified by PCR with a pair of designed primers. Then two recombinant plasmids containing the amplified fragment were constructed. After prokaryotic expression and purification, the obtained recombinant protein was used to immunize Balb/c mice. Finally, the spleen cells were fused with myeloma cells (SP2/0), and antibody titer of culture supernatant was detected by ELISA. [Result] A 510-bp gene fragment was amplified by PCR. The recombinant plasmid pET-32a-CD8 alpha was transformed into E. coli, and 39 kDa His-CD8 alpha fusion protein was induced to expression. After subcloning, the culture supernatant was detected by ELISA. A hybridoma cell strain, which could stably excrete antibody against CD8 alpha protein, was obtained and named C11. The ELISA titer of cell supernatant was higher than 1∶640. [Conclusion] A hybridoma cell strain has been established using the CD8 alpha expressed in prokaryotic system as immunogen.

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  • Development and Preliminary Application of Double Antibody Sandwich ELISA for Detection of Swine Vesicular Disease Virus

    [Objective] The aim of this study was to develop an indirect sandwich ELISA method for detection of swine vesicular disease virus (SVDV). [Method] High titer serum against SVDV was prepared respectively by inoculated rabbits and guinea pigs with purified virus. To develop an indirect sandwich ELISA, the optimum concentrations of capture antibody, detection antibody, enzyme conjugate and standard antigen were determined using block titration, and positive threshold value was also determined. The specificity, sensitivity and repeatability of the developed ELISA were evaluated using cross-reaction test, comparison test and intra-assay repeated test. In addition, standard samples and clinical samples were detected by this method. [Result] The best working conditions of the developed ELISA are as follows: capture antibody, 1∶400; detection antibody, 1∶200; enzyme conjugate, 1∶8 000; and standard antigen, 1∶4. The positive threshold value was found to be 0.20. For the detection by the developed ELISA, no cross-reaction with foot and mouth disease was observed. The developed ELISA had close sensitivity with ELISA recommended by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) but had sensitivity 2-4 times higher than that of reverse indirect hemagglutination test. In addition, the developed method also had good reproducibility, and the detection results of standard samples were in line with their own background. All the 36 clinical samples were negative in the developed ELISA. [Conclusion] The developed indirect sandwich ELISA can be used for diagnosis of swine vesicular disease.

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  • Research Progress in Animal Models of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    [Objective] To establish good animal models of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and serve treatment of HCC in humans. [Method] Several common animal models of HCC were introduced briefly. [Result] The commonly used animal models include C57BL/6J mouse model of orthotopic HCC induced with Hepa1-6 cells, nude mouse model of HCC constructed with Hep_G2 cell lines, rat HCC model constructed through direct transplantation or direct injection, HU-PBL-SCID mice model, and other transplanted HCC models or genetic HCC models. [Conclusion] Animal model is an important means and platform for experimental studies. To establish animal models of HCC is of important significance for studies on pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of HCC.

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  • Effects of Different Processing Methods on Germination Rate of Wada Alfalfa Seeds

    [Objective] To find a processing method to increase germination rate of Wada alfalfa seeds. [Method] Five processing methods were used to treat Wada alfalfa seeds, including immersion in hot water, immersion in 98% concentrated sulfuric acid, immersion in 100 g/L potassium nitrate, immersion in hot water after rubbing seed capsule, immersion in 30% (V/V) hydrogen peroxide. After treatment, germination energy, germination rate, germination index and vitality index were detected. [Result] The Wada alfalfa seeds immersed in 25°C water for 25 min after rubbing seed capsule had the highest germination rate (81.3%), followed by that of seeds immersed in 100 g/L potassium nitrate for 2 h, that of seeds immersed in 50°C water, and that of seeds immersed in 30% hydrogen peroxide for 5 min in order. The worst germination appeared in the seeds immersed in 98% concentrated sulfuric acid. [Conclusion] Immersion in 25°C water for 25 min after rubbing seed capsule is the best method to increase germination rate of Wada alfalfa seeds.

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  • Comparison on Seed Production of Various Orchardgrass

    [Objective] To find orchardgrass cultivars which have high seed production and can be planted in western Chongqing region. [Method] Seed production and phenophase were compared between several common orchardgrass cultivars (domestic or foreign) in western Chongqing region. A high-yield high-quality orchardgrass line suitable for seed production in western Chongqing region was found. [Result] The orchardgrass in western Chongqing region had excellent seed production performance. Among these cultivars, orchardgrass 01076 had the highest seed production, up to 512 kg/hm2. Its germinability, germination rate and germination index were also highest, 49%, 84% and 11, respectively. [Conclusion] The orchardgrass 01076 is worth planting in large scale in western Chongqing region for seed production.

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  • Characteristics of Kobresia humilis Community Structure at Different Degraded Levels in Northern Qinghai

    [Objective] To reveal structure and function of alpine meadow ecosystem and thus to provide a scientific basis for development, utilization and scientific management of alpine meadow pasture as well as sustainable development of grassland agriculture. [Method] Characteristics of Kobresia humilis communities with primary vegetation (community I) and degraded vegetation (community II) were analyzed. [Result] Species richness, biodiversity index and biomass of the community I were respectively 42, 3.531 and 3 553.1 g/m2, which were respectively higher than those of the community II (37, 2.270 and 3 391.1 g/m2). Correlation analysis shows that community biomass was correlated positively with the richness index (P < 0.01), and biodiversity index was correlated positively with the aboveground biomass and richness index (P < 0.01). [Conclusion] The Kobresia humilis community I has reasonable structure and large coverage of ground vegetation, which play an important role in maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem function.

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  • Screening and Genetic Characteristics of Breeding Materials of Silage Corn

    [Objective] To analyze the effects of major agronomic traits on yield in maize inbred lines. [Method] Incomplete diallel cross between three single-cross hybrids and 19 parent materials of corn silage were performed, and the agronomic traits of the obtained 57 cross combinations were identified. [Result] The regression equations between biomass and four important indicators (grain yield, rows per ear, plant height and straw yield) affecting biomass of corn silage were established. The broad heritability of straw yield, plant height, rows per ear and ear length was higher than 50%. Genetic effects had a greater impact, while environmental factors had a smaller impact. Thus, it had great potential to improve these traits by genetic breeding. In addition, the broad heritability of biomass and grain yield was lower than 50%. [Conclusion] Biomass and grain yield have greater interaction effects on environment, and the environmental impact should be considered for selection.

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  • Comparison on Two Different Instrumental Methods for Determination of Fat Content in Washed Cashmere

    The aim of this study was to compare two different instrumental methods for determination of fat content in washed cashmere. The fat content in washed cashmere was determined using Soxhlet fat extraction unit and fiber grease extractor quickly, respectively. The results show that no significant difference was found between these two instrumental methods, and reliability of fiber grease extractor quickly was confirmed for determination of fat content in washed cashmere. Therefore, the fiber grease extractor quickly can meet current standard for determination of fat content in washed cashmere.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers,research notes, letters and reports about new technology onanimal husbandry, veterinary medicine, feed science andother related fields. These articles can refer to basic theory,

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  • About Animal Husbandry and Feed Science

    <正>Animal Husbandry and Feed Science is published to introduce the research achievements of animal husbandry and vet-erinary workers to the world, enhance their chances to participate in international academic exchange, and promote development of animal husbandry and veterinary. In 2009, Wu Chu (USA-China) Science & Culture Media Co.

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