• Artificial Insemination of Cherry Valley Ducks with Muscovy Ducks

    [Objective] To explore artificial insemination technique for production of mule ducks. [Method] Female Cherry Valley ducks were artificially inseminated with semen collected from male Muscovy ducks by massage method and vagina-insemination method to investigate the effects of insemination dose, insemination interval, insemination time and diluents on fertilization rate. [Result] The average fertilization rate was only 39.58%, when the female Cherry Valley ducks naturally mated with the male Muscovy ducks. However, it was increased to 74.79% by artificial insemination. The fertilization rate was 75.24% after semen was diluted by PBS buffer, while it was 75.16% after semen was diluted by Lake's buffer; however, there was not significant difference between the fertilization rate of the diluted semen and that of fresh semen (74.10%). After semen was respectively diluted by PBS buffer and Lake's buffer and then stored at 5 ℃ for 24 h, the fertilization rate was low, respectively 23.76% and 34.33%. [Conclusion] Artificial insemination technology can reduce insemination dose and increase fertilization rate in production of mule ducks.

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  • Study on Relationship Between Polymorphisms in FSHβ,ESR,PRLR Genes of A Novel Huai Pig Line II and Its Litter Size

    By employing PCR-RFLP technique, we detected the polymorphisms in FSHβ, ESR, PRLR genes of a novel Huai pig line II (generation 1) and their effects on initial litter size, and analyzed the aggregation effect of multi-gene combined genotype on initial litter size. The results showed that the genotype frequencies of ESR and PRLR genes were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium other than the genotype frequency of FSHβ gene. Allele A of FSHβ, ESR and PRLR gene had a positive additive effect on reproductive traits. The favorable genotypes of FSHβ and ESR genes was AA-type, while in PRLR gene was AB-type in the 112 pig individuals detected. With regard to FSHβ and ESR genes, AA-type individuals' TNB of were respectively 1.54(P<0.05) and 2.13(P<0.01) higher than the BB-type individuals'; AA-type individuals' ANB of the two genes were respectively 1.55(P<0.05) and 1.82(P<0.01) higher than the BB-type individuals'. Concerning PRLR gene, AB-type individuals' TNB was 0.77(P>0.05) and 1.59(P<0.05) higher than that of AA and BB-type individuals respectively, and ANB was 0.65(P>0.05) and 1.8(P<0.01) higher than AA and BB-type individuals' respectively. Moreover, our results also showed that the AAAABB combination genotype of FSHβ, ESR, PRLR genes bore more than all other combination genotypes, but only 2 individuals were proved to be AAAABB genotype. Consequently, pyramiding FSHβ and ESR genes could to a large extent enhance TNB and NBA of individuals. Therefore, we advise, in next generation that those individuals with AAAA combination genotype of FSHβ and ESR should be selected to increase frequency of allele A, whether PRLR gene is proper for pyramiding with the other genes or not is still to be studied further.

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  • Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Porcine IRGC Gene

    [Objective] This study was to analyze porcine IRGC gene, so as to lay the foundation of further revealing its function. [Method] IRGC gene was cloned by using EST information together with sequencing, then aligned with the IRGC sequences of human, cattle, dog and orangutan for obtaining their similarities. [Result] Porcine IRGC cDNA obtained in the present study was 1 558 bp in length(GenBank accession number EU703776), which shared high similarity with human (86%), cattle (90%), dog (91%), orangutan (84%). Sequence analysis shows that porcine IRGC gene encodes 464 amino acid residues which share high homologies with the counterparts from human(90%), cattle (93%), dog (95%), orangutan (90%). [Conclusion] Cloning and sequence analysis of porcine IRGC gene would be helpful for studying its functions.

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  • Comparison on Esterase Isozymes and Peroxidase Isozymes of Black Worm Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus at Different Developmental Stages

    [Objective] To respectively compare esterase isozymes and peroxidase isozymes among black worm Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus (Tenebrio molitor L.) at different developmental stages and thus provide a theoretical basis for species identification and large-scale farming. [Method] The esterase isozymes and peroxidase isozymes of black worm Tenebrio molitor L. at different developmental stages were respectively analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. [Result] Both esterase isozymes and peroxidase isozymes were different among black worm Tenebrio molitor L. at developmental stages, larvae in different instars or between the male adults and the female adults. [Conclusion] The esterase isozymes, peroxidase isozymes and physiological characteristics of black worm Tenebrio molitor L. varies with developmental stages.

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  • Effects of Different Preservation Methods on Activity of Recombinant E. coli

    [Objective] To explore different preservation methods of recombinant E.coli and find out the optimal conditions for preservation. [Method] The recombinant E.coli DH5α transformed pcDNA3 were respectively preserved at 4 ℃ and -70 ℃, and the activity was determined after different time. [Result] The number of living E.coli with high dilutions preserved at 4 ℃ was gradually increased within the first 7 d, peaked on Day 7, and then gradually decreased. The number of living E.coli, which were preserved in 8% glycerol at -70 ℃ when OD600 at 0.8, were significantly higher than that of other groups after different preservation time. [Conclusion] The optimal storage time was 7 d for recombinant E.coli at 4 ℃. For preservation at -70 ℃, the bacteria should be in logarithmic growth phase and preserved in 8% glycerol.

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  • Effects of Peptides from Swine Blood on Antioxidative Capacity of Mice

    Porcine peptides have strong antioxidative activities. The porcine peptides at different doses were administered hepatotoxic mice to investigate their in vivo antioxidant capability. After administration, the activity of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in liver and serum was enhanced and malonaldehyde content in liver and serum was greatly decreased. Therefore, the porcine peptides can significantly reduce the damage of active oxygen to body, enhance the body's antioxidant capability, and thus maintain health.

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  • HA Gene Variation Analysis of H9N2 Sub-type Avian Influenza Virus from Three Strains in Different Times

    HA Gene of H9N2 sub-type avian influenza virus from three strains in different times was amplified, purified and then sequenced. The results of its sequence analysis showed that the whole length of the amplified HA Gene was 1 683 bp, encoding 560 amino acids. The amino acid sequence of three virulent strains at cleavage site was R-S-S-R, which was low-pathogenicity strain. According to the amino acid sequence of the isolated strains, there were 7 potential glycosylation sites, and the receptor-binding site was the specific sequence of the avian-derived influenza virus. Amino acids on the left edge of receptor-binding site were all NGQQG, while amino acids on the right edge of receptor-binding site were GTSKA. From the comparative sequence analysis of HA Gene from some referenced strains, the results indicated that nucleotide and amino acid homology between isolated strains and referenced strains was higher. Evolutionary tree analysis showed that three strains were all Eurasian species, and there was a close relationship with the representative strains of A / duck / Hong Kong/Y280/97.

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  • Cloning,Sequencing of F and HN Genes and Molecular Characteristics of Goose Paramyxovirus BZ02 Isolate

    [Objective] The aim of this study was to clone and sequence F and HN genes of the isolated goose paramyxovirus and thus further investigate on its pathogenesis and evolutionary origins. [Method] According to the published F and HN gene sequences of Avian Paramyxovirus TypeⅠat home and abroad, two pairs of primers (FF, FR; HNF, HNR) were designed by DNAstar software, and F and HN genes were also amplified by PCR. The PCR products were recovered and ligated to T vector, while the positive clones were identified by ampicillin plate screening and PCR. After bacteria shaking, the plasmid was extracted and sent to Shanghai Sangon for sequencing. The sequences were compared with the sequences in GenBank, and the phylogenetic tree was drawn by DNAstar software. Meanwhile, the phylogenetic analysis of amino acid residues was also studied. [Result] The ORF of F gene was 1 662 bp encoding 553 amino acids, and its cleavage site was 112R-R-Q-K-R-F117, which was consistent with the characteristics of virulent strains. 101-bit and 121-bit amino acid residues were K (Lys) and D (Asp). The ORF of HN gene was 1 716 bp encoding 571 amino acids. The homology of HN sequence in 29 strains of goose paramyxovirus to YG97 was the highest, accounting for 99.6%. Analysis of glycosylation sites revealed that glycosylation site of BZ02 strain at 538-540aa disappeared. The phylogenetic tree drawn by HN genes was highly consistent with that drawn by F genes. Compared with the homology of F and HN nucleotide sequence of the published type-Ⅰgoose paramyxovirus in China, BZ02, JG97, HG97 and YG97 were divided into the same sub-group, and the nucleotide and amino acid sequences homologies were highest between BZ02 and YG97 strain. [Conclusion] BZ02, JG97, HG97 and YG97 have the same evolutionary origin or all originate from YG97.

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  • Diagnosis and Prevention of Swine Influenza

    Swine influenza (SI) is an acute, febrile, highly contagious, respiratory infectious disease caused by swine influenza virus (SIV), which is a common disease in intensive pig farms, and prevalent throughout the world. Disease in affected pigs was characterized by burst, high fever, rapid epidemic spread. The mortality of SI with secondary or mixed infection could be increased. Moreover, more researches showed that the outbreaks of human influenza are associated with the outbreak of swine influenza, and there are a striking parallel nature and relevance. In the present article, the pathogen, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and public health aspects were elaborated, so as to provide a reference for scientific prevention and treatment of SI.

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  • Effects of Microencapsulated Compound Acidifier on Acidity and Development of Gastrointestinal Tract in Weaning Piglets

    The effects of different types of compound acidifiers (encapsulated and non-encapsulated) in maize-soybean basic diets on acidity and development of the gastrointestinal tract in weaning piglets were investigated in this study. 64 28-day-old weaned Landrace×Yorkshire hybrid piglets with average weight of (7.00±0.10) kg were selected and grouped into four treatments with four pigs (half boars and half sows) in each repeat of four repeats in each treatment based on single-factor test design principles, and the pre-test period was 3 days but the test period was 35 days. The results showed that compared with acid-free diet group, encapsulated compound acidifier could reduce pH of stomach and intestinal in weaning piglets significantly (P<0.01), while Test group 1 could also increase the relative weight of stomach and intestinal in piglets significantly (P<0.05). Compared with non-encapsulated acidifier, encapsulated compound acidifier could greatly decrease pH in jejunum and ileum of weaning piglets (P<0.05) or relative weight of stomach in piglets (P<0.05), while Test group 1 could also enhance the relative weight of intestinal in piglets significantly (P<0.01). In addition, encapsulated compound acidifiers significantly increased the ratio between the villus height and crypt depth of jejunum (P<0.01). Accordingly, the microencapsulated compound acidifier in diets of weaning piglets can promote the development of gastrointestinal tracts for piglets by reducing pH of gastrointestinal tracts.

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  • Effects of Artificial Aging on Physiological Characteristics and Seed Vigor of Medicago ruthenica Seeds

    As shown by the changes in physiological characteristics and seed vigor of three Medicago ruthenica samples during artificial aging process, the germination potential, germination rate, germination index, vigor index and simple vigor index declined with the extension of aging time on the whole. After artificial aging for 6 min, the vigor was higher than that of the control. The conductivity, malondialdehyde content and soluble polysaccharide content of seed leachate increased with the aging time and negatively correlated (P<0.05) with the seed vigor indicators. The physiological indicators were very significantly correlated (P<0.01) with the vigor indicators in the Medicago ruthenica sample from Dorbod Qi, Ulanqab City(China).

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  • Effects of White-Rot Fungi Composting on Wood Powder-Chicken Manure Mixture

    [Objective] To explore the possibility of treating livestock manure with white-rot fungi. [Method] The wood powder-chicken manure mixture was respectively composted by three kinds of white-rot fungi, the weight of lignin, cellulose, protein, fat, ash and crude polysaccharide as well as the mycelial growth was determined during this process. [Result] The mixture was better composted with white-rot fungi than the control. The best effect was achieved in P.ostreatus composting group. In this group, the rate of weight reduction, lignin degradation and cellulose degradation were respectively 15.68% (6.79 times as great as that of the control group), 39.92% (6.54 times as great as that of the control group) and 32.26% (2.77 times as great as that of the control group). The weight of protein and fat were increased by 31.68% and 146.58%, respectively. The content of crude polysaccharide was 2.43%. No crude polysaccharide was detected, and the weight of protein and fat decreased by 21.96% and 70.99%, respectively. [Conclusion] It is feasible to compost livestock and poultry manure with white-rot fungi.

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  • Instructions for Authors

    <正>1. Requirement for Articles The journal mainly publishes original research papers, research notes, letters and reports about new technology on animal husbandry, veterinary me dicine, feed science and other related fields.These articles can refer to basic theory, applied research and high-tech, etc. A manuscript mustoffer detailed document and reliable data. Theinnovative idea should be described concisely and definitely. A review should report the recent progress in animal science, and it should be of guiding significance for development of animalscience.

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